[MH] Three Girls and an Elephant (or two) [Ho3.0][ Te3.0]

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So, last night Teddy hiked to the school and called Ashley for a ride. It was maybe right after you got out of the shower, Holly, which did take longer than Ash had planned. Did you go with her to pick Teddy up, or did you stay in the house all alone?

Ash pretty much threw on some sweats and went, though, and brought Teddy back.

Teddy, you might have been overloaded on weird at that point so may or may not have noticed how Ashley seemed a little bit off, I mean she didn't drag the details of your night out of you right away or anything, and if Holly did come you probably didn't feel much like talking anyway. It was a long night. How much were you thinking of the thing with Aubrey and your anger at Nyx vs. having sex with Myrii?

Once you got back to Ashley's house, she got you some jams or sweats or whatever, Teddy, and you all pretty much went to bed. All in her bed, a king size, so there's plenty of room. Ashley between you and Holly.

You've slept at her house, in her bed before though, right? And probably ended up snuggling up against her before, not that you ever thought of it very much, except that it maybe felt safe, and she smelled good.

Holly, what were your dreams like last night? Did you reach out and touch Ashley at all during the night? I mean you got to know her body a little bit in the few hours you spent together.

Here's the thing: Ashely exercises religiously, at the same time every morning. She either runs or she works out in the gym in her family home, which is pretty well equipped (her dad likes to keep in shape too.) If she misses, she'll catch hell from her Mom, who is a total control freak about Ashely's health regimen. But the truth is she mostly likes it and has gotten used to it by now.

Have you ever exercised with her Teddy? I mean, she's fit enough to be a good athlete, really, but she's not on any of the teams for anything, aside from the newspaper.

All of that is a long lead in to say that this morning, Ashley managed to slip out without waking either of you, so she could work out. Holly, I know you usually get up early, but you usually don't stay up so late either. Teddy, I don't know how coming down off the drugs affects your sleepiness.

Because Ashley's parents keep the house a tad on the cool side you all snugged up during the night, just instinctively. Now with Ashley gone, you two have snuggled up to each other, but you probably don't know it yet. You just know, in your slightly awake state, that you're pressed against a nice warm body.


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    Yeah, I said before, uh, last night, me and Ashley have a lot of skinship. Like a lot of hugging and touching, you know, so there's not a lot of personal space with us a lot of the time. Even with Holly here, it's kind of instinctive, and I also really need that closeness right now. If you were awake and paying attention, Holly, I ended up curled close to Ash, just all kind of bent toward her, head and arm and legs.

    I was totally done for by then, but I still couldn't get to sleep for a long time. Maybe still a little high on the tail end of the E, but mostly I just couldn't stop thinking, worrying. It's all just such a mash, doing that with Myrii, getting shut down by Nula, figuring out that, you know, does Ashley maybe like me?

    Nyx is, whatever, it's nothing. Kind of a relief, actually, like there's this whole drama that I can just skip out on by ignoring him. And I tried to help Aubrey, and I am helping, or I'm gonna, but if she wants to do something stupid, it's not my job to stop her. Maybe I can be optimistic, you know? If everything works out for her, maybe that bitch of a cop will get off my case, right?

    So what my brain keeps coming back to, it's this thing. How everything is changing in weird ways, from meeting Nula, from finding Nyx and Myrii together in that pond. How long ago was it I was just thinking, you know, I need to get a boyfriend and this crush thing'll all work itself out? It's not like that. I do want Nula, I want her so bad. (She just doesn't want me.) And Ashley is so important to my cruddy little world, but she's changing too ...

    Exhaustion eventually ran me down, and I gave in to Ash's warmth and security. Just going blank and drifting off. And when I start to wake up it's comfortable and peaceful and kind of, um, I think I dreamt of a huge voice in the woods, and of the world coming alive around me, and I wake up strangely - but kind of pleasantly - turned on.
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    Yeah, I had some overnight things in my backpack, MC. I left that in Ash's car when we got to the party, so all that's here now. It's like, flannel pj pants, V-neck undershirt, and then toothbrush and stuff. Change of clothes. So Ashley didn't need to get me anything, it's cool.

    I don't exercise a lot anymore, not as like its own thing. When I did soccer, it was different, but now exercise is just, you know, biking around, going out dancing, just stuff. I kind of regret that sometimes, 'cause I do remember how good it felt to be in, like, really good shape, but it's hard to get back into the routine. But every now and then I do work out with Ash, mostly running. I've still got pretty good endurance.

