[MH] I scream, you scream... [Ho 2.8]

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Ashley is pretty quiet in the driver's seat when you pull away from the beach, heading for town. She glances at the dash clock.

She sighs. "You know what? I think we need some ice cream. One bad thing about my place is there isn't anything to eat which isn't good for you."

She drives you to Mount Desert Island Ice Cream.

As you park on the street you can see the place is busy, both with tourists and with locals. Ashley grabs her purse, and gets out.

"C'mon. You ever been here? The Chocolate is awesome!"


  • [Holly]

    At the mention of ice cream, Holly gets a look of thrill in her eyes and claps a couple times, "Ooooh, yes! I love-love-love ice cream, Ashley!"

    When they arrive and there are so many people, Holly looks a little worried, but when Ashley picks up her purse and heads in, she takes a deep breath and follows, moving around the car to join her and looping an arm into hers, as if for protection, "I have never been here. Liam comes here often with his friends, he thinks the ice cream is delicious. He... tried to bribe me with it once. But, I thought he was telling a fib, so I said no."
  • Ashley glances at you kind of sideways. There are a lot of people, some sitting outside enjoying their ice cream but lots of them waiting in line to be served at the small counter. She pitches her voice low.

    "Really? Well, this isn't the place that does the lobster ice cream. That stuff is gross. What was he trying to bribe you to do?"
  • [Holly]

    "Lobster... ice cream?!?" Holly asks incredulously, "Ewww! That is really gross," she says in near perfect pitch with Ashley. When she asks about the bribe, Holly pulls Ashley's arm slightly and leans into the blonde's ear, "He said he wanted me to scratch an itch. He was laughing really hard after and Nolan almost spit out his ice cream when he said it. I-I didn't ask where he wanted me to... I went to my room. The Bays, they won't let me have a lock, so I moved my dresser in front of the door, it works really well."

    Holly peers at the menu board, changes tone and pulls her head back from Ashley's ear, "What is your favorite flavor, Ashley?"
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    "Jesus, what a tool." Ashley says, under her breath, shaking her head, then: "I like the Chocolate Wasabi, or the Boiled Coffee Oreo the best, but most of them are pretty good. Get whatever you want."

    After you get your ice cream, whatever you chose, Ashley moves you two out to one of the small wrought iron tables in front of the store. She puts her ice cream down on the table.

    "I've got to visit the ladies room. Keep an eye on that, okay? I'll be right back." And she heads back inside.

    Maybe a minute after she leaves you hear a voice say, "Wow, I thought I smelled pee." It's Liam, right? And a couple of his friends, all smirking down at you. His eyes rake your body, the short clingy dress.

    What do you do?
  • [Holly]

    When Ashley heads to the restroom, Holly smiles as she continues eating her chocolate wasabi, occasionally making an odd face at the heat of the wasabi. She bobs her head to the pop music piping in through the store speakers set up to blast some music to the people outside.

    When she hears Liam, Holly flinches, her smile evaporating. She hunches down a bit over her ice cream moving her shoulder far enough forward to hide what little cleavage she might show and scoots under the small table as if it would hide her legs. Without looking up at him, Holly says with a face that is oddly blank, "Hello, Liam. I am trying the chocolate wasabi. Ashley Lange said it is one of her favorites. Have you tried it? I-I think I am done. You can have mine if you-you want it."
  • Liam looks around with a glint in his eye.

    "Oh, you're done huh? Good, cause I got something I want to talk to you about in private." He's smiling but it isn't very nice. He's crowding you. "C'mon, Holly, it'll only take a minute." He steps back and motions down the street. "C'mon."
  • [Holly]

    Holly looks up, eyes traiing for the inside, looking for the ladies room for Ashley. But she's not there. Liam is here, waiting. Holly swallows and slowly stands up, scooting sideways away from the table. She crosses her arms, not as a show of defiance, but sintead to hug herself and try and hide a bit from Liam and his friends. With a small voice, eyes cast to the concrete patio, "O-ok, Liam."

    She follows Liam if he leads her away to a car or just around the corner. If he plans on taking her too far away for someone to see them if they tried, she'll hesitate, fiddle with her shoe, anything to buy some time in hopes that Ashley returns. But, if he just wants to talk to her nearby but private, she offers no resistance.
  • So Liam's freinds, right? Tony is one, the dark haired one, wiry and tough looking. And Drew is the other, blond and thickly built, like a football player. They follow you as Liam leads you away. You do realize that he's pulling you pretty far away for just a little chat. Around the corner, and down the alley near the shops. It's kinda dark back there too.

    So you pause, before you get too far, right? Hesitate? Drew and Tony are behind you and Liam's in front.

    What do you do?
  • [Holly]

    Holly walks slowly, looking back at Drew and Tony, then up at her foster brother while scuffling her feet nervously along, glancing in the darkened shops as they pass, then back for Ashley. When Liam heads around the corner and down the alley, Holly stops. "Le-Liam? We're alone now." She looks back at Tony and Drew, "Well, not entirely alone. But you-you... know that." She swallows hard, fingers pushed into her palms, knuckles white. Her face is flushed with worry, eyes darting about like this is the precipice of another prank.

