[A Wicked Plague] Chapter 1, Scene 6

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Chapter 1, Scene 6


Judge IORRIS and his assistant Saneth have a wagon full of bodies. Bodies they found while looking for Mahdi. Jhanger, the sarcosan and mule, is arguing with Saneth. He is claiming that one of the bodies has something of his. (The body was one of Kitsune's minions, the one who would make the book exchange. Jhanger is guessing his payment is still on the corpse).

JESPER, notices the sarcosan arguing and realizes this is the man Mahdi told him of. In Jhanger's hands is a dark orange book, with an oversized paper folded between the pages. In large print the word, "DEED" can be easily seen poking out from the fold.

Inside the wayhouse ELOS' suffering is subsiding.
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