[The Island] Relay Race [Pi 4.5] [Rh 4.4] [Ga 4.6]

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The heavy truck gets up to cruising speed and makes short work of the drive to Relay.

Relay is a village that's formed around an ancient power installation including a burner of fossil fuels and an array of wind turbines, some of which have been made to keep working. There are some massive tanks of fuel nearby as well.

As the truck drives up the road to Relay, following Rhyme's vision of the orange van, it travels through a field of strange antennae that rings the village. Shortly you all realize that the place is nearly deserted. Even if you've never been here, it must be. There are many shacks here and only a few people; squatting in the dust, peering at you all.

Which of you have had any contact with Relay? Do any of you know the woman who nominally runs the place -- Babcock?

Rhyme, the van drives through a closed overhead door and disappears. What are you telling your companions, Lemming especially?

There's a guy who came out of the building in front of you and he's walking over with a covered bucket dangling from his left hand.

Who's doing what?


  • Gabe and the Vet came through her a few times, it was part of his circuit. They paid well, for sure. Babcock was a fair woman to the Vet, harder on outsiders. Gabe just rode on his mentor's coattails. Seemed like the Vet had done something for Babcock way back and they were chummy. Doubtful he'd get the same warm welcome, but you never know. Gabe helped stitch up a guy who lost three fingers on his left hand working on one of the turbines, Pidgeon was his name. He lost a lot of blood, but they saved him.
  • "Hol' up, this's the place. Right, Gabe?"

    I know it's right. I'm reaching out for Pandora wit' my mind, but just softly right now, not usin' the whole family-mind. Do our future-selves remember this?
  • Opening the brain:

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+3 )
  • Gabe answers quickly, "Yeah, Rhyme, this is it! What's the plan?"
  • Rhyme, you spend several seconds having this vision, trying to parse it. It's indistinct and so it takes longer than it might usually. You and your sibs are all looking around at one another, trying to make eye-contact and verify that things are good. Only there's a Pandora-shaped hole in the fabric of the family and everyone is stuttering around it, not quite knowing what to make of her absence.

    Gabe, you've addressed Rhyme and you're looking toward him when he doesn't answer right away; his eyes are sort of spasming. You see that in head-trauma patients sometimes and you're maybe just getting worried when he snaps back to normal. Lemming's looking at the guy walking up to the truck.
  • Gabe has his hand on Rhyme's shoulder, concern on his face, "Hey man, come back to me now. Did you take a hit or something? How many fingers am I holding up? What's the capital of Rhode Island? What's up? What's the plan here? Some dude is walking up, do we shoot first, ask questions later or should I roll down the window and say hi or something?"
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    "What? I'm fine!"

    I ward you off, one-handed, and I'm slidin' out of the truck. Seriously, Gabe, could you be any more dead-headed? E'ryone else in the family knows what's goin' on, try to keep up. Man, somethin's wrong wit' Pandora, I don' even know.

    I look past you, at Lemming: "Dunno what's goin' on. I'll check this out."

    So, I'll meet the guy, at least. Pretty close to the truck, though.
  • Yeah, the guy's gotten up pretty close by this point and he's wearing this big furry cape and a big grin. "Travellers!" It's not a conversational tone and everyone can hear him plainly. "The wonders of Relay may delight you. I am Tarantula and I will be the first to tempt you. Please, each of you," and he gestures through the folks on the truck's bed and on to you, Rhyme, "may have" and he lifts the lid off the bucket, "an ice cube!"

    There are a couple of guns pointing at him from your people by the time he gets the lid opened but there it is, a bucket within a bucket and it's full of ice cubes. Well, more or less cubes -- they're about two inches on a side and pretty rough-edged like they were carved from a larger block in a hurry. You've all seen hail before, sure. And there's some chance that you'd know they make ice up here if you've been here in the last year or so. But it might also be really weird. Anyway, he's holding the bucket out toward you with the handle pulled out of the way to make it easy for you to grab a piece.

    Cassa hops off the truck's bed and joins you, Rhyme.

    Gabe, you staying in the cab or what?
  • Gabe's not great at following orders, especially from Rhyme. He slides out of the truck to walk up with Cassa.

    Is this charged? Feels a little charged? Gabe would want to Read Tarantula.
  • Sure, roll it. You'll need more interaction to exploit your hold, but you can make that happen, I'm sure. Also, describe the charge from Gabe's vantage.
  • Reading Tarantula:
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )

    (+1 XP)
  • To Gabe this guy is in our way. He may have ice and all, but he is in our path to save Pandora, that means he might be an enemy. Probably an enemy, like this guy could have been part of the plot, there could be a guy, like a couple guys, up on some sand dune with a big rifle just dialing us into a shot, to shoot us all and he's going to hand us ice and we'll all stand here, crunch crunch crunch, oh yes, this is some nice ice, so cold, best thing on the island, you're so nice to give this us, Mr. Tarantula and then BAM, shot in the head and I'm having to save them all and that's a waste of time when we're just here to save Pan. Just Pan, so this guy, he should move, get out of the way, our way, we've got work to do.

