[BPRD] Makes My Skin Crawl, pt 1 [All 3.1]

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Blake, Joe, Penny and Dr. Eaton:

The four of you were the only passengers on the twin-engine plane into the airport in Farmington, New Mexico. The one stewardess, a Japanese-American lady in her thirties named Song, was pleasant, until she inadvertently touched Dr. Eaton. After that, she tried to avoid all of you. Did you do anything about that?


Your mentor Atsah requested your team's assistance, there have been a string of murders of visitors in Canyon de Chelly, grisly things with bodies ripped and rended. The park has been closed as of this morning and there are all-day meetings set up by the council to decide what to do. Atsah asked the BPRD to come in and help, he feels these aren't animal attacks as the public story goes. He's caught up in some other work, so he left this to you. What did you tell the group?


  • I slump low in my seat on the plane, my hat pulled over my eyes.  Not that I expect to sleep. Ever since I received the late night call from Atsah I've been restless. I tossed and turned for hours before giving up and heading into the BPRD office much earlier than usual. 

    I don't imagine Dr. Eaton sleeps at the office, or at all, but he must have been pre-occupied with his books.  Nonetheless, I didn't want to disturb him. I pop antacids like candy and washed them down with black coffee in an effort to push down the feeling in my stomach and remain calm. When Field Director Kate Corrigan's assistant arrives I suggested we go help out with the killings Atsah called me about.  I'm sure Atsah already had the official request made but want to do something to push this along.

    By the time the group arrived, I had emptied and refilled the coffee pot a couple of times. I tried to remain calm and wait until our normal briefing but my excitement got the better of me. As each one comes in I let them know that I put in for us to take the case in Canyon de Chelly.  

    Now we're hurtling across the country to Arizona. It's bittersweet. It'll be good to be back near the Four Mountains but these aren't joyful circumstances.  I have my hat low to try to get some sleep and speed the clock up. I want to skip ahead to when we land or even the part where we find this killer.  I'm anxious like a kid waiting for Christmas.  Unfortunately, the more I try to speed things up the more I get lost in my own thoughts and the slower things move.
  • I do nothing to reassure Ms. Song. I can be charming, and I am used to smoothing over these sorts of incidents, but I am in no mood today. This has the smell of another kill mission, and I rather dislike the idea that the Bureau may be coming to view myself as suited to such tasks. And worse, that they might think the same of my granddaughter.

    If Joe were not involved, I should likely have objected. There are tactical teams for this sort of expedition.
  • I glance at Ms. Song furtively from behind my book. Which is upside down. On purpose! Have you ever looked at letters upside down? They are very interesting! But right now I'm watching the stewardess. Watching her attempt to ignore us. Poor Ms. Song. I'm used to people attempting to ignore me, so I don't really mind. For once it's not me who has her spooked. And anyways, I've learned that explaining things doesn't work very well when no one believes your explanation. Ms. Song is lovely, but she seems like one who would Not Believe.

    Grandfather (I am getting more used to the word now) seems withdrawn. Joe is antsy. I am just Penny.

    (Penny Who Is Nervous About Seeing More Ripped Up Bodies But Is Pretending To Be Fine)

    I change the direction of my furtive glance towards Blake.
  • The pilot announces over static-laden speakers that you're descent has begun, that you'll be on the ground in about ten minutes. Ms. Song makes her way near you for long enough to ask everyone to buckle up, to throw away trash in her bag and prepare for landing. Then she walks to the door between the cabin and the cockpit and pulls down her little steel chair and takes a seat, buckling herself in. Within a few minutes, you're heading down in a skipping and slow descent to the airport.

    What arrangements were made for travel? Where are you staying? How many rooms? Did you notify the local police or will you handle that when you land?
  • I've got what Annie always called my 'secret agent' sunglasses on, and have apparently been staring out the window, deep in thought. But my eyes behind the glasses have been finding their way to Penny more often than not. Except when she looks at me and I flick them back to the windows until she stops. I didn't pay much attention to the stewardess.

    We rented a vehicle, a suburban, which should be waiting for us there. I think we're staying in some little mom and pop place that Joe knows about. I don't think we've talked to the police yet. Is this Farmington jurisdiction or is this on a reservation?
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    Canyon de Chelly is located in Navajo Nation, within the authority of that government. Farmington happens to be the closest airport. Its a looooong drive to the canyon.
  • Well we're doing an air taxi from Farmington to Chinle Muni, one of the airports owned by the Navajo Nation, about 14 mi W of the canyon. I was told they could get us a vehicle, but I don't know what it will be. Maybe Joe knows more.
  • Ah yes, right. You save yourself that drive with that change in itenerary. BPRD administration needs to improve their travel arrangements with the Navajo Nation, obviously.
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    Alright. It sounds as if we're getting off a very small plane, that air taxi, at Chinle. A tiny airport, one runway, and we are climbing down onto the asphalt. And there'll be some kind of transportation waiting, and possibly also someone associated with your society, Joe?