    So, Holly, there's a lot wrong with this now, waking up close to you. But I'm still mostly asleep, right, so I haven't realized it's too late for Ashley to still be in bed, I haven't registered the regular whirring of the elliptical downstairs, haven't realized the difference in your smell. Not that you smell bad, you smell nice! Right? But you don't smell like Ash. I guess it's because it's her bed, so I'm still smelling her after she's gone.

    But anyway, I don't want to wake up yet, so I just curl closer and try and go back to sleep. I said me and Ashley don't have much personal space between us? So I'm on my side now, kind of nestling my head against your shoulder and blindly seeking more contact. Kind of stretching an arm over you, just above your hip. You're not the right shape, either, but I don't register that, either.

    What you are is warm and soft and nice-smelling, and that's more than enough to make me feel safe. If you don't do anything, I'm frankly just going back asleep without ever really waking up. Maybe you usually get up way earlier than this, but I don't. Me, I was having a good dream. Maybe I can get it back.
  • I like to think that I'm totally waking you up, though. You aren't used to this, waking up in this bed and everything, so it's probably totally disorienting and here I am nice and warm and all over you?

    And warm. And trusting. And all over you. Hey, is this turning you on?

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )

    Incidentally, Holly, did you sleep well? You might not be drained anymore, if so.
  • Dear Diary,

    After we took a luxuriously long shower and touched and kissed each other some more, Ashley got a text from Teddy. She asked me if I wanted to go with her to pick Teddy up, but I decided to stay here so I could wash my clothes and pick out some new ones from Ashley's closet. Her closet is the size of my room and FILLED with colorful beautiful girl clothes. I'm nowhere near her size, Diary, she's such a lovely woman while I'm just a girl. I don't have her wonderful curves. But there were a few older outfits, near the back, a bit of dust along the hangars, maybe from a few years ago, they looked smaller. They fit me mostly. Good enough, I think. I hope she likes them on me.

    She brought Teddy back and I didn't want to interrupt, Teddy had had a rough night, Nula turned her down and she looked a little loopy, she was wet and withdrawn. But Ashley was there for her, being her best friend. I am Ashley's best good friend, so I didn't get in her way. Not even when they were hugging and touching and I felt a little sick to my stomach and all this spit was in my mouth. At one point they were talking about something that happened last year back when I didn't exist for either of them and my jaws hurt and I realized it was from my clenching them. A couple times my vision got a little blurry but I went to the bathroom and calmed down before I cried. Ashley gets so upset when I cry and I didn't want to be in the way, so I let them talk and I didn't make a fuss when Ashley wanted me to lay with them. I told her it would be okay for me to sleep on the floor, but she kept saying the bed was so big and I really did want to snuggle up to Ashley.

    In my dreams, I saw Ashley and Teddy and Nyx. We all four traveled in a tesseract to Uriel and met the happy centaur people and talked about love. Teddy told Nula she loved her and I told Ashley and Nyx I loved them. Then Teddy and Nula ran off holding hands and laughing together. Ashley and Nyx, smiled at me and kissed me, then they each took one of my hands and pulled. And like a brittle piece of balsa wood, I cracked in half and they each had a part of me, and they smiled and took me in different directions, away from a babbling brook and I drifted away a little happy and a little broken.

    I woke up early, like always. My first thought was, 'have to do the chores, time to get up up up'. This is what I say to get me motivated and to make sure I don't get in trouble for missing them. But then I feel and I feel a soft head on my shoulder and it isn't Badtz-Maru. I feel a soft hand on my hip, too and that is way too big for Barbie or even Renna and I slowly open my eyes so I can kiss... Teddy. Fiddlesticks.

    Diary, I don't know where Ashley went. I hear some weird whirring noise far away, but I have no idea what it means and I woke up with Teddy on me. And I was a little mad, like someone gave me the wrong Christmas gift or the tags fell off and they were switched and I have the wrong present. But then I realize that's not nice, these are not nice thoughts, it is not Teddy's fault that she's not the person I want here in bed with me.

    And I look at her. I watch her pretty doe eyes under those nice lashes and her cute little face. I never realized it was cute because it has always been looking at me with hate or anger or, even worse, nothing, looking past me. At best, I am the annoying burr in her saddle. I am in her way for Ashley. It's funny, she doesn't realize how much in the way I am now. I had the S-E-X with her, not you, Theodora Ellis. You meanie, I staked claim. On my best good friend Ashley. I gave her all that she wanted. She wanted the touching and kissing and the, big moment dizzy-making stuff, and she got it. A whole lot. I studied her body to be really good at it and I'm almost an expert at the swirl-kissing and the finger curling and I know where she likes kisses on her body. You have no idea!

