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So Nyx, you took Aubrey to your little hidey hole with the pelt, uh... blanket right? Wasn't that the plan? Could you describe it again, the place I mean. She wasn't sure she could sleep but you might've been ready to by that point.

You took the ring, which Aubrey explained is what she is tied to. She couldn't get away from the pond because of it. The band on her arm is connected to it. Do you just carry the ring in a pocket or something, or do you put it on?

She agrees to try to sleep and if you make moves to hold her, she'll let you. Do you push for anything more? Not necessarily sex, but... I don't know, you don't seem to like clothes very much.

Have you brought anything else up here to make it a little comfortable? And did you cover up with the blanket thing? It's cool enough that you might need to. Body heat and all that.


  • [Nyx]

    Well first thing, she's not coming to my place without first promising never to tell anyone where it is. I had mentioned that to her and Teddy, so hopefully she's game for that.

    But yeah, I'll hold the ring in my hand the whole way, don't put it on. But once there I'll find a cord or something an wear it 'round my neck. That seems a little safer and more discreet.

    Once there (Assuming she's promised) I will lead her to my little rocky copse near the falls and lead her to my little nest. I have some food here, personal things, interesting rocks or shells, stuff like that. But she does look cold and I need to take care of her. So I will offer to lay with her, no need to be nude unless she brings it up, though I will remove my wet shirt. I honestly just mean to keep her warm.

    Being colder then usual here I will take the warm pelt out and unfold it, using it to warm us and keep out the weather. So we're sleeping in this little rocky outcrop you have to climb up into, secluded and guarded by obscurity and shrubby leaves.
  • She did promise not to reveal the place to anyone.

    So among the personal things you keep here is a necklace with a few beads on it, which seems suitable for putting the ring on for the time being. Who was that from and why did you bring it here?

    Well it's very cozy under the pelt with her, warm, and you drift off to sleep. She didn't take off her clothes but didn't mind that you removed your shirt. Practical you know. Curiously, she dosen't seem to have much of a scent.

    In any case, when you wake up early morning you can feel her next to you before you open your eyes, and you're pretty sure she's looking at you, watching you sleep.

    What do you do?
  • [Nyx]

    Yes that necklace! I found it upstream near the pond, there were some college students up there having some sort of party, and I kind of eavesdropped a bit, innocently enough and not near enough to really hear anything much until this girl had a huge argument with her boyfriend, kind of ruined the party for everyone and they all left in a cloud of hurt feelings. Exploring the scene after I found the necklace, broken. That girl lost it arguing with her once-boyfriend and it was left there. I thought some day it would be nice to return it to her, but... I'm sure they're from the mainland and likely another state so that won't happen.

    But it's a memory. Probably should mean something to me on some emotional level... not to break friendships, maybe? But it's really just a pretty thing from a pretty girl I saw one time. Maybe just that.

    I felt very comfortable with Aubrey. Not thinking of her as intruding, she truly has become part of the woods. I fear, though, that this means it will be difficult for her to return... and what if the woods don't want her to return? Why would that happen? She's a ghost right? Not a natural thing is it? Any Myrii certainly wants her gone. Well, my sleep was a bit fitful and I must have wakened her. It's a little surprising to feel her gaze on my as I sleep in this place where I've always been alone and I nearly startle awake before I remember who it is and that I've brought her here.

    I slowly open my eyes, hoping to see her face gazing at me, "Aubrey..." it's that kind of breathy, grateful speaking of a persons name. I'm relieved to feel her here, still here. It makes me feel trusted, and needed.

    I will reach out to gently and quietly touch her face or take her hand, whatever feels right, when I see her.
  • She is gazing at you, her brown eyes still worried, clearly a lot going on in her head, but she offers you a little smile. Does she look...somehow more solid than before? Maybe just a sense of substance.

    "Sorry to wake you." she says quietly "You're pretty when you're sleeping and It seems that I don't need to... much anyway."

    She reaches to brush the edge of the pelt with her fingers. "What is this? It's full of magic, but the magic is... strange somehow."
  • [Nyx]

    I smile back at her, why do I feel sad?

    "I'm not really sure... what it is," I rub the edge of it in my hand, moving to hold her hand and feel her, know she's real and really here and safe. "Yeah it's magic, I found it near the sea and I'm pretty sure it's from the ocean. Ocean spirit? You know I love the water... more than any natural thing. But it's more... the sound, the scent, the feel of it. It's good to be..."

