[BPRD] Joe the Initiate (take two)

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Joe Wauneka



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    man, agile body, archaic clothes
    cowboy boots & hat, faded blue jeans, various button up cowboy shirts, black vest & jean jacket, and big belt buckle. Also a pocket knife, analog wristwatch, dark aviator sunglasses and a cheap clamshell flip phone. Leather satchel with a dozens of small shamanistic/totemic items (rattlesnake rattle, eagle feather, dried bit of wild bee honeycomb, etc.)

    Charm +1, Cool 0, Sharp +1, Tough +1, Weird +3

    Ancient Lore
    Magical Lore
    Tradition bound

    silver knife & enchanted .38 revolver (loud reload +1 harm +magic).
  • MOVES (basic plus)
    Mystic +1 forward anytime successfully uses magic
    Mentor “Atsah” … Roll+Sharp; 10+ get answer to question, 7-9 choose busy & can’t help or answer but a favor is owed, fail – question causes trouble.
    That Old Black Magic when you use magic, you can ask a question from the investigate a mystery move as your effect.
    Joe to Blake: We fought together when the tide of monsters seemed unstoppable: a mission to take out a lone werewolf turned out to be a pack; we narrowly survived.
    Blake to Joe: pulled Blake and his team out of a terribly FUBARed mission.

    Joe to Eaton: We met researching mystical weirdness, and we’ve been spooky buddies ever since.
    Eaton to Joe: Joe tried to destroy Eaton, but Eaton proved he’s a good guy.

    Joe to Penny: You are described in our prophecies but the role you will play isn’t stated.
    Penny to Joe: Penny hopes that he can help her control her powers.
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    [_] [_] [_] [_] [_]
    [X] Get +1 Weird, max+3.
    [X] Get +1Tough, max+2.
    [X] Get +1 Cool, max+2.
    [_] Get +1 Sharp, max+2.
    [_] Take another initiate move.
    [_] Take another initiate move.
    [_] Gain command of your chapter of the Sect.
    [_] Gain a Sect team under your command.
    [_] Take a move from another playbook.
    [_] Take a move from another playbook.

    Advanced Improvements
    [_] Get +1 to any rating, max +3.
    [_] Change this hunter to a new type.
    [_] Make up a second hunter to play as well as this one.
    [_] Mark two of the basic moves as advanced.
    [_] Mark another two of the basic moves as advanced.
    [_] Retire this hunter to safety.
    [_] Erase one used luck mark from your playbook.
    [_] Become the leader, or effective leader, of the whole Sect.
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    When you suffer harm, mark off the number of boxes equal to harm suffered. When you reach four harm, tick “Unstable.”
    Okay [X ][ ][ ] | [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] Dying
    Unstable [ ] (Unstable injuries will worsen as time passes)

    You can mark off a Luck box to either change a roll you just made to 12, as if you had rolled that; or change a wound you have just taken to count as just 0-harm. If your Luck boxes all get filled, you ‘ve run out of good luck. As you mark off luck, your dark side’s needs will get nastier.
    Okay [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] Doomed
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