[LF] Nobody Knows... [K 1.6]

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The duty officer takes your statement. An hour later, Officer Tir Wu arrives and identifies you. She came in when she was off duty to make sure they'd apprehended the right person. You're officially arrested and charged, you'll be held until the magister hears your case and judges your sentence. The guards refuse to release any information about Dash.

Then you are put in Middle Ring Prison. Asked to strip down, a female guard scrubs down your body for lice and other skin-borne diseases and hands you a simple top and pants, no sandals. You're taken to a common room of smooth stone, told that bender guards are just outside.

Inside are three other women, all sleeping. One is a girl your age, her face a mask of bruises. The second is older, reminds you of Hua Tsin, sans nobility, but even in sleep, her pinched face has that same streak of pettiness. The last is a woman probably a bit older than you, lean, composed, her hair cut into a bob, a myriad of colorful tattoos peeking out from under the sleeves of her shirt. It is probably four in the morning.


  • Oh yes, the dagger. That is taken from you as well. The duty officer is rather shocked that you have such an item, and advises that in the morning, the rightful owners will be informed. Did you say anything? Whatever you say, you're not sure they'll believe....
  • I forgot the dagger was in my bag. I pale a little bit when they pull it out. I tell the duty officer rather defiantly that I did not steal the dagger. I found it, and I was planning on returning it. It's almost humorous that that is the only piece of truth I've told really. I don't think they believe me, but I'm not really worried about that. I repeat over and over that Dash is not at fault. It's my fault. I did it. It was my idea to go on the wall. It was my idea to runaway. I was the one who attacked the Officer. No one responds to me. No one will tell me anything about Dash. It's infuriating.

    The door locks, and I am officially imprisoned. And I have no idea if Dash was released. It's almost worse to have no idea if my plan was successful or not. I hate not knowing anything. There are other women in here sleeping. But I don't sleep. I can't sleep. I pace along the walls, prowling like a panrilla. I could try to break my way out with firebending, but then they would know who I was and they'd probably be suspicious about me being the one who attacked the guard. No, that has to be saved for a last resort. So I pace.
  • "You pace very loudly," you hear a soft female voice from somewhere in the room. In your frustration, you weren't looking at anyone in particular.
  • I stop my pacing abruptly. I cross my arms across the scratchy shirt they gave me and scowl into the semi-darkness at the locked door. "Sorry." I mumble, glancing over to see which one of them is awake.
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    You see the tattooed woman's eyes. She sits up, slowly, almost languidly on the bench she was lying on.

    The only light is from the lanterns outside on the street, so making out details is difficult, but you think she is studying you, "I am called Hornet. Who are you?" She rises up to her bare feet and moves closer. She's a head taller than you, she moves lightly, no wonder she complained about your pacing.
  • "Dare." I answer tightly.

    I watch her warily as she moves closer, but I hold my position by the door. Is this prison made out of the earth like Jun Da's house? Is the door made of wood? How hard would it be to bust out of here with firebending?
  • In the moonlight, you see Hornet give a half smile as she moves close to you, peering down, "I'm the greatest archer in the Earth Kingdom, my sting reaches far and wide, that's why they call me Hornet... why are you called Dare?" This close, you can see her right arm is covered with a series of tattoos of a swarm of mad hornets racing down her skin towards her fingers as if it could fly off and attack.

    The walls are made out of crafted thick earth, like Jun Da's, thicker and less refined. There is no door, the guards bent one open and closed it when you stepped inside. There is a twelve foot wide window, maybe a foot tall. You could probably squeeze through the window sideways, but you know the outside is smooth, so it would be rolling out to a several story fall.
  • I stand there silently, examining her tattoo and then the floor. My throat feels tight.

    "It's short for Double Dog Dare." I finally say miserably. "He...they...call me that because I don't back down."

    Dash gave me that name. It was shortly after he found me huddled in an alley, hiding from the soldiers who wanted to drag me back to Jun Da's house. It was the 7th time I'd run away since being imprisoned in Ba Sing Se. He had dropped down behind me, scaring me, but he put a finger to his lips and held out his other hand. Behind the dirt on his face, his eyes were warm and mischievous. I took his hand and he helped me climb up onto the roof. We ran along the roofs until we came to a gap. He jumped easily over, but I stopped. The gap looked wide, too wide for my short legs to jump. But Dash just grinned fearlessly at me from the other side. He didn't waste time trying to boost my confidence. He just double dog dared me to jump across. He always said that as soon as he said the word dare, my eyes lit on fire and I gave him a look that almost scared him. I jumped and hit the side on my knees, scraping up my hands, but I didn't cry. We made it back to Clay Street that way. Dash daring me any time I hesitated, and me silently and stubbornly refusing to back down. He asked me my name once, and I clamped my lips together. People had bad reactions when they heard my name, when they found out who I was. I didn't want this boy who saved me, who smiled at me, to back away from me and glare. I didn't want him to hiss "Firebender" at me like it was a bad word. So he started calling me Dare, and I've been Dare ever since.

