[Ashen Snow] Morning After [Bo 6.5] [W 6.4]

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When you wake up, only Sable and Scar are here. Well, Mac, too. Scar is watching over Mac, just sitting there humming a wordless tune. Sable is standing at the door, her sniper rifle out but down. She's got a vantage point outside, but she's relaxed and looking in.

It feels like late morning. You're warm in the sleeping bag, but a little stiff. Scar looks up when you start moving, "You finished the bowl, good girl. Time for some breakfast. You need to get back on your feet. Jersey left something for you..." she heads over to rummage around, then comes back with a small, individually wrapped bag of some colorful O's. Well, mostly O's, lots of crumbles.

What do you do?


  • When I blink open my eyes, nothin' looks familiar. I don't remember where I am. I kinda bolt up, startled, but then I catch sight of Scar an' Sable an' Mac an' it all comes back. Ok. I'm ok. I'm with Wolf's pack. I make an obvious effort to relax, then I crawl out of the sleeping bag an' attempt to comb my fingers through my tangled hair. I feel pretty good, all things considerin. That's the most sleep I've gotten in a long time. I'm pullin' my boots on when Scar brings over the pack of colorful O's. From Jersey? I pause halfway through lacin' up my boot to take it. It's so....colorful. I waffle on how to respond to the empty bowl thing, but eventually decide I don't want to get whoever discarded it in trouble. So I leave it be. But I do remember my conversation with Jersey last night. If I don't speak up, they're gonna keep assumin' stuff.

    "Um, Scar?" I start off kinda quiet an' hesitant. I've never seen a gang that required so much talkin' about feelings an' shit. "I haven't been not eatin' on purpose, ok?" I put the package down next to me an' finish lacin' up my boots for somethin' to do as I talk. "I know you're tryin' to help, but I...I gotta take it easy otherwise it just makes me sick. This isn't the first time I've gone a while without eatin' much. I know how to handle it." I tie off my boot lace an' look up at her. "Thank you for the food, but let me go at my own pace, ok?"
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    Scar looks at you for an uncomfortable silence. She doesn't seem like the kind to just take someone at their word. "How long does it take for you to get healthy then? We're going to be fighting soon, right? People will need you strong. Strong enough to heal folks. Right now, you look like a strong wind could kick your ass." She holds up a hand at your protest, "I know, I know, you're all full of spit and vinegar, just like Wolf. But he didn't go and starve himself for whatever foolheaded reason. You might be as honery as he is, but I deal with him at fighting strength, so don't think..."

    "Scar! Take it easy, ok? She said she's trying, leave it be. She's Wolf's sister, she'll manage..."

    Scar shoots Sable an angry look, you're not sure if it is because she supported you or because she cut her off. She huffs out a calming breath and says, "Yeah... alright. Alright, Emmy. If you need something more, let us know before it messes you up. You are part of the pack for now, Wolf made it clear this morning. A chain is only as strong as the weakest link." She finishes up, asks Sable to take over watching Mac and throws on some gear to head out and look at the buggies.
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    "Scar..." I stand up, lookin' at her, hopin' she'll stop an' listen, but not exactly sure what to say. "Look...I..." I blow out a frustrated breath, glancin' at Sable too. "I'm not good at this ok? I don't...I've always just taken care of myself. I had to. I'm not..." I swallow hard. If I want to have Wolf in my life, I guess I gotta have the whole pack, huh? I don't want to be the weakest link. So I start talkin, an' it all just spills out.

    "Once the plague hit, the hold went into lockdown. I was workin' on collectin' all of the plague, an' it was spreadin' so damn fast. I was sneakin' out whenever I could to try an' get it all. So I wasn't at the infirmary much...an' somebody started stealin' my food rations, but I just didn't have time to deal with it. An' I didn't want to tell anybody cause I think it was one of the kids, an' people get crazy durin' lockdowns. I didn't want some kid to get beat cause of me. Cause I stole food all the time when I was in Juck's gang. Sometimes I had to, just to stay alive. An' anyways, I can handle not eatin' for a while. I've done it before. I'd rather go hungry than some kid. Plus it's not like I was really feelin' good enough to eat anyways." I grimace. "So...yeah. That's what happened. An' I'm gonna be fine. I'm a lot stronger than I look. I won't slow you down, I swear."
  • Scar softens at the story considerably. She drops her pack and sighs, "Well, now I feel like a real bitch..." She looks away from you for a second, then back, "Sorry, Emmy."

    You hear Sable sob a bit, saying softly, "I told you to ask, not assume, Scar. Everyone has their reasons."
  • I shrug a little awkwardly. "It's ok."

