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  • [Gabe]

    "Pan! It's me, Gabe!" Gabe calls immediately, stepping into the room, looking to his sibs, "Fraze, can I remove the helmet without hurting her? MB, Cassa, keep an eye out for guards." Gabes moving close, is she hurting? He will try and heal her up if she's injured. If lightly, then angel kit, stock if needed. If heavily, then Healing Touch. Nothing, not even his fear of the Weird, is more important than Pandora right now.
  • Well, the air's filled with fumes, right? And the fumes are rising, and they're on the higher ground, right? I mean, it might not be an explosion, but I assume they'd be looking at a face-full of fire if they set it off from where they're standing now. And shooting at me, from up there, with a rifle round at this range? That bullet's bound to go right through me and strike up sparks.

    At Spray: "I'm not here for Babcock, brother, I'm here fo' my sister."

    I'm still focused up the steps, though.

    "An' Fleece, huh? You, you or your people came and kicked in the door a my little sister's home, dragged her down here and threw her in a fuckin' machine. That whole scene's screwed the hell up, and I don' wanna hear a word from you 'bout how I'm breaching your security."

    "Don' know how the fuck you think you can pull this shit and not see someone kicking back, an' I don' know how many times you've gotten away wit' it so far. But this time she's comin' back to her family, and I don't really give a damn 'bout the rest a your operation here. 'Cept you better believe th' beach is gon' be keeping a closer eye on you people, from now out."
  • Mike's right. Gabe, go here
  • Spray's talking along with you, not interrupting because I don't see you stopping to let him, but just blabbing, "See, Fleece, he's not here for Babcock!" ... "Your sister?" He's putting two and two together and it pains him.

    Fleece though, he's a little quicker on the uptake. "Yeah, I get that but the boss puts food in our mouths and she needs someone in the hole. I dunno if you noticed but the world's all kinda ugly and we've got a thing going here that works out good for almost everyone involved. And I wasn't blaming for breaching our security, but it's a thing and this was a way to contain you." He taps at one of his gas cans with left foot. And just then, he's paying a little bit of attention to something in his ear -- a radio transmission or whatever.
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    I cock my head.

    "That's a miserable little way of looking at the world. If this place's all kinds a ugly, it's people thinking like that that makes it that way. If you have it good, you take that chance to help, or if you won't do good, at least do no harm. When you start preying on others like this, you've crossed a line. Your greed's making monsters of you. How long have you been doin' this? How long's someone us'ally last in your hole?"

    I flip up the gun, pass it down to Spray casual, like it's nothing.

    "Also, the gas is a stupid idea. Containment? Do y'really want to trap us down there with your machines and ... why'd you think we was after Babcock, brother?"

    I put a foot on the first of the steps up.
  • Let's read Fleece!

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )

    xp (2) / hold (36)
  • Oh, right, what'm I sayin'? I set foot on the stair, sure, but only after I get Spray up, get an arm around him and a shoulder under him, to get him out a here like I originally meant.
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    (Sorry for the awful delay!)

    So you stoop to boost Spray up and start to help him up the steps. And as you're starting up again, Fleece makes his offer. "Look, if I help you and yours get out of here, what are you willing to promise? No one else gets hurt, right? No more of my team get shot. You leave Babcock alone. That fair?" And then, you hear Pity who might be almost directly above you and there's someone up there with Fleece who's out of your direct line of sight that's reacting to her...

    Also, do whatever you'd do and answer Fleece however you'd answer that. And then, are you telling the truth?
  • I keep moving Spray. He's got one good leg still, so I'm on the other side keeping him up on that side like a crutch, an arm around his back for support.

    But: "I told you. I'm here for my little sister. Let me take her, and we're done here today."

    Of course I'm tellin' the truth.

    Raise my voice: "Pity? That you?"
  • Of course you can tell it's Pity and she can certainly tell it's you but now you're at least sort of in communication. Fleece's companion is telling her to stay put up there.

    They're letting you assist Spray. Fleece asks, "And you're in command of your people? Whoever else is down there with you -- they'll agree or follow orders? We need to bring someone in to detach the ba...your sister from the machine. It's going to take some time. And this is going to be awkward because we need most of you out of here sooner rather than later. You have any ideas on how to handle this?"
  • "Rhyme! Good to hear you're down there. I'm going to stay here until something happens. I think you can probably sort things out so everybody knows that nobody wants to get hurt."
  • "Sure, Pity. Nobody wants t' get hurt."

    So, there's three of them right now? Spray, Fleece, and the other one I saw before is also the one dealing with Pity? Fit'een steps, and I set Spray down.

    To Fleece: "They're my family, they listen to me. But all of us are here for Pandora, and none of us'll be goin' home without her. No offense, but this is kidnapping and murder you're up to here, and that's no way to build trust. So I don't know what you did to her, but we've got our own guys for this. If you want to send in yours and make this go faster, we're down for that, but not without my brothers stayin' and supervising."

    "So if you want us out of here fast, that's the way t' do it."