    I swallow hard. Maybe if I could get out, I could sneak down and try to find Dash? I could...quietly knock out the guards? Maybe I could trick them into opening the door? Augh. I hate this! My temper is rising. This didn't go as planned at all. I look back at Hornet. "I need to get out of here." I state flatly, my eyes searching her face. "Not out of the prison, just out of this room. Any ideas?"
  • Hornet licks her thin lips and avoids your question directly, "Why are you here, Dare? Shouldn't you be in Upper Ring drinking oolong tea?" She gently rubs the first and middle fingers of her right hand against her thumb. It looks like there are no prints on the inside of them.
  • I shoot a sharp look at her. "That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard." I say shortly, my temper and fear making my heart pound. "I'm from the Lower Ring. I assaulted an Officer, and I turned myself in because they arrested my friend who's innocent. I have to make sure they let him go. Why are you avoiding my question?"
  • Hornet raises her eyebrows and smirks, unfazed by your ire. She takes your hand and holds it up for a second before you snatch it away, "Dare, your nails are strong and manicured," Then she reaches up to touch your dark hair, "Your hair is luxurious, obviously combed a thousand times."

    She skips back a step, dropping your hair, "You stand like you were trained to defend yourself. And well. Good balance, ready to strike. But not solid, you aren't an earth bender? No, you're not... if you are in Lower, you're a foreigner then." She's smiling widely now, like a cat.

    Then she says simply, "I'll answer your question if you answer this truthfully. Do you bend, Dare?"
  • I retreat several steps away where she can't reach me and glare at her, arms crossed. I feel like she's playing with me and I don't like it. "Why do you care?"

    I don't like that she read me that easily. And I really don't like that she already knows I'm not an earthbender. I'm not sure what she'll do if she figures out I'm a firebender. That usually doesn't go over very well.
  • "Curious, mostly. I'm only in here for finishing a fight at a tavern. I'll be out in a day or so." She pads back to her bench and sits down, "I've got no good reason to escape. I was hoping you'd convince me, Dare." Then, still smiling, she lies down, turning to face you, but she's making a big to do about going back to sleep, like you've bored her. She smacks her lips after a fake yawn and queries, "So... do you bend?"
  • I glare at her for a few seconds longer, but then I impulsively make up my mind. It's not like I can do this by myself. I let out a frustrated breath and stop scowling at her. "Yeah. I bend. So will you help me or not?"
  • Her smirk widens and her eyes light up. "There's only one family of air benders and you don't look like a tribesman." She sits back up and walks over, dropping her voice lower than before, "You're a firebender, huh? Are you with the ambassador or a spy or what?"
  • "Neither." I say stubbornly. "I answered you question truthfully, now you have to answer mine. Do you know how to get out of here?"
  • You a see an a ha moment in her eyes, "I know how to get you out of this room, Dare." Then she smirks, "It will cost me a week in prison, might cost me a job in the meantime. So what do I get for my trouble?"

    The girl with all the bruises groans quietly as she shifts in her sleep. Your talking might be waking her.
  • I feel like she can see right through me. I glance at the bruised girl and step closer to Hornet, lowering my voice. "What do you want?" I whisper, frustrated. "I don't have anything right now. I might be able to get you money later, but..." But I might be locked in my room for the rest of my life with Hua Tsin's entire guard stationed outside my door. Kinda hard to sneak some money out to a tattooed archer. "I'll do anything you want. I swear. Please help me."
  • Hornet shakes her head, "Money flows through my fingers like sand, Dare. I stopped doing things for money a while ago."

    She reaches her left hand up to place her palm lightly on your bicep, a hand you realize she moves less often than her right. She doesn't squeeze as much as touch your arm, hold it there, "I want to know things, I'm curious. Why? Why do you need out? Why do you think the guards won't let your friend go? Are you in trouble? Because you're-of what you are? You're too young to have fought in the wars, why would you be in trouble?"

