[LF] Despite all my Rage [K 1.5]

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You and Canlid are standing in the warm confines of the Lower Ring prison. Its a risky move for you, that female guard could be here, she could recognize you, you'd be in trouble. But still, its for Dash, right?

Canlid comes here sometimes, to visit prisoners. Mostly its to stay warm, but you think he really does have friends in there. Do you? Who from Clay Street is in here right now?

You're waiting for a man named Ip Long. Canlid knew him from when he worked at the baker, Ip would sneak bread out. Of course, he also roughed up people for a local loan shark, so now he's in here.

There aren't many folks here this late, not on Freedom Day. Must stink to be locked up on a holiday called Freedom Day. Guess it doesn't mean Freedom for everyone, right?

Ip walks in. He's like Boot times two, big and burly. Head shaven, no sleeves on his robe. He gives Canlid a nod, then gives you an appreciative eye, "Been a while, Dare. You got pretty. Er. I mean, prettier."


  • To my horror, I actually feel myself flush. "Well you got uglier." I say haughtily, but that's the kind of relationship Ip and I have. I like Ip. He's always been nice to Canlid and the rest of the gang. Even if he did work for that loan shark. I quick glance around, looking for Dash. I catch a glimpse of a familiar woman who used to live on Clay Street. She was never very good at stealing, but that didn't seem to stop her. She's been in and out of this prison more times than I can count. I recognize a couple other, vaguely. People I've seen around.

    I move a little closer to Ip and lower my voice. I try to keep the worry out of my voice, but it leaks in there. "Have you seen Dash?"
  • Ip Long guffaws when you call him ugly and says, "I'm only ugly on the outside, Dare!" He smiles and you notice he's lost a tooth since last you saw him.

    The Clay Street thief, her name is Wuyi, she stares at you and Canlid, no expression on her face. She stares until the older man, looks like family, prods her and she starts and turns back to him.

    When you ask about Dash, Ip gets more serious, "Why would I see Dash? Without his" he indicates Canlid, "visits, all I'd see were four walls most days..." Then he seems to get it,"Wait, you mean, you think he got nipped? Oh, little Dare, no, I think I'd have heard of that. I think he's still out there. He's got to be, right? Are you? You kids alright? You can tell Mama Feng I said to give you a place to sleep. She owes me. She would give you a corner of the bakery for a couple nights, I think. But no, I don't know where Dash is. I'd say I'm sorry, but well, he aint in here, so that's good, yeah?"
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    Well, I guess it's a relief to know that Dash isn't locked up. There wouldn't be much we could do about that. "Yeah, that's good." I answer Ip quietly, echoing his serious tone. "We'll keep looking. Thanks for the tip about Mama Feng, Ip." That might be a good idea for the next couple nights.

    I glance over at Canlid. "C'mon, let's try the lower ring." I say even quieter to him. Maybe Canlid was right. Maybe Dash is just scrounging for food and stuff in the lower ring. Plus I want to get out of here before I get recognized.
  • As you're heading out of the Lower Ring prison, you notice on the wall where they keep hand drawn pictures of wanted men (and women) there is a picture that looks quite a bit like you. Remarkably so. It says you are wanted for assaulting Officer Tir Wu, that you are a bender and you are associated with a street gang from Clay Street, you were last seen with gang leader Dash, who is currently being held in Middle Ring prison for questioning.
  • I stop dead in front of the wall and stare. This is worse than I thought. Now there's people out looking for both Dare and Keela. I just hope I can get to Dash...Dash....in Middle Ring prison. I exchange a white faced, frightened glance with Canlid and then grab his arm, pulling him towards the closest, darkest alley. I don't know what to do. I don't know how to get Dash out. He's being held for questioning? What does that mean? Questioning about what? About me? Which me?

    I stop once we're in the shadows and I feel safer. My brain is spinning. What if I turned myself in? Would they let Dash go? But if they find out that I'm not an earthbender, they'll know someone else did the assaulting. Could I convince them that I used firebending somehow? That the Officer was just stunned and didn't notice?

    I look down at Canlid again. I'm supposed to be confident and brave right now, it's what Dash would do. But I'm panicking. I don't know what to do.

