[MH] Wakey, wakey, hands off selkie. [Nu3.0]

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  • This is a nice way to wake up, nestled close to Mar's warmth, being held in his arms. I can tell he's slowly waking too, and then his fingers begin trailing across my skin, and I smile drowsily. I lay still a while longer, letting him touch me, but soon quiet little gasps and moans are escaping my lips, and I roll to face him. My is wild, untamed. I brush it lazily out of my face, smiling, and then I kiss him. I take my own turn moving my hands over his body, slow and sensual, my legs entwining with his.
  • I freeze, my eyes on the door. "I'm fine!" I call back. "I'm just...I'm not dressed!"

    I glance up at Mar, putting a finger to my lips to warn him to be quiet. What should I do about Mar? I don't think Dominic would be happy to know that he spent the night here. Which is strange to me, but based on his previous reactions to things, I'm pretty sure he would be upset. But I don't want to hide Mar from Dominic either.

    Either way, Dominic meeting Mar like this would definitely be bad. Hopefully he'll go back downstairs and I can have some time to think.
  • It is terribly hard to concentrate with Mar kissing me like that, but when Dominic says that Jarrod was on the telephone...well it gets a little easier. Partly because Mar stops teasing me with his lips and gives me that look.

    "Ok!" I try to yell back cheerfully.

    I wait, listening for him to walk away. Jarrod. Jarrod will be here in an hour. What am I going to do? I glance up at Mar once the coast is clear and whisper, switching back to Selkie. "I forgot. I told a boy from school I'd go take photographs in the park." I say it casually, like it doesn't mean anything to me. Which is a lie. But I'm not really terribly concerned about Mar being jealous. At least....I don't think he will be. Not over a human. His jealousy over James was different because I treated James differently. And, well, Mar doesn't need to know how similar Jarrod is to James.

    But more importantly....we need to talk. I know Mar needs to know a plan. He's not going to be happy if I don't have one. So...

    "Um...so...about what you said last night...." I sit up, gently pushing Mar back until we're both sitting facing each other. I take his hand and bring it up to my cheek, holding his eyes. Inside I'm terrified, but I try not to let it show. "Mar, I love you so much. I really do. But I can't leave yet. Not yet. I'm sorry. I think maybe if I set a date...it'll be easier for Dominic. But I can't just suddenly leave. It would kill him." I take a deep breath and continue. "So what if...what if I promise you that I will come back to the sea at the end of next summer? Will you accept that?"

    Ok, yes, I am pretending that I have my pelt. That's a little less than one year. That's long enough to get my pelt back, right?
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  • I blink, startled into silence. What? Mar staying here? For a year?

    A lot of things are flashing through my mind, but one of the first was Jarrod's face.

    More importantly, however, I can't let Mar do this! Being apart from the sea...I don't want him to go through that kind of suffering. The kind of suffering I've gone through. This isn't his problem. I lean forward a little, my eyes wide and concerned.

    "Mar...no. You don't have to do that. I don't want to make you do that. Living on land...it's not easy. I don't want you to hurt like...like that."
  • I'm frowning because this plan worries me, but a selfish part of me is secretly happy. Yes there's Jarrod, but this is Mar. Jarrod is just a human. Mar is so much more. And maybe Mar being here will help. Maybe it will be ok for both of us if we have each other. Plus, I heard the unspoken thing that Mar almost said. If I tell him to leave, he'll see it that way. And I never want Mar to think that I don't want him.

    So I finally smile softly at him. His hands are warm on my face. "Ok." I sigh, and then I lean forward and kiss him, gently, sweetly. "I love you." I whisper when I pull back. "I always will." Then I grin and kiss his nose. "Let me get dressed and I'll see if I can find you some clothes."

    I climb out of bed and head to my closet to get dressed quickly. I keep it simple, skinny jeans and a loose, comfy top. I pile my hair in a messy bun on top of my head. I don't have time to shower. I have to introduce Dominic to Mar before Jarrod gets here....and...

