[Ashen Snow] New Arrivals [Al 6.3]

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You head out of The Baths with the group and back to your new digs. The gang has spruced it up a bit, cleared out most of one room and laid down for some shut eye. Spurlock made a spot for you to sack out, too.

Next morning, the gang is stretching and waking up. As you break your fast, huddled over a makeshift fire eating some meat that Gummer scrounged or bartered for, the three from the vision come down the hall.

The one with the beard squints at you and yours and says, "I'm lookin for Alonzo. Name's Sails, this lady here's Jeff and the kid is Pace."

Trinkle and HR give them a long look, they're a bit twitchy. Spurlock is busy shining up some shoes, spit polish. He's relaxed, but you know his pistol is right there.

What do you do?


  • I didn't tell the gang much about what happened in my palaver with the Pryers. But I do tell them that we are on the cusp of greatness. So much depends on us coming together and working as a team. I reiterate my rules, mercy first, always and reaffirm my commitment to keeping them safe.

    I'm glad to see an unfamiliar faces in one corner, cordoned off by a makeshift screen. Spurlock tells me it is Turks lady and child. Good. Let them bring their families. It gives us more to fight for.

    When the three sojourners from the vision in Yurd's temple arrive, I set down the plate (with it's curious Chevy monogram) and rise from my hunker.
    "I'm Alonzo and I'm glad you're here. This is Trinkle and HR. The man with the spit shine and easy hold-out piece is Spurlock. Come in and have some victuals while we make our acquaintance."
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    Sails nods appreciatively and Pace stays outside, leaning against the doorjamb like he's keeping watch. You see the kid fish an ancient electronic watch out of a denim pocket and then you hear a couple quiet chirps from him pressing a few worn buttons on it.

    Trinkle carves off a few slices of meat and Sails hands his plate to Jeff then takes the next one. "Thanks for the grub, Alonzo." He takes a couple bites, then washes it down with a flask from his coat pocket, hands that off to Jeff, who wipes the rim with a lace kerchief and drinks after taking a small bite. "Alonzo, we've heard you are looking for people to help build something. to put a stake in the ground and fight for it. Zat true?"
  • "Very true, Sails. With the recent change in leadership there is an opportunity to rebuild the foundation, so to speak.
    "But I gotta play straight with you, we are arming for war. You've heard of Harridan? First order of business is to stop him."

    I give him and Jeff a close look, pausing to gauge their reaction. Then I nod toward Pace and continue, "If you and the younker are still interested then I'll tell my expectations. This collections of joys is mine and I am theirs. I will see that they have a place in the Hold so long as they follow the rules."
    Several of the gang nod in agreement.
    "They are pretty easy, really. First, I am the boss. Wise counsel is welcome, but my word is final. Second is this: mercy first, always. We deal with others mercifully. If mercy fails, pragmatism. And finally any bad history you're dragging around, grudges or vendettas or anything like that is right out. The future has no room for your shit. Let it go and face the future unburdened."

    I wait to see what their reaction is.
  • You see that Sails and Jeff have a comfortable relationship, not one of lovers, but more like partners. Jeff says, "See, Sails? Told ya."

    Sails takes a last bite, then admits, "Yeah, you did." He takes another swig, then hands it back to her. Then to you, "Harridan was gathering all those bastards to come here? No bueno, hombre. That is a bad wizard out there. Why here?"

    Pace has stepped inside, this caught his interest. He still has the watch in his hand, a little display moving around slowly, still beeping quietly.
  • Any hesitation I might have had with these three was abrogated by the vision in Yurd's Temple.
    "Why here? Well, my joys, what do you know of the baths? They are quite special, do ya kennit."
    I pause considering my words carefully. "Most folken know they are cleansing and generally uplifting, but there's more. There is an ancient power in the Baths. I can't say much more, mostly because I don't know exactly what that power is, but I know this: Harridan wants that power for himself, and not in the normal way of tyrants. He wants to consume that power because it will make him more than a wizard, it will make him a god."
  • On the story of the baths, Jeff gives you a look of not exactly disbelief, but more like wait-and-see. Pace squints and nods slightly, this isn't far fetched for him. Sails seems on board, "Does this ancient power have a name?"
  • "Yurd." I watch them closely to see if they have any reaction.

    Then after a beat, "I really don't care whether you believe the," I wave my hand in the air, "faery stuff. But Harridan is coming and our first order of business is to stop him. If you're in, come on in and let's find you someplace to lay your head."

    Before they move or respond to my invitation I hold up my hand palm towards them in a "stop" gesture. I look each of them squarely in the eyes.
    "I meant what I said about the rules."
  • Jeff and Sails share a silent conversation. Pace nods, "The rules: You're the boss. Mercy, then pragmatism. No history, naked to the future. We kennit."

    Sails chuckles, "We're in, Alonzo. We are no fans of bastard wizards, though. Mind if we keep that piece o' history?"
  • "Oh? Well, we might make an exception give our current circumstances. Anything in that history that could be useful?"
    I motion them on in and begin giving the nickel tour and introducing the folks that are here.
  • Everyone makes acquaintances and it seems that HR and Jeff know each other from "way back", so that makes things smoother. As you give the tour, Sails offers some ideas on ways to make the place more secure and Jeff offers a couple suggestions on how to re-use and scrounge stuff. Pace keeps playing with his little watch, some kind of game where dots in a line move around in a maze or something.

