[Ashen Snow] Is Your Hand Stamped [Bo 5.5]

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You head out of The Offices and past The Gardens down into The Gym. You see grass, all the floor is covered with it. Folks are working to replace the roofs and Fleece is there with her goats and sheep. She waves at you in greeting, then heads over to scold a goat who bit a Pryer's shoe.

When you head to The Baths again, Pretzel is there. She's got a shiner and she doesn't look too happy to see you. She moves slightly in the doorway when you walk up, "You're not allowed, Bones.. sorry.."


  • [Bones]

    I kinda gape at Pretzel for a second. What the hell? "What are you talkin about?" I finally ask, soundin' more desperate than I'd like. "I was just in there earlier. I have to...where's Ula? Or Jeanette? Or Grekkor? Who said I can't come in?"
  • Arizona, who is on the other side of the door, answers, "Grekkor's out with a few others scouting. Ula and Jeanette are inside. Tar Pit said you're not allowed back in. He's up on the roof."

    Assuming you head up there

    Taking the ladder outside to go see the wrinkled old man, Tar Pit is up there listening to some old tape of a woman talking in a weird tongue. He squints at you and says before you even address him, "She tol ya, let hit run hits course. Ya didn't. Now ya gotta go let it out and set things right er ya gotta swallow it up and deal wiv it."
  • [Bones]

    I really gape at Tar Pit now, my mouth open an' everythin. I gave Ula the benefit of the doubt earlier, but I can't really do that now. I'm shakin' real bad now, but this time it's cause I'm so mad I can hardly see straight.

    "Let it run it's course? I finally choke out. "Do.You.Realize.What.That.Means?" I'm talkin' through my clenched teeth, my hands are in fists. "That means people, innocent people, fuckin' children an' mothers an' old people....people who didn't do anything are fuckin' dying! I am not fuckin' letting it out. I will not be responsible for so many people dyin' horrible deaths! How dare you! You're supposed to help protect this place! Not kill half the fuckin' hold! Have you seen what this thing does? You murdered them! You're murderers!"

    I'm yellin' now, jabbin' my finger at him. I don't even care if I'm breaking every Pryer rule in the book. I can't believe they let this happen, they did this. I've been killin myself trying to save these people, an' I find out that this plague was let loose by people inside the fuckin' hold? I could kill him.
  • Tar Pit doesn't flinch, he just keeps sitting in his deck chair until you pause to take a breath. He shakes his head, and says like he's talking to a child, "I knowed you cut Rum's laig off. Why'd ya do it? Ta save the body, right? Well, it done the same thing. Hell's comin down around us and that Harridan feller is comin in a week. If he an his horde came down ta raid a plagueful of villagers, ya think he'd lose summa them gangers? Ya think maybe they wouldn't be so hot on comin runnin down here and takin over jes to catch that awful plague? We knowed you'd keep em alive, you were part of its plan."

    He sucks his teeth and finishes, "Now the gates er open again, an we got Harridan's vanguard walkin round in tha hold playin all nicey nice. This shit's yore fault, angel. We tole ya, let hit run hits course. But ya didn't listen. So let the plague out like we tole ya and maybe we'll all still be hyar next moon." Then he's said his piece, he looks away from you, off towards the horizon with his spyglass.
  • [Bones]

    "Don't you dare compare me to this thing." I hiss at him. "I cut off Rum's leg because I had to. You're talkin' about lives. That is not the same thing! This is not my fault. Lots of things are my fault, but not this. I did my job. I healed people. That's what I fuckin' do-"

    I break off, furiously, and then something he said clicks in my mind. "What'd you mean Harridan's vanguard is walkin' round the hold?" I ask icy cold.
  • Tar Pit lets you vent some more, he sits and watches outside the hold. Then you ask him about the vanguard and he gives you a wry look, "They just traipsed in ere wif prettyboy, four of em, all look like hunters ta me."
  • I feel myself pale a little at the word "hunters." No, it can't be. It can't. Right?

    Why are they with Ambrose? If...if it's Wolf...did he somehow find out about me an' Ambrose? Is he gonna take Ambrose as revenge for me takin' Dune? Oh shit...

    "Hunters? From Harridan's gang?" There's fear in my voice. I can hear it. I don't know how to get rid of it. "With Ambrose? What...what did they...did you get a name?"
  • Tar Pit squints up at you, "I'll ask thar names when I take em, girl."
  • I glare at Tar Pit an' bite back another angry retort, somethin' along the lines of "fuck you." I'm not gonna get any help from him. Damn fuckin' Pryers. I turn on my heel and climb back down the ladder. I've only got one option. I have to go to Waterberth an' try to spy an' see for myself. If it's not...him...I won't have to worry. If it is...

    I stuff my tremblin' hands in my pockets an' start off in the direction of Waterberth, my eyes dartin' all around for any glimpse of those camo uniforms I saw through Manx's eyes. I feel like a live wire, all strung tight. My head feels about to burst, but I try to ignore it. I've got bigger problems.
  • You realize, up here on the roof, that you could maybe pick your way along to find Waterberth from above. Its dangerous since there are sections of roof that are barely held together, you've patched together broken bones from those who fell, buried one boy not long after you arrived after a fall. Was it you who convinced Madame to take down all the ladders and put Norvell in charge of them?