    I sit back down an' open the package she gave me. I shake out some of the crumbly colorful O's an' start nibblin' on them. They taste a helluva lot better than ass soup. "Where's everybody else?" I ask curiously. I wonder how Wolf made it clear that I was in the pack. I wonder if anybody didn't like that idea. Nuff didn't seem to care too much for me. But he didn't seem to necessarily dislike me either. I'd almost rather take his indifference. It's easier to handle. "Is this all of you?" I add, realizin' I've no idea how big Wolf's pack actually is.
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    Sable replies from the doorway, "Nuff and Jersey took Jin and Wolf out to patrol the flats. Nuff said they exterminated all the cannibals who hit us yesterday and almost got Mac, Wolf wanted to make sure. They took the big buggy with the fifty. Should be back before long. Or they'll check in sooner, if there's trouble. You need to go down to your hold for anything?"

    Scar answers your other question, the one Sable deftly avoided, "Just seven of us. You make eight. We've had as many as twelve, but its a rough life. Some muster out, others die along the way."
  • I glance between the two of 'em. It is a rough life. I know all about that. I sit quiet for a second. Then I look at Sable.

    "Yeah." I answer her question about the hold. "I gotta make sure I'm not needed." I look down, pretendin' to examine the package in my hands. More than that...I gotta find Manx. An' maybe Ambrose. Shit. I made a mess of things. I should probably find Amiette too. Pa used to tell us not to put all our eggs in one basket...guess I fucked that up. I was so sure Wolf would come rampaging an' hurt everyone I cared about....so I hurt 'em instead....an' well, then Wolf didn't do a thing. So it was just me.

    "I'll check on Mac, an' then I'll go." I stand up an' crouch over next to Mac, checkin' his vitals. I'm not sure if they'll want to come with. I'm kinda hopin' they don't.
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    Sable nods, "I'll walk down with you then. Scar, you got things?" Scar nods, then goes out to check on the buggy.

    You walk over to Mac. He's stable, but you should get him new bandages. He's at risk of infection up here, but moving him is also dangerous. He's still pale.
  • I don't say anythin in response to Sable's announcement, but I don't like it. First though, Mac. I check him over, an' I'm not super happy with how he's doin. I mean, he's not dyin. But he's teetering on the edge of stable an' gettin' worse. This is not a great place for him to be. He should be in the infirmary....but well, he's not.

    I don't like usin' my powers to heal people more than once in a short amount of time. I've had bad experiences with it goin' wrong the second time. But Mac's not gonna be ready to move in less than two days. An' Harridan's comin. I don't really have a choice. I don't say anythin to Sable, I just settle my hands on Mac's shoulders an' reach for Spector.
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  • So Bones, did you expect this would be enough to wake Mac? And his tongue in your mouth, you probably didn't expect that, either, right? But in short order, you lay your hands on his naked, and not too shabby, chest and when his eyes open, even before they are able to focus, he's put his arms around you and drawn you down to him in his strong arms and he lays one hell of a kiss on you.

    What do you do?
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    I let out a strangled sorta noise, but I really wasn't expectin' him to...well, to wake up first of all. So I don't react fast enough, an' the next thing I know I'm losin' my balance, an' then I'm almost on top of him an' he's kissin' me...

    An' alright...I haven't been kissed since that night with Ambrose that I'm tryin to forget...

    Or maybe I'm just tired or...or, I don't know. Maybe it's just cause it's a damn good kiss.

    Whatever the reason, I don't exactly jerk away super fast. I just kinda lay there, stunned, an' let him kiss me for an incredibly unprofessional amount of time. An' then I finally come to my senses an' I'm pullin' away an' scramblin' to my feet. My face is flushin' bright red, I can feel it.

    "Oh...I....I...you're...um..." I stutter like I'm some damn kid who's never been kissed before. I swing my mortified gaze from Mac to Sable.
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    In the back of your mind, you can almost see Scar gawking at this. You do literally hear Sable snicker lightly.

    And yeah, the kiss was a great little thrill. You feel Mac sort of wake up about halfway through it and he tenses, then just goes for it and that's got to feel nice, too, right? Then he pulls back, soft-like and he's smiling this nice genuine smile, not devilish or cocky really, just a pleasant smile.

    So you stammer a bit, you're taken aback. He is, too, but well, he's a guy, he's not going to question a free kiss. Right before you look away, he's showing teeth in his smile and he glances up at Scar. When you look over at Sable, she really does have her hand covering her mouth, giggling lightly. But she sees how freaked out you are and she straightens up, "We should really go now. Right?" She snickers again.

