[Ashen Snow] Enter if You Dare [Bo 5.4] [Ami 5.1]

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So you're digging buckshot out of Yo Yo's side. He was going door-to-door when the Hammet clan started "acting fishy". Well, that's what Honk was screaming at you when he came running. Yo Yo tried to break and enter and Pa Hammet shot him right as he opened the door.

Yo Yo is in a ton of pain, squealing and writhing around, making your work doubly hard. You could narcostab him if you wanted, put him out, up to you. You can hear Pa Hammet yelling over him, "The next summbitch that darkens my doorway'll get more o' the same! Don't y'all test me, cuz I got me a WHOLE box o' shells!"

Honk's beside you, freaked at all the blood, ""Bones, I got a good look at his girl, she's got it, I swear. Black fingers and a bigass potatoey thing on her neck. We was just trying to do right by these folk. Don't let Yo Yo die, okay?"

That gunshot is bringing a crowd, but you got there first. You know this could blow the hell up but quick.

What do you do?


  • [Bones]

    Dammit. I glance up at Honk from where I'm pressing my hands against Yo Yo's side. I take in his panic, the crowd gatherin' around us, Pa screamin' overhead. I don't have many fans here. This could get ugly real quick.

    "Honk, calm down. I need you to keep an eye on folks, alright? Just make sure nobody tries anythin' crazy, ok?" I use my calm angel voice. "I'm not gonna let Yo Yo die."

    I shoot another glance at the gatherin' people, an' then I look back down at Yo Yo. "Hey." I say softly. "You're gonna be ok."

    Then I call on Spector, prayin' I just spoke the truth.
  • Healing Touch

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+3 )

    highlighted for 1XP
  • Amiette,

    You follow after Manx, Chibi's behind you, but like right on your heels, fretting. You come upon a ganger hovering near Bones who is down on her knees healing a guy in a motorcycle helmet. There's a bunch of blood. Some guy is screaming out of his shack, you catc sight of several other gangers coming this way quickly.
  • I move to stand near Bones and ini the path of the approaching gangsters. I would say hello, but she's working.
  • [Bones]

    I can feel the buckshot slowly pullin’ out of Yo Yo’s flesh with Spector’s help. It falls on the ground silently, the bloody holes slowly closin’ themselves back together. Spector stays with me till it’s done, an’ then he slips quickly away. I think he’s enjoyin’ his own peace an’ quiet just as much as I am. We both know we don’t have much left. Scourge will be with us again soon.

    I carefully check Yo Yo over once more. Then I sit back on my heels an’ look him in the eye. My hands are pretty bloody so I let ‘em dangle off my knees. ”You ok?” I don’t want to face the crowd quite yet. An’ I’m not sure what to do about Pa Hammet. But maybe, just maybe these people seein’ me heal Yo Yo will help my reputation.

    That's when I catch a flash of white outta the corner of my eye. I look up quick, an' see Amiette standin' not far away. I give her a startled, an' a little bit of a guilty look. The last few times I've seen her, we've argued a lot. She makes Jackabacka seem as harmless as one of Fleece's lambs. She might be little, but she can get pretty fierce, an' she's been pretty unhappy with me lately. I don't sleep enough. I don't eat enough. An' ok, I've avoided her the last couple of days. She's relentless, an' I don't know how to handle it.
  • Amiette,

    The gangers see you in the way and they avert their eyes and hold up. Zip zip holds his rifle up by its stock, not aiming at you, "Whoah there, Bride, ease up, ok?"

    Honk calls out, "Zippy, we're good, Bones just pulled Yo Yo back fromma brink, I swear!"

    Pa Hammet calls, "Y'all step in hyar again an I'll send him back!"
  • I haven't even done anything. Ease up indeed.

    I nod. "As long as you gentlemen are going to remain calm, Mr. Zip zip."

    I turn towards the shack and approach it carefully.

    "Mr. Hammett?" I call out. "Why are you upset, sir? You have a sick family member and the angel has come to heal them."
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    "Angel a death, more likeit! Mah girl's a might sick, but Ma's prayin over er, she'll be right az rain inna mornin! Now y'all git! I got me..." Pa Hammet yells. His door is closed now, he must have shut it when the commotion started.

    "A whole box of ammo, we KNOW, ASSHOLE!"Honk calls back, still emotional about Yo yo even though he's a bit relieved that you did your work, Bones.
  • [Bones]

    I set my jaw an' try not to wince. Of course Amiette wouldn't know how bad it's been down here. I knew what Pa Hammet was gonna say before he said it. I stand up an' walk towards Amiette. "Don't." I say in a low voice when I get up next to her. "This is how it is. This is how they all are."

