F1 Re: Esc - anyone can play at any time

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I realized that it's likely Joe and I are the only two who know we can post in the F1 Re: Esc thread. Check it out, it's for everyone.


  • I'll be posting soon - one thing - nobody seems to have been posted as a 'winner' yet - can that still happen? And should it happen soon?
  • Yeah, jump in! There's no limit on the number of winners, but I can't post one right now (has to be since your last post, and I"m the last poster). I've been focusing on challenges.
  • I'm waiting until there are some really mind-blowing results before declaring any winners, myself. I personally want to award winner-ship for those who reincorporate elements from earlier posts - I know reading a middle-of-the-thread post isn't required, but that element of throwback is like a reward to all the past contributors who are now sitting there as audience. That, to me, is a winner.
  • Uh, sorry, joepub... I seem to have killed 'Thump'
  • Next edition of F1 Re: Esc will include a way to back out your last post if you find you've killed the thread.
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