[Ashen Snow] Wanna Lookit a Dead Body? [Ami 6.2]

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You sleep a bit late, finally falling into a fitful sleep with Raven beside you. Your attempt at rest was scarred with dreams of Bones leaving you with Wolf and a pack of men and another nightmare about a mutant man-child floating around eating a crystal heart. When you become more aware, you first feel the soft warmth of Raven beside you. She moans a bit when you move on the bed.

Then you open your eyes to the world. And you see Raven lying naked on her stomach beside you, she'd removed her clothes in pieces throughout the night, constantly complaining she was hot. You know she really wanted to sleep with you, but the warning held her back. Her long hair is splayed across her makeshift pillow. Crouched down beside the bed watching her sleep, and you, too, is Logic. He looks caught in the moment of it, transfixed by the two of you. Without looking up at you, he whispers, "Good morning, lovely. Crackle is dead."


  • Yes... sleep was hard and fitful. The smoke leaking in, showing me terrible things. You'd think I'd be used to it by now, but no. Still, Raven's feel and smell...so nice to wake to, even if I do feel run over by a truck. That lovely soft skin. The warmth.

    I open my eyes, groggy and headachy and take her in, smiling a little.

    Then I see Logic and feel vulnerable. The irony doesn't escape me. I've watched a lot of folks sleep over the years. My shift has bunched about my waist, not that it's more than a thin piece of fabric anyway, but my legs, hips and belly are exposed. One leg is twined with Raven's.

    Then he tells me about Crackle and I come fully awake.

    "Oh..." I whisper back. I glance down at the sleeping pool of lovely next to me, the back to him.

    "What happened to him? Did I miss one of Harridan's agents?"
  • Logic follows your gaze and answers, "We could share her. I can see a number of frayed edges from here. She's very pretty, I'm sure the ecstasy on her face would be divine... from what I saw, he fell and broke his neck. In his own room last night. Mice found him. I happened by and took a peek." Logic reaches a hand down to gently touch Raven's bare shoulder and closes his eyes like he was rubbing a fine cloth.
  • I look down at Raven, curiously. The frayed edges... how does he see them? I look at him again.

    "She's a person, not a sweet-cake, Logic. Such a thing would be up to her." I look pointedly at his hand and back at him, feeling protective. "And she's my guest, so behave yourself."

    I carefully climb around her, out of bed, feeling her warm smooth legs against the inside of my thigh as I move over her. My shift falls to cover me down to my calves again.

    "Well, the timing of Mr. Crackle's death seems terribly convenient, or rather inconvenient."

    I'm moving from the bedroom to wash in the main area.
  • Logic follows you to the main area, "You're right , of course. She isn't a treat. Her own choices, of course. And your guest. Very sorry." He notices that you are probably going to wash, right? "May I help you wash off?"

    Raven hasn't woken.
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    I glance back at him, unsure whether he is placating me or being sincere over Raven. I would reach out to his mind, but a rather unfortunate situation occurred the last time I did that.

    I reach the wash basin and pour some water. I pick up my sponge and turn to him.

    "If you answer a question. What is your fascination with seeing the ecstasy on someone's face about?"
  • Logic blinks, since he thought offering to wash you was mutually beneficial and now you've put a cost on it, but he shrugs and answers simply, "The tapestry of the universe is woven inside it. While I've found power over the frayed edges of people, I find strength in their most unashamedly brilliant ones. Ecstasy is so rare now, more precious than beauty or even food." He has this look of sincerity that's hard to fake.

    Then he holds up his hands defensively, "Drug-addled ecstasy is a false pursuit, so don't bring it up. No wonder there, just numbness and escape. Not release. It can be an aide to get there, sometimes, but so rarely that it is often an impediment. Now, shall we cleanse you?"
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    I glance down, absorbing the answer. He seeks genuine beauty. I feel a little ashamed of my testiness.

    "I'm sorry, Logic. I say, quietly, "I was still annoyed with you and it was a hard night, and I'm afraid I've been less kind than I ought. I don't wish to change the character of what's between us, or...perhaps shape the character of what's between us in that way."

    I look up and hold out the sponge. "Please."

    Once he takes it from my hand I'll shrug out of the shift, letting it fall.

    "It would seem to me that the most beautiful ecstasy would be in the passion on the face of one who is dearly loved. Ecstasy that you helped bring forth."
  • Logic blinks, a little taken aback by something as foreign as an apology, "Forgiven. Its been a unique few days." He lets his eyes drink in your body when you remove the shift, then takes the sponge, puts his off hand lightly on your shoulder and begins moving around you, working the sponge over your skin, dipping it into the water, then continuing to wash off the night's sweat.

