[BPRD] Slaughterhouse, pt 5 [All 2.5]



  • Dr. Eaton, the source of the vine monster is the stick that is stuck on the driver side mirror. Destroy that and it will go away. Also, seeing as you are not a person, you can see that it is not real. It is a figment of their living minds, a construct of fear.
  • Hm. I raise a hand and command with three words in a dead tongue, summoning a mote of flame (1-harm ignore-armor magic obvious).

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+3 )

    On a 7-9, it has a problematic side effect. Fire can be unruly.

    xp (1)
  • Oh, hold on:

    +1ongoing from reading the situation
    +1forward from consulting my books

    Comes to 10.
  • Dr. Eaton, that's enough to destroy the talisman.

    Everyone else, the vine creature withers quickly, then disappears within the confines of the SUV.

    What do you do?
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    My head is catching up to what happened. I definitely have the adrenaline surge.

    Once out of the Truck, Penny wasn't moving fast enough, so I picked her up around the waist with my left arm, moved and spun so that he is oriented sideways to the SUV in a wide stance, she is now encircled in my left arm, away from the vehicle, and I'm holding my weapon on the truck with my right arm.

    The vine thing disappears, and I can feel my nostrils flaring, though the rest of me is still. And I'm just becoming aware that I've got Penny tightly against my left side.

    I loosen the grip on Penny, lowering my weapon.

    Was the damage to the vehicle illusory, or is it messed up?
  • Blake, when you take a small step closer to the SUV and look at the upholstery and the driver's side window, you see they are whole and unharmed.
  • "It was a psychological effect, Agent. Ignore it. Joe, can you divine what he is doing, what he is capable of? I hesitate to advance blind."

    I am carefully watching for further trouble. MC, you said that the compound was still. Is there nobody in the watchtower?
  • There are a couple of men in the Watch Tower, yes. When I say still, I mean, they aren't running around on alert.
  • [Penny]

    It all happened so fast! I was trying to protect Blake, and suddenly he was holding onto me, protecting me. It's hard to get a say in when someone twice your size is hauling you out of a car like a sack of potatoes. Ok, perhaps not quite like that. I certainly wouldn't hold a sack of potatoes quite like Blake was holding me. And suddenly we're frozen, watching the vine destroy the car. Blake has a gun out, and he's holding me against him with his other arm. I swear I saw a romance novel cover once that looked just like how we're standing...

    Goodness Penelope, focus! You're standing just feet from an enchanted tree that's destroying the car you were just driving!

    I only have time to gasp and simultaneously flush when Dr. Eaton suddenly shoots fire. Shoots fire? And suddenly the vine is gone. And the car is fine. And Blake lets go of me. And I am just standing there, rather flummoxed. My hands are shaky and my heart is pounding, but the two are for entirely different reasons.

    Dr. Eaton fires off questions as though everything is normal. Honestly I never thought my definition of normal would be tested so much working for these people! I flounder a bit, but quickly try assume some semblance of Angelina Jolie again and help.
  • Investigate a Mystery
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )

    highlighted for 1xp
  • What is being concealed here?
  • Penny, you get a feeling there are more victims being held down there in that building. Some of them are already dead. And there are unnatural things there, results of these foul magicks, like what was done to Mistaugh.

    Oh, his heart is down there somewhere.
  • I'm turning and scoping the tower now. I'm assuming they've seen us?
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    In my rush to escape the vine monster, I overlook a patch of scrub and trip. Unable to stop myself from falling, I stand and brush the dirt, dust and twigs from my clothese.

    "Hrm, yes. Sandovol is full of tricks," I murmur to Doctor Eaton.

    I quickly cover the short distance back to the SUV and retrieve my satchel. I extract a string of small stones, tied in a knot to form a bracelet which I slipped over my wrist, followed by a small brown pouch with a drawstring. Loosening the drawstring, I sprinkle the corn pollen it holds over my arm. The rhythmic shaking of the bracelet and movement of my hands as I begin a ritual of hand trembling induces a short trance.
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    That Old Black Magic to make the Use Magic move to ask the Investigate a Mystery question What Can It (Sandovol) Do?

  • [Penny]

    I shiver, my eyes slowly coming back to focus on my surroundings. "There are dark things here." I whisper. "Dead things. Bad things. But not all. Some of his victims are still alive. And Mistaugh's heart. It is here."
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    The men at the Watch Tower, you see them more clearly now. They aren't watching the ground outside. They're pointed towards the building, watching it instead. They are more worried about what's inside than out. But as you catch that, one of them gets a walkie talkie out and has a quick conversation, looks up right at you and starts. He slaps his buddy and then he and the other guard squat down in the Watch Tower and they have their guns out, aiming up towards you.


