[BPRD] Slaughterhouse, pt 5 [All 2.5]



  • Dr. EatonI would like to drive Sandovol out of the building, away from any traps he might have placed and into the clear light of day.
    This is what I based the reaction on. You changed tactics a couple times and seemed to leave it to me, so I chose the most interesting fiction (to me). So you're outside.

    I'll wait on Blake's orders on what to do before I move forward.
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    Well, don't move forward, I haven't reacted. It has never been made clear, on-screen, what our goals are here, so I'm asking Blake as an aside.
  • I believe our orders at the outset were "neutralize" which for most of my history means 'kill'. Especially considering what this piece of filth has done. Any guidance I gave was to that effect.
  • Well, I would rather not be forced to kill a man, to have that in my accounts book, but there is some leeway in this, in matters of justice. And I do not see any immediate way to contain him, while he is attempting to command me ...

    So, events move very quickly. We are tumbling through the wall and onto the ground, I am reaching back with my right hand, grasping through the wall, Sandovol is snatching at me, and I am slapping that aside with my left hand as I clutch and pull with the right. I grasp the shelves on the opposite side of the wall, and I pull them and the wall, perhaps a six to eight foot section of cinder block, concrete, and steel bar, I tear it all free and bring it crashing down.

    It is barely controlled, but I cannot be hurt by wood, concrete, and steel, and hopefully Blake is still far enough back to escape harm.
  • Kicking ass with the Mayhem! move:

    #DiceRoller( 2d6-1 )

    This seems to be about equivalent to dumpster/boulder damage, not quite bus damage, so 4-harm. I will also need to roll for collateral damage.
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    Mm, I could spend Luck, but I won't. It might not go well for me, but at minimum I have torn a great, gaping hole in the wall, so Blake has his shot again.

    And because I have not yet inflicted harm, I don't roll for collateral damage, though of course collateral damage could be part of a hard move.
  • Blake is not far enough back to avoid some harm from the crashing debris as sections of the roof fold in when you tear out the wall underneath.

    Blake, the half of the building where you are headed explodes towards the outside and pieces of roof come crashing down at you. You are just in the perimeter, so let's say 2-Harm.

    Dr. Eaton, he snatches a pieces of your Essence and slams it into his doll after he hits the ground.

    What do you do?
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    Well, frankly, I keep at him. It is difficult to control my improvised weapon - these powers are all about fury, a potent weapon, but difficult to direct - but it is perhaps a half ton, a ton, of steel and masonry. I'll get lucky, hopefully before he gets to me. I gather the smashed wall and some of the collapsed roof besides, and I snap it into the air to rain down upon the two of us.
  • Kick ass:

    #DiceRoller( 2d6-1 )
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    Oh, for the love of-

    I spend Luck. Exchange harm, and I deal 4-harm and put him right where I want him: knocked around like a rag doll and exposed to Blake. That might be best represented as +1forward to Blake.

    And for collateral damage:

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+4 )
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    My improvised weapon breaks (all dust and fragments, now) and I cause massive property damage, but I do not hurt anyone but my target.
  • Dr. Eaton,

    Sandovol twists the doll in his hands right as you "bring the house down" on him. It hurts to have a piece of you handled in that fashion. When was the last time you were hurt like this? Take 2-Harm.

    Amid the falling debris, Sandovol falls backward under the onslaught of construction and building, but he doesn't lose his grip on the doll. You can tell he wants to see what you could do to Blake.
  • Yes. Something twists through me, and I seem to become a little bleached in the sunlight, my outline somehow less distinct, less human, less natural. It has certainly been years, as I have not placed myself in harm's way in the course of my retirement. It would likely have been a few years ago, the last time I worked with Blake. The Bureau contacted me in order to pull his team out of a mission gone wrong. The intel had been botched terribly, the team was magically trapped, and they simply did not have the equipment necessary to fight the thing. I carried them out of there, but it cost.

    But I am well familiar with cost. I advance on Sandovol, though I am sure that he can hold me at bay, if he wishes, or at least he can try. I speak, my voice hollow and punctuated with revulsion:

    "You think much of yourself, Sandovol, but you are a fool. Petty. Pathetic. You attain some fragment of power, and you seek only to use it to elevate yourself, even at the ruination of others. Even in evil, you are loathsome and small. The things I have seen ... I have known war, Sandovol, the horrors of the Reich. Would you like to see?"
  • Ball's in Blake's court, but I think that Sandovol might be having trouble with me. His attention is too occupied with contesting his will against mine, far too occupied to also defend himself from Blake. Well, possibly:

    #DiceRoller( 2d6-1 )

    Attempting to help Blake, to give him an additional +1 (for a total of +2, one from help and one from kicking ass).
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    Bastard dice.

