[BPRD] Slaughterhouse, pt 5 [All 2.5]



  • Dr. Eaton,

    I've no wish to play a game of gotcha here. But how do you lay hands on this man and heal him in your ghostly condition? Doesn't your touch drain life?
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    If ferociously applied, yes. However, it does not mean that I am unable to touch living things, if I am cautious. I touched Penelope once, I believe. I avoid touching others because it is usually disquieting for them - my touch is very cold - but I do not do harm with the slightest brush.

    Now, true, in this man's extraordinarily fragile state, any prolonged contact could be problematic, but I am not laying on hands, as such. I am anointing him with earth, a touch on the brow, and then calling upon the land to give up its vitality and restore him, if only slightly. It is not as if I could somehow transmit my own vitality to him with a touch ... I'm dead! I have none to spare.
  • Dr. Eaton,

    Nothing interferes yet, you are able to save both men. Since magic is, well you know, magic, it stabilizes him, but he's out for the count definitely. the awake man screams several times after the flight, moving from fright to exultation at a miracle. He proclaims you an angel of Allah. He's in a pair of sweaty stained khaki shorts and nothing else, same as Abukar.
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    In my accented Persian, I instruct the man:

    "Get in the truck. Stay there."

    Would you quickly review the situation in the yard for me? Four abominations, half of them down, the rest of the team only lightly injured? Is Penelope immediately threatened?
  • Acting under pressure for the Shotgun thingie. Remember your hold MC.


    xp +1
  • Forgot, the MC's hold for my bottling it up can't be used agains AUP moves.
  • (like I need to remember hold when you roll that way)
  • Penny's gonna help me... or someone, right?
  • (Penny will avenge you)
  • [Penny]

    I'm watching Blake through quick glances, so when things start to look like they're going South. Or is it North? Whichever direction things shouldn't go. I do the first thing I think of, which is to yell at the monster attacking Blake like it's a naughty dog. Well, I yell into it's head. Not YELL. Which is probably a silly decision, but, well, it's the first thing I think of. Distraction. That's a thing, right?

    HEY! Leave him alone!
  • Helping Out/Avenging!

    #DiceRoller( 2d6 )
  • Blake,

    You can grab that shotgun and finish this thing, this monstrosity once and for all. But it scratched you and left something with you that you don't notice.

    Or, you can swap Harm with the thing.
  • Oh the first one I think.

    It scratches me, but then it seems to loose focus and I sieze the moment to put the shotgun to it's face and pull the trigger.
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    Take 2 Harm (apply armor, if you have it). The shotgun dispatches the corpse, blowing off its left leg. The blood that sprays out of it is coagulated already, like throwing old red jello against a wall.

    Dr. Eaton,

    The Arabic stranger hops into the truck without argument, then he ducks down and hides.
    Dr. EatonWould you quickly review the situation in the yard for me? Four abominations, half of them down, the rest of the team only lightly injured? Is Penelope immediately threatened?
    You look down at the group and see Joe, staggering and bleeding, his knife wedged into the eye socket of a non-moving blood corpse. There are two blood corpses near the shattered door into the building, moving feebly. As you watch, the last one is shot down by Blake.

    ETA: Penny is not under threat of attack right now.

    Enrique has not come outside. You don't see him through the doorway, either.
  • [Blake, 1-Harm]

    I look around to see Penny looking at the mess I just made, and I realize why it was distracted.

    I give her a somewhat grim smile. It's hard to have a bright one in the middle of such a mess. "Thanks. Told you you'd have my back."

    I look around to Joe. "You okay? Let's see if we can locate Sandoval."

    I start moving towards the building again.
  • With pain and fatigue outweighing pride, I gratefully leaned on Penny for support. While I can continue with my injurie. I take a cue from the doctor and use a little magic of my own.

    Well, a little magic and a little old-fashioned liquid nourishment. I reach into my jean jacket and pull out a well worn metal flask. I take a slug. Maybe a little longer than necessary but then my injuries aren't just physical.
  • Use Magic

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2)
  • Effect & Glitch: Heals 1 harm but draws immediate, unwanted attention.
  • Without fanfare, I step from the truck to the vicinity of the watch tower, then rapidly stride across to the others.

    "Sandovol is inside. I've pulled the prisoners out, but Sandovol cannot be allowed any more time to -"

    But I suppose that Joe is doing something problematic. I wish you wouldn't, Joe, not while standing right next to my granddaughter.
  • [Penny]

    Joe is heavy. I mean, not in a bad way. He's just quite a bit larger than I am. I pretend I'm made of metal, a Robot Penny that can support thousands of pounds. Anyways, I manage to support Joe, at least mostly. He pulls out a flask, but I'm looking at Blake who is attempting a smile. So many smiles for me lately. Does he know how happy they make me? Unfortunately I'm not sure if I can manage a super happy smile right now either, so both of us are left attempting smiles that come out rather grim. There is a lot of blood everywhere.