    What time of year is it? What time of day? Weather?

    I'm peering around the minimal airstrip, but beyond the asphalt there isn't much more than scrub and red rock, which oddly puts me in mind of T. S. Eliot (there is shadow under this red rock). And I am considering just how tiresome an expedition this could prove to be, out in such remote surroundings. Certainly, I suppose that considering my state, I should have little reason to complain about any accommodations, or lack thereof, but all the same.

    Speaking of my state of being. I turn from the landscape to you, Joe:

    "Well, we're here. I should ask, is my presence going to be a problem for your organization?"
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    I'm examining our surroundings with obvious delight. I almost skip up to Blake, grinning from ear to ear. "It's so beautiful here! I feel like I'm on Mars! And you look so grim in those sunglasses. Are you trying to frighten people today?"

    I stop in front of him, my hands on my hips. Then I whip my right hand up to place my pointer finger delicately on the tip of my nose. "Not it on driving this time."
  • It's a warm, almost hot, and dry afternoon in mid August. The area looks like it could use some rain, actually.

    Joe, who is waiting for you at the little airport at Chinle Muni?

    Want to roll your Mentor move to get any further info?
  • My cousin Kyle is meeting us at the airport. He's a couple of years older than me and a member of my sect.
  • mentor
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+1)
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    An dark-skinned man wearing a sweaty plaid shirt and worn jeans caked with dried cement is waiting on the unused airstrip near where you landed in what passes for an airport. As you all deplane, he walks up, waving and calling loudly, "Hey cuz!" When he sees you, Penny, he starts for a second, then calls, "Joe! Why didn't you say you worked with a pretty girl, man? I would've, you know, changed!"

    He comes up to greet each of you with a smile and a handshake. He's wearing a lariat, but otherwise, he looks like a construction worker who took a break to come see some family come in, which is pretty much the case.

    Within a few moments, you've gathered your things and loaded them into bed of the four-door white truck you've rented. If nobody steps up, Kyle will drive, "Do you want to stow your things at the ho-tel or go to the site while it's still light out, Joe?"
  • I greet Kyle a hearty handshake that becomes a hug. I ask how he's getting along. Before we head to the hotel I want to go to the scene of the incident.

    On the way I'll inquire about his family. But what I really want to know is if he has talked to my sister lately. Because I haven't.
  • I give her a smile.

    "Not trying. It just happens."

    When Kyle greets us I shake his hand firmly, but probably look pretty expressionless. I'll let him drive for the moment since he knows the territory.

    So how's this work? Kyle driving and Joe up front with him to talk, leaving me, Penny and Doc in the back. So Penny's in the middle I imagine, kind of squished against my right arm. And my arm is all twitchy because it wants to go around her, but I'm not letting it.

    I'm trying to listen to the exchange between Joe and his cousin, but I'm having to fight distraction.
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    Question from earlier, Joe:
    "... is my presence going to be a problem for your organization?"
    But perhaps you were distracted by the arrival of your relative. For my part, perhaps it is insensitive to the climate right now, but I blandly accept the other man's handshake. That is a thing which I usually would avoid doing, but perhaps I am feeling protective of my granddaughter.

    As we are traveling, Blake, I will most likely follow along as I may, rather than riding with the rest of you. Penelope would find being squeezed in between us uncomfortable for more than the usual reasons, and while she may be more tolerant than most to the touch of the dead, I suspect - alas - that she would rather be left alone with you.
  • I smile brightly at Joe's cousin, shaking his hand. I'm glad he didn't change. I like being able to see people as they are. This is Kyle. Kyle wears plaid shirts and works with concrete. I like Kyle.

    I do climb into the middle seat of the truck, next to Blake, to leave room for my grandfather as is only polite. When I realize that Dr. Eaton is not joining us, I glance at the empty seat with pursed lips. Then I very purposefully place my purse on it. There. Now it's occupied. I don't mind sitting this close to Blake. In fact, I rather enjoy it, despite his arm twitching.