    From behind you, Mac says, "Zat why they call you an angel? Those lips sure are heavenly... OW, shit, Scar, ya didna hafta kick mah knee!"

    Scar replies low, "Yes... I did, Mac. Wolf's sister. She joined the pack this morning."

    Mac retorts, "The 'ell?!? I didna getta vote!"

    Sable cuts in, "You drooled. We counted it as a yay. Like you're drooling now." Then Sable comes over to pull you away, "Let's go, you lil heartbreaker..."
  • I let Sable pull me out the door, my face still burnin. Dammit. I need to...I catch myself before I finish that thought with "go see Ambrose." That's not an option anymore. But shit, really. Mac just kissed me an' I'm all...derailed. I guess it's been...I count in my head....a couple weeks? A couple lonely weeks. Well, not lonely if you count havin' Scourge takin' up half my head. But that was not pleasant in the slightest.

    The thing is, I've only been with Ambrose for....years. An' before him, I wasn't with anybody for a long time. Not since Rally got shot. I'm really not good at bein' all flirtatious an' seductive an' shit. An' since Wolf's apparently threatened to gut anybody in his pack who touches me...

    I think about Amiette, but I nervously push the thought of her away. No. Sleepin' with Amiette would be playin' with fire. I know how she feels about me. I've felt it, that intense emotion, when we're driftin' together. It scares the shit outta me. That's not somethin' I want to mess around with.

    I huff a sigh an' focus on followin' Sable down the broken up road towards the hold, an' try to focus on somethin' else. "You had a vote?" I finally ask, thinkin' back on what she said earlier.
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    Sable eases back on her pace so you can walk with her. Its obvious she is used to moving quickly and quietly, she steps lightly between chunks of concrete with barely a glance. She's a good bit taller than you, so her stride is longer, making the pace even tougher to match.

    She catches your eye when you ask her about the vote, "Yes. We voted on whether you were a burden or a member. Fortunately, you won." Sable gives a sad smile, then asks, "How was the kiss? It looked fun."
  • I feel a chill run down my spine. Fortunately? What would've happened if I'd lost? But then Sable brings up the kiss an' I feel my face flush a little again. I catch that sad smile though, an' I remember how last night she was curled up next to Mac....shit. I hope I didn't....I keep walkin' next to her, tryin' not to trip as I warily attempt to read her face.
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  • "Um, well, I mean that's not the first time a patient's...done that. Usually I'm a little more, um, prepared though. I wasn't expectin' him to wake up really....but I don't think he was really awake when he....I mean you know him better than I do....but he wasn't really focusin' on me...I'm sure it didn't mean anything. I, um, I'm just glad he's gonna be ok."

    Dammit. I have to force myself to stop blabbing. I have no idea what she's thinkin, an' I really hope I didn't just make it worse.
  • Sable notices you watching her and she takes a couple steps ahead, putting some distance between you for a bit. The conversation halts as you have to work together to get down a fifteen foot drop, a part of the road that just dropped off, like some small tectonic plate shift years ago.

    There's a moment when you are hopping down and stumble on a rock and pitch forward, bumping a knee on the remnants of a tricycle that was crunched up. Nothing terrible, but you skin your knee (0 Harm).

    Sable quirks a little frown, which disappears when she comes over to offer you a hand up. Once you are up, she's looking at you, her expression carefully neutral, "You want to ask me something, Emmy? We're a pack now, I'll answer."
  • I let Sable help me up, feelin' horribly clumsy. I've never seen people move so lightly as Wolf's pack. I feel like a baby just learnin' to walk. Dammit. I can't be a burden. I gotta make sure I'm not a burden. But then Sable speaks her piece an' I give her an alarmed look. Is that a rule? If one of the pack asks you somethin' you have to answer? That expression on her face....it's one I know well. I've worn that carefully neutral look for years like armor.

    "No...you don't have to tell me anythin! I mean...I just wanted to...well...I just wanted to say that if you like Mac, then I'm sorry. The kiss really didn't mean anything. It just surprised me, that's all. It won't happen again."

