[Ashen Snow] Hiding Spot? [Bo 5.6]

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You rush out of the hallway away from Wolf and his pack, through The Gardens towards the door that Lala guards when you and your team, all broken apart now, would sneak out to ShantyTown. When you get to it, you see that it is slightly ajar, already open, the lock broken.

Nobody is around, but you see tracks in the ash, several people trudged through here recently into the hold.

What do you do?


  • [Bones]

    I pause, lookin' between the door, the broken lock, an' the tracks. This doesn't seem right. Unless....unless Norvell an' his crew just left the door open after talkin' to Jackabacka? I furiously wipe at my eyes. I forgot till right now that Norvell was headin' out to talk to Jackabacka. I glance behind me nervously. If that man did recognize me, Wolf will be huntin' me soon. That brings up a new swell of fear, an' I move forward a couple steps towards the door, lookin' carefully around.
  • Read the Sitch

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )
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    What should I be on the lookout for?

    Holding 2.
  • Based on the damage to the lock, these guys have some kind of hammer or something. It was beaten apart. Either they didn't know the hold was open or they didn't care. Looks like they ignored your little infirmary entirely. They could have pried it open and stole some med supplies, but they went into the hold instead. They're after something else. Or someone else.
  • Who's in control here?
  • Chigger is in control. You've heard he has big thugs who would be able to destroy a lock like that.
  • I pause again, anxiously, reachin' out to touch the bashed in lock. Chigger. He must be after Amiette then. Shit. Why would she go confront them by herself? That was so stupid. I look out at ShantyTown, so close. I could take off, try to disappear. But if these thugs...Boag....if they're lookin' for Amiette....what chance does she have?

    I look back at the hold, tryin' to listen an' look careful an' quiet like Wolf taught me....did that man follow me?
  • You wait for a minute, then yes, you hear someone coming towards you. Emerging from the door is that man from the hallway. He's got goggles and a poncho on, your cloak in his hands. That's when you realize you're getting some ash burns, right?

    "Hey there. You left this behind." He holds up your cloak. He doesn't move any closer, seeming to sense your skittishness.
  • The ash stings, burnin' through my thin shirt, but I barely feel it. As soon as he appeared, I stumbled backwards and grabbed the side of the wall, starin' at him. I'm shaking, trying to look brave, and failin' miserably.

    "You think...you think I'm really gonna fall for that?" I try to scoff, but my voice shakes.

    I glance fast at ShantyTown again. I could maybe make it. Maybe. But if he chased me, I'm so shaky, I doubt I'd get very far. An' who knows if I could lose him among the huts. He's one of Wolf's. He's a hunter. My eyes are dartin' around, lookin' for Wolf, lookin' for the others, but it looks like he's alone. I don't know what to do. I can't get to Amiette, not without goin' through this guy. I can't run. I do have my knife. I could threaten him. It might be my only option.
  • He senses your unease, holding his hands up. Then, like he got an idea, he moves forward a couple steps and lays it down on the ground, then skips back where he was, "That's got to burn. Here. I'm back here now. So, take it back. I'm not giving you anything, right? Its already yours."

    He looks past you, noticing the lock and the door. He tilts his head, looking to you with a question.
  • I stay where I am for a second, watchin' him carefully. This feels like a trap, but I really need my coat. Especially if I'm gonna run.

    Reading This Guy
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )
  • What does this guy intend to do (especially involving Bones and possibly recognizing her)?
  • This guy is pretty freaked out by how sick you look. He thinks you're a little crazy, like touched. If he had an idea around here of anyone who took care of people, he'd probably try to grab you and take you to them. As it is, he thinks you're about to run into The Snow and well, he'd rather you have a coat.

    He doesn't recognize you exactly, but he's looking at you really close right now. Especially your eyes.

    "Should I go? I can. Its ok. I was, headed out to my buggy. There's some food there. Good stuff..." He pauses, makes a face, "Okay, that was a horrible lie. The stuff tastes like powdered ass. But it's good for you! You look really hungry. I'll trade you. You tell me about this place, I give you some powdered ass food."
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    I see in his face what he’s thinkin’ an’ a surge of temper helps get the shaky fear under control. "I am not crazy.” I snap. “You wanna know about this place? Well for starters, I’m the doctor. So don’t go treatin’ me like I’m some sort of pathetic invalid who needs your handouts. I take care of my own damn self thank you.”

    I snap my mouth shut an’ glare at him. An’ that’s when I notice that he’s lookin’ pretty closely at my eyes. A big piece of snow hits my hand an’ I break eye contact, shakin’ it off quickly, but it still burns. More importantly, I really should not be runnin’ my mouth off to this guy. An’ bein’ a crazy person might have been a safer cover. Dammit. I kinda dart forward to grab my coat. I try to keep my eyes down so he can’t see ‘em, but at the same time I have to keep a close eye on him in case he tries somethin’ so that doesn’t end up workin’ super great.
  • He starts to move forward when you flinch, then you grab your coat and he moves back into the door into the hold again, hands up. He peers at you, then says, "My name is Jin. Like the drink, sort of. What's yours?" He pauses, then adds, "You, uh, you have really pretty eyes, doc."
  • [Bones]

    I retreat fast back to the gate in the wall, shruggin’ into my coat an’ pullin’ the hood over my head. Then he mentions my eyes, an' I freeze again, lookin’ purposefully at his feet. Dammit. Wolf an’ I both got Ma’s dark blue eyes. Manx saw my resemblance to Wolf immediately. Does Jin know? I can’t tell. What would he do if he figures it out? I shiver, even though I’m sweatin’ in this jacket, an’ the panic floods me again.

    I force myself to stand there for two more seconds, an’ then I’m running. I tear through the gate and start barreling down towards ShantyTown. If I can just make it to the huts. I strain over my own gasping breath an’ poundin’ footsteps to listen for pursuit. I don’t dare glance over my shoulder. My head feels about to explode, bringin’ tears to my eyes. I think I might throw up. I’m sorry Amiette. I’m so sorry.
  • --END SCENE--
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