[BPRD] Table Talk Mission Three

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  • Posted By: TwopointzeroShould there be a new table talk? I have a couple of questions:

    * should there be new highlights?

    * I was asked what Joe tells the group. Does this mean of the detail expressly mentioned ("a string of murders of visitors in Canyon de Chelly")? Or is this asking me to provide some further elaboratio like "I pass around the photos of the three college students killed while hiking in the canyon that I had sent to the BPRD from the Navajo Nation Police"?

    * more of a comment: the scene setup looks like it utilized my mentor move automatically.
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  • Dr. Eaton, please highlight Tough.
  • Joe, please highlight Penny.
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    Penny, please highlight weird.

    Blake, please highlight Joe.
  • Norwood, I was thinking Joe only has the bare facts, so the question was more - does he color it or give the details as is

    It did trigger your mentor move, but go ahead and roll it to get more details, since I barely gave you much to go on.
  • Oh, well, your searching skills surpass mine! Cool, then Farmington to Chinnle Muni!
  • "... is my presence going to be a problem for your organization?"

    I somehow skipped over this. I guess Joe was preoccupied. I'd say from our histories that there is a begrudging acceptance that your an exceptional kind of ghost.
  • Blake and Joe still need highlights from players. Then I will do highlights.
  • Joe highlight tough.

    Penny, highlight Blake
  • Blake, let's see you be Charming. :)
  • Blake, highlight Cool
    Dr. Eaton, highlight Cool
    Joe, highlight Sharp
    Penny, please highlight Charm
  • That's a fair point.
    Dr Eaton, highlight Sharp.
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  • These new monsters are kind of terrifying already. Just please don't make them mountain lions. :)

  • Nightmares. Gee thanks.

    Super Mountain Lion PIC
  • IT'S A TRAP!

    For real, I don't even know what to do with myself right now. That is adorable.
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  • Erk, you're right. I'm sorry I flipped on that, that's not cool. I apologize for that!

    OK, I feel like a do-over is too far gone. What's the best way to fix this? Give me a pass for this one and the no Reading monsters sticks? hat way Dark Negotiator isn't a gimped move. I think that's probably it. Thoughts?

    Orrr... we could make Kelsey record herself singing Christmas carols and email it to each of us!

  • Oh boy. I can promise you that me singing would make things much, much worse. Hahaha.

    Yeah sorry about that. I should have been more clear when I asked Rich why I was asking.
  • Thanks, Michael. I'd tagged it the night before when I started the thread, but then it timed out and I didn't check it the tags were lost. Fixed now.
  • I miss this game!!
  • Why have we stalled out? Should we end scene with Penny's revelation and you guys talk out of character to figure out where to go next?
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