    I push past her, not standin' in front of the door, kinda off to the side in case he tries shootin' again. "Hammett!" I yell. "She's gonna die. This plague, it kills everyone. This ain't a fever. It's not just gonna go away. Are you really not gonna give your daughter her best chance at surviving?" I glare at the crowd. "I am not goin' around killin' people, alright? I'm tryin' to save 'em. That's what I do. That's what I've always done. I fuckin' fixed your boy's broken leg last year, or do you not remember that?"
  • That sounds like a Manipulate and you're following the sitch, so take that +1, Bones. If Amiette wants to be involved, she might help
  • Manipulate Hammet

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )

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  • I don't say anything. I just step up behind her and lay a hand lightly on her shoulderblade while we wait for Hammet's response.
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    More people arrive. Easton comes up, too, along with the rest of his crew, minus Jackabacka. Maybe thirty folks gather around, some hiding behind shanties, some near gangers, who appear to be standing in front of them protectively? Maybe?

    Pa Hammet finally calls out, his voice less full of hate than before, "Angel! Just you come in hyar. Nobody else, er I'll dafend mah homestead!"

    What do you?
  • [Bones]

    I don't hesitate, I step forward away from Amiette's cool hand on my back. I wonder briefly if she noticed my shiver when she touched me. I try not to think about the fact that I missed the brief opportunity I had to fall into her. Those few precious minutes bein' free of Scourge wasted eatin' stew.

    "Alright, Hammet." I call back to him calmly, reachin' for the door. "I'm comin' in."
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    My hand stays in the air a moment after she leaves it and then it drops by my side, and I hang my head a moment.

    Do I notice the absence of the plague in her?

    I turn, putting my back to the door, and waiting, looking at whoever is there, if there are still people gathered. She persuaded him to let her in to heal the child, but she's still walked into a closed space with an armed man who's grip on reality is tenuous. If something should go wrong with the healing...

    I try not to think about it and wait.
  • Bones,

    The smell in here is atrocious. You smell the plague on the girl, Telephone, young, late teens, probably. She's dying. If you take the plague from her now, the best you can do is amputate her fingers and lace the boils, she's got maybe a one in three chance of living. You see the beginning stages of the plague on Pa and a young boy, Junior, in there as well, maybe twelve.
  • red
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    I kinda clinically take in the smell, the horrible sight of Telephone, the expressions on the faces of the rest. My mind is already runnin' through what I can do, what I will do, an' the likelihood of Telephone livin.

    I look up at Hammet from where I'm examining Telephone. "She's dying." I say simply in my calm angel voice. "I can take the plague out, an if she lives through that I can try to keep her alive. I'll have to amputate her fingers. She doesn't have a very good chance, but she's got one." I might not be known for always tellin' the truth in my personal life, but I'm always honest with patients. "Hammet, you an' Junior have both caught this thing. I'm gonna need to take it out of you two so it doesn't spread to the rest of your family. So if you two could come join us over here, I'll try to do this as quick as I can." My gaze flicks to his gun an' then back to his face. "This thing is deadly. I'm gonna try my best to make sure you an' your family live through it, but I can't promise you that. I'm not fuckin' stealing souls or whatever the hell people are sayin. I'm gonna try to save her, ok? But I'm askin' that you please put your gun down an' not shoot me if somethin' goes wrong, ok?"

    I look back down at Telephone. I could try to heal her body before I take the plague. Maybe if I did it right, if I did it fast enough, I could save her fingers. If I did, maybe the rest of ShantyTown will stop callin' me that awful name an' hidin' their sick. This could be a turnin' point. Hammet let me in. He's trustin' me at least that far. It's more progress than I've made since the plague started. I have to make the most of this. I have to try. I settle my hands on Telephone's shoulders. So much is ridin' on this, on me doin' this right. I can do this. Focus. Forget how tired I am. Forget everything, but this. Focus.
  • Healing Touch on Telephone

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  • Pulling out the Plague

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+3 )

    highlighted for 1XP? (feels weird getting xp twice in a row there)
  • That's two rolls, 2 XP. You were at risk for both, you earned both.
  • Amiette,

    Yes, you feel the plague is gone from Bones, she is healed.


    Pa Hammet slowly puts his gun down and you see his hard exterior slip as he says with a voice cracked with emotion, "Please. Please save her. My praying aint done nothin 'tall. She's my light."

    You feel Spector enter, filling you up as you work on Telephone. Spector and you use the smoke to heal her fingers, the swelling goes down, her body is still worn and tired and drawn, but the effects of the plague are muted. Pa Hammet gasps, Junior moves closer. you hear the husky voice of Pa, "A miracle. Gift from God."

    They've moved close, which makes your next task a bit easier. You feel Spector inside you, tremble with anticipation, or perhaps dread, and you call to it. You reach out with your mind towards the plague that is ravaging their bodies, all three of them. You hear a response, three voices in the wilderness, the same voice as before, the voice of Scourge. But it feels slightly different, no words, just that raw emotion, that feeling of searching, seeking some kind of refuge. You bring it to you and heal the Hammets.

    The rush of it, three into one, enough to take your breath away. Your head swims and you lose your sense for a brief moment. Then you feel Pa and Junior, they have their hands on you. On your clothing, your hands, touching you, like, well, like your a holy relic or a Pope or something. They're on their knees and Pa has tears in his eyes. He exults, "Hallelujah! Praise be! The Angel done saved her an us all! Praise be!"