    Of course, its easier to head back down to the ground and walk through the hold. But, well, then you're exposed, right? Maybe a hood or something to cover yourself in case you run into the mysterious vanguards?
  • [Bones][6pm]

    I actually do debate takin’ the roofs for a second, but then I climb down the ladder. I feel safer on the ground. If I have to, I can try to run. On the roofs, there’s nowhere to go if you’re seen. Plus it’s not exactly stable ground to run on. I’ve still got my bulky sweatshirt on, goggles stuffed in the pocket. I pull my hood over my face an’ put the goggles on. It’s still snowin’ lightly outside, so maybe I won’t look too suspicious. People who know me will know who I am, but hopefully....hopefully no one else will recognize me.
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    Alright, Bones. You head down the ladder off the roof.

    When you walk into The Gym, the grass and goats and sheep are still there, lots of Pryers are working with Norvell's crew patching the roof. You even see Whisper and Kettle helping out, too. Then you catch sight of Manx hanging out in there, sort of flirting with Mungo, maybe? She had her tiny hand on his chest and he was smiling down at her, obviously into her. She sees you come in and breaks off from him and comes over to you, "Hey Bonesie. I heard they wouldn't let you in. That's some bullshit!" Then she drops her voice a bit, "I think maybe I can sneak you in later, like really late, if ya want. Where ya goin?"
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    I ignore Mungo, an' I don't stop walkin' when Manx comes up next to me. "Sneakin' into The Baths is a good way to order a personal execution by Grekkor." I give her a hard look. "I thought I told you to stay away. An' what the hell are you doin' with Mungo?"

    I'm talkin' a little sharper than normal, like my calm is hangin' by a thread. On top of still feelin' sick an' weak, which I now don't know how to fix, I'm freakin' out about the possibility that Wolf might be here. In the hold.

    "Never mind." I snap before she can answer. "I don't care. Do whatever you want. Go...take a break or somethin. I would like some fuckin' privacy dammit. Is that really so hard to understand?"
  • Manx gives you an odd look about the Grekkor threat and Mungo, "Shit, Bonesie, we're a team. You put yourself in danger for the fucken plague and I do what I do. Grekkor is just a man, right? Melody an I, we see eye to eye, I'm sure we can make it work. I mean, shit, you're sick again..."

    Then you cut in and say you don't care. She gives you a WTF look and then comes back, "You don't want no privacy, you want to fucken die or somethin. You keep pushin me away and that's shitty, Bonesie. Plain shitty. I think you went and forgot that I left my fucken gang to help you. That I consider you my fucken best friend in this whole world. I mean, its like, obvious right? I put up with dumbass Cheebs and I gave you some of Holtsclaw and I drag my ass all over this fucken place fixing people up and all and you do is just push me away. Well, fuck you, I'm not leavin. You wanna fight over it? I'll kick your scrawny, half-fed ass, then drag you fucken home and force feed you soup and beer until you can try to kick my ass again. Bitch"
  • [Bones]

    I stop in my tracks, yank down my goggles an' round on her, icy cold. "Yeah, I remember that you left your gang. Cause I hired you. I hired you as a bodyguard as payment for fixin' your hand. I'm not your friend. An' you know what? You can go back to your gang now. I don't need you anymore." I push my goggles back up on my face. "You're fired, Manx." I say as flatly as I can manage.

    Then I turn away an' keep walkin. My eyes are dry, but only cause the hurt is the kind that makes me feel hollow an' empty. Almost like Ambrose all over again. Apparently I'm more stupid than I thought, actually thinkin' I could have friends. I always knew this moment would come, that Wolf would come. If it is Wolf, than this is my reckoning. If it's not, then I got a free pass, an' I'll be smarter. Because he will come. I have no doubt about that.
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    Manx screams at your back as you walk off, "FUCK YOU! Fucken fuck you, you bitch! I should... I should beat your ass! You hired ME?" Her voice begins to break, now, "What the fuck did you pay me with? My-my hand? Well, fucken great! What did you charge everyone else? Nothing! That's what!" Then quiet, the hurt plain in the trembles of her pitch, "I thought... I thought we were friends, or, or a TEAM. You bitch! Fire me? Well, fuck you. Just, like, go to hell." She keeps yelling until you can't hear her anymore. By the time you pass The Gardens, there is only the tone of her voice, the words indistinct.

    You make your way towards Ambrose's place, Waterberth. As you get closer, you see a group of men, including Lala and that new guy Luis from Crackle's Boys. And there are four others, all dressed in olive drab like Manx's dream. If you want to get close enough to know for sure, let's call it an Acting Under Fire roll.
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    I keep walkin, every word Manx yells feels like a knife in my back. I know I deserve every word. I deserve to hear her anger an' hurt. I deserve the guilt that's fillin' up the empty spot in my chest.