    "You're welcome, Partner." I say to Blake, but my voice is somewhat strained.

    Dr. Eaton appears rather magically, and I turn my attention to him. The prisoners are safe. And I'm rather relieved to see that Dr. Eaton himself is safe as well.
  • Blake,

    While Penny is holding up Joe, you get a tingly feeling at the base of your neck that spreads over your scalp, like electric or something. Then you have the shotgun up and you're reloading. Its a natural smooth action, one of those reflexes you use. But you don't recall actually thinking, 'hey, I should reload my gun now.'

    Penny and Joe,

    Blake has this odd sick-to-his-stomach look on his face, he's reloading his shotgun and his eyes look a bit wild. Then he starts bringing the barrel up, it is aiming towards you.

    Dr. Eaton,

    You catch sight of this as well, hard to read faces up there, but Blake looks like he's going to aim his shotgun at Penny.

    What do you do?
  • Shit! I start fighting to retake control of my limbs. It has a panicked edge that's just plain weird for me. I don't even want to think about what I'd feel if I shot Penny. It's the edge a cliff I can't see over.

    "Guys... something's got me... get away... look out!"
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    Well of course I know exactly what is happening, I was prepared for this. Sandovol must have gained a foothold on Blake sometime in the skirmish. Unfortunately, I have no clear idea of how to restrain the agent.

    Wait, up where? I'm not up the tower, I'm on the ground near the tower. Or I was, before I began walking over to the others. ("... I step from the truck to the vicinity of the watch tower, then rapidly stride across to the others.") How close am I now? Close enough to tackle Penelope and Joe? Or is my only option to launch an attack against Blake, from a distance?
  • Sorry, Dr. Eaton, When you said truck, I thought you mean the SUV. You're there.
  • Alright. I would rather not attack Blade, and - frankly - I'd be rather unlikely to succeed in such a thing, except possibly that he is being worked against his will.

    I run the last few strides (which is bracing, not something I have done in quite some time). As I do so, I tap that particular kind of concentration, and there is watery light, perhaps the sound of invisible wings ... if my concentration does not slip, then the manifestation will flare up as before.
  • I am attempting to spirit Penelope and Joe away. Failing that, I'll at least knock the two of them over, and perhaps the light will confuse Blake/Sandovol into shooting me.

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+4 )

    +1 because you warned me Sandovol might do this
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    Hm. Unless someone can contrive a way to help me (I have no idea how they would), my concentration is imperfect, and I must pick: either I do not take them with me, or you get to pick where we find ourselves.

    I choose the later. There is brilliant light, streaming through the air, and the impression of a great many wings. I am able to focus sufficiently to take Penelope and Joe with me, but a stray image crosses my mind ... and we find ourselves there. Where is it?

    ( I'm ordinarily only able to travel to someone I know, or to a place I have been. I think that still generally applies when I lose control of our destination, but there might be exceptions. )

    xp (4)
  • Joe and Penny,

    Dr. Eaton grabbed you and in a flash, you feel the odd sensation like a roller coaster. Or like a fall, Penny, since you don't know what a roller coaster is. Then you're standing inside somewhere. It smells like human waste and coppery blood, sweat and fear. You smell fear in here.

    Here is a cell, Penny. It looks all too familiar, but horrid and nasty, the way it looked before when you imagined it at night. You've never been exactly here, but you know this kind of place.

    Joe, you've never been here, it looks like a concrete block structure with a fire door with a window and no doorknob on this side.

    Dr. Eaton, you took them inside the building.

    Blake, you stop aiming at them when they all disappear. Despite your frantic first efforts to fight it, you start walking towards the ruined door of the building.
  • A falling sensation, but also broken fragments of my memories (mostly tumbling by too quickly to decipher, but do either of you feel like reading me?), and a brilliant white light, and the smell of birds.

    I'm saying: "Mr. Blake has been seized by Sandovol, and he is not in control of his actions, for the moment. I will go to distract Sandovol from him, but I believe that Sandovol knows who I am. He may have precautions. If so, you two do what needs be done."

    Blake, what is your shotgun loaded with?

    I step up to the door, peer through the window, and if the corridor beyond is empty I fling it from its frame, telekinetic force driving it into the corridor, still trailing locks and hinges. I step out after it, then make an off-the-cuff choice, stepping through the wall into the storage bay.
  • Doc, it's standard buckshot.

    And I think it's time for me to read a bad situation, because I like the risk.

    Tactical Genius.


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