    But I gave her all that and the second she saw a text from you, she dropped everything. She ran to you, or more correctly, drove to you, but still. You have her heart, Theodora Ellis. Why are so mean to me? But you are good to her? I never ever hurt you, but you hurt me, do you remember? You're so pretty right now asleep like this, touching me. Like you were touching Ashley last night. I touched your hand a couple times when I tried to touch Ashley and you were already there. Did you register that? What did you think, when Ashley didn't mind that I was touching her? Maybe she reacted to me a little differently? Maybe she liked me being there?

    Oh, Diary, this is so ugly. I am being ugly. I am being a bad friend for thinking these thoughts. I am being mean to Teddy and she didn't ask for it, not this time. She is Ashley's best friend. If I am Ashley's best good friend, I should be nice to her. Maybe last night was a new step. What if this morning she wakes up and she doesn't look at me like I'm ugly? She really is pretty right now, her touch is nice. I can just pretend we are friends and lie here with her and maybe she'll like me. If she likes me, then maybe I won't be in the way anymore and I can still be with Ashley without her having to be our friends separately. I want Ashley around all the time, so if I am good to you, Teddy Ellis, then maybe you'll stop avoiding me and hating me.

    Teddy really is pretty, not cheerleader pretty or movie pretty, real girl pretty, not fakey pretty. I am starting to see why Ashley likes her. Maybe I can pretend I like her for a little longer. I'll just lie here with her snuggled up with me and pretend I'm sleeping. I can be really quiet and just close my eyes and imagine it is Ashley there and that's okay. Actually, a little more than okay and I don't mind that. Not a bit. It feels a little nice, really. So I place my right hand over the one she has draped across me and and I smooth her forearm a little. And I don't know why, really, but I'm pretending I like her and I press my lips against the top of her head and her soft hair smells a little floral, probably her shampoo, I think. And before I mean to, I make a little "Hmmmn" sighing sound and I don't know where that came from. I close my eyes in case that wakes her up. I hope she can't feel my heartbeat right now, it is going a little faster than I want it to go.

    Take a string on Holly, of course.
  • [Holly]

    Could it be that Holly is turning Teddy on a little, too? Why I think that's possible. Maybe not statistically likely, but possible.

    Let's See
    #DiceRoller( 2d6 )

    (+1 XP)
  • Sure, sure. It's, like, comfort and being taken care of, combined with, heh, human warmth and softness, and I'm already kind of gently turned on from my dreams. So I'm sleepily on the threshold between dreaming and waking up, and it's nice here and nice there, and I'm really right now very comfortable and secure and happy.

    I do fall back asleep for a little while, until you do something, or until Ashley comes back, or just until I wake up for real. And you absolutely take a String from watching me as I sleep, my face washed clean of strain and unhappiness and ugly emotions.

    Here's hoping my dream doesn't turn into a nightmare.
  • Because as I dream, I think I'm communing with the Faery King. I'm not asking a specific question, other than just, is there anything I should be aware of? There are important things going on that I'm totally oblivious to, I'm sure ... is there anything that the King would come to me and tell me about, in my sleep?

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )
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    You know, I don't think I've rolled that 'poorly' on abyss-gazing before. So would I rather this turn into a nightmare (confusing and alarming), or would I rather the King demand a favor of me? The later would be cool, but I also kind of want to see how Holly would deal with the former ...

    Give me a minute. That's also xp (5), and my improvement choice might affect this choice.
  • I took The Constant Bargain, so I think it's logical for the King to demand a favor of me.
  • Yes, Holly, as Teddy noted, you aren't drained anymore after your night's sleep.


    You feel the presence, like you did at the pond. Though in the dream it seems to be less threatening. You get glimpses of a shadowy figure. A man. He has this enormous rack of antlers emerging out of his head. Like, too big to really be held up easily, but it doesn't seem to bother him. He waves a hand like some kind of spokesmodel and the scene around you transforms to somewhere in the woods. Apparently the King has been looking into this thing with Aubrey a little more. Maybe it was ghost Aubrey being near the pond or something. Maybe she touched it. Who knows?

