[The Island] Skulls and Angels [Br 4.3]

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OK Brick, you and your away team have returned to the bulk of your gang on the edge of Georgetown. The cops didn't really have it in them to hassle you when it's so obvious that you aren't the perp.

But now that you're back with your peeps they're wanting to know what's up. And you kinda look pissed, yeah? These people have fought and bled with and for you, most of em. Have they seen you like this before? And what's the plan? What are you telling them?


  • They probably haven't seen me this angry before. Not that I seem that much different in a physical way, but it feels like I'm radiating anger like a furnace.

    I move to the middle of them and speak up, yelling, my bass rumbling voice gaining an even rougher edge.

    "The Angels have taken Pandora because they fucking think they can take shit from me. They think they can control me, and you all, by pullin' this shit. So today the Angels are gonna fall! We're gonna show them what happens when the they try to dominate the Skulls!"

    "YOU!" I yell at the gathering of cops nearby. "The Angels have fucked with you too. They killed Allison. They killed Clove. And what have you done besides sit here in G-town with your thumbs up your asses? Do you want justice? Then you'd best come along, because that's what's about to happen."
  • I was tempted to just have them go along, but they're well-disciplined so how about you roll to manipulate them.
  • #DiceRoller(2d6-1)
  • So there are just four cops right here and they're all reacting a little differently but they're all powerfully swayed by your words. Two of them just up and walk away from the others toward you and then realize they don't have bikes and sort of look around, trying to figure out what to do. The one that seems to be nominally in charge of this squad though, he speaks up. "Justice? These Angels what hit Allison, we can bring them back here? Alive? To be hanged in our square?" He's dying for you to tell him that's what's going to happen.
  • I grunt.

    "If they surrender or we capture them alive you can have them. Either way, the Angels will be destroyed. You think there are more've you that want in on this? Get them. Get them now. The more we have the likelier you'll have your justice. Get your guns, get your trucks. We won't wait for fuckin' ever, yeah?"
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    They scurry off.

    And then they start to dribble back in. A truck pulls up with a machine gun mounted in a cupola with a crew of two. One of them tells you, "Mister's coming...said to tell you!" A half-track arrives that looks like it's really a construction vehicle but there's plate steel in place around the driver and another two guys on the back. And then Mister shows up, the passenger in another big truck. His truck pulls right up to you where the other two kind of held back and he's leaning out the window. "Alright, There's stuff going on in town and I can't spare everyone but we're the ones going with. What's the drill?" There are eleven Georgies including Mister.
  • "A few of us scout up front, the rest'll hang back a minute. They's a couple good places to see what's what up near there. Figure the best method of assault and take the place apart. They ain't ready for this shit, no way."

    I pick my advance guys. Then men I just went into town with, and, unless Mister wants to chatter more, we roll.
  • You roll!

    The Angels hang at Wideawake, equally protecting and preying on the perimeter locals. There are places to get above them, but they're far away. Not really any great way of sneaking up for recon on a bunch of loud-ass bikes. So you want to just ride in and scope the place as you get there or you have something more subtle in mind?
  • We'll scope the place as we get there.
  • As you ride in toward Wideawake, roll to read the sitch. Right away you see they're fortified some -- an old garbage truck y'all used to bathe in is turned over and things feel ready for a fight.
  • #DiceRoller(2d6+1)

    xp +1
  • Where's my best way in?

    Which enemy is the biggest threat?

    What should I be on the lookout for?
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    In general terms, it looks like they're preparing for your arrival but like you're earlier than they expected. A couple of kids were working with shovels and when you all came up the rise into view, they took off for one of the old trailers where the locals squat.

    So Brick, you should be on the lookout for traps. You can see a few other places where there's been recent digging -- they're all places that you might roll over if you were going headlong without paying any attention but also kind of sloppy. Those probably aren't all they've got cooking, though.

    You see a lady; from this far back you can't make out who it is but something about the way she's running makes you sure it's a woman in a crouching run from one of the cargo containers out of the edge of the strip over to the turned over garbage truck. You're pretty sure she's bearing a rocket launcher from the profile she presents. Unless you're very lucky, that's going to fuck some shit up. And I'm thinking that kind of hardware is pretty scarce and mostly controlled by the Georgies, what do you suppose is up with that?

    Your best way in? I mean, avoid any traps you can spot, of course, but otherwise, I think you want to hurry. They're still just figuring out that y'all are here and getting up to speed on mounting their planned resistance. If you can cut them up good before they get all their ducks in a row it's going to mean a lot less shit on your end of the stick.

    So you're riding in with most of your folks behind you, what do you do?
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    I stop for a second.

