[Ashen Snow] Before you kill your kin... [Ami 6.4]

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You planned on following Spurlock, right? Were you going to sneak up on him or something? You see him lugging G-String out to the badlands, which is dangerous with the couple of gangs out there in the woods. Not cycles, just cannibals and crazies, mostly boogeymen, but there are bad folks out there sometimes.

If you want to get the drop on him, tell me how.

If you are just walking after him and then planning on talking to him, I'm interested in how you'd avoid him shooting you.


  • Let's see you Act Under Fire to get the drop on him.
  • Acting Under Fire.

  • Alright, he heads out of the hold directly, but he's carrying a girl and not hurrying, this is a rather awful task. So let's say that you keep an eye on him and work your way up to catch him as he's coming near a dilapidated brick building maybe a quarter mile from the hold. The place used to be a hospital, but a fault line opened up right in the middle of it. Its been picked clean several times over, used by squatters then fell apart due to exposure. Now its more of a rubble of bricks in a building shape. But you can catch him there.

    The problem is, if you reach to grab for him and miss, there's nobody out here to help you out.

    What do you do?
  • While the thought of being without aid is disturbing, I won't be turned aside so easily. I conceal myself near the ruin, flexing my gloved hand, and when he comes by, I reach for the same unprotected arm that I reached for before.
  • You're hunkered down by a corner of the building, a brick triangle that has stood up through the wear and tear. It just so happens that Spurlock chooses that place to come over with G-String and he drops carefully to a knee and places hr down on her butt, easing her back against the wall so she's sitting up. Her head lolls to the side, and he takes a second to straighten her.

    He rocks back to sit on his haunches and you're waiting for the right second to touch him, watching him just a few feet away. Spurlock is obviously emotional, hes been walking and trying to psyche himself up to execute his own sister for about half an hour now. He pulls out his revolver and flips open the cylinder and holds a thumb over one chamber, then holds it upside down until five bullets drop out, then he flicks it closed and spins it. "Okay, Gee, here's the deal. One of us makes it out of here. Maybe its you, maybe me. I... shit, you are NOT a good person. Alonzo is. I know he can bring us some hope and what have you brought people? Pain, hatred, probably crotch rot. You love to play people off each other, to fuck with them. How many times did I try to help you out? And you just laughed it off. I never wanted to give up on you, I didn't. You did this. I swear you did this..." Then he pulls the gun up to aim and pull the trigger at her.

    (If you want to touch and string him, make your roll to string now. Fail and I roll a d6 to see if you're shot.)
  • Yes, I reach out the bloody glove to touch him, to string him, again, pushing my will into his.

    [color=purple][i]You will obey me until I release you.[/i][/color]

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  • Spurlock lowers the weapon slowly, says bitterly, "Great. Just great. Why can't you leave me alone?"
  • Spurlock looks at his gun dully, keeps looking at it, "Alonzo gave her a chance, ma'am. Then he told her she go away, and she still came back and nearly killed that girl AND the hold's doc. She's my sister, but she's a damn menace. I don't want to kill her, you're right. But she needs to die. For the good of what we're trying to build here. For our respect."

    He looks up at you, forcing himself to look in your eyes, though you can tell it isn't pleasant for him, "Mercy first, then pragmatism. She refused mercy... why do you even care? I saw how you looked at Bones."
  • Spurlock looks as if he's about to shake his head, but doesn't, "No, Gee had it in for Bones because she thinks Bones let Turk die. Which maybe she did, I don't know. He told her to leave the town and not come back and instead she ran off and joined Easton's gang. Then snuck in to try and kill Bones. She probably figures that even if she failed, she'd go down and then Easton would have to get payback for her. She is always causing trouble like this. What do you mean, you know about killing family?"
  • Spurlock glares at you for a long moment. Then he muses, "Of course I want her to get a second, third, fourth chance. Nobody wants to kill someone they care about, but it happens sometimes. The thing is... you talk about commanding folks to do your bidding awful lightly, ma'am. I had heard the stories about you, but I never gave them much traction. I thought we were fighting Harridan for fear of this same tyranny?"
  • Spurlock shudders when you release him, his shoulders go slack. Then he shrugs it off and picks along the dirt for his bullets, throwing them in a pocket as he stands up. He's quite a bit taller than you and he looks down at you, not threatening (he's quite afraid of you now, you feel that, you know it), but damn serious, "Two things, ma'am. Alonzo can never know I betrayed him. I've got enough trouble with Sails coming in on us like some maverick when I'm trying to hold together what's left of Turk's gang for Alonzo. If he exiles me, it will all fall apart. Second, I need you to stay out of my head, alright? I get that you're doing your best, but maybe we can work together next time. Or something. Anything but that."
  • Spurlock nods once, then leaves G-String to you, heading back the way he came. He fires two shots in the air, which make you jump, but well, he's covering his lie now, isn't he? There's pretty little G-String, the girl he said was nothing but trouble. G-String, who nearly killed your true love. She's laying there, out cold, drooling on herself.

    What do you do?
  • When G-String was barely a teenager, she was abducted off the streets of Mattingus by a gang who worked for a psychic named Donner. Donner used G-String and another girl named Shelly as his personal slaves for a year until he impregnated G-String. She brought the baby to term, then Donner took it away from her. He did this a second time a few months later. Both times, she would try to fight him off, but he tore into her, broke her down, laid her mind open and forced her to enjoy it by tying it to other memories. It broke her mind.

    Her lowest moment was when one of Donner's gangers admitted that he'd served up her second child as an offering to all of them while she was recovering, a cannibalistic reward, a "meat-pie". G-String became suicidal, and nearly killed Donner in a attempted murder-suicide, but he made it out, unleashing a torrent of pain that damaged G-String's mind horribly.

    G-String finally fought her way back to being a living person, after a fashion. As she became stronger, she talked a doc into tying her tubes so she'd never go through that again. But it didn't heal her, it just put a band-aid over a gaping wound. She thought she'd found someone special in Turk, but then Bones let him die. But what she wants forgiveness for really, is that she's pregnant, she doesn't want the baby, she doesn't know who the father is and all of this pain is giving her pleasure, sick twisted Donner pleasure and she really hoped killing Bones would end her suffering.
  • It's a tricky thing, really. Planting a bomb in her head with strings, much easier than healing her.

    With time and intimacy (like a Brainer's Deep brain scan), you can try to heal the damage done by another Brainer. Roll+weird.

    On a hit, choose options. On a 10+, choose 2.
    On a 7–9, choose 1 and you’re acting under fire from your patient’s brain

    * You can re-route pathways (re-map pain stimuli to pain reactions, pleasure to pleasure, the like)
    * You can restore hidden or stolen memories
    * The patient is not harmed in the doing (1-Harm AP)

    If you've Advanced the Opening Your Brain move, a 12+ will give you three options!
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    It takes quite a while to do this, as one would expect. There's an oddly fascinating few minutes where you see different emotions play over her beautiful face, you even find a spot for happiness and she smirks lightly. Without her scowl, she really is a beautiful woman. Remapping the pain sensors is more difficult and her nose starts to bleed a trickle. Then things start to spark up and the pain reaches for you, through you.

    You're under attack from her brain. Give me an Acting Under Fire roll.
  • Right as you finish up, her eyes flutter open. She looks around, then becomes aware that she's in your arms. G-String is still sitting with her back against you, right? She turns to see you, then her eyes bug a bit and she tries to scoot away, but she's in pain and dazed from the drugs and moving feebly, "N-no. Puh-please."

    What do you do?
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