    Anyway, in the woods you see a shadowy figure crouched. It's Aubrey of course, naked and kneeling in the clearing. Then in a moment, you are her. You have a spot cleared on the ground, some kind of circle in white around you, strange symbols drawn on the outside of it, and you're holding your hands out and chanting. In front of you is a loose pile of... it looks like weed. A significant pile. As you chants the pile begins to emit a glow. The chant finishes and she opens her eyes and you stare at the glowing pile, feeling panicked and horrified. What have you gotten into?

    Then there is a sound from the woods. You look up. Deputy Cross emerges from the trees, in regular clothing, not her uniform. There is a spike of fear through you, terror really, and you get to her feet and backs away. Deputy Cross raises her hand and she's holding a gun. You turn as the first shot goes past you, and begin running for your life. The second shot sounds, again a miss, and you are moving as fast as you can. Then the third shot hits you in the back, sending you down. You are so panicked, so full of adrenaline, that you gets back up and continue running. Some small eternity later there is the pond. Really you only meant to hide in the pond, it was a crazy thought, like something out of an old movie. Use a reed to breathe or something. you jumped into it.... and black out.

    And you know that the King senses a threat, an ancient adversary, connected with Deputy Cross, and whatever it is Aubrey was doing. The favor he demands is that you help him discover what that threat is.

    So... maybe your dream did turn into a kind of nightmare after all. Do you wake up? Or are you sort of trapped in the cyclic vision for a while?
  • Yeah, kind of a nightmare. I don't come snapping awake yet, but Holly? I'm starting to squirm or hunch up a little, and I'm making these quiet little noises in the back of my throat, little distressed noises, so I guess you can tell I'm having a nightmare.
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    Holly notices Teddy shifting, being scared in her dreams and she can't help but smooth her hair and murmur quietly, "It's okay, Teddy, don't be scared. Shhh, nobody's gonna hurt you, I won't let them. Shhh now. Sleep tight." She continues to touch the back of her head gently and trace a warm hand down her back, the same motions she would use on Renna when she had bad dreams.
  • Huh. You know, MC, I never felt like the King was threatening in the first place. I mean, sure, big and strange and, like, authoritative, but not threatening. After all, he saved my life at the pond, didn't he? Myrii was about to, uh, you know, and he stopped her and made her understand.

    But anyway. I'm running through the forest in a blind panic, and it's all layered with that sense of urgency from the King, and also with the dreamlike knowledge that I already know, sort of, how this happens, that it's almost just what I'd guessed ... and then I fall into the water, cold and pain and drowning.

    And I wake up. Not like screaming or anything, but with a sudden, violent shudder in your arms, Holly. It takes me a second to orient myself: Ashley's place, her bed, arriving late ... and you. Uh, what are you doing, now?
  • [Holly]

    When Teddy starts awake, Holly freezes, her right hand on Teddy's shoulder as she was rubbing it softly, not trying to wake her, but hoping to calm her. Holly pauses for a moment, letting Teddy get her bearings, then says quietly, "You were having a bad dream, Teddy." Then the spell is broken and Holly pulls her hand back, dropping her eyes from looking at her, "I-I'm sorry, you snuggled up to me and then you seemed scared and..." then nothing.
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    Yeah, I pull away. Nothing crazy or violent. Just, you know, I thought you were Ash, in my sleep. But you're not Ash, and you and me, we're totally not close like that, like I am with Ashley. I pull away, and it's this huge freaking bed, so I'm just kind of rolling over on my back for a second, then dragging myself up and throwing my legs off the side of the bed.

    So I'm sitting there, on the edge of the bed. My back's to you, and I'm kind of rubbing my face, running fingers through my hair, trying to wake up. Now I'm awake, I feel like cold crap, probably because of the kitty flipping last night, plus all the impromptu hiking and that one near-murder yesterday. So I've got all kinds of aching muscles and weird bruises, and I feel sort of sick.

    You can probably tell, since I've still got 1-harm, after all. I've got that kind of bleary look, and those weird bruises? You can see a couple on my bare arms, and when I turn my head a little, the V-neck does a great job of showing off this crazy one, like, on my throat and neck? It looks just like a single hand, like someone was strangling me or something.

