[DW] Men and Monsters

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A tiny Monster Manual.


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    The Red Rums
    Cautious, Group, Intelligent, Organized

    6 HP; 1 Armor
    Ragged Bow (d6 damage); Near, Far

    Instinct: To rob
    • Steal something
    • Demand tribute
    • Swiftly reassign loyalties
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    Galeb Duhr
    Group, Hoarder, Intelligent

    6 HP; 3 Armor
    Crush (w[2d8+2] damage); Close, Forceful

    Instinct: To collect and to guard
    • Turn the ground into a weapon
    • Be mistaken for stone
    • Crush or break
    Special Qualities: Skin of stone
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    Pack-Bound Goblin
    Horde, Magical, Organized, Small

    7 HP; 1 Armor
    Tooth and nail (d6 damage); Close

    Instinct: To hunt and kill enemies of the Horned King
    • Strike with mindless rage
    • Die to harm an enemy
    • Retreat and then return, stronger than before
    When a member of the pack dies its strength is transmitted to the remaining members of the pack. Each pack-mate that receives such strength increases its damage die by one size, up to d10. If a pack-mate with maximum-sized damage dice receives more strength give it an additional die of the same size and take the best result, or give it +1 armor, or heal it of all damage, your choice.
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    Hoard, Tiny

    3 HP
    Needle-like proboscis (d6-2 damage, 1-piercing); Hand

    Instinct: To seek warmth
    • Attach to flesh with barbed legs
    • Drain their blood
    • Blind with swarming bodies
    Special Qualities: Quadruple wings
    When the striges have drunk of your blood, at the end of the encounter you will need to bind your wounds and take steps against infection. If you do, roll+CON. On a 7-9, eventual sickness. On a miss, the bleeding just won't stop!
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    10 HP; 1 Armor
    Filthy talons (d8 damage, 1-piercing); Close, Messy

    Instinct: To eat
    • Gnaw off a body part
    • Gain the memories of their meal
    Special Qualities: Paralytic touch
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    Solitary, Divine, Hoarder, Huge, Intelligent, Magical, Stealthy, Terrifying

    14 HP; 1 Armor
    Pounce (d10+4 damage, 1-piercing); Reach, Forceful, Messy

    Instinct: To dominate
    • Enslave the weak
    • Demonstrate terrifying strength
    • Move on silent paws
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