    Anyway, it's worth pointing out that Sandovol may have an inkling that I can spirit him away from this place. At any rate, two prisoners disappeared from a locked cell, didn't they? But maybe even he isn't foolish enough to toy with the divine.
  • [Blake, Harm 2]

    Some of the falling debris caught me the wrong way, I'm shrugging it off for now, but it's gonna hurt later. And the amount of power Doc's throwing around is... intereting, but I pump the Mossberg and line up Sandoval and let fly.
  • #DiceRoller(2d6+2)

    xp +1
  • I'm spending luck on that one.
  • You still get +1 from my kick ass. Though if you spend luck, you get an extra: +1 harm or whatever. I don't remember the whole list.
  • Penny and Joe,

    When you exit the cell and come down the hallway, you see Dr. Eaton and Blake fighting Sandovol. Blake just unloaded his Mossberg shotgun on the man. Dr. Eaton is flickering slightly and both of you see a Dr. Eaton-like glow flickering on the sackcloth doll in Sandovol's right hand.
  • Back at Sandovol's, the stench immediately assaults my nostrils and I miss the cool still air and the soft grass under my feet. Though it was almost disturbing in its perfection, Penny's world is infinitely more preferable to this madness Sandoval has created.

    I instinctively take the gun from my holster. In this evil place its familiar feel and weight is a small comfort. Knowing that I had taken a moment earlier to enchant it causes me to slightly smile. I step in front of Penny to give her what protection my body can provide and walk towards Sandoval. I start firing as fast as I can, uttering the name of the twins to aid in ensuring each round hits it mark.
  • Kick Some Ass

    #DiceRoller( 2d6 )
  • Blake pumps a couple shots into Sandovol and when it hits, sand sprays out of his back instead of blood. That sand, a gritty beige, dribbles down his chest from the buckshot holes. Then Joe pops him a couple times in the neck and chin and more sand pours out of him, his face starts to slack like a beanbag chair losing its stuffing. He chuckles, a dry sound issuing out of him as he does, then his body fals over, bent in half at an inhuman angle and he drops like a sackcloth.

    What do you do?
  • I'm keeping the shotgun trained on the... the giant doll? And advancing on it, maybe toeing the body. Was this a dummy? He didn't seem too worried when he went down.

    "I don't think we're done yet." I look up at the Doc. "How do we kill this a-hole?"
  • I peer around Joe and watch the sand ooze out of the Sandovol doll. I pinch my arm to make sure that I'm not made out of sackcloth too, feeling very relieved when it hurts and my skin turns red.

    I walk around Joe to approach the others, still feeling slightly, well, odd. A lot just happened in a few short seconds, and I feel almost dizzy. It's hard to keep up with what's real sometimes, especially when you're whisked away to multiple locations at the drop of a hat. Thankfully I was not wearing a hat or I certainly would have dropped it. I'm almost 98% certain that this is the real world, but now it turns out that Sandovol was not real. Tricky, tricky, tricky.

    Once I get up next to Blake, I pause, looking down at Sandovol the Doll. I don't know how we kill this a-hole either, but I can—I hesitate. My mind has been doing strange things, and it makes me rather nervous. If I can't trust my own mind, then I'm trouble.

    But Blake and Joe are bleeding and Dr. Eaton is...flickering?

    And I'm Penny the BPRD Agent, so I stop hesitating.
  • Investigate a Mystery

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )

    highlighted for 1XP
  • Dr. Eaton, Joe and Penny,

    The bubble around this place, the one Joe felt you cross, drops. The power emanating from the circle inside the building, also dampens and begins to disappear. The tendrils of magic that you felt here, that made the hair on the back of your neck (or ghostly appropriate symptom) drops as the sand pours out of the Sandovol doll.
  • I assume you guys wrap things up here after making sure there is no more danger (there isn't). You're able to find Mistaugh's heart, stored among the other items in Sandovol's workshop. The blood corpses were the results of the victims of other arrests by the American government - suspected terrorists who were deemed not fit for Gitmo but not politically suitable for release. Mistaugh re-routed them here. Sandovol used them in his experiments to create new life.

    You have gained a nice macabre library and eliminated his threat for the time being.

    Anything else you wish to do during wrap-up? I'd like a scene of debriefing back at HQ to finish up the mission, but don't want to short shrift this scene if you have something left to do. In the interest of keeping things moving, I will give you a day to confirm you're ready to move on or note an action here in this scene.
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