    I'm not surprised to see the olive colored figures. I could run. I should run, but I keep walkin' closer. I kinda feel like the hood an' the goggles are like some sort of armor, like in Ambrose's stories about knights. I have to see his face. I have to know for sure.
  • Acting Under Fire

    #DiceRoller( 2d6 )
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    As you move closer, you see the men in the olive cloaks are busy talking to Lala and Luis. Lala sees you as he's telling a story, but he keeps going, maybe he doesn't even know you're trying to lay low. Then the door opens and Ambrose comes out, explaining:
    Ambrose"I hope you don't mind, we have an old friend of the road staying here at present as well. You may in fact find her company as stimulating or pleasant as wine."
    There's a bit of conversation, you could get close enough to hear, even make positive ID, but you'll be spotted by the guy heading back in just a few seconds.

    Or you can duck out and hide, maybe follow up with Lala when he leaves.
  • I keep walkin' forward, like some sort of machine. One foot after the other. What were those pilots called? Sugar taught the kids about them...I can't remember their name, but they drove their planes into enemy ships, sacrificin' their lives. I feel a little bit like one of those. I just...I have to be sure. I have to know if it's him.
  • You move closer, further down the hallway. Lala gives you an odd look, but you still don't know for sure. Then you see the one playing with Exit, they look familiar. Then the redhead, him, too, those red sideburns straight out of the vision. Ambrose is beckoning them in and the one in front, his back to you, he walks in...
    (a female voice from inside Waterbeth, one you haven't heard before): "We are Thatch, and pleased to meet you!"

    (the leader of the group): "I'm Wolf. This is Mac. And Sable."
    The one that looks slightly feminine comes up last, after giving the tennis ball to Exit and scruffing her hair, then sliding her some dried fruit in a plastic baggy.

    Then the one with the straight black hair has his hand on your shoulder, "Hey there, lady. You alright?" He's put his hand on your shoulder, trying to get your attention. He's a little taller than you, looks a little like that one ganger Shutout, the one who cut up Joe's Girl.

    What do you do?
  • [Bones]

    As soon as I hear Wolf's voice, I freeze. Everything kinda spins together into a blur an' for a second the only thing I know is the fear dulling the pressure in my head. Then there's a hand on my shoulder an' I actually jump, lettin' out a pathetic whimper. I'm sure it's Wolf, I look up expectin' to see him, but it's someone else. One of his. But not Wolf. Not yet. I stare at him blankly, though the goggles are foggin' up cause I'm crying. Fuck. I'm crying. Cryin' like fuckin' Emmy. An' what did he say? Am I alright? An' then it's like a bucket of cold water gets thrown in my face an' my head clears. What am I doing? Have I lost my damn mind?

    I wrench backwards an' take off down the hall. I gotta get out of here. Out of the hold. ShantyTown. I have to get to ShantyTown. I can hide there. Make a plan. Maybe Jackabacka will help me. Give me supplies. I could go to Amy's Mountain....or....or anywhere. I just gotta get out of here. Now.
  • This guy, he's right up on you, a hand on your shoulder. Are you trying to run away? If so, let's say you're Acting Under Fire. Unless you'd rather Go Aggro on him?
  • Acting Under Fire

    #DiceRoller( 2d6 )
  • Let's say you stall for a moment.

    This guy, he sees you freeze, start to cry. He looks confused. You're thinking of where to go, what to do, when he reaches up and pushes your goggles off your face. Tears spill down your face and you hear him, "What happened? You, uh, never seen somebody as pretty as me?" He smiles, like a joke might make you calm down or laugh or something. Then he looks closer at you, like maybe... maybe he recognizes you?

    You tear the hell out of there, leaving your cloak behind when he tries to grab you and you're running, right? Out of the hallway, out of the hold, straight for... For where?
  • It's not like...I don't really mean to...dammit. No. I'm headin' straight for Jackabacka. I can't even pretend that I don't need help right now. Jackabacka's at least far enough removed. He hasn't made things tangled an' messy like everyone else. He hasn't told me he loves me or that I'm his best friend or treated me like I'm some kin or something. He's all about business, right? That's what he said earlier. So he's my best bet for help. An' if I have to, I feel like I could probably bribe him with the stash of jingle I've got hidden in the infirmary. Right? No, I don't have time to think this over. This was my gut reaction, an' I'm goin' with it.

    I can't seem to stop fuckin' crying, but I am tryin' to slip through ShantyTown without bein' seen by too many people. I don't want a trail of witnesses able to pinpoint my location. My location. How was it that Amiette found me before? When I was out in the woods? Somethin' about the smoke. I can't let her find me again. Maybe I can try to block her....maybe Spector could help me with that? Or even Scourge? Can I make myself invisible to her mind?
  • When you want to hide your psychic presence in the maelstrom from someone you know, roll +Weird.

    On a 10+, hold 3. On a 7-9, hold 1, but take -1 forward until you spend it.

    You can spend your hold, 1 per roll, to interfere with any search by that person to find you.
  • I reach out to Spector as I go. Help me. I plead. Help me disappear.

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+3 )

    highlighted for 1xp
  • Alright, go here.
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