[A Wicked Plague] Chapter 1, Scene 5

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Chapter 1, Scene 5


MAHDI lurks near the window of the mansion. She can hear a muffled conversation. Through a small piece of the dirty window she sees GATHAS and KITSUNE talking.


  • Mahdi is more a thief than a spy - she lacks the patience for the later vocation, which does not benefit from the mad recklessness that characterizes most her dealings. As such, she only fixes the location of the two in her mind, then circles the mansion so as to enter from a distant door, unheard.

    The cooling rain has soothed her fever, and she looks much better, if still somewhat pale. She is better equipped, also, with cached tools now secreted about her person, leaving her feeling rather less naked. Thus armed, she enters the house without pause, encountering only Kitsune's physical locks and bars, which prove amusingly inadequate in the face of Mahdi's skills.

    Mildly disappointed to not have had the opportunity to test her wit against Kitsune's magic (and wondering what may have silenced them), Mahdi moves silently through the house. Arriving outside the parlor, she pauses in the darkened hall - just long enough to identify the topic of their conversation - then wanders in, careless.

    "Lookit who you've your head t'gether with now, Kitten. Your taste in friendships really ... I dunno. Needs work."
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