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Alonzo and Grekkor,

Some time passes and you are outside The Gym, it is afternoon. Norvell came by earlier ad officially asked you to take on security for the hold, Alonzo. He doesn't speculate on the cause of death for Crackle, but leaves it to your discretion whether to investigate it officially or let it lie. What did you tell him?

Grekkor, your mixed group sent to check out the aftermath of the fight between Chigger and Crocs are coming back. Chigger is with them, sort of circled by them. He is showing signs of recent battle, but he carries it well.

As they're coming up, Sails is telling you about the time he met Harridan, "Well, Grekkor, a couple moons back, I ran into a small caravan outside Nokes. They were dripping with jingle. Some big strapping fella made me an offer for work, but I turned him down. He told me he was Harridan, but I knew he was lying. The thing I did see was this small boy. Well, mostly a boy, but he was black as coal with gray eyes that saw through ya. He was probably five or six, but it was hard to tell because his head was warped like a rotted melon. I lit out of there right quick. That's the only time I saw him."


  • I told him I would start quietly looking into it. If it was murder, we can't let it stand. I ask Spurlock, who came along with Norvell, to start quietly asking around. Who was with Crackle last night? Did anyone see him before he turned in? That sort of thing. "Say I had asked Crackle to do me a favor and I need to know how much he got done before he died. I need you to take lead on this, my joy, and keep it close, if it do ya." I think he may have been miffed that I took Sails along. Fantastic. Jealous gangers.
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    "Sails, I would suggest you tell no one else of this until you tell The Bride."
    He watches Sails closely as he says this.

    What does Grekkor already know about the Chigger and Croc fight? He just had a vision of Chigger assassinating people in their sleep-- such dishonor-- was that part of that battle?

    Grekkor approaches the returning Pryers.
    Is Chigger armed?
  • Chigger is calm, but you see a bit of the excitement of battle hasn't worn off. He is carrying a large two-handed sword strapped to his back and he has a machine pistol (an SMG) in a tool belt along with a couple grenades.

    Mayday and Seeley come up to you, Grekkor. You see Mayday work through the forms of greeting smoothly, but she keeps the actions slow and measured. Seeley keeps Mayday in the corner of his eye and follows her lead. Then he says, "Seventeen dead, Hand. The whole gang, including three women. Chigger's gang lost one and sent another to Bones. No word back if he made it. Chigger agreed to come with us peacefully, took an oath of peace to discuss the matter. We did not take his weapons."

    Chigger is standing slightly behind them, he can hear the whole thing. He looks unperturbed about this, not cocky, just doing what needs to be done. Call it professional.

    Grekkor only knew that Crocs was the leader of the gangers who arrived with Wolf, the Pryers shared this with him. Wolf acted as the vanguard while Crocs and his gangers went to Red House and seemed to be a reserve guard. The fight Grekkor saw had not happened. The flashes were Chigger and his men attacking these men in their beds in Red House and in their trucks and tents, hacking them up savagely.
  • [Grekkor]

    Grekkor steps up to Chigger. He bows slightly as a token of respect. He gauges Chigger's response, assuming Chigger will return some sort of gesture, if not more so. Grekkor's ego is alive and well here.

    "We here at the hold had accepted Harridan's vanguard in peace. Now I hear you agree to speak to us under the same oath of peace, all the while having murdered Harridan's group, we were currently dealing with. I cast no authority on what your group and Harridan's people do outside the hold-- that is between you and him. But such assassinations and ambush in the dead of night, I judge as savage and dishonorable. You will collect your people from our Hold, specifically any remaining in our infirmary. You are not an enemy of the Pryers, but you are not a friend, either.

    "Do you have anything to say?"

    I hope I got all the facts there right...
  • Chigger bows his head respectfully and listens attentively, no defensiveness at all, almost Pyrer-like with his calm. When you ask if he has anything to say, he says loud for all to hear, "I accept this, it is fair. I need all of you to know why. I was one of Harridan's puppets. He muh.. he MADE me murder Domino when she was hurt in Never's attack. He made me do other, uhm, things, too. I will never outlive that shame."