    I was about to say alive.

    "...able to experience the world. This island... you know I don't think there's too many magical places like Mount Desert Island left in the world, you might have to go to Ireland or Iceland or up North somewhere to find another. Whoever left this pelt here must know it, it's a safe place and I think of it as a precious thing, a gift. I love it here... I'm going to be here forever."

    I look at her face, her eyes. Maybe she will be here forever too? I wonder.

    "Do you... what do you mean strange?"
  • "I don't know... um... maybe personal? " She shakes her head. "It's weird being like this." She says looking at one of her hands. "I could feel magic before but now it feels like it's not muffled anymore... kind of raw I guess."

    She drops the hand and is quiet for a minute. "Um... Did you hear about that thing... the girl who almost drowned out by Hunter's beach last night?"
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    I nod, "yeah, that was Jen Ronconi. I was there when it happened but I was kind of... getting my face beat," the bruise on my face must be nice and ripe right around now, thought the cold has probably done it good, "but yeah Jen was out racing with Volkov.... oh I don't think you know Nula, new girl. Anyway they just got carried away and got in trouble in the water. Guess she's probably all right now..."

    I hesitate, there's something important on my mind and I really need to ask. I hold her hand and try to be warm and open, I sincerely want to help her.

    " Aubrey I wanted to ask you but I know it can't be easy to think about.... do you remember how you died? How did you end up in the pond like that? Was it a... an accident or did... did someone... kill you?"
  • She stiffens up, turns away so her hair is a curtain between you.

    "I didn't at first, but it's been coming back." She says. "I... I was killed. I actually drowned, I guess. That's what your, um, friend, the water spirit girl told me. But I was also shot. I mean now it seems obvious but at the time... it was like being punched in the back, like, just really hard. I didn't know that was what had happened really I was just trying to get away from her. From... Marcia Cross. Deputy Cross, you know?"

    You can see her hands trembling. "So I ran and, I was getting tired.... probably loosing blood I guess... so I thought I hide in the pond, you know, like they do in old westerns?" She shakes her head at herself. She looks back at you for a second then away again. "Then I blacked out."
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    I move a little closer, it doesn't seem like she will mind, to put an arm around her and lay close, my chest against her back. I whisper to her. I hold her for a moment before answering, "oh my god... Aubrey. Yeah... I know her, Officer Cross has been all around school these days... you mean she just... killed you? Like that? Why? Why you?"

    I hold her, suddenly hearing that story I feel my heart wrench, but also I'm happy to be trusted. To know her secrets and hold her promise... it means so much to me and I feel close to Aubrey. I pull the pelt up to keep us warm.

    And I add, "why would anyone want to hurt you?"

    Maybe I don't mean to but I could be turning her on?
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    Not sure I'm being shameless in this case.

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  • Sure you can. I mean snuggled up against her under Nula's pelt. Holding her, talking to her intimately. That'll work for turning her on.

    She snugs back into you, not just her back, but her butt and legs.

    "Well, um... you know I, uh, sell drugs, right?" She says it like she's afraid of what you'll think of her. But she has it out now. "Weed mostly. I actually never wanted to, like, be a drug dealer, you know? It was just... this one time I bought a bunch of weed up in Bangor for a bunch of people down here. I mean it was crazy. I just told my friend I was going to buy some when I was there, and did they want any. And they did, but they told everyone else too, and then a bunch of other people wanted some and so I,uh, agreed to buy a bunch of it and bring it back. And the guy's house where I bought it, there were like a whole bunch of people lighting up, right?"

    "So I drive home with this big thing of weed in my car, and I'm just listening to the radio or whatever and I get pulled over. I mean I'm freaking out, but I hide the weed, and I'm not high or anything so I figure I'll make it. Deputy Cross pulled me over and... I don't know I guess I smelled like the stuff, from the smoke, so she puts me in her car and searches mine, and finds the big bag."

    "So she brings it over and I'm thinking, I'm like totally going to jail. And she tells me all how this is like possession with intent and how much trouble I'm in for. But then she offers me this out. If I sell for her, like stuff she supplies, then she won't arrest me right there. I'm all thinking about how my parents will freak if I go to jail for drugs, and I mean, if I'm working for a cop..." She sighs. "So I said I would, right? So that's when I really started selling."