    I'm like, "Uh, yeah. Sorry. I must've, uh, must've thought you were Ashley."
  • [Holly]

    "I know you didn't know it was me, Teddy. It's ok. I didn't know you and Ashley were so close. Until last night." Holly says tentatively. Then she sees the bruises and alarm comes to her voice, "Did someone hurt you? What happened to your neck?" She scoots across the bed a little to get a little peek, to see if the ligature marks look like fingertips.
  • I have no idea what it looks like. I mean, there's a little soreness, but man, everything aches, so I don't know. Actually, what's going through my head is like, oh hell, it's a hickey? Did Myrii give me ... ? And did Ash see last night? One of my hands jumps to my throat, but I didn't really expect you to get so close again, you know? So when I turn to wave you off, you're right, like, there and I lurch a little.

    "No! No, it's fine. Don't worry about it!"

    Which of course is totally not suspicious at all. Where's Ashley? But then I do register the sound of the elliptical, so okay, I know where she is. I'm getting up, starting to stand.

    "Um, I have to ... bathroom."
  • [Holly]

    Holly sits on the bed while Teddy leaves for the bathroom. She chews on the inside of her cheek absently while watching the door. Then after she hears a flush, she slips off the bed and waits by the door for a sign of Teddy. It might surprise her to see Holly standing by the edge of the door, but Holly doesn't seem to be trying to scare her. She says brightly, "Teddy, I really like Ashley a lot, she's been the nicest person to me. I know she is your best good friend. I-I would like for us to be friends, too. Why don't you like me?"

    As Holly talks, she's rubbing her fingertips against her palms nervously, fidgeting while she stands in front of Teddy, obviously uncomfortable with this proposition but hopeful.
  • No, I'm actually just getting in front of the mirror, you know? And it's not a hicky, is it? Though it is Myrii's. Dunno what to do about that, actually. There's a huge spread of cosmetics in here with me, but I don't know where to begin, with hiding a bruise? Well, I could probably google it. (And then still screw it up, I bet.)

    I've got a sweater in my clothes, a mock turtleneck, and it'll cover up most of it, I guess.

    Well, it's not like I don't do what needs to be done in there too, so you do here the flush, Holly, and I'm in there kind of a while, but obviously I do come out. And, whoa! There you are, aren't you? I sorta edge past. I mean, Jesus, I was kind of meaning to ease up on you, but you're totally springing this on me, here.

    So I'm kind of neutral: "I don't, uh, hate you ..."

    And I'm going to my backpack (propped against Ash's desk), and I rummage some. I'll end up pulling out that change of clothes, plus a Dasani and a pillbox. Normal pills! I know what you're thinking. It's vitamins, tryptophan, 5-HTP, that stuff. I knock back the pills, chase it with a swallow of water, and get out my toothbrush and mouthwash, too.
  • [Holly]

    Not entirely sure about Teddy's answer, she follows her over to the backpack and peers over her shoulder as she pulls out her pillbox and water. She smiles at this and says, "Oh, a pillbox. Renna had a pillbox, too. The nurses gave it to her so she could take her own medicine. We put stickers on it. There was a Hello Kitty one and one for Patrick, he's a starfish. Not a real one, Teddy, a cartoon. What kinds of medicine do you need? What do you have? I could study about it for you, if you want. I like reading. Do you like reading?" Then Teddy pulls out the toothbrush and mouthwash, "I like your toothbrush, the neck is bendy. What's the green drink?"
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    "Um, it's a fluoride rinse. And, uh, I don't need medicine, I just take vitamins and stuff."

    I'm showing you, for some reason: "The red one is a multivitamin, and the white one is tryptophan, and the caplet is 5-HTP. They're, like, anti-depressants. I mean, I'm not depressed, but sometimes I take other things that mess with my serotonin, and I read that these could help. They do, too. It's kinda cool."

    "Uh, can I ..."

    ... get up, 'cause you're kind of all over my shoulder like that, and I want to go brush my teeth? I do that, I guess listening to you if you're rambling on. Then, with the fluoride, you're supposed to take a pull, swish for sixty seconds, spit without rinsing. But right before I take the pull, I ask:

    "Who's Renna?"

    And then, you know, swish swish swish.
  • [Holly]

    Holly watches Teddy's vitamin display and as she gets up, Holly follows, "Serotonin? Are you taking appetite suppressants or something like that? Trish takes three of them, they're really not good for her. You don't need that, Teddy, you're pretty, like I said earlier."

