[BPRD] Slaughterhouse, pt 5 [All 2.5]



  • And let us see if I can botch a roll to read the situation, as well:

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )
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    No, I suppose that the rest of you are simply incompetent.

    Q1: Are there dangers that I have not yet noticed?

    Q2: What is the best way to protect the victims being held inside?

    And I will hold Q3.
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    Sandovol's magic, which is blood and spirit magic, will be able to affect you. He knows you are a ghost and he has sent his blood corpses against Penny so he can focus on you.

    Only speed will protect them, Sandovol is going for a scorched earth approach, this place is no longer useful for his operations. you'll have to charge in with all of them to draw fire away from Sandovol and the blood corpses.
  • Joe will attempt to Use Magic to seal the gate, barring Sandovol's monsters from passing out of the compound.

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )
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    I pull a small mass of paper hornet nest from my satchel. I pick up a pebble, spit on it, and crush the nest around the rock. A few words in Navajo are whispered and then I rise up and throw it towards the gate.
  • What glitch do you choose?
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    I chose that the effect it is of short duration.
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    Only speed will protect them ... you'll have to charge in with all of them to draw fire away from Sandovol and the blood corpses.
    I don't fully understand this. I should charge in where, with all of who, and why do I want to draw fire away from Sandovol?
  • Sorry for the lack of clarity, Dr. Eaton.

    Sandovol and his blood corpses are inside the building. There are still-living victims also inside. Sandovol knows you're outside, so he plans on sending out his monsters and destroying the last victims inside. Scorched-earth style.

    That's what I meant.
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    It feels like the fences are closed, but they won't last long. They're going to come out here and try rip it down in short order, but you have some time.
  • "He won't get you, Pen." I state it like simple fact.

    I open the back of the SUV and open the gun case, pulling my assault rifle and a 12 gauge shotgun. I quickly check and load both of them and sling the shotgun in it's scabbard across my shoulders then charge the assault rifle.

    "Stay behind me, we might need the mental whammy thing."

    I move around the vehicle, motioning to Joe, and start down the hill after the Doc.
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    Cool, let's jump cut that a bit and the three of you are down at the fence. Dr. Eaton walked through it, but well, you're not a ghost. It doesn't look electrified, how did you get past it? Or are you going to sit back and try to pick off the blood corpses when they come outside?
  • We'll go through. If the gate isn't open or easily opened, then I'll try to cut through the wire to open a gap in the fence with my multitool.
  • [Penny]

    I look at Blake, my eyes huge and unblinking, and nod silently. I trust Blake. If he says that Sandovol won't get me, then he won't get me. I just have to stay close to him and be ready. That's what being partners is all about right? Protecting each other's backs? Although I plan on protecting more than Blake's back. Preferably his whole self. Heads, for example, are rather important.

    I glance between Blake and Joe when we get to the fence. They're the Professional Monster Hunters. They've done stuff like this before. I'm going to follow their lead. I would follow Dr. Eaton's lead as well, but I can't walk through a fence.
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    Great, so we have Blake opening up the fence, Joe climbing through, followed by Blake then Penny.

    Dr. Eaton, you're already in. The guards are hopping in a truck, bugging out. Where do you go?
  • Holding further action to let Dr. Eaton catch up. He did have a nice head start.
  • Not so much of a head start. I was walking ahead, but I can only assume that the others were hurrying to close the distance. In any case, I cannot proceed until they have arrived. In a dangerous tactical situation such as this, it is imperative that Blake know where I am and what I am doing.

    While you're working on the fence, Blake, I raise my voice: "May I go ahead, Agent? Sandovol may intend to execute the prisoners."
  • If the guards are driving out, the gate must be open.
  • The guards are planning on driving through the gate. But you're right, it will soon be open.
  • If I'm cutting through, I think that's the fastest way in. It's not a big deal, really, a straight cut up, and a little bit of a flap. I"m probably the biggest one, so if I can get through almost anyone else can too.

    "Yeah, Doc, go ahead, do what you can. Jump back if you see anything important."
  • I nod, and step into the building there at the corner, where the plans indicated a washroom.
  • Dr. Eaton,

    You slide through the wall and enter the dingy washroom. Its industrial a metal rack against the western wall with rough toilet paper and supplies. The tile was laid uneven, sloppily. The door sits slightly askew. The place smells like human refuse and coppery blood. Altogether shoddy workmanship. You hear a man screaming in Farsi, then a pop-pop-pop from a modern handgun very close.

    There is a silence then, but you catch the rapid breaths of a man in panic bouncing off the concrete floor.
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    I press on. I use the door, in the conventional manner.
  • Oh, and you will want to tell me, Q3: What is the greatest threat?
  • Dr. Eaton,

    You open the door, continue walking along the tile in the hallway. The click clack of your shoes are loud enough to announce your presence, right? You hear a man's voice at the end of the hall and some shuffling, "Que? Que es eso?"

    By the time you get near the end of the hall to the open archway between the tiled floor and the poured concrete where the holding cells are located, you see the shadow of a man approaching.

    Enrique Sandovol is the greatest threat. His magic, to be exact. If he obtains a sample of any of you, he could control your movements. Not you, of course. But them, especially Penny.
  • Blake, Joe and Penny,

    You cut through the outer fence and enter the perimeter. The guards try to frantically drive off in a jalopy of a truck through the gate, after a couple tries. Right as they gate pops open, the front door of the building splinters and you see inhuman things come stagger-walking out.

    These blood corpses are bipedal monstrosities that walk like apes, their skin an angry red. They growl as they shamble along towards you. There are catheter-like talons at the end of their clawed hands. They crave blood.

    What do you do?
  • I gasp in a shriek and almost choke on it. Shrieks should go out, not in. "Can you...you....you can see those too, right?" I hiss at Blake and Joe. I'm pretty sure I'm not hallucinating right now, and that's terrifying.

    I don't even wait for them to answer. I want these things to go away. They are definitely worse than elephants with chainsaw husks. I'm going to scream into the nearest one's head, my voice shrill and piercing.

    GO AWAY!

  • Big Whammy

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+3 )

    Highlighted for 1XP
  • I chose to inflict terrible harm as my extra effect.
  • I'll start firing, center mass and head on the closest creature in tight bursts. Pop, pop, pop.

    "Penny! Can you get to Sandoval from here? How do we kill these things?"
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