    "I continue to enjoy your companionship, Amiette. I have no desire to ruin that. I'll try to avoid annoying you in the future." He takes care to keep the bath sensual without making it overtly sexual, not lingering too long on your breasts or other erogenous zones. "Ecstasy from love? I've never seen it, Amiette. Not entirely sure it's any different than ecstasy on its own. Do you have any examples to illustrate the point? Have you experienced it yourself?"
  • I close my eyes enjoying the gentle touching. Trying to keep my breathing even. I know he's not trying to heat me up, but I'm so sensitive, and I was pressed against pretty Raven all night. Then he asks for an example.

    I think of Bones and feel a little forlorn. The dream. Or one of them anyway.

    "I can imagine it. I'm certain it would be amazing." I say, distantly, but I don't look at him. HIs offer looms large in my mind.

    I need to think of something else. Crackles death...

    I reach out into the maelstrom to see what I can learn of it.
  • Opening my Brain

  • Logic continues to gently rub the sponge on your body. You notice idly that he moves a little closer, starts to smooth his off hand against your skin after the sponge. That sensation of touch makes you a little giddy when you open up, right? When you peer into the psychic maelstrom, you think of Crackle and wonder what caused his untimely death. You glimpse two brief vignettes.

    First, you see a girl you recognize, a pretty young thing named Winter, standing over Crackle's body. She floats above him like some specter. She kneels on his throat to immobilize him, takes a firm hold of his chin and the back of his head, and swiftly applies pressure in opposing directions until she hears that satisfying crack.

    Second, you see Crackle, alive and well, his face impassive and vacant. He is standing opposite Bones and holding a very sharp knife to her throat. Bones, for her part, looks surprised.

    Then you slide back into your own head. As you do, you feel Logic's mixture of lust and affection towards you. He's done washing your body, but you'll have to say something before he's done touching it.
  • The vision of Bones is alarming and puzzling at the same time. How can Crackle threaten her now if he is gone? Perhaps the vision is symbolic. Perhaps Harridan can possess the dead. A puzzle, but there is a threat. I need to check on her. But Winter killing Crackle? Is she another agent of Harridan, here to cause more chaos in the hold?

    Then I slide back into my head and Logic is touching me. It's delicious.

    "Oh my... that's very nice." I say with my eyes closed. Then I open them turning towards Logic I slip a hand up to his cheek and kiss him, moaning more as he touches me during the kiss.

    I break it off, laying my head against his chest and whisper. "Alas, dear friend, it is not the best time, perhaps tonight?" I step away, pulling out of his hands takes something of an act of will. And not the easiest one of those. I could easily drown in the pleasure of his touch until the world ended again. "Crackle was murdered. I must see if Harridan has snuck another agent among us into the hold, or if this is the more ordinary sort of assassination."

    I turn to go back to my room and dress.
  • Logic returns the kiss, enjoys the touch, but he isn't insistent or needy about it. When you suggest tonight, he grins slightly and nods. Then you redirect to Crackle and his murder and he pulls back. He squeezes out the last bit of water form the sponge, bends down to retrieve your shift and hands it to you.

    When you come back to the room with Raven, you see that she is gently rousing, but not fully awake, "Miss Amiette?" she calls weakly. She's uncovered herself since you left her, lying naked on your bed, tempting and vulnerable. You feel the string in her, tingling and active, a piece of you inside her.

    But you get dressed, right? She falls back asleep, do you leave her a note? Is she even literate? Do you trust your string or the threat of it will keep her honest? You know there's no lock on your door anymore, so even if she didn't take anything...

    Hey, I'm not sure how the thing with Rock worked out. Did Chigger take him away or is he asleep here in your place? Doing anything about him, by the way?
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    Do you think that most folks have the gall to steal from a mind reader who can hurt you by looking at you? Well if they do, they'd better not stick around. It's not as if I leave my jingle in the open, though I suppose someone could take the dresses. But around here, everyone would know who they belonged to. Raven's security is another matter.

    I do get dressed, in the gown where the entire bodice looks like some kind of white lace over naked skin, an effect I like. Once that is done I'll step to Raven. I have no idea if she's literate or not. I'll bend down and brush the hair away from her face. I kiss her forehead, her cheek. Running my hand over her naked shoulder and back.

    "Wake up, Miss Raven. I must go and I'd rather not leave you alone and vulnerable."
  • Raven smiles lazily, then the words register and she flutters them open. She realizes she's nude, you're not and slides off the bed, quickly moving to dress, a tad embarrassed, "Yes, Miss Amiette. I should be. Be getting to work anyway. sorry to have overslept, I'm not. Well, not really a morning person." She slides into her dress and comes over for you to zip her up.
  • "Not at all, dear." I say, kindly, then zip the dress.

