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Amiette, Bones and Winter,

The three of you are at Bones' little shack. Its a bit cramped. The place smells of human vomit and bleach. Bald-headed cute Chibi is here, assisting Bones with Swoozie. Bones just saved Swoozie's life, bringing her back from an overdose that had pushed her nearly over the edge. Swoozie is passed out, no long vomiting and seizing, but resting on Bones' examination table. Chibi is working on cleaning her up, asking Bones where she could get some naloxone or naltrexone in case they run into a heroin OD again... and Bones isn't around.

Fitteen, a young girl with mocha skin and a big cut across her face is standing in the corner quietly. The cut is deep, the bandages are barely holding the wound closed, they look blood-soaked and they need to be changed. Outside the place is a ganger from Vulture's gang, big guy in leathers named Nedder. He's sort of milling about, being nosy, slightly concerned. With guns.

Winter, you're there by Swoozie, I assume. She's ok, going to be fine. Bones did some blammo type stuff, just laid hands on her and ta-da, healed. It was right then and there, too, no messing around. amazing, really.

Amiette, you just came to the open door to look in on all this, but what's going on is a bit obvious, more or less. Plus, you listened in on them as they walked and didn't notice you. How much did you catch? Nedder ignored you when you came into the courtyard, of course. Well, not completely, he did finger his pistol on his belt nervously. When look in on Bones, Fitteen freezes a bit when you walk in, like she saw a ghost.


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    Winter was standing at the door when they first arrived on the scene; but when Bones walked up and touched her — just a light touch on her face — Winter's face goes from numbness to awe. More than awe, complete confusion. She walks over, half expecting Swoozie's vomiting and convulsions to start up again suddenly, like she was given pause by Bones' touch; but nothing happened. Swoozie calmly laid back down and passed out. Winter had never seen anything like it — she actually double takes when she feels Swoozie's pulse has returned to normal. "How the?" She whispers, incapable of understanding what she just witnessed.

    There's a good moment where Winter doesn't know what to do — she looks at Swoozie, then Bones, and back to Swoozie. She sure as hell looks better, that's for sure... Winter shakes her head, and returns to the moment. She turns over to Bones, and faintly asks, "How much do I owe you? I don't have much in the way of variety right now..." She produces the two bottles of Patron (together worth about 1-barter), "but I might have something else worth your time... Something that could save a little bloodshed, but we'd need to talk about that in private." She eyes Chibi and Nedder — though she gives Amiette a free pass, since Winter suspects she already knows.
  • I watch Winter as I help Chibi clean up. People who see me heal for the first time can sometimes have...interestin' reactions. She looks mostly shocked an' amazed. That's ok. I can handle that.

    I eye the two bottles of Patron, but I look sharply back up at her when she continues. Somethin' that could save bloodshed? But a new voice chimes in before I can, an' I look up at Amiette. I'm stuck frozen for a second, unsure if I want to smile or quickly look away. I settle on a nod, an' I'm glad that Sable isn't here anymore. Sable knows enough about my love life. I don't need her on my case about Amiette. Cause I'm all raw from Ambrose an' I'm...I'm just done with promises of love. But Amiette of course comes right up to me, touchin' me, gettin' too close. An then she leans in an' kisses my cheek, an' suddenly I have to fight myself to keep from throwin' my arms around her an' burstin' into tears.

    She lets go though an' her spell over me lifts enough for me to turn away. "Sure." I say woodenly, but I've just focused in on Fitteen an' she's the distraction I need at the moment. "We can talk all you want, but I gotta take care of Fitteen first."

    I kinda march up to her, perhaps lookin' a little fierce, my eyes on the cut on her face. "You shoulda found me earlier. Those bandages should've been changed a long time ago." Then I look her in the eyes, an' my voice softens a little. "It's alright, though. I'll fix it now."

    I'm gonna reach for her face, to finally use Spector on her if she'll let me.
  • Bones,

    Fitteen starts to stammer when you come up to her, but then she holds steady. When you tell her its alright, she visibly relaxes, then you give her a hint of hope, but she says, "You don't. Hafta. I'll live. You save it for folks who are dyin. I'm. I'm alright." She's talking slow in hopes of the words not breaking. Her eyes beg for the touch, but her lips deny it.

