[Ashen Snow] Unexpected Reunion [Gr 6.7] [Al 6.7]

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Some time has passed since the showdown with G-String and Amiette. You're at The Market where you just finished up settling a dispute Hugo pulled you into where he accussed a ShantyTowner of trying to snatch some of his stuff. Mice confirmed it, but the ShantyTowner, a teenager named Hoak, was sorry about taking it, said he thought it was pretty, wanted to give it to his little sister. Hugo wanted you to crack down on him, set an example, said Crackle would do that to make sure. How did you resolve that?

Anyways, you're finishing up and see Grekkor walk into The Market. He's got some wild little jet-black skinned savage kid with him, wild eyes that look a little familiar.


You end up walking through most of the hold before you come to The Markets. Thats where you find Alonzo. It seems that Hoze recognizes him. You hear him gasp, then he grabs your hand and steps close to you, "That's. That's him, right?"


  • Alonzo,

    The coal-black boy is about the right age, but you'd never imagined him bigger, right? Always the little Scamper. Never quite this dark or savage, but in your heart you know. "Poppa?" The voice comes out younger than his years, his eyes wide with emotion. He looks at you like he's afraid this is all a snow-fever, a lie, a mockery of his forgotten hopes.

    His body has changed, Alonzo. His skin, it is coal-black and callussed, tough and lithe, worn down but still strong. His face is harder, nails grown to almost talons. But it's him.
  • Posted By: orklordAlonzo,
    Hugo wanted you to crack down on him, set an example, said Crackle would do that to make sure. How did you resolve that?
    "I've set enough examples for today," I told him. "You have your property back. The boy is penitent. Half a day cleaning ash from gutters, should serve as a reminder." It's ugly, dirty work, but necessary. It's not particularly dangerous so long as your careful when climbing and keep your face protected.

    Then I see Grekkor approaching with a strange looking younker. I wonder where this one came from?
  • Posted By: orklord"Poppa?"
    My Hoze? My lil Scamper? How?

    "Yes. It's poppa," I say in a hoarse whisper.
    I fall to my knees in front of him, right at his feet and grab him in an embrace. His skin feels nearly inhuman but I don't care. Suddenly I heave in deep, racking sobs. The tension from the impending Harridan battle, the sadness and anger of the entire G-String incident, and everything else comes to the surface and joins my bitter despair and transcendent joy. I never really hoped I'd see Hoze again. I gave others hope because it's all I could do to escape the despair.

    For a second a thought flashes in my mind. Esacpe! Take my boy and leave!. But I can't do that.

    "Scamper," I sputter as I sob, "My boy. How?" And my weeping continues.
  • Hoze stands there, transfixed, his eyes tracking you as you drop down and pull him in. Then he's weeping with you, dry tears, but the sobs give the sense of them. "They took me away, but this man here broke down their walls and I ran with the others. The waters of the spring called me here and then I saw the man again. And he... he brought me to you!" He's beyond words, they tumbled out so quickly it took a moment to process them. He puts his hands on your back softly, tentatively for a second, then firmer. His nails are sharp when he presses his hands against your back, not cutting, but noticeable.

    --END SCENE--
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