    I start walkin' again, tryin' to give her space, like I would want. An' so I don't think about what I just said. It's not like I wouldn't mind kissin' Mac again....but I feel like my position with the pack is fragile an' I gotta be careful. I'm the weak link. It is kinda like bein' in Juck's gang....just a lot less mean an' a lot scarier. I mean...Wolf's pack is dangerous. Juck's gang was dangerous too, but in a mostly drunk, violent, cruel kinda way. Wolf's pack is intense, disciplined, an' tightly knit. I mean...from the sounds of it, they just wiped out the nest of cannibals near Evan cause they shot Mac. Not that I'll miss the cannibals....but that's a little terrifyin.
  • Sable snickers lightly, "Do you make out with your patients frequently?"
  • I turn around to glare at her, but I'm relieved that she's laughing, so I'm smiling a little. "I did not make out with Mac. An' no. I'm usually better at dodging. Although you'd be surprised how many people try to kiss the person healin' 'em."
  • Sable makes a Mmn Hmn face and remarks, < font color="blue">"Looked like a make out session from my end... ah, I wonder what does qualify as a make out for you then?" She snickers again, then falls into a giggle. Then she holds up her hands before you get too huffy,"I'm playing, Emmy. It's ok. I'm not jealous, not at all. Mac has been with lots of ladies. I mean, look at him, he's gorgeous. Why wouldn't he? I wouldn't blame you if you'd pursued him. But you can't now."

    Sable starts walking with you again, and turns her face away when she says, "And I don't like Mac, Emmy. I'm horribly in love with him. I can't help myself... its pitiful really."
  • I walk silently next to her, watchin' the ground so I don't trip again. Love. Amiette seems to think it's worth it, but I don't know if I agree. Seems like it just hurts people, makes a mess of things. In my case, it usually ends up gettin' people killed. I glance sideways at Sable. I don't really understand her at all, but she's been really nice to me. She even stood up to Scar in my defense. I feel bad about Mac. It really will never happen again. Although...I wonder what she meant by "can't now."

    "Well, you don't have to worry about me. I'm thinkin' I might just be celibate for the rest of my life." I say airily, tryin' to lighten the mood. Then I make a face. "So...is anybody gonna tell me what all the rules of the pack are, or are you all just waitin' for me to fuck 'em up an' learn the hard way?"
  • Sable rolls her eyes at the mention of you becoming celibate, but when you broach the rules, she gets serious, "No, you're right, Emmy. I'm sorry, I'm going on about the rules and nobody told you anything." she reaches out to tap you on the shoulder, which seems like a thing to her.

    You're leveling out now, almost within the hold's borders. Let's assume you're leading the way and Sable is walking and talking with you. "The short version is this - rule one: don't shit where you eat. That means nobody in the pack gets involved with anyone else in the pack. Sex complicates things. We don't even mess around, it's just crazy. Last night, what I did with Mac, Scar gave me a bunch of hell about it. I feel pretty dumb. She knows, but I've never told her. I think that's why I had to confess it to you. I need you to keep me focused... heh, I almost said keep me straight! Okay, moving on..."

    "The second is - pack first, people second. As long as you're with the pack, the pack comes first in all things. This means we share, we take care of each other, we are a family. For a few of us, me included, the pack is all we have." She pauses at that one, makes direct eye contact, this rule, this family means the world to her.

    "The third is - respect the Alpha. The Alpha's word is law. If you don't follow the Alpha's lead, challenge them or leave the pack.." She pauses on that one and smirks, "Notice how it doesn't say his word is law? Or challenge him? Jersey, Scar and I squashed that shit right off. Alright, the fourth is don't give your word unless you'll keep it. Which means, since we trade what we do for what we need, we are only as good as our word. We don't lie."

    You're inside the hold now, past whatever gate you chose, coming up on your destination, "The last rule is - If you do a thing, do it. That's a short way of saying, always put forth your maximum effort, don't shirk, don't rely on someone to pick up your slack, don't half-ass it. Those are the rules, Emmy. And as for learning the hard way, well, there's no set punishment for any one transgression, except leave the pack if you won't challenge or follow the Alpha. The rest is up to the pack to decide. Because they're rules, but the world always makes it hard to keep everything, right? So, we follow the rules, but they are not our master. Fair?"
  • I listen to the rules, tryin’ to keep my face impassive, neutral. But honestly, they scare me. I mean it’s one thing to not have sex with anybody in the pack an’ not do anythin’ half-assed. An’ even followin’ the Alpha’s rules. But It’s another to never lie...an’ bein’ a family...lettin’ other people take care of me...

    We pass through the gate closest to Waterberth. I didn’t really realize this is where I was headin’ until now. It’s like my feet just came here without askin’ permission.

    I pause in the hallway. I’m kinda afraid to keep goin’ forward. What will I say to Ambrose? I’m sure he’s with Camaro. What if he’s with Camaro. Has he told her he loves her? Was he lyin’ when he said that to me?

    I realize Sable is waitin’ for me to answer her question, an’ I’m kinda afraid of that too. I look down the hallway towards the door I’m afraid to go in an’ stuff my hands in the pockets of my shorts.