    Feeling the ambient magic here, like the smell of old movie popcorn in an abandoned theater, you are able to click together what Enrique Sandovol is doing. The ritual he used on Mistaugh required three simultaneous sacrifices to be productive. It does put the souls in torture, regardless of the number, but if the sacrificial number is met, the result is something altogether different and alien.

    The metallic smell on the wind here, its human blood. Sandovol is creating monstrosities with the bound souls of his victims, those sent to him by Mistaugh. Mistaugh must have somehow slipped or failed him and became one of the victims, or maybe he just outlived his usefulness. This place before you, it holds monsters constructed by Sandovol's art, monsters hungry for blood and chaos.
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    My hand's shaking slows to a stop as I come back to the present. I bend, almost slump, over and rest my head in my hands. I take a few deep breaths to clear out the rich metallic smells.

    "Sandovol is a real-life Victor Frankenstein. He is making monsters out of men."

    I take one more deep breath to rid my nostrils of the offending scent then rise up. I avert looking at the others, focusing on the compound. "How do we go in?"
  • "They've seen us,take cover behind the car!" I'll move, grabbing Penny again and moving her towards the car.

    I'm reading the situation for the best way in.
  • #DiceRoller(2d6+2)

    Using cool for tactical genius

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    Blake calls the alert and orders cover, and I look again to the tower. They indeed seem to be on alert now. I turn back, as presumably the others dive for the vehicle, and I assure them:

    "I will deal with the gunmen."

    Then I commence walking down the hill. They do not appear to be especially prepared for us, so I am - for the moment - assuming that they are not equipped with any of this new anti-ghost ammunition that Blake has been talking about.
  • As Blake calls out a warning, you hear the crack-crack-crack of semi-automatic gunfire from the tower, then a quick ting-crash on the windshield of the SUV. Everyone but Dr. Eaton hunkers down or flinches. But the good doctor tells you he has it under control, turns and calmly walks down the hill.

    The guard fires off several shots at you, a couple should have hit, but pass through you instead. Then they pause, one of them says something in Spanish to the other, then fires off several more shots. The one who stopped shooting brings up a walkie-talkie and screams into it. By the time you've made it to the bottom of the hill, they both start climbing down the ladder and it looks very much like they're trying to make a dash for a vehicle and Get the Hell Out.
  • I follow Blake's command and move quickly behind the SUV. Crouching low I pull out my revolver.
  • [Penny]

    Blake pulls me back behind the car and then the gunfire starts. I duck down as the bullets hit the car and stay close to Blake. So this is what being shot at feels like. I have to say, having living flesh and blood is not very handy for bullets. I wish I could just walk down the hill like Dr. Eaton without a care in the world. Well, maybe a couple cares. It appears Dr. Eaton cares a great deal about salt, as all ghosts should.

    I take the moment to frantically search the surroundings with my mind. This Sandovol is a nasty person. What did Joe say? A real life Victor Frankenstein? He obviously knows we're here. I want to make sure we're not missing anything.
  • Reading the Situation

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )

    Highlighted for 1xp. On a hit, are there any dangers we haven't noticed?
  • Penny,

    The guards aren't focusing on you, but they did just radio to someone, probably Sandovol. Chances are, he's got more going on than that little tree-branch fetish magic and "the bubble". I'll give you a soft hit if you still want a read, but you'll be wide open for any other tricks up his sleeve.

    Do you want it or will you duck and cover?
  • I want it!
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    The guards aren't a danger anymore, they're running in fear.

    Sandovol just released his creatures from their pens and they are coming for you.

    He's coming behind them and he's going to use his magic to make a fifth one of his blood corpses when he defeats you.
  • I am entirely willing to let the two guards make their way out. As I approach, bolts begin to rattle in the tower, and the chain link fence is shuddering and squealing as I pass through, but that is merely a warning. I have no intention today of taking human lives, not unnecessarily. I suppose I might be bridging into a manipulate attempt to scare them into leaving, but in actuality, that seems superfluous.

    Instead, I step through the fencing and await Sandovol's response, surveying the yard and rather consciously building up a head of righteous fury ... emotion seems to be key to the use of Hartford's talents as a poltergeist. I am in the corner of the yard, near the watch tower, and as I recall all windows and exits are on the other side of the building. I take stock and wait to see what comes around the corner.

    Hopefully the rest of the team is close behind me.
  • [Penny]

    I grab Blake's arm. "He's coming!" I gasp in horror, my eyes still slightly unfocused. "He's released his monsters. There are four. He's coming behind them. He wants to kill me. He wants to make me the fifth."
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