    You can feel Chibi watching you, too. You snapped at her, what a week ago, about this same thing. She never understood then. She probably doesn't understand now.

    So tell me, Bones. Does your Healing Touch heal scars? This wound is days old now, already healed up a bit. If you pull this off, will she be pretty again?
  • Winter's not going anywhere — she's got a placidity to her as Amiette walks over and greets Bones. She watches the exchange, and offers Ami a warm smile when she inquires about her "business ventures". "Oh Ami, you know I don't gossip about my customers... You remember that old saying about ladies never telling?" Winter's got a vacant look on her face, but the message is clear: she won't offer details of any sort in a public setting like this — especially when she doesn't know how people would react to the truth.

    Winter's also not certain what business venture Ami's referring to — she has many — but she does offer this, "Of course, I'm not above a little anonymous gossip between friends if you've heard something scandalous..."
  • Custom Move time!

    When you use Healing Touch to try to heal an old wound, something mostly healed but healed wrong, or just a scar, roll Healing Touch as normal.
    On a miss, the wound opens up again, like it had never healed.
    On a 7-9, you're Acting Under Fire from the patient's brain. And yeah you heal 1 segment, if there is Harm, but the scar, blemish, whatever, still there.
    On a 10+, you healed it right up, baby skin underneath, all prettified.
  • Healing Touch to Heal Fitteen's Face

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+3 )
  • Acting Under Fire

    #DiceRoller( 2d6 )
  • (+1XP)

    I pretty much ignore Fitteen's stammerin' words. I can see what she's really thinkin' in her eyes, an' I feel pretty guilty for not bein' able to do this earlier. Chibi's words hurt a lot more than I let on. But I can make it right now. I can heal her. So I just calmly rest my hands on her face an' reach for Spector.
  • Bones,

    The rest of the wound heals under Spector's touch, it looks much, much better. But time has passed and the body tried to heal it, so there's already scar tissue, the wound isn't as jagged or ugly as before, but it is noticeable. Some will say it gives her character.

    When you reach into her with Spector, trying to heal, you see those trusting eyes of hers, they draw you in. It shouldn't bother you, you healed her. She looks fine, just fine. But that scar, that remaining line that will turn white with age, its hard to shake.

    Maybe its because the next girl who takes some shrapnel to her pretty little head won't have you around? Or maybe it just gets under your skin that this is one thing you and Spector can't do.

    Take -1 Foreward (meaning -1 on your next roll and it goes away).
  • Drunk, stoned, sober, pick one and Winter doesn't know how to show grief in that state — her expression remains unchanged, but she knows to tread carefully. "Yeah, I did," she answers, the drugs still fogging her expressions, "It's a shame really, because I was hoping to talk to him about a business opportunity, but he'd been busy with this Harridan business... I guess I didn't make the list of priorities. The few times I'd spoken with him he was quite a gentleman — why do you ask?"
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    Roll+Hx: Interfere with Ami's read.

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )
  • Ah well, worth a shot.
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    Yeah. It gets under my skin a bit. I peel off the old bandages an' inspect the newly formed scar. I mean, at least she doesn't have a gash in her head anymore an' the pain will be gone. But I couldn't fully heal her, an't that bothers me. It bothers me a lot.

    "There. You've got a scar, but it's healed up now." I tell her briskly. I look at Nedder an' Chibi. "Now if y'all wouldn't mind steppin' outside, it appears we need to have a private talk."

    I glance at Amiette an' Winter as I move to discard Fitteen's bloody bandages. Why are they talkin' about Crackle? I stay where I am by the cabinet, leanin' back against the wall an' listening. I'm close enough that I can be a part of the conversation, but far enough away so that Amiette would have to move around the table to touch me again.
  • Nedder makes space, but he doesn't leave. Chibi looks a little annoyed that you just kicked her out. Fitteen sheepishly heads outside, too.

