[Ashen Snow] Elements Exposed [Gr 6.6]

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The Pryers and you escort Hoze from the Spring back to the Hold. Hoze keeps that animalistic walk, his black skin drinking in the scant light peeking through the gray and red clouds above. He's quiet, but not reflective, more apprehensive, moving on instinct. I assume you at least come through The Gym, right?

When you come in, the Pryers are busy at work setting up an area for the people to gather. You see Melody talking with Unca Jess, Mungo and Tar Pit. What's odd is that she's doing most of the talking, telling them how to set things up for the big meeting, talking about things like making sure everyone can hear, organizing where Pryers will stand, lots of little logistical details. Some of them are out of form, but Mungo and Tar Pit are listening quietly.

They stop talking when you come in. In fact, many of the Pryers stop doing what they were doing when you come in with a coal-black teenager in rags beside you.

What do you do?


  • Hoze seems a little suspicious, but Melody talks to him quietly and he turns his attention long enough for you to pull Tar Pit over.

    Tar Pit swallows for a moment, considering. He looks up at you, with those hard eyes. You realize, perhaps for the first time, that they're whitening slightly. Cataracts forming, the creep of age. He probably shouldn't be a sniper anymore. He certainly wouldn't have allowed anyone else to do the job if they weren't capable. "Graykor, Ah think ya have the right o' it. If she called im ta tha spraing, then yer right ta want ta wash im."

    After a second of hesitation, he reaches up a shriveled, bony hand and puts it on our shoulder, Ah think she works through ya now, son. Foller yer instincts," then he nods significantly.
  • --END SCENE--
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