    "But look, we don' need to burn bridges here, brother. Let's disarm, let's get this done, and let's go our ways. We'll be good visitors. Fact, I hear on the way in, you got a man down with a sickness. If your guy's gon' work on my little sister, then let's have my brother take a look. It's Playground, right? His sister was pretty fuckin' worried, and that's family, right? Same as here. My brother Gabe, he's a doctor. Learned from the Vet, he's good, he's willing t' help."
  • I'm going to try a manipulate:

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )

    xp (3) / hold (37)
  • So Fleece seems to be the local decision maker and he's going for it. "Yeah, OK." He lowers his weapon and takes Spray off your hands. "Rhyme, right? You wanna go help your people? Your sister's on the left. Don't mess with the door on the right. I'll have a technician down in two shakes." And then he's speaking in some pigeon into his shoulder. His partner isn't aiming his rifle up at Pity any more but he's also keeping station there on the stairwell like he intends to manage traffic.

    What're you two doing?
  • "How 'bout you come down, Pity?"

    I'll go look downstairs again.
  • You see MB sealing up the hatch on the left and then glancing around the room as he starts heading across, he catches your eyes with an inquisitive look and gesture. So?
  • A hand sign: it's cool.

    "It's over, brother, settled out. They're gonna give her over, Gabe's gonna do some doctorin' here."

    Another gesture: stay sharp.
  • I put my hands at my sides and head down slowly. I intend to get to where Rhyme is and give him a hug.
  • With your violation glove on? Well ... okay, I guess I'm not paying that close attention. Please don't mind-rape me.

    It doesn't sound like anyone's stopping you. They're letting you pass and everything. Though, so we're not keepin' the rest a them hanging, when you catch up to me I'm walking for the vaults and pointing for MB to go ahead and crack open the one with Pandora and them.
  • I'm not going to attack you, silly. You're helping everybody right now!

    I guess once I get down there I kind of stand, shuffling from one foot to the other. It's nice that nobody's pointing guns any more, but also kind of boring. Maybe soon we can get back to the beach.
  • So there's a little bit of friction with you heading down, Pity. The soldier that told you to back off doesn't want you to, but through some opaque system, Fleece make him back down and you're let through.

    Rhyme, MB hesitates. He's like pointing at the other vault but your hand-signs are inadequate to have a real conversation so he just talks as you draw closer. "Pandora really wants Babcock grabbed. She says she's in there. And you're sure they're not going to blow this place?"
  • Honestly, maybe we could move things ahead a little?

    I tell MB that yeah, we should be on guard, but messing with Babcock is going to bring trouble automatically. I'll stay here with Pity, and they won't be able to try and burn the place down without the two of us twigging to them. Maybe we keep the others safe until these guys send their own people down, but once that happens we'll all be mixed together and nothing like that should happen.
  • Sure. If you're convincing MB not to go get Babcock then he'll just camp outside the door that contains Pandora and wait for the locals.

    And they come soonish. There's a guy named Burlap in white footie pajamas who comes down empty-handed but is getting stuff together from the supplies here in the room. And there's Fleece and Peanut keeping watch, imposing authority if it's ever needed. And hell, Staple comes down carrying one end of Playground on a cloth stretcher, with her friend Candy.

    So, unless Rhyme or Pity have done something or gone anywhere, Rhyme, MB, Pity, Tarantula, Burlap, Fleece, Peanut, Staple, Playground and Candy are all here, tracking petrol around the room -- though there's someone on the stairs with a mop, at least. Once Burlap's spent like ten minutes getting his shit together, he wants access to the battery room where Pandora and the sibs are.
  • Pity will just pace around a bit, trying not to jump in the petrol like it's a rain puddle, and possibly not always succeeding.
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    I'll be cracking open the, what? The battery room? I'll be getting that open before Burlap's ready. Maybe you want to moderate how the threads join up, but once enough people are down here that they're not like to burn the place out, I unlock the hatch and crack the door.

    "Hey, how's it look guys? You okay, Pandora? We've got help comin'."

    Are you hanging around at all, Pity? Coming to see Gabe and Pandora and all? If you're close, I'll get your attention and just whisper:

    "Pity, think you could vet that Burlap guy? Make sure he's gonna do what they're sayin' he's gonna do?"
  • Oh yeah, I'll be following Rhyme pretty much, especially once we're going to where Gabe is.

    I try not to squee with delight about having something to do. From the wink I give Rhyme, it's clear the being conspiratorial is an area where my enthusiasm considerably outweighs my experience.

    Unfortunately, I haven't been paying that much attention. Has Burlap actually announced his name? If not, who in here looks the most like a Burlap?
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    Pity, you recognize Staple from the garage above. The bound and shuddering guy in black clothes on the stretcher probably hasn't agreed to do anything since he's almost entirely out of it. The guard that Rhyme set this all up with, Fleece, told Rhyme who Burlap was when he arrived. But like you note, you weren't paying attention. I guess you have to decide whether Burlap is a soldier, just a guy, or some weirdo in mostly clean, white hoody-footie pajamas who's getting a steel pan and a bucket of red fluid and some strange instruments ready.

    Rhyme, you see what you see (which you know from the other thread). Pandora's situation, Gabe and Cassa are with her. But it looks like there's substantial tension. Pandora might be out of her mind or something.
  • Burlap sounds like a soldier's name to me, but I have a better idea. I need him to look at me anyway.

  • I'll be real lazy here, Gabe. I'll spend 1 hold (hold (36)), and have you mark xp if you tell me what's going on. How's Pandora look? Is she deranged? Act under fire if you don't say what's going on.
  • [Gabe]

    Gabe is frustrated sinnce Pandora won't let him help her, so yeah, he spills the whole deal about Pan's situation, her fears about Babcock, the whole deal. I assume it takes a bit to get it all out.

    I'll take the XP, if that's cool.
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