    "You’ve been honest with me, so I guess....I...” No more lyin. Maybe I should just keep my mouth shut. That’s the best way to never lie, right? But I’m kinda freakin’ out, an’ I can’t....I want to be with Wolf, be part of the pack.

    ”Look...the whole family thing...” I finally blurt out. "I work by myself. I always have. I...I don’t know how...” I don’t even know how to explain it. I lean back against the wall, lookin’ at my feet. "Jersey told me about his mom. An’ I would’ve gotten shot a long time ago, except that when you’ve got ‘magic powers’ you’re too valuable to lose. So they don’t shoot you. They might knock you around a bit, but they won’t kill you. Instead they shoot anybody you care about if they get mad enough, if you fuck things up enough....”

    Alarm bells are goin’ off in my head, but my mouth just keeps sayin’ things. It’s like I’ve opened this all up, an’ now I can’t stop.

    ”I don’t know if I fit in your pack. I don’t know if I can...I...I lie, I don’t want people to help me...I...I don’t like people gettin’ close to me....I fuckin’ fired my bodyguard cause I couldn’t...cause she said I was her friend. I thought Wolf...I thought he would be like...like that. I thought he hated me, an’ that he’d hurt anybody I cared about to get back at me. So I didn’t....or I tried not to. But in the end....I just fucked everythin’ up an’ I don’t want to fuck everythin’ up with Wolf...an’ all of you—”

    I force myself to stop. My voice is all wobbly now, an’ I just spilled my guts to someone who’s basically a stranger like I’m babblin’ while I’m healin....except I don’t even have that excuse. I just....did it.
  • About halfway through your admission, Sable's cheeks and nose get a little red. Then her eyes are glassy. By the time you talk about fucking up your friendships, tears are dripping down the sides of her face and she's brought her hands up to cover her mouth. She's looking down at you without pity, but understanding and pain of memories. Then you stop talking and she waits a second, in case there's a pause for more.

    When its clear you're done, she snatches you into a hug, her long arms around your shoulders, pulling you into her flat chest and putting a hand on the side of your face gently as she talks softly to the top of your head, "Emmy... oh dear. I worried about you. Wolf's a scary guy, you have been running for so long. He was so wrong about you. You've both lost so many years to this."

    Her voice begins to crack as well, but she keeps talking, cradling you against her, "Emmy, its okay. Before the pack, I pushed people away, too. I had no place, no family. I was alone, like you. They wouldn't accept me and I hated them all. I even hunted and killed people, Emmy. But you don't have that on your heart. And the people you hurt, you don't need to bring them back..."

    She pulls you back softly and looks down into your eyes, "The people you pushed away... they're-they're right here! You can let them know the truth before you go, let go of that pain before you leave with us. It will be okay, Emmy. You can make it okay. I'll help you. I will."

    Sable reaches down to take your hand and lead you to Waterberth, "C'mon, Emmy. I saw the way Ambrose looked at you, I know why you're here. You can come in and tell him the truth, about what he means to you."
  • At first, I think I might freak out, panic, run away. But I dunno...Sable kinda seems to understand....an' it's kinda nice to have that out. An' she didn't tell me that I'd never fit in with the pack like I was afraid she would. She'll help me. Maybe I can do this.

    I wonder what happened in her past...I also can't help but notice that her chest is completely flat since she's pressed me up against it. But really, I don't care. I've seen enough of myself in Sable to know that she's been through as much shit as I have. Maybe that's why I don't push her away. It's kinda nice to have someone understand.

    Have you ever been held by someone who truly understands?

    So I let her take my hand. I let her lead me towards Waterberth. Even though I feel all shaky inside. I guess....maybe it does help to have someone by your side. An' maybe she's right. Maybe Ambrose will be waitin' for me. I mean, he said he'd never stop lovin' me right? Maybe....maybe everything will be ok.
  • Sable throws open the door to Waterberth and walks in, pulling you along. The place smells of incense, booze and pot. Before you have a chance to hesitate, you're looking at the people on Ambrose's big circular bed. You first pick out Chin by her haircut and her almond-shaped eyes, she's lying on her tummy passed out, an arm over the leg of Thatch. Thatch, for her part, is laying with a sheet covering her torso only, her hair splayed about while she kisses on a blonde guy who is slowly entering her. It takes a blink to recognize from behind that its Vulture. On a small table sits Eurydice, just in the scant sunlight. There are tiny little flowers on her, just recently bloomed.

    Sable pulls up short, but Thatch notices you both. She smiles lazily and taps Vulture on the shoulder. He looks back, his eyes widen a bit and he rolls onto his back, covering himself with the sheet. Thatch drawls, "Well hello there, you two. Care to join us?"
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