    She turns so she's on her back and can look at you again, her side still solidly against you. "At first it was okay. I mean she took a cut, but I made some good money. And mostly it's just weed, right? Then she starts getting all crazy if I don't sell a certain amount in a week. I mean, I had a life, right? This wasn't a career or anything. So we had a big fight and I told her I was out and told her I'd take her down with me if she messed with me. Somewhere in there I touched a bunch of stuff and I realize that I felt magic in it, right? So... that night I went out to do a ritual that would tell me what was going on with the weed. I... I just finished it when she found me and she had her gun. And.. well, you know."

    She's turned to face you as she was talking and is now putting her face into your bare chest. Her voice is small.

    "Nyx? Did you... um... did you have, you know...with , uh, the water girl... before she looked like me?"
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    I listen with intensity, growing angry at officer Cross. I'm shocked, frankly, bout the drugs. I never used drugs and I kind of would... look down... or maybe envy... anyone who did. It's usually popular kids doing drugs, or losers who somehow still seem cool and have girls around them. I guess I don't really have a problem with someone smoking weed... not really.

    With her face in my chest I drape an arm over her waist as we lay under the soft and slightly ocean-scented pelt. I trace a finger along her back, unusually familiar to me and my cheek touched her hair. She can't be dead, she feels so perfect.

    I answer slowly, softly, I won't lie to her but this is all kind of strange to say aloud, "no... not before. My entire experience with her she's looked like she does now... though I know that's not her face, it's yours Aubrey. Your beautiful face..." I pull her yet closer, she should feel protected here in my most secret place, "you're safe here."

    Though I don't know what I can do, surely the police can't know that she "lives". I wonder if it's just officer Cross or the entire force? What can we do.

    "Stay with me as long as you need... you're not alone."

    I tip her head up to see my eyes, moist with concern for her... I've never known anyone who has suffered like this. I feel for her with all my heart. I ache to kiss her and she can probably tell.
  • [Nyx]

    She hesitates, and I can't help it, I can't. I'm still human, at least my body is and I can't control the feeling which is overwhelming me.

    I kiss Aubrey, tipping her chin up ever to slightly to meet my lips. I need to show her how I feel and this is the best... the only way to show her.
  • She meets your kiss, like she was about to do it herself. It's different than kissing Myrii isn't it. Myrii is... well a lot older, more senusal, more confident. Aubrey's kiss is more awkward, less certain, but there is a real passion behind it. She struggles to get her body closer to yours, he hands moving over your naked back and shoulders.

    She rolls, pulling you on top of her, but she keeps kissing you. It's kind of a weird place, you know her body, but you don't know her in her body, if you know what I mean. But she's sending a pretty clear message about where she wants to go here.

    What do you do?
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    I kiss Aubrey, our passion growing as we keep fueling each other higher. I kiss her, enjoying the familiar yet new feeling of her body. She's totally different than Myrii and I feel suddenly like the one teaching instead of the one being taught. My hands hold her, caress her neck and her shoulders and more. I follow her signals, kissing her for a good long time before I wander to kiss her neck, down the line of her shoulders and eventually her breasts.

    I'll go as far as she wants to go, I feel suddenly so enchanted by her, she's vulnerable, curious, timid and passionate, a real human girl in this body and it's totally a new level. Myrii is... amazing... seriously amazing, but here I feel like it means something to both of us. It means a lot to me, I need her to need me, trust me, be with me.

    If we make love it will be my first time with a human girl, it doesn't enter my mind that she's dead... a ghost... something else. She's Aubrey, the cute and slightly shy girl i know from class but never really knew. Never though of her as more than... just another girl. But suddenly she's entered my secret world and she's so much more.

    And for this moment the part of that's still human believes I really love her.
  • So she kisses, and pushes the boundaries for each level, pushing you to go on, and eventually you do make love. At the point when you first enter her she jerks a little, winces, bites her lip, her hands clenching on your shoulders for you to stop for a moment, then she opens her eyes again and looks up at you, nodding and whispering "Okay... slow."