    "Domino, take your guys and take out the chick with the launcher over there." I turn to the rest.

    "Looks like we're at the party early boys. Watch your fucking step, they've been burying party favors. Otherwise we're going in hot. Keep up your speed, don't clump, and pay attention to your captains. Snipers find some positions and give us some fucking cover. Time to shake the pearly gates and see who dances. Cut up the defense! Take em out!"

    I turn, rev my bike and start towards them, letting out a screaming battle cry.

    Edited because Hammer actually left my gang and either came here to to the other gang (the big twos)
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    Let's get an outline of your resources. I think your gang is 29 strong, right? 30 - 2 + 1. And you left some behind at home. Was that five? How are the ones with you organized? Clearly, Domino's a squad-leader or whatever. If you've gone over this with me before, I apologize, maybe just cut-n-paste for me?

    Also, you're clearly in leadership territory, so go ahead and roll that.

    (And I'm unclear on how to handle a big brawl like this, so please feel free to guide me toward: a) a level of resolution that you would find most satisfying and b) what you think appropriate methods are.)
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    I left behind 5.

    Also when it becomes relevant know I have NTBFW, from the Gunlugger book, so I'm effectively a small gang all by myself.

    I was organizing us based on the military manuals left around the base so it goes like this.

    Me as the leader, with a team of 4 men. An XO with a team of 4 men. Together we form one squad.

    The XO usually stays with me.

    two squads of a captain, and a sergeant + 8 men split into 2 fire teams with the captain leading one and the sergeant leading the other. (20 guys all together)

    Each squad has a sniper. Little Zulu is one of those, she's a good shot.

    One of the fire teams was left behind to watch our place. The captain and his team, so My XO and his team is taking his remaining team to form a full squad.

    So 2 units of 9 guys, and Me with 4 guys, and the two snipers setting up to provide covering fire.

    Plus we have the cops, however many those are. I'll treat them as a squad.

    By ourselves were a 3-harm, 1-armor medium gang. I don't know if NTBFW for me plus the cops makes us large or not.

    As for running the battle... Well there are the peripheral battle moves, but I think we could do just fine with the basic moves, me using my gang as a weapon. Maybe you want to use a clock, maybe not.

    My intent is to beat on the Angels until they surrender or die. So I'm going to be looking for a way to flank them, push them towards buildings or walls or something , block off their escape, and crush them. I'll be looking for how they distributed their forces and the best way to accomplish rounding them up and pushing them.

    The control tower is probably the highest ground, so I'd want to take that or destroy it.

    I think figuring out a way to accomplish broad goals. Acting under fire to maneuver. Sieze by foce or go aggro to force them to do what I want. Let's figure out like two to four things to accomplish.

    You could look at The new Regiment Alpha and the battle plan thingie based on the workspace rules.

    Look at the Gang combat exampe under Gangs in the book again too.
  • Leadership roll


    xp +1
  • Holding 3
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    So Domino's squad is riding down toward the trash truck and splits into the two fire teams for circling around.

    Dice, the other squad's sniper is pointing out potential spots for getting atop the building the Angels live in to his Captain. Who is the other captain? They're consulting before taking action.

    And so you and your fire team, where you headed?

    The enemy is spread out and half-disorganized; still arriving at the battle to attempt to reinforce those that were on watch. We might end up making more moves with small gangs on your side rather than fewer moves with your whole force, since that's how it seems like things are shaping up. Does that seem reasonable? Like, for example, you could roll to seize their ability to use the rocket launcher with Domino's squad as your sub-gang now.
  • The other captain is Popeye at the moment, he don't talk much but Goddamn if he doesn't know how to handle a squad. Surprised the fuck out of me.

    Derpepper is the one we left back home.

    Smaller moves with sub-gangs sounds fine.

    I'm evaluating their defensive positions. I'll want to crack their best one if I can, so I'll head towards that. The cops I'll direct at another one, or with me depending on how tough the position looks.

    I want Popeye seizing their escape route if that's possible, but you'll have to tell me about that.

    Let's go ahead and Roll Domino's squad seizing the rocker launcher.
  • #DiceRoller(2d6+3)

    xp +1
  • Take definite hold
    Suffer little harm.
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    Well, behind the truck were five Angels and Jeebee with the launcher. Three of them were up top, trying to bring long arms to bear on your forces in general and the other three had SMGs. As Domino's riders enveloped them, the ones on the ground opened up at your boys but they were wildly outnumbered and cut to ribbons on the approach. It took a second for the ones up top to shift around and bring fire on your pack but its taking real effort for your boys to knock them down since they are sort of fortified by the truck's relatively heavy steel. One rocket was launched before Jeebee took a round and dropped the tube which clattered to the gravelly earth below. She's withdrawn under cover with the two angels up top but at the same time, when one of your guys climbed up to murder them, he took shot in the face -- was that Flax or someone we don't yet have named? That rocket slammed into the ground between two bikes, throwing them sideways in a hail of shattered concrete. Those two riders are down, maybe not dead, and without rides in any case. Who were they? Coco and Porter?