    I endure the twitching in silence for fourteen seconds before my curiosity gets the better of me. I glance at his arm and then up at his face, hidden behind his Sunglasses Grim. "Do you have knives up your sleeves again? Are they poking you? Is that why—"

    I don't mean to suddenly stop talking, but it's rather hard to concentrate on the present task at hand when your mind is suddenly switched onto a different channel as though someone sat on the remote. My eyes go rather disturbingly blank, frozen up in the direction of Blake's face.
  • Premonitions Move

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+3 )

    highlighted for 1xp
  • Kyle seems a bit put off that Dr. Eaton feels so cold, but he follows through with the handshake, then quickly moves on. He doesn't question that Dr. Eaton isn't riding along. As you first start off, Blake and Penny in the back, Kyle and Joe in the front, the cousins chat about family. Kyle's mom is fine, his grandfather is still sick, they sent him to hospice last month, "the cancer" is inoperable. Kyle snuck him some weed this past weekend, that's helping with the pain. He does mention that your sister Yiska finally got a job with the city, but she doesn't seem to be happy about it. He mentions that she knows you're in town, Joe. Mostly because Kyle mentioned it at lunch yesterday.

    Once the formalities of family are over, Kyle says, "Cuz, there have been four deaths in the last week, all at the southernmost point below Canyon de Chelly. The first three were oil men, prospectors is what I've heard around. The last was a teenage kid, Jolo. You remember him from the rec center, right? All of them torn apart by tooth and claw, animal attacks. The park has been shut down since Jolo was found dead yesterday morning. I got a look at his body, the bite marks are too far apart to be wolves like they're saying. This is something different, not sure what. Me and a few of the others will be keeping an eye to see if he rises with the moon... just in case. Oh, and sorry if I grossed you out back there, Miss Penny."

    Kyle finishes this up right as he pulls the truck into the parking lot of the Super 8-style hotel. The lot is in disrepair, the exterior is mid eighties in design, needs new paint, not much to show for it. The rooms are doubles, I assume you got adjoining, there is a door between them. No balcony. The AC units are loud, but they work. The showers have good water pressure, the promise of a continental breakfast and HBO on the fat 24 inch screen TVs.

    Joe, you see Kyle's Camaro parked nearby, he must have planned this out, maybe got someone to drive it here while he picked you up, or something. He can stick around or go.
  • Penny,

    On the ride, you get a vision of the four of you (minus Kyle) walking into a cool place underground, following a blood trail, a lot of blood. There is one of them watching you on the trail, they're working together, its going to sneak up behind you...
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    As the truck pulls into the parking lot, any of you will spot me already here and crossing the lot on foot, hands in suit pockets.
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    I thank Kyle for picking us up. It's been a while since I've been out here but so I'll confirm the route to the most recent attack while I walk him over to his Camaro. When this is over, I assure him, i'll stop by and see the family before leaving. Then I'll double back to the others at the pickup truck. I want to jump in the pickup and ride.

    "So, check in or....." I let the question trail off hoping someone will make the suggestion for me.
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    By the time you turn back, Joe, I am consulting with Blake and Penelope. When you reach us, I share my thoughts with you, as well.

    "I believe that we should commence our investigation as soon as possible. Lives are at stake, it seems. We should also, in any case, attempt to conclude our examination of the incident scenes before nightfall. It is now already afternoon, and I imagine that night will come early in the canyon, so we should permit no delay."
  • Back in the truck I recognize when Penny has gone into a trance. And of course I noticed when she chose to stay close to me even though the Doc isn't riding in the truck. Why is she doing that?

    Anyway, I see the trance take hold just after she's asked me about my arm, so I watch her until she comes out of it, just to make sure she's okay, of course.

    Then we're at the hotel and Doc is giving us his thoughts on how to proceed.

    I nod.

    "I agree, lets see what we can find out."
  • I blink out of it as we pull into the hotel. I can't help but shiver, despite the heat. That was unnerving, the knowledge that we were being hunted like that. Knowing that something was creeping along in the shadows, following, watching, and definitely not alone. And what was it? I can't help but play through Kyle's earlier description of people torn apart, as if by animals with huge teeth and claws.

    I climb out of the truck and wait until Joe comes back, standing perhaps slightly closer to my grandfather than normal. Everyone seems to be voting to venture down into the canyon right now, and I'm trying (and failing) to erase the frown pulling the corners of my mouth down. Blake puts in his vote, and I let out a tiny sigh and give up.

    "We will find a trail of blood. That trail of blood will lead to a cave. Something will be watching us, and it will try to sneak up on us from behind. And it won't be alone." I try to state the facts in a Calm, Clear, and Concise manner. I glance around at all of them, my teammates. "Of course, it might not be right now...or today for that matter." I pause, tilting my head as I muse out loud. "I should really try to look at my watch next time."
  • This seems like a suitably creepy point to...

    --END SCENE--
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