    Do you go through with it?
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    Yes, I hesitate and think and wonder but only so much as a teenage boy might. This was never my intention, I thought I could bring her here and b the good guy and watch over her without wanting this. But enough of me is still human, lonely, needy, turned on, and stewing so much in the emotions and events of the day that I can't stop myself. I feel for her, is it love? Probably not, not the deep lasting kind you hear about I mean, we've only known each other less than a day, but it's intense this situation. Aubreys need and trust have overwhelmed me and I feel so much for her... will it last?

    I nod slightly in reply to her, caressing her body to make her feel good and distract from the pain. I go slowly, I don't really have the experience to know quite how to handle this so I pay attention to her face and try to make her feel as good as I can. I care about her, that much is clear. With Myrii I would kind of just ride her waves and go with her, but here I'm in the lead and I try to give Aubrey a sensual, personal, and beautiful moment.

    Here in the woods in the early morning, caressed by the pelt of this magical sea creature and hidden from all the world.
  • So with kissing and touching your distract her from the pain of giving you her virginity. Of course who knows what that means with the body she has now exactly. And Myrii's taught you enough about touching, and improved your endurance enough that you can hold on long enough for her to climax.

    In the end, you're both lying there naked and she's snuggled into you, the air seems heavy with thought. Do you ask her for a promise?
  • [Nyx]

    Yes... heavy with thought. I don't know what this means or quite what I've done. I doubt she knows either. Right now I feel too human, too physical. I was weak, but it feels good in my heart. I enjoy the feeling of her body snuggled against mine. I almost don't want to move, for fear that the moment will end, as moments do. Happiness has been so fleeting these days, whenever other people are involved. I was happy all by myself in the woods, well... with the woodland fae... but it's not the same as love.

    She's already promised not to tell of this place.

    "Aubrey," I finally whisper, "promise me that whatever happens, you won't just... disappear... or go back to real life just like that... that whenever the time comes to do what you need to do... your magic. You'll wait for me to be there with you. I believe that this is real, this means something... I never would have thought we would end up together like this... but I'm so glad I found you and I want to be here for you whatever happens."
  • "I will Nyx. I'm glad I found you too." She says softly. "It's the only thing that's been right about any of this."

    She doesn't even hesitate in using your real name, not like at first.

    "Nyx, will you help me live again? I don't think I can go on like this forever. I'm... pretty sure that the magic is weakening. I got a boost just... uh... just now. And this thing..." She fingers the pelt. "It seems to help. But I don't want to take all your magic, Nyx. My body's dead, even if it is well preserved. I might be able to make it work but... if I can't. Well, that girl who drowned... she's in a coma. Her body is still alive. That would be, um, a lot easier."
  • [Nyx]

    I'm about to say something when she asks if I will help her live again, about to say yes... absolutely and without hesitation. But she goes on and I don't get a word in for a bit.

    "Jen? Hen's in a coma? You know this?" My face falls, poor Jen... I mean... I don't really get along with her for better or worse but that's just a tragedy. How Nula must feel? But there's someone I've promised to help right here. I did promise didn't I.

    Anything I can do to help you...

    "But... you won't be you any more Aubrey? Will you? You'll look like her.. how will you live? Will..."

    But how can I deny her a chance to live... even if it's so very... very strange. I don't know much about medicine or what a coma really is... don't people wake up from comas? I don't know.

    "You can take from me Aubrey... if you need I have plenty of magic for both of us. For now... ok? Let me go see Jen at the hospital and find out what happened, if she'll... wake up... ok? You stay out of sight and don't let anyone except for me see you, promise?"
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    She nods. "Okay I will. You um... you'll have to leave the ring. I like you wearing it, but I can't get very far from it."

    "Uh...The coma, It was on the internet... her brother friended me on facebook.. Teddy gave me her phone and I couldn't sleep. Also I think Teddy knows about Deputy Cross. Her page was up on the phone when I opened it." You realize she must have read dozens of comments about her disappearance too. I mean, people had pretty much given her up for dead, right?
  • [Nyx]

    "Ok... ok Aubrey..." I don't expect there's any ulterior motive here, it's not mine to keep anyway, right? I believe her sincerity.

    But there's no reason to go this minute right? I hold her, pulling her into me and enjoying the closeness with another... person.

    One the dew starts to evaporate and the birds are singing bright, I get up, help her get dressed and prepare to head home to change before going to the hospital in town.

    I don't leave her without a kiss, a warm hug... and a look of hope.

    This will turn out ok, I know it.
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    --End Scene--
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