    That's how its charged to Gabe.

    (it's nice to write Gabe again)
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    Yeah, really I'm lookin' him over too. Not quite reading the sitch, 'cause the threat ain't clear, but I'm not really - you know, I like to be nice t' people, but right now my sister's the priority and I don't got time to waste.

    But I try t' wave off the guns pointin' at 'im. This guy's not the problem, less he's got a grenade in there or somethin', and prob'ly we're better watchin' for other kindsa trouble.

    "Hey, brother, Taran'tla? I dunno really what the gig is, but we're not lookin' for ice or whatever, okay? There's some guys come here wit' a van, half hour, hour ago. Jus' wanna talk t' them, or to your boss lady. What we gotta do t' make that happen?"
  • Read 'im:

    #DiceRoller( 2d6 )
  • Looks like I've got that highlighted: xp (4) / hold (30).
  • So, Tarantula stops and he's looking back and forth between several of you before his face shows how crest-fallen he is. "But...we just got the ice machine working again..."

    He steels himself, pulling his shoulders up and closes the lid on the ice bucket before he looks again you guys and sort of shrugs. "Well, I suppose you mean Babcock but she can't be disturbed now; she's in the aether. There are a couple of vans that live here, one's got some of the orange paint from back in the day still on her and the other's all grey and brown and almost half wooden. Which one you looking for? I think they're both down at the beach, though." And he sort of nods off to the north, further along the road you took into here.
  • "Well, like I said, brother, I'm not lookin' for the van. Jus' wanna see the folks who drove in on it. The orange one, I mean."
  • He shrugs and briefly points north, up the road before turning to go back through the doorway from which he emerged.
  • Is Tarantula telling the truth about the ice? Like, it isn't a super poisoned piece of ice? Gabe would like ice.
  • Unless someone is stopping her, Pity will get out and take a piece of ice from the bucket and eat it. It's ice!
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    Is that legit, him pointing me up north for the guys from the van? (Q: Is he telling the truth?)

    If so, yeah sure, grab ice if you want it, but I go back to the truck and tell Lemming, "Looks like they kept goin' toward the beach. Let's check it out ... can't be more'n a little bit behind 'em."

    I'll swing up in the bed of the truck, this time.
  • Gabe, Tarantula isn't trying to poison you or anything. He'd like you to come to depend on his ice and have to start buying it. His offer was just an offer of a free piece of ice.

    If you join Pity in getting ice, it's really great. And Cassa grabs a chunk too, but everyone else stays on the back of the truck. It's like when you pop bits of hailstone into your mouth only it's too big to fit all inside at once. Probably reminds you of being a kid.

    Rhyme, you get the sense that he's telling 'might-be' truth and doesn't care to make sure. But he's not straight-up lying to protect your quarry or anything.

    So who's doing what?
  • Oh well then, ice sounds really great to Gabe. He'll hop out with Pity and go get a piece real quick, make sure Cassa gets a bigger piece than he does. But then it's all business when he gets back in the truck.
  • I smile at Tarantula. "Thanks for the ice! I think we've got to go now, though."

    I get back in the truck.
  • Rhyme, it feels like something doesn't want you to go north. You want to find Pandora? She's inside this building.

    Also, I should have emphasized this earlier, but it's a big building, I guess it's the biggest building in the world, really. It looks like it's about two stories tall but maybe it encloses four acres with various apertures -- windows, doors for humans, doors for vehicles, pipes leading to outbuildings and antennae bolted on.
  • Yeah, you're right. My brain led me here, so it doesn't make no sense to follow this guy's word, if he's dun't really know. So no I don't get on the truck. I stop Tarantula, like grab his arm as he's turning, and I put some metal in my voice. Don't got time t' mess round, not wit' Pandora who knows what.

    "Brother, this be signif'cant. I'm lookin' for those boys, and I'm not turnin'. See that?"

    I point at the garage door the van disappeared into.

    "You take me where that goes, or you take me t' Babcock. Your choice."
  • Glove's off (whatever that means), so towering presence:

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+3 )
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    It's been a while, so to remind, these are his choices:

    • They do it, following your order or heeding your warning.
    • They freeze.
    • They back away, hands where you can see them.
    • They attack you.

    Though I've got a hand on him, and if he freezes I start frog marching him toward the building.

    Also, I take +1forward against him.
  • His eyes grow wide and he shrinks a little before just caving. He walks to the door and tries to lever it up but it's locked or jammed or something. "Uh, I suppose we can go around through here...". He's leading you to the door from which he emerged.

    If you're going with, some of your peeps are hopping off the truck to accompany you.

    Who's doing what?
  • Oh, well Rhyme is going with this guy? Well, Gabe will follow, because, you know, he's done with the ice. He'll offer to help Pity off the truck, mostly so he can put his hands on her waist and be close to her.
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