    "Did you see what that poster said?" I finally whisper shakily.
  • "Yeah, looked a little like you," Canlid answers, his face looking a little worried. "What did it say?"
  • "It was me." I whisper back. "It said I'm wanted for assaulting an officer with earthbending.....and that....that Dash is in the Middle Ring prison for questioning. They know he's our leader. They know we're from Clay Street." I close my eyes for a second. Should we go back and make sure the others are ok? No. I have to trust that they ran if anyone showed up. Right now I have to focus on Dash. I open my eyes again and look at him. "How can we get him out?" I whisper desperately.
  • Canlid's face screws up in confusion and he shrugs his shoulders, "I've never even been there, Dare. I... don't know. What did they say he did? We-we no GANG! We don't hurt anybody! Is he in there because of what you- or what Mud did?" He looks upset, you think he's about to maybe cry? He's never been without Dash around, the thought of him being in prison has shocked him to his core.
  • The sight of Canlid's face makes my decision for me. We can't go bust Dash out of jail. There's no way. We'd be caught, we'd be thrown in prison. We'd be separated. There's only one thing to do. I have to turn myself in. Maybe I can convince them to let Dash go, that it was all my fault. He'll probably get a night in jail for being on the wall, but I'm the one they want. They'll put it all together eventually, they'll figure out who I am. I'll probably never get to see Dash and the others again. That thought is like getting hit in the stomach with a rock. I abruptly pull Canlid into a hug. I don't care if he's too old or too manly for hugs anymore. I need one. He's like my little brother. They're all my family. But they need Dash more than they need me.

    I pull back, keeping my hands on his shoulders and looking intensely into his face. "You need to go back to the others. Guards might be coming to try to take them away. Tell them about Mama Feng, you can probably stay there. Stay away from Clay Street, and whatever you do, do not let Min get taken. I'm going to get Dash. You have to trust me. I need you to be the man of the family right now, ok? Go take care of the others. We'll find you later." That last lie makes my heart constrict, but I know he needs reassurance right now.
  • Canlid sinks into the hug, he needed as much as you and this fear struck him hard. When you pull back and start giving him instructions, he's blinking back tears and nodding, looking away, embarrassed by his emotions, confused, clinging for something to do. Then you tell him he has to be the man of the family and he snaps up to look right at you. He gets this crazy serious look on his face and you see him working through that feeling, the weight of it. That grown-up weight. The one you're about to take on, too.

    He swallows hard and says, his voice probably quieter than he wants it to be, "Be safe, Dare. Please."
  • "I will. I say back just as seriously.

    There's tears burning in my throat, but I swallow them. I smile at him, and then I dart down the alley, the opposite direction of the prison. I know it leads to one of the main roads on the other side. I'm going to stay on the ground, try to keep in the shadows. They'll probably be watching the roofs more than the streets. There's still quite a few people out, heading home, or still celebrating. It'll be easier to blend in. I know where the Middle Ring prison is, I've seen it many times on my way down here. I make my way in that direction, not even bothering to stop the tears trickling down my face. I'm not sure what my plan is, just waltz in and announce who I am? I guess that's it. All I know is that I will get Dash out. I will.
  • You make your way up to Middle Ring, passing through the gates which are still wide open for the holiday. There are still many people out even at this hour, so you're able to mix in with the crowd, lost in your own thoughts. Within half an hour you stand before the Middle Ring prison. It is physically more secure than Lower Ring, but the guard here are also more relaxed, better equipped, less used to having to haul in drunks or sand sailors night after night. They're a tad more polite, more distant.

    The front of the place is one wide open archway, there are five guards milling about outside, none have taken note of you. You catch sight of yourself among other faces on papers posted at the wanted area. Does this one make you look crueler? Hard to tell. You know if you sort stand around, one of them will address you, thinking you need some help. They'll probably realize you look familiar and this will start the whole process. Or, you can walk in and talk to the duty officer yourself.
  • I hesitate for a second, but then I march up to the building, up the steps, and inside. Here goes nothing...and everything. I go straight up to the duty officer, stopping in front of him, hands on my hips. "I'm turning myself in for assaulting Officer Tir Wu. Dash didn't do anything wrong. It was all my fault." I manage to keep my voice level, but there's a spark in my eyes and dirty tear tracks on my face.
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