    When Teddy asks about Renna, Holly pauses for a second. Then her tone drops and she answers, "Renna was my little sister." Then as Teddy swishes, Holly watches the side of her mouth, the cheek pulses as she swishes around the mouthwash. She talks a bit louder to make herself heard, "She was really sick, that's why she took so many pills. But eventually, the pills weren't to make her better anymore... they were. Well, they were just for the pain." Holly looks into the mirror at Teddy instead of the back of her head, her anguish showing on her face as she ends, "She was... my best good friend. I really miss her, Teddy."
  • "Appetite suppressants? Uh, no. Nothing like that. Um, I don't think you did say ... but thanks?"


    I spit carefully and wipe my mouth, rinse the sink and wash my hands, taking a minute. And yeah, I'm standing in the bathroom in front of the sink while I'm doing this, and it's kind of weird with you trying to catch my eye through the mirror the whole time. And my eyes are kind of avoiding yours. But:

    "That's, that's pretty awful. When did, uh, do you want to talk about it?"
  • [Holly]

    "I didn't say you were pretty? Oh, I must have just thought it!" Holly replies with an innocent grin.


    Holly looks at Teddy in the mirror instead of the Teddy beside her when she answers, "Oh, it's ok. I know it isn't fun to talk about people dying. I just answered your question." Continuing to look at her reflection, "You know, that's one of the things that makes Ashley so special to me. She lost her brother when he was little. Have you seen his room? Her mommy keeps it nice and tidy, like a little shrine. Its so sweet. Have you had one of her cookies? They're not super good, but she's so nice to make them."

    Then she jerks to look at real Teddy, in the eyes, all of the sudden, "Why do you take serotonin then?"
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    I sort of stare at you for a second, then:

    "I don't take serotonin. They're serotonin precusors."

    "... And anyway, I use ecstasy on weekends, sometimes. Serotonin depletion is a side-effect. Ashley knows, so don't think you can, like, hold it over me or something."
  • [Holly]

    Holly blinks a couple times, unsure. Its obvious she touched a nerve, so she proceeds slowly, "Uh, Teddy, I-I'm sorry. I was curious about the... I don't even... how do you use ecstasy? That doesn't make... I wouldn't, uhn, hold it against you. I don't know what it... is?" Holly searches in Teddy's eyes in hopes of some clue, but fails.

    She starts talking quietly, softly, but with each word, she grows a bit more confident, assured in her earnest plea, "I'm not a tattletale, Teddy. I keep secrets really well. I-I only asked the questions because I wanted to help. I thought you were sick maybe. Not to hold it over you. I know you like Nula. I think she is really pretty and nice. I would never hold that over you. It's okay to like girls. I want you to be happy with her."

    Holly takes a breath, then meets Teddy's eyes, saying slowly, "I want to be your friend. I am Ashley's best good friend and she is yours. I can be a good friend, Teddy."

    I'll spend a string to offer Teddy an XP to drop the hostility with Holly and give her a chance to be friends.
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    I glance away, then back, wiping my hands on my flannels. I take down a hand towel, and I'm drying my hands, then just kind of wringing it in my hands, like just to be doing something with them.

    "Ecstasy's a pill, Holly. It's an amphetamine, you use it at parties. Don't worry about it, I was just telling you ... well, whatever. Uh, look, I'm sorry. I know I was, I've been kind of a bitch to you, okay? I'm sorry about that. But I guess, like, Ashley is ... well, you're Ash's friend now, and I don't want to screw everything up, so if you wanna hang out or whatever, that's, um, that'd be cool, I guess. I mean, it'd be kind of weird otherwise ..."

    xp (1)
  • [Holly]

    Holly clasps her hands together in front of her chest and her eyes open wide and she grins from ear to ear, "Yay, Teddy! I'm so happy. This is going to be a great day! I want to cook breakfast for everyone. What do you like to eat?" She starts to head downstairs, intent on cooking some kind of breakfast with whatever the Lange's have in their fridge.
  • I snicker, 'cause I know how Jane stocks her kitchen, right?

    "Uh, I dunno. Maybe I'll come and help, in a minute."

    I'm going to change clothes, putting on, like, that mock turtleneck and a pair of khakis, and I'll go downstairs barefoot. Though, I want to look in on Ash, first thing.

    But, hey, Holly? You were just thinking how, uh, you know, pretty and stuff I am, and you seem pretty excited about this friends thing, so I'm spending a String to make it for real, okay? That's not going to be a problem, is it? So, now you're Teddy Ellis' friend.

    Also, I think it's fair to say that you were asking me to be friends with you, right? And that was/is important to you?
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    Sounds like a deal!

    ETA: +1 XP
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