    After an interminable silence, you hear from inside the shanty Pa Hammet screaming, "Hallelujah! Praise be! The Angel done saved her an us all! Praise be!"
  • red
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    Everythin' kinda fades away when Scourge rushes back in. He takes up everything, fills up my brain. I have to fight through him to focus again, to come back, dizzy an' shaky. I am thankful for that stew now. I don't feel as sick an' weak as I did earlier, before the bath, but I can feel myself goin' back down that same trail.

    I realize suddenly that there's hands on me. At first it scares me an' I start, till I realize Hammet's tears an' the words he's sayin. I swing my gaze back to Telephone. She looks worn, but she's gonna be ok. I fixed her. I took Scourge. I did it. I kinda push past Hammet an Junior's hands. "Make sure she drinks lots of water." I say wearily, headin' for the door. I saved her. I did. But I know I won't save all of 'em. An' I can't use Spector again.

    As uncomfortable as Hammet's reaction made me, I hope it did it's job. I need people to bring me their sick. No more of this hiding an' fighting. If I can just get the rest of the plague before they start hatin' me again. Maybe if I can get all the sick people in one place an' take it all at once....I clench my jaw a bit as a dizzy spell sweeps over me. I'm still feelin' the effects of takin' three pieces of Scourge at once. I'm not sure what would happen to me if I tried to take ten or twenty or more. But I'd rather risk it then have them start hidin' people from me again.

    I push through the door, leanin' a little heavily on the frame for a second, an' look for Amiette first.
  • Amiette,

    Bones appears at the doorway. As you come closer, you sense the plague in her again. She looks rough.
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    I wasn't so far from the door. I smile and I hug her. We have been fighting since the plague issue began, because she refuses to take proper care of herself. Still I want her to know I'm proud of her.

    "Oh, my love, well done." I say, squeezing a little. I step back and my face falls some. "But you have it again. You were empty just before entering. How did you get rid of it?"
  • [Bones]

    It's kinda nice to see Amiette smile again. There's been so much scowlin' between us lately. I hug her back, closing my eyes for a brief second. Then I stand up straight when she steps back, an' try to look like I'm ok. "I don't know." I answer her honestly in a low voice. "The baths took it." I look uneasy for a second, but then I look at the gathered people an' step past her, raising my voice.

    "The Hammets have been healed." I say in my angel voice. "This is what I'm doing. I'm tryin' to save you. Let me take the plague. If anyone has sick family or friends, bring 'em here. Easton an' his crew can help you." I raise my hand an' point at Easton, as if anyone doesn't know who he is. I feel rather foolish, standin' out here speakin' to the crowds like some sorta prophet, but I muster as much confidence an' authority into my voice an' eyes as I can.
  • Pa Hammet comes out, calling to the gathered crowd, "Believe the angel! Bring her yer sick, she'll save 'em like she did Telephone! I seen it! Bible truth!"

    Bones, Chibi and Manx are nearby, they let you hug Amiette, but then Chibi comes in and hugs you, too, saying, "Bones, you did a great job!"

    Easton gives you a look of admiration, Bones, then a nod. He and the rest of Jackabacka's gang start working with the folks to start bringing you the last five folks who still have the plague. Within an hour, they're all lying on dirty blankets in that area where Jackabacka made you eat stew.

    During that time, Amiette, you get word that some folks came over the ridge to the east came to ShantyTown, some went into the Element, some went to Red House. So you stay with Bones until she cures the last vestiges of the plague or leave her?
  • [Bones]

    I want to shrug off all this praise comin' my way. I want to tell 'em that there's a good chance I'll kill all of the rest of 'em. But that won't get me anywhere. So I try to smile politely. Try not to shrink away from the people who come up to me. Time kinda spins into a blur an' then they're all here. The last of Scourge. Five lives. I make my way to the middle of them, try to ignore all the people watchin' me. Try to focus, ignore Scourge scrabblin' to get to the rest of itself. I can do this. It's a tired mantra chantin' through my head. I can do this. It's the last time, right?
  • Pulling out the Plague

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+3 )

    highlighted for 1xp
  • You bring the last pieces of Scourge into yourself, Spector swells to bursting and it hurts. You swear you can feel your eyes threatening to pop out of your head, the pressure is intense.

    You take 1-Harm AP:
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )
  • [Bones][6pm]

    I did it. My eyes are waterin’ an’ my head feels like it might explode, but I did it. That’s all that matters. I got rid of the plague. I was kneelin’ next to people touchin’ their shoulders. Now my hands are clenching into the snowy dirt by my knees as I double over, trying catch my breath. Dammit that hurts. I feel like if I twisted too sharply, Spector would burst, an’ Scourge would pour through me, an’ all my insides would turn tar black an’ die. So I just stay there for a bit, my eyes squeezed tight, tryin’ to breathe normal, trying to keep my head, trying to push past Scourge. I just need to get to The Baths again. That’s all. I’ll be fine. I’m fine.
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