    I'm not sure how much attention you're paying or how you'll be directing them at this point, but the current state of things there is the three angels on the ground are dead or dying and the three up top are in an unknown state of health, sort of pinned down, but able to give defensive fire as needed, but minus the rocket launcher.

    So I think I see Popeye's team sweeping out farther to your left, around the arc Domino's group made, to ride around and behind the settlement, gunning down anyone they see on that pass. Of course, he'll have to evaluate what he finds.

    And you're what, moving straight into the big room where you know the angels normally live? That must be where the balance of them are right now arming up as the chatter of gunfire breaks out at the trash truck. For now, Mister's following your lead and if the situation is appropriate, you can use your Leadership hold on them too, but it's not like they're really a part of your gang. We'll play that by ear.

    This all seem good?
  • Yeah.

    I don't know about communication either. Seems we dont' have any. I've never seen the cops with radios neither. But when we were getting all disciplined and shit me and my captains though through what an assault would be like on G-town and on the other gangs. So maybe we have a rough plan. We also have hand signals but those can be hard to see. We need flags or some shit. Maybe a bugle.

    Domino should know that once he makes sure that fucking rocket launcher is toast, or he takes it for us, then he should hook back up with me. He knows the primary target as well as I do. But he as discretion in pursuing other issues if he needs to, yeah? He'll also be checking the downed guys, doubling them up or sending them back behind the lines as appropriate. If they're too wounded, he'll have to leave em. Maybe we can pull em when we're done here.

    But yeah, my team and the cops are headed to the Angels main space, right?
  • Sure. So the leadership move tells me that when you're not spending those hold, your guys fight conservatively or according to their impulses. I figure Domino's first move was a gimme, so you tell me when you want to spend those, maybe to change some of what I think's happening. I think I see three things happening here:

    - Domino delaying a little while figuring out what to do with his wounded and an incompletely pacified enemy.
    - You leading the Georgies straight into the Angels's base of operations.
    - Popeye, entirely out of your view and command, riding and shooting everyone they see, making it hard for the Angels to escape, but probably getting side-tracked by opportunities to victimize bystanders.

    In any case, for you and yours in the main attack, maintaining your speed and an effective charge against the danger of hidden traps, is acting under fire, but your previous read is helping you out. So roll that.
  • Would spending a hold to make a hard advance kill the distractions for Popeye and have him sieze those escape routes and hold them?

    So, yeah, getting the charge through the traps.

  • With the extra +1 still only 9
  • That sounds like a perfect use of your Leadership. Can you tell us about a time, Brick, when you were directing Popeye and the situation called for him acting on his own, out of communication with you? Maybe it went well and that's why you knew to send him on this mission or maybe it didn't and you had to give him some extra learnin'... And when you phrase it like that, it sure sounds like a seize by force roll, so go ahead.

    In the mean time, you're heading across this expanse, dodging the traps that've been left behind for you and right away you realize that there's a problem. The route that you'd take is pretty straight, you don't have to do much to avoid these dug-up areas that you can see fairly well. Only, the space between them is often a little narrower than a big truck. So If you're riding straight, leading Mister and his crew as you are, they're likely to meet some trouble. If you go around, it's giving the enemy time. So what're you doing?
  • Well, like I said, we don't have any communications, really, yeah? So I send Popeye off this one time with some guys. We were raiding some Georgie trade truck or something. I send Popeye up ahead, right, to block them off and we catch them in a pincer or some shit, but fuck if he didn't get all distracted, so that by the time we attack he's out of position and we loose the fuckin' thing because the driver was driving like a sonofabitch.

    Me and him we spent some quality time chatterin' over how to follow instructions. I think it only took him a couple days to get back on his feet. After that he like to listen to me real good.

    So anyway there's one of my hold spent on that fucker to make a hard advance, and here's him seizing.

  • They take definite hold, Suffer little harm and impress, dismay or frighten.

    Now as for me. Well it won't do no fuckin' good if that truck gets stuck or blown, so either I loose the firepower or give them more time to be ready. Shit. We peel off looking for a wider way through, picking up speed.
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