    I turn towards Mar, a bobby pin in my mouth. What's Mar going to do while I'm at the park? I guess, maybe he can stay here with Dominic? It'd be quite a shock to poor Jarrod if Mar came with us. I need to break this news to Jarrod by myself, I think. I stick the bobby pin in my hair. "Mar, this human that's taking me to the park? Well, he likes me. I'll have to tell him that I have a....boyfriend?" I make a face and laugh a little. Boyfriend is such a human word. It doesn't even begin to describe the depth of my relationship with Mar, but it'll have to do. "I'm telling people that I'm from Sweden because of how I sound to them when I speak in their language." I pause and then switch to English. "In fact, we should talk to each other like this from now on. We have to pretend we're human while we're here. Otherwise bad things could happen." I frown again, distracted by Dominic's ominous warning last night. "Anyways, I should probably go to the park by myself. I'll tell him my Swedish boyfriend is here. And Dominic can help us figure out what to do. He can probably get you some clothes too. Oh! Clothes! Hold on!"

    I'm talking rather fast, trying to figure all this out, I dart out of the room before he can respond, heading towards Dominic's bedroom. I think Dominic has some sweatpants that will fit Mar better than mine do.
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  • I find a pair of sweatpants and an old t-shirt that has a picture of a lighthouse and big letters that say "Bar Harbor." It looks roughly the right size.

    I hurry back down the hall to give them to Mar. Then I ask him to stay in my room for just a little while longer. I'm going to go down and tell Dominic by myself first. I have a feeling Dominic might not react well to seeing me walk down the stairs with what would appear to be a boy who obviously spent the night in my room. But I'm sure he'll be fine once he knows who (and what) Mar is.

  • "Jarrod." I correct him absently, but I'm not really listening to the rest of what he said. "Dominic, I need to tell you something. Last night, another Selkie came here. His name is Mar and he's my..." I pause, trying to find the right word. "My match. Which is sort of like a, not a boyfriend, more like a husband, but not yet. Well, sort of." I furrow my brow, it's so hard to put this into his language. "Anyways, he's here, upstairs in my room. He wants to stay here with me."

    I pause again. That was the easy part. I'm not sure how to tell him that I'm leaving in a year. I'm struggling over what words to choose. What's the best way to say it? I glance up at his face as if I'll find an answer there. How do I break it to him that I'll be leaving?
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  • My heart breaks at the expression in his eyes. I come around the table towards him, taking his shaky hand. "No! He wanted me to come home, but I couldn't leave yet. It's ok, Dominic. I'm not leaving right now. Not yet anyways." I say softly, my worried eyes on his. Am I worried for him? Or am I worried for myself? I don't know.

    "But I...I have to go back sometime. So I told him I would stay until the end of the next summer season. And that's...that's when I'll go home. But he wants to stay here with me, with us, until then." I frown a little, feeling suddenly nervous. One year. Didn't I just think that would be long enough? Now that I'm thinking about it, it seems like nothing, like it might as well be tomorrow. I start talking a little fast, babbling really. "Is that ok? It is your house, not mine. I don't think he would have to go to school. I think he looks old enough to be graduated from the high school. You said humans have to be eighteen, right? He's a few years older than me. But maybe you'll think differently. It's hard for me to tell sometimes. He sounds like me when he talks, so he can be from Sweden too. I can tell people he's my boyfriend, that makes sense, right?"

    I realize I'm gripping his hand rather tightly, my eyes desperately searching his face. I want to ask if everything is going to be ok, but I'm a little afraid of that answer. I'm not tearing myself in two, right?
  • I stay where I am, standing in the middle of the kitchen.