    It's just the three of you in here.
  • (technically Nedder was already outside, I was trying to make it clear to all he's outside)
  • Winter purses her lips at Ami's (completely accurate) accusation — how does this woman always hit the nail on the head? Why do I even bother hiding it when she's around? She crosses her arms, and leans back against the wall behind her — my timing is poor, she thinks to herself, talk about the pot calling the kettle black. She's giving Amiette the look a mother gives her child for saying something nonsensically inappropriate in public, "Thanks for the vote of confidence, Ami. I can assure you I didn't kill him, and I certainly can't list every person in the nine cities that wanted Crackle dead — though a few obvious people come to mind." She waives a hand dismissing the very idea of her killing Crackle as bullshit. "I'm sure there are a number of gangers in Shantytown alone drooling over Crackle's vacant chair in the hold as we speak — I'd worry more about them than pointing fingers."

    On that note she gives Ami a look that reads, are we done here?
  • I'm watchin this exchange with narrowed eyes. Of course, I'm inclined to believe Amiette rather than Winter. I know first hand exactly how impossible it is to get a lie past Amiette. I shift quietly to block the door, my eyes on Winter. She killed Crackle. Why? She knew Harridan's name. I caught the smile on her face earlier when I confirmed we were goin' to war with him. I'd always thought Winter rather harmless, but I'm sure as hell rethinkin' that opinion.

    I stop in front of the door, arms crossed, but I can drop down fast an' get my knife outta my boot if need be.
  • Hmm... Something tells me the read you really wanted is the question I'm about to answer, but here's the confirmation out of courtesy: The answer is of course no — that was obviously a bold-faced lie.

    Winter's not overly surprised she'd be accused of working for Harridan, but she does question the necessity of outing her in front of Bones like this. She's admittedly a bit disappointed that Bones would so easily dismiss all the evidence Winter had doctored at the drop of a hat, but Ami was always surprisingly on game when it came to detective work. "What do you mean by check me?" She's a little weirded out at the request, but she can at least do Ami the favor of letting her know about her involvement with Harridan, "I haven't worked with or for Harridan, but that opportunity I was talking about? Well that would be a very — shall we say — intimate meeting with him in the very near future. I was going to propose that if you're willing to help me find the person who'll take me to him, I'd be willing to help you avoid the need for your war. Free of charge. Wars are so blunt, and dirty — so many innocent people get killed. I can get the job done before they even suspect they're under attack."

    She spots Bones nervously standing in the door, blocking her egress. She hopes she can make this deal work, since blowing it means she'd have to fight her way past two people she really didn't have a quarrel with.
  • I raise an eyebrow. I was not expectin' this turn of events. I glance over at Amiette to see what she thinks of this offer an' then back at Winter. Who is this girl?

    Read Winter

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )
  • Winter,

    You notice that Bones is a bit skittish right now, not that she wants to let it show, but you pick up on it. It even gives you a little insight on her. You may ask Bones one question from the Read a Person list, free of charge.
  • Well Bones, how can Winter get you to relax?
  • Well Winter, you are not really the reason why Bones is skittish right now. Despite all of this talk of murder and such. Bones is skittish because of the other person in the room. However, if you let Amiette read you, if you cooperated, told the truth, and got all of this over and done with quickly, that would help. Bones probably isn't going to completely relax until you and especially Amiette are gone.
  • Winter comes from a group of people that have a very weak connection to the psychic maelstrom. The maelstrom may occasionally sneak its way into her life when her guard is down, but for the most part she doesn't understand what people are talking about when they refer to brainers, and the maelstrom, and all that weird, superstitious mumbo-jumbo. That's not to say she's never heard of it, but rather she just isn't sure she buys into it just yet — her first tangible experience with the maelstrom just happened. So when Amiette starts talking about strings, and mind reading, you'll understand when I say she's just a teensy bit skeptical, and furthermore uncertain of what you really expect of her. She's never met someone she couldn't kill — she needs to believe Harridan is just another man she can kill, or her world starts to collapse.

    "Uh... Sure," she finally says, her eyes turning to Bones for some type of reassurance that she didn't just imagine what she heard, "but there's gotta be a way through his defenses, right? I mean, there's got to be something I can do to keep him unaware."
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