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  • Winter doesn't exactly know what copacetic means — though it always sounded like one of those anti-depressant medications she'd seen in some of the pre-fall magazines she'd read. She's since taken it to meaning "good" (as in, not bad). "All things considered, yeah I'd say so," she says with a giggle and a smile, gently firming her grip on Easton's arm, "How about you, Ik? Things must be pretty hectic right now..." She's of course referring to Crackle's death, hoping Ik might offer some insight into what's going down with the higher ups.
  • Winter,

    Ik shrugs, "Same shit, different boss. Of course, workin for a holy man should be interesting. Been thinkin about takin some time off from it, you know." Thatch is ignoring you all now, she's busy watching people, mostly Wolf and his pack. Then she sort of slips away and heads over there.

    You watch her until Ik starts talking to Easton, subtly giving him the third degree on you two. Do you save Easton or let him talk through your weird hook-up legacy extended contract dealie?
  • "Stop it." I say in a low warnin' kinda voice. It's one I learned from Wolf actually. It means stop whatever the hell you're doin' or there's gonna be consequences. I shoot both Jersey an' Sable a look.

    As Grekkor makes to leave, I step after him, away from the pack a little bit. "Grekkor, I need to talk to you." I say firmly.
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  • [Bones]

    I keep pullin' him until we're out of earshot of the pack. "Yes. Logic's figured out how to turn himself invisible. A few people can still see him like Amiette an' apparently Sable." I scowl, comin' to a stop. "I don't like it. I don't trust him."

    I focus back on Grekkor's face, but I don't stop scowlin. I'm literally shakin' in my boots, but I try to hide it. If Grekkor's gonna get pissed at anybody I'd rather it be me than one of Wolf's pack. "An' you!" I put both hands on my hips. "Why were you rude to Wolf's pack? I convinced them to help us, an' you almost ruined it by insultin' them! I know you have your rules, your code, an' that's important to you, but not everybody thinks the same way you do! An' if you don't stop pissin' off people who want to help us, we're all gonna die an' Harridan will win. An' you and I both know that we'll lose more than just our home or our lives. This is bigger than you or me. Bigger than all of us. The Lady needs help, as much help as we can get her. So please, just...work with me, will you?"
  • I raise an eyebrow. "Well look, they passed your test. You pissed 'em off, insulted their character, an' they're still stickin' to their word to defend this place. An' they're tryin to be civil, which is a helluva lot more than you've done. You seriously need a new way to test people."

    Despite my words, my tone's not quite as harsh now. I'm actually fightin' a mad urge to laugh. I don't know if it's just nerves or how ridiculous this situation is. I never expected that I'd be the one scoldin' Grekkor. An' Grekkor looks almost sorry. I study his face closely. I wish I could figure him out.
  • Knowing Ik, it won't matter what Winter says — he's going to keep on thinking whatever he wants about Easton, and Easton's just going to have to live with Ik's scrutiny until he proves himself... Winter's sure he will, but she opts to help the process along. "Ik, sweetie. I appreciate the concern, but Easton here is more than a client. He's my man." She offers Easton a smile, a knowing gaze into his eyes, and a brush of his cheek. "'Sides," she continues, "we've got bigger fish to fry right now — I need to cut a deal with some guy named Wolf to get me off the hook with Harridan." She's hoping that's enough to at least put Ik off Easton's case for now.
  • Read Grekkor
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )
  • Grekkor,

    You gain some insight into Bones all of the sudden, right as she's trying to figure out your motives.

    Ask two of the Read a Person questions of Bones. Bones, answer them truthfully.
  • Winter,

    Ik gives a half smile and eases back. Then he quips, "Your boy Wolf, he's the fella in the poncho gang over there. I think Thatch is going to beat you to the punch, though. Listen, I'll keep an eye out, but I need to get back to work in the meantime. Nice meeting you, Easton."

    Easton nods to Ik, then takes your arm and starts guiding you over towards Wolf. You see that Bones is near them, talking angrily with Grekkor. In a few seconds, you're there. There are four of them, a skinny blonde talking with Thatch, a bit aloof. There's a big muscley guy, a smirking dark-haired fellow, a balding guy who looks at you like you're the hottest thing in the building and then the one Ik pointed out, a blue-eyed athletic man.

    When you come up to them, the smirking guy steps up, "Hi there, ma'am. Sir. I'm Jin. You are?"
  • AmietteWhat does Vulture intend to do?
    Vulture plans on driving a hard bargain for his gang's services in fighting Harridan. He'll either fight for a position of importance in the combined towns of Element and ShantyTown or sit it out. Jingle isn't his goal here. If he wanted that, he would just take off for Harridan's camp, which he doesn't plan on doing.
    What is he really feeling?
    Right now, he's excited, so many things to learn here, to see how the power vacuum of Crackle's death was filled, which he expected to be vacant for much longer. He also wants to see how Jackabacka plans on handling this meeting. He is looking for weak points to make his next move. He's also more than a little pissed at Winter for nearly killing his girl, but he'll keep that in check until Easton isn't around, then he'll take his pound of flesh.
  • I make my way to Roark. I don't know him except in passing, but after that insight I want to know him better.
  • Alonzo,

    You pick your way through the crowd, your son following. You notice Hoze is a little overwhelmed by the amount of people and while he keeps near you most of the time, he goes out of his way to work around clumps of people. This is completely foreign to him, this many loud strangers, new smells, the like. He's keeping it together, but you can sense his unease.

    You head towards Roark. He's standing with some ShantyTowners, all of them are men, in rough work clothes, salt of the earth types, rough hands, tough backs, that sort. Maybe ten of them total. They've got a portable still in here and a big card table with glasses. A couple of them are sharing shine, others are standing and watching. Roark is talking with Imam. Imam gives you a nod, "Alonzo."

    You see Roark is holding a half-full glass of shine while talking. He gives you a tight smile, but after the near fight with you and Amiette, he's reserved. He takes a swig of it and places the glass on the table, then turns around and crosses his arms.
  • Winter isn't sure what Bones is doing chewing out Grekkor, but she never really understood the doc much anyway, so she doesn't give it much thought. She curtsies slightly for Jin as he introduces himself, "A pleasure, Jin. My name's Winter, and this fine gentleman here is Easton. Am I right in understanding you people are with Wolf? I've got to chat with him about a meeting I have with Harridan," she looks up at Easton, uncertain really of how to proceed, "or rather what to do about it, I guess."
  • Winter,

    Jin snatches your hand, even though you didn't offer it, and kisses it and smiles up at you. Easton moves forward a step and Jin releases you with a smirk, then turns to gesture at the blue-eyed fellow, "Wolf. This here's Winter and her fella's named Easton. They wanna talk about the big guy."

    Wolf motions with his head and walks towards the shadow of a set of old metal bleachers. He waits for you to come to him, then says, "What's up? I overheard you talking with Jin. You don't want to meet with Harridan."
  • Bones wants Grekkor to apologize to the pack. But more than that, she wants him to realize that they are good, worthy people and to treat and respect them as such.

    Bones sometimes does act with less mercy, but those decisions usually don't end well. By this time, Grekkor might have heard that