    I turn her toward me look steadily into her eyes, and squeeze her hand.

    "Do be careful, little Raven. Remember your goal and if you have trouble, come find me again, promise?"
  • She moves in close, looking in your eyes furtively, then hesitating. Then she gives you a soft peck on the cheek, "Promise. Thank you for the help for today. And giving a place in your bed last night."

    She starts to leave, and when she reaches that point between rooms, she doesn't react like Logic is there. She turns back to ask quietly, "Can I come here again tonight? I just... I don't want to be with Chigger right now. It's still raw, you know?"
  • I nod sympathetically.

    "If you wish, my dear, I will have another guest as well, Mr. Logic, but you are welcome. I will make a place for you if you find it too... crowded."
  • Raven blinks a couple times, a little shocked. But she covers with a duck of her head, "Thanks, Miss Amiette. I'll be going now. See you tonight."

    She heads out. Right past Logic like he wasn't there. Logic watches her leave, maybe a little longer than is polite. Then he turns back to you with that cocky little grin, like you just gave him a gift.

    (shall we end scene here and skip to Chigger's flat?)
  • (Sure... though I was planning to look for Winter, really, I don't think Crackle's place will tell me much. I'm also out to see Bones at some point.)
  • (oh, yes, true. How will you look for Winter?)
  • (Probably go to the market place and ask around.)
  • As you head to The Market, Logic heads out to check on some things, a little evasive about those things in particular. He does promise to see you this evening.

    The first day after a big Ashen Snow is always busy at Market and this day is no exception. ShantyTowners and Evaners are about, trading and selling things from food to animals to clothes and even tools. Which merchant is happiest to see you?


    If you drop some jingle letting it be know you're looking for someone, let me know.
  • Surely Fleece is happiest to see me, though that is perhaps more personal than merchant related.

    It's Bendrix, I suppose, who is happiest to see me outside of Fleece. Or, I should say he is happiest to see my money. Hugo makes clothing, but Bendrix deals in artifacts from the golden age, such as the dresses that I wear. I daresay he has made a great deal of money from me.

    The crowd is a little intimidating. I tend to come on the less busy days. It minimizes the less pleasant reactions.

    I'll stop at Honest Deals first and ask after Winter, then to Bendrix's stand.

    But I am looking for idle children. The older kind, perhaps between 8 and 12. If you wish to find someone, the easiest way is to offer them some jingle to canvas the hold and locate who it is you're looking for.
  • You've got a couple choices right now, of kids you know. There's the always quiet Ghost, who acts as a little Pony Express throughout the hold. Also, River is here, young cook, gregarious and pleasant, gets along with most everyone.

    You can also drop some jingle and Roll+barter spent to get a line.
  • Well Ghost knows the hold possibly better than anyone else. So I'll approach his stall since you said he is here.

    "Hello Mr. Ghost. I'm hoping you can help me find someone, a new arrival. She's a pretty lady who wears white and black and has dark hair. Her name is Winter. "
  • Ghost nods quick and with the slightest hesitation reaches up to take your hand with his small callused one. He begins leading you into the hold. You walk quickly past the small crowd near Crackle's room, see Alonzo and some of his men, a stranger named Sails... Sails, how do you know him? He certainly knows you, even though he doesn't see you.

    Across The Garden and near the Offices, you see Norvell, Corbett, Lala and standing slightly apart is Bones and Winter.

    Ghost seems a bit surprised at such luck, but he smiles a tight quick smile then points at Winter with a questioning look.
  • "Yes, dear, very well done." I squeeze his hand, withdraw a few bullets and press them into his hand. I suppose I go toward them just as they start to walk to the infirmary? (which incidentally is quite a walk according to the map.)

    I might be behind them by a ways for most of the walk. Assuming I'm not stopped by anyone of course, but since I'm confident of where they're going...

    I'll take the opportunity to watch Winter and look Bones over from a distance.

    As for Sails...Hmmm. Oh yes. He was sent to kill me once. I don't know who sent him, though. Apparently he had ethical issues with killing a frail-looking then teenaged girl, though he didn't seem to be a fan of spooky people in general. I served him some tea, expecting him to shoot me at any moment. At the time, to tell the truth, I was feeling rather low so I was almost daring him to do it, making no effort to defend myself at all. Maybe that's why he didn't. He drank my tea and left. Though I heard him arguing with someone once he did. I hadn't seen him since.
  • Amiette, please go here.
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