    You're finally getting a read on her age now, from the light crinkle at her eyes to the muscle mass and how it weathered with some age, her skin less lustrous than a young woman like yourself. She is maybe ten years older than you, which would have put her in the army, well, an army during the Avatar War.
  • My temper burns out and suddenly I'm just tired and worried and tired. "I don't know." I say miserably. "We were running away from some guards...I got away, but I couldn't find him. I checked the Lower Prison and saw my face on a poster...because I assaulted the guard who was chasing me to get away." I'm still sticking to that lie for now. "The poster said Dash was being held here...for questioning. I thought maybe if I turned myself in, they'd let him go, but no one will tell me anything. He didn't do anything. He's good. He was just trying to protect me." I choke for a second, but force myself to swallow hard. "Dash has to get out. He has...a...a family he has to take care of. They need him. I just want to check to see if he's here, that's all. I don't care if I'm in trouble. I..." I try to clear away the lump in my throat. "He doesn't know I'm...who I am. No one here does. Not yet anyways. But I'm sure the guards will find out soon. I...you...you were right. I don't...I don't live in the Lower Ring." I don't know why I'm telling her all this. I guess I'm just overwhelmed and it's not like any of this will be a secret for long. I'm still protecting Min, that's what matters.

    "I didn't fight in the war." I add bitterly. "Not that anyone really cares. In their eyes I might as well be Fire Lord Ozai."
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    Hornet's jaw tightens as your emotions come out with your words. Her hand steadies you for a second. Her faces dances the line between being uncomfortable and compassionate, the back of your mind can't help but track the changes in her expression. "Dare... you're no Ozai. Not in the least. Alright..." she sasy as she gives your arm a squeezes then steps back, "You owe me, right? You can find me at the Broken Drum near the sand docks to pay up later. We'll figure out what that means later." She takes a deep breath, shaking her arms out and starts hopping on the balls of her feet.

    "You ready?" She takes a hopping step and as you're about to answer, she screams some crazy ululating war cry and punches you solidly in the stomach. It nearly knocks the breath out of you.

    "I'm going to string your scrawny neck, you street rat! Give me back my comb!" She shrieks. Both of the sleeping women shoot up. The bruised one cries out in fear and scampers for a corner away from you. Looks like Hornet is raring back for another punch.
  • The shock of her punch stuns me more than anything, but I leap away from her next blow instinctively. It takes me a second to catch my breath...and to catch on to her plan. But when I do, I start screaming at the top of my lungs. "Help! She's going to kill me!"
  • "Give me back my comb!" Hornet screams again as she throws a wide punch that you can easily dodge now that you're watching for it.

    That space where you entered, it opens up with the sudden sound of stone scraping against stone. Two Earth-bending guards step into the space.

    If you want to escape this room, I'm thinking this is a difficult action, so you'll need three successes.
  • I'm a Street Kid so I know how to find the way past the guards by sneaking like a thief.

    Using 2 dice from the pool.

    #DiceRoller( 7d6 )
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    Alright, Keela, with this fight going on and two guards, how did you sneak out of there? Where are you going?
  • Well it wasn't too hard to be honest. Hornet did all the work. I just cowered back against the wall like I was terrified while Hornet raved and screamed like a crazy person. I mean, I turned myself in so I don't think the guards really thought I would try anything. She seemed to be making their job pretty difficult, fighting them off like that, and while they were busy with that, I slipped out the door.

    I start quickly creeping down the hall, further into the prison, trying to stick to the shadows. There's a whistle that the Clay Street Gang uses to find each other without yelling names. So ever few steps I whistle the short tune. It echoes eerily off the walls.
  • Once you get away from your corner of the prison, the cells change. The Middle Ring Prison cannot afford to have that many benders, so the majority of the cells are regular ones with wooden doors and the like. You step and whistle, step and whistle. No response. No response.

    Then you hear the call, not a repeat of your sound, but the second sound, the "here I am" response. It sounds low but clear, bouncing off the walls, around a corner at the end of the hall.
  • I start running, trying to be quiet, to be light on my feet like Hornet was. My heart is pounding and I feel like I might burst into tears. I round the corner and whistle again, listening for the response.
  • You round the corner and draw in breath to whistle, only to see a solid-looking guard at the end of the hallway. He looks familiar, but you don't think you know him. He purses his lips and does the response whistle low. When he sees your reaction, he asks in a hushed tone, "Clay Street?"
  • At the sight of the guard, I stop so abruptly I almost pitch forward onto my face. I'm about to turn and run when he does the whistle. I can't help it, I stop. And then when he whispers, I start walking towards him, my eyes wide. "Yes." I whisper back. "How did you know that? Where's Dash? Do you know where Dash is?"
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