[Ashen Snow] Winter the Operator

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Winter, The Operator

Winter is a pale young woman in her early-twenties with dark, red-brown hair, a distinctively clean and pretty face, calculating blue eyes, and a full figure. She's most commonly seen in her signature pearl necklace, white cocktail dress, a jet-black pea coat, a white garter on her left thigh, and black hiking boots. During the colder months she may be caught wearing black leggings (rather than the garter) to keep warm, but you know she's on the job when the garter is on. As an aside: she's been looking for matching pearl earrings for her outfit seemingly forever.

• Cool+3
• Hard+2
• Hot+1
• Sharp+1
• Weird-1

• Hairpins (ornate hidden spikes, 1-harm hand valuable infinite) — kept on a garter, or otherwise concealed, when not in use.
• Fashion (detailed in looks)
• Coat is lined with a thick hide, worth 1-armor.
• An assortment of "guilty pleasures" she uses/sells on the job, including: jewelry, porno mags, dildoes, and opiates worth about 1 barter.

• Moonlighting: you get 2-juggling. Whenever there’s a stretch of downtime in play, or between sessions, choose a number of your gigs to work. Choose no more than your juggling. Roll+cool. On a 10+, you get profit from all the gigs you chose. On a 7–9, you get profit from at least 1; if you chose more, you get catastrophe from 1 and profit from the rest. On a miss, catastrophe all around. The gigs you aren’t working give you neither profit nor catastrophe. Whenever you get a new gig, you also get +1juggling. (currently Juggling+3)
• Reputation: when you meet someone important (your call), roll+cool. On a hit, they’ve heard of you, and you say what they’ve heard; the MC will have them respond accordingly. On a 10+, you take +1forward for dealing with them as well. On a miss, they’ve heard of you, but the MC will decide what they’ve heard.
• Easy to trust: when you try to seduce or manipulate another player’s character, roll+Hx instead of roll+hot. An NPC, roll+cool instead of roll+hot.

Paying Gigs
• Fucking (2-barter / entangled)
• Doing murders (3-barter / embattled)
• Brokering deals (1-barter / shut out)

Obligation Gigs
• Pursuing luxury (beauty in your life / you wind up in a bad spot)
• Keeping Easton happy (you keep them happy / you fucking blow it)

Inspirational Material
• http://browse.deviantart.com/?q=Brunette+Winter#/d1vxzed (Face)
• http://xdramatique.deviantart.com/gallery/?offset=24#/d2j4zza (On duty)
• http://fc06.deviantart.net/fs24/i/2007/338/9/8/Will_I_Be_Pretty_by_trackchick.jpg (general appearance)
• http://profile.ak.fbcdn.net/hprofile-ak-snc6/623432_1241132680_414814360_n.jpg
• http://ecchi-senshi.deviantart.com/art/Shoot-in-the-shade-302915591 (General appearance\size)
• http://mera-art.deviantart.com/art/Apocalypse-Kisses-II-312492150 (not so much)
• Saffron ("Firefly" TV series)

• Get a new operator move (Easy to trust)
• Get +1sharp (max Sharp+3)
• Get +1cool (max Cool+3)
• Add a gig and you may change your crew
• Get +1hard (max Hard+2)
• Advance 3 basic moves (Act Under Fire, Seduce/Manipulate, Read a Person)

• Alonzo: Hx=0
• Ambrose: Hx+2
• Amiette: Hx+1
• Bones: Hx+3
• Grekor: Hx+2


  • This is just a note that Winter's special move was in effect when she slept with Easton, so she's got a new obligation gig: : keeping Easton happy (you keep them happy / you fucking blow it)
  • I almost forgot: Seducing Easton marked my 2nd advance. With it, I'm going to take +1sharp.
  • edited January 2013
    I'm taking the advance take +1Cool (max Cool+3)
  • Advance #4: Add a gig, and you may change your crew... I'd like to discuss the crew change, but the added gig is "Brokering deals (1-barter / shut out)".
  • That's awesome!
  • For Winter's next advance, she's taking +1Hard (max hard+2). Yay!
  • For Winter's NEXT advance, which would be her 6th, I'm advancing 3 basic moves:
    • Seduce/Manipulate
    • Act under fire
    • Read a person.
  • So I guess since Winter's naked, and this will (probably) be her last advance, I'm going to take Impossible Reflexes which give Winter 2-armor when naked, and 1-armor when nearly-naked.
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