    He pauses for a second, looking around to make sure people are listening. This is important to him, like a samurai giving his last haiku before seppuku, "Harridan used me to spread something to Boag, his influence, madness, I don't know what. But the Boag you may have known wasn't the monster who stood by me when we got here to the Element. Amiette, bless her heart, freed me from Harridan's hold, but not before Harridan used me to spread that whatever it is to Crocs and all his sick little puppies. They were monsters. Once I was free from Harridan, I told my gang I needed one last job. I gave up all my jingle to them because I had broken trust with them when I was... Harridan's bitch. We swept in on Crocs and his gang and murdered every one of them while they slept. I gave no mercy because they weren't human anymore."

    Again, he stops talking. A full minute passes as he is collecting himself. This is obviously still raw, not an easy admission. Chigger's a big guy, he towers over most men. So its a thing to see, when he forces himself to continue, drops heavily to a knee and bows his head, his voice breaking slightly, "I beg one favor. Any of my gang who choose to stay here, please grant them mercy. They followed me and I misled them. I was responsible. Even when I told them of my... mistakes, they took up arms to help me make it right. They deserve a chance to start over. They hate Harridan for what he's done. They will fight well for all of you. Plu... please take them if they come to you. I have no jingle, nothing to offer to buy their forgiveness. So I beg for them."

    you got it perfect!
  • This is Grekkor's territory. I am quite impressed with how this is going down and I wonder at Chigger's use of "mercy." Can that be a coincidence? No, I don't believe in coincidence, perhaps Yurd whispered in his ear a word that might aid him in dealing with The Hand.
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    Accepting these gangers might mean immediate war. The Pryers need time to organize. We did not ask to get dragged into this fight like this. Grekkor was strung. Was he not human then?
    "No. They are not welcome. To accept them is to break the peace. Break our word. After the period for reflection and negotiation offered by Wolf and Harridan ends, then, perhaps mercy."

    Grekkor bows now, low with more respect than before.
    He makes a mental note to send a Pryer out to treat with Chigger and his gang-- perhaps Fifteen when she returns from the infirmary. If and when the fighting starts, someone like Chigger would make a good ally.
  • Chigger rises slowly after bowing, accepting the judgment without complaint or even flinching. He leaves.

    As Chigger walks away, a couple gangers who were waiting a bit away join him. You hear three gunshots coming from somewhere near the hold, but not in immediate view.

    What do you do?
  • [Grekkor]
    Grekkor looks to the new head of security.
  • [Alonzo]
    I don't know if he sees the smile. I hope not, he might take it as something insincere or patronizing. But I do smile as Grekkor responds to Chigger. I'm not sure if Chigger realized that it wasn't an outright "no" to helping fight Harridan. It was simply "wait until Wolf leaves, then we'll see." I hope he got that critical distinction.

    Three pops? Near the hold?

    For some reason I remember something I overheard last night at our den. I was in my room and they didn't know I was still awake. Spurlock, HR Report, and Trinkle were jawing and said they were now the Old Man's Gang. they laughed and someone said, "Yeah, we should all die our hair gray like his and call ourselves The Grays." The rest joined in making "old man" jokes.
    The hubbub was dying down when, queitly, Gummer said, "Vha Graysh. I liksh id." Several others repeated it. It was a wonderful moment of cohesion. I could only hear them, but I felt like if I could see them I would have seen glowing strands connecting them and getting stronger.

    "Grays! To me." And I'm off running in the direction of the shots. Three shots. Crackle's death. Grekkor and Chigger. This is turning into a roller-coaster of a day.
  • Alonzo,

    Your Grays follow out.


    What are you doing? Following? Taking care of other business?
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    Greys. He looks out on the expanse of the ashen waste beyond the hold. Seems fitting.
    He decides he best find Wolf, tell him of the Croc slaughter.
    Weapons, he'll need weapons to arm any people that join in the hold's defense.
    The spring, he'll want to go examine what efforts have been made out there.
    What to do first? He is not sure.
    How much time is left on the 3 day reprieve?
  • Let's hit number one (Wolf), I think that sounds quite interesting. I'll put up a new scene and skip to that shortly.

    You are on day two of the three day contemplation.
  • Uhm, meant to link Alonzo to the other scene.

    Alonzo, go here.


    --END SCENE--
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