    "No." I say, and I'm even surprised at how fierce it comes out. "I don't want to leave yet. I want to stay here. Please, Dominic. Please. I'm not ready to leave."
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  • There's a sudden lump in my throat. "Dominic..." I continue to plead. "I can't leave yet. I'm not ready to say goodbye. I'm not ready to have...to have babies. I want to stay here with you. If I pick a date, at least we can prepare for it, right? Maybe that will help. You are my real life. You are my family, just as much as a Selkie. I can't go back to the ocean now. It will break my heart."

    My eyes well up, so I look away at the table where he's laid out breakfast, as always. And it does occur to me that I cost him money. Money is so important to humans. Mar living here would cost Dominic money too. More money.

    "Mar doesn't have to stay here." I look back up at him, trying to blink back tears. "Amy's family rents out a room. Maybe he could stay there? And I can get a job. I can help you with money! I'll be better, I promise! Just please don't make me leave, Dominic."
  • His face softens. He comes over to you and hugs you to him. "Ach now... don't cry, Lovey. Yeh can stay." He says, gently, "We'll have to figure out about accommodating yer fella though. He can stay here until we figure it out."

    He lets go of you. "I suppose I should meet him, eh? I'll make another plate."
  • I hug Dominic back tightly. I don't like the idea of me leaving any more than he does. Although unlike him, there is a part of me that desperately wants to go, to return to the sea.

    I try not to think about that.

    When he lets go, I step back, wiping my eyes. "Thank you, Dominic." I smile tremulously at him. "I'll go get him."

    I turn and hurry back up the stairs, taking some calming breaths and making sure my face is dry as I go. Ok. This is going alright. I poke my head back in my room and smile softly at Mar who is hopefully dressed. "Would you like some breakfast?"
  • I do make introductions. I introduce Dominic as "Dominic" but I also explain that I am calling him Grandfather for appearances. Normally I don't mind silence. We don't really have "small talk" among Selkies. I couldn't even really understand what "small talk" was for a long time. I still don't really know why humans can't just big talk like normal. I mean, among Selkies, we talk if we have something to say, and we don't talk if we don't. It's pretty simple really. But humans really don't like silences, do they? They always feel the need to fill them.

    Which is what I'm doing right now. I'm filling the silence. Chattering really. Acting human. But this silence is full of tension and unsaid things and side glances, and it's really making me nervous. So I fill Mar in on the general idea of what it's like living here. How I go to the school, but maybe he won't have to? How I learned to drive a car, sort of. I tell him about some of my friends, Teddy and Amy specifically. I don't, however, mention the part where Teddy definitely wants to be more than friends. I ask Dominic if he'd be able to get Mar some clothes that actually fit. I talk about the library. I talk about how you can't pick the flowers in the park. I just talk.

    I keep an eye on the clock, another extremely human thing. I'm actually kind of nervous to see Jarrod, to tell him what I have to say. Maybe it's because of that, but time seems to go by very fast. I promise both of them I won't be gone too long. Maybe they can get clothes in the meantime? Or not. I really have no idea what the two of them will do without me here. That thought makes me more nervous, so I try not to worry about it. They'll be fine. Maybe it will be good for them. Right?
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  • It is kind of a relief to leave the room. I say goodbye and grab my purse and shoes. When I open the door, the look on Jarrod's face makes my heart hurt. He just looks so much like James. I try to smile.

    "Yes. I'm ready."

    I step outside and shut the door firmly behind me. This is odd, feeling guilty before I've really done anything. Of course, most Selkies would say that feeling guilty is odd in and of itself. I don't feel guilty for, as humans would say "cheating" on Mar. I feel guilty because I know I'm going to probably hurt Jarrod. It would be so much easier if I could just tell Jarrod what I am.

    ....that's an interesting idea.

    James knew. I mean, he watched me emerge from the ocean. I didn't exactly have to tell him. But Jarrod looks so much like James....for some reason it seems like it would be easier, it would make sense. At least in my head. I take a deep breath and manage a more natural looking smile as we head towards his car.
  • --End Scene--
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