    She tries to mask the emotion with a lilt in her voice, "What did... did you want to, uhh, say?" Then in a rush, "I really need to get back to Ashley soon, so we should, uhh, hurry... and..." but it trails off. She's blinking back tears, now.
  • "Well it's actually something I want to show you and it's down here a little ways. C'mon. I think you'll like it." His voice is almost sweet, like syrup.

    Drew and Tony's eyes are kinda wide, they're glancing around a little furtively. Like they're excited but don't want to be caught.

    What do you do?
  • [Holly]

    Seeing Drew and Tony worry convinces Holly what to do. She looks at Liam, her voice growing from a reedy thin whisper to a bit stronger, a little more confident, "No, Liam. I don't want to go see it. I... I don't trust you. And-and Drew and Tony, they don't want to be caught doing, doing this whatever trick you have." Then Holly shows a flash of anger, "You peed on my clothes! Why can't you be a nice brother?"

    Finally gathering the last of her courage, she stamps down her foot, "I don't want to go, Liam. I'm going back to my friend Ashley." She turns around to face Drew, giving him a wide eyed look, "Please let me go."
  • Drew starts and looks at you a moment, Holly, shifting back and forth on his feet. Then he starts to step aside.

    That's when Liam's elbow comes around your neck, tightening and pulling you into him, his other hand covering your mouth. He's kinda big for his age, and you aren't that big.

    If you want to do anything you'll probably have to hold steady.

    What do you do?
  • If Holly were to try to run away, would she need to Holy Steady, then run away, or just Run Away?
  • I'm spending Liam's string (You remember how he did the uncomfortable leering eariler, well it's freaking you out now.) to force you to hold steady no matter what.
  • Holly Holding Steady
    #DiceRoller( 2d6-1 )
  • I'll ask the MC a question about the situation. What was Liam planning to do to Holly?
  • Mainly he was going to fondle her. Expose her or get her to expose herself, and look at her. Maybe get her to touch him, or well, them. He's not sure of himself enough to go all the way with it. He's never had sex before. But with two of his friends there, saving face comes into it. The power is intoxicating him as much as the sexual stuff.
  • [Holly]

    Holly reaches up to Liam's forearm, grasping it reflexively, but unable to pry him loose. Her eyes wide with fear and breath coming quick, she continues to look pleadingly at Drew but talk to Liam, "Lee... Liam, p-please stop. I don't want to touch you! You're my-my brother!"

    Dear Diary,

    I don't understand why Liam took me back there, why he wanted to touch me and make me touch him. He doesn't even like me. Ever since he saw me sort of naked on the kitchen floor the first day of school, he's been even meaner than ever. I don't know what to do to make him stop. Please Diary, I just want him to stop hurting me, stop touching me, stop stop STOP! I am not his doll. I was Renna's and she's dead. I don't even know why I'm here, but I don't want to be this. I don't want to see him, to touch him. This is wrong. I feel it, wrong. What do I do?
  • Gazing into the Abyss
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )

    +1 XP
  • Okay, so you're panicking now, right? You struggle, clawing at Liam's arm and Liam pulls it tight around your neck. It isn't really lashing out physically it's more blind panic. But your squealing and noises are louder than he expected.

    "Shut up, shut up, you stupid bitch!" He says hitting you hard a couple of times in the side of the head. (1-harm)

    What do you do?
  • [Holly]

    Holly clutches at Liam's arm and tries pushing it up so she can slide underneath. She's freaking out, whining and if she had the air, she'd scream.

    I'd like for Holly to run away, can I make the roll?
  • Go for it.
  • Holly Tries to Run Away
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )
  • Where do you go? I suppose back to Ashley? Her car maybe? That would be safe enough.
  • She'd come tearing out there looking for Ashley. If she does't see her she would try to hide in her car
  • So, right, you come tearing out of the alley and around the corner. Ashley's sitting at the table, eating ice cream and checking her phone, but when she sees you she leaps up and moves towards you.

    "Holly! What happened? I thought you went to the bathroom too!"
  • [Holly]

    Holly doesn't stop, she grabs Ashley's arm and starts pulling her to her car, "Ashley! He-he was going to make me, he wanted me to touch him! We have to go, before he comes here. Please!" She'll head around to the passenger side, trusting that Ashley will get in to drive her away. Grabbing at the door handle, trying to get in and duck down, hide, disappear.
  • "Oh... Okay... Okay..." Ashley's eyes are wide as she looks around, looking for your attacker. It's only a moment. She bleeps the doors open and gets in on the driver side.

    "Hey," She looks over at where you're cowering down in the seat, she's putting her hands on your back, rubbing. "Hey. Did he hurt you, honey? Are you okay?" She looks up and out of the windows. "We should call the cops."
  • [Holly]

    Her head down near the floorboard, still crying and snuffling, Holly answers between sobs, "I told him no! he hit me! A lot, and, and choked me! I was so scared. He had two boys with him, he was going to make me touch them DOWN THERE and he wanted to see me, my boobies and, and f-, and fondle me! Oh please, Ashley, please, can we go? Please?"
  • "Oh shit.... Okay, uh. The police station is only a few blocks from here, okay?" She starts the car.
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