    You notice Sails is looking for some alone time to rap about Harridan. Where do you take him to chat?

    Well, you're there. Sails shares, "A few moons ago, back when I was between work and towns, I decided to look up Jeff, see how she was doin, maybe scrounge a meal or two off her, to be honest. On the road by Nokes, I ran into a caravan, a Winnebago and a couple jeeps. turns out they were all Harridan's crew. Loaded with jingle and gear. Some big thug talked to me, brought me in the RV, said he was Harridan, but I could tell he wasn't. Saw this little kid watching from the back area, he had these eyes that saw through a man, spooky. And he was some kind of somethin. Looked like he could barely walk. Like Vulcan. Like Amy's Mountain kids. He wanted me to join up, I talked my way out of it. He tried some whammy on me, I shot my way out of it. We aint friends... let's say that."
  • I take Sails to my room. One of the classrooms had an attached bathroom. It was pretty big for a single ( it was designed for a handicapped child to use) and with all the hardware removed (it didn't work) it is big enough for a small table and a few of seats (a crate, an old aluminum keg with some kind of padded seat attached, an honest to goodness patio chair, and a cinder block). My bedroll is on the floor. There's an oil lamp on the table, but with the door propped open we get plenty of light. Spurlock wasn't sure what to do with the room. I decided it would serve as my quarters as well as a place to have semi-private talks as needed; a kind of council room. I partially close the door and motion for Sails to sit.

    After he tells me his story, I get a puzzled look on my face.
    "Just so I understand, you think the weird kid was Harridan?"
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    Sails nods, "From his body size to his head, he was maybe five or six. Skin like coal, clear gray eyes. His head looked like somebody held wax to an iron stove. If he wasn't so spooky, I'd have felt sorry for him."
  • Spurlock raps on the door, "Boss? Somethin you oughta see. Mice found Crackle his mornin, pushing up daisies."

    Sails gives you a questioning look, "Who is Crackle?"
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    "Well shit. Follow me."
    To Spurlock, "Is there a crowd gathering? Lead on."
    We start out into the Hold. I talk as we walk.
    "Not to long ago the Element was nervously balanced between Norvell and Crakcle on one side -- I honestly never really sorted out who was the boss -- and Domino and her gang on the other. Domino perished, her gang splinted," I wave my hand in the air characteristically, " civil war. Now Norvell and Crackle were setting things up again.
    "I'd like you to tell Grekkor your tale later."
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    Spurlock leads you, answering, "Mice is keeping folks out. Since we agreed to help out with security, I talked him into bringign you in right away."

    Sails walks beside you, listening to the situation as you give it. Sails nods about telling Grekkor, but you're not entirely sure he knows the name from the look in his eyes. Then he asks, "If Domino is dead and the civil war is over, who gains the most if Crackle dies?"

    You head through the hold, folks look spooked, clustered together in clumps talking quietly. You get to a simple flat with Mice standing outside. He moves and you come in to see Crackle's dead body. he's naked and near the bath, dead from a broken neck.

    What do you do?
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    "Perhaps, my joy," I answer quietly "we only thought the civil war was over."
    With Harridan coming -- gods, I can't get the image of some kind of glossy black idol with gray eyes out of my head -- we can't afford to have a panic.

    "Mice, what's the big deal? Looks like he fell in the tub to me. Sad, but...no cause for all this" wave "hand-wringing."
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    Mice looks a little unsure, but yeah, it is pretty obvious what happened here. He shrugs and says, "Alright, boss. What do ya want us to do now?"

    Sails gives you an odd look, since Mice just addressed you like you just took over for Crackle.

    What do you do?
  • "Let's have a pow-wow. Round up whomever you think is in a need to know position, not every swingin' hammer, ya ken, just sergeant types. I think with Harridan coming it might be wise to tighten up security. I'll see if we can get someone from the Pryers to sit-in. The time has come to work more closely."
    I start to walk away, then add.
    "Oh, cripes, what do you normally do with bodies, my joy? Does he have any kin? Well, I assume you can figure that part out, right?"
    Without waiting for an answer I start towards the Baths.
    "Sails, you're with me. Spurlock, see if you can find Norvell."

    I can feel a tingle in the air. I've actually felt it since meeting Yurd, but it just intensified. The tapestry of the Element is being pulled in several directions. It will either unravel altogether or cinch into a nice tight weave. So much depends on the next few days.
  • Sails falls in line and you catch an odd look from Spurlock, but he heads out looking for Norvell.

    You walk through The Garden. Sails comments, "Interesting times, aren't they? So, you run security for the hold now?" He asks it conversationally, not worried, just making note.
  • "Looks like. Interesting indeed. I think it's highly unlikely that Crackle fell and broke his neck, but the bystanders need hope now, not chaos.
    "What's this?"

    I see some Pryers that look like they are recruiting. That's a good sign.
  • You head through The Garden and into The Gym.

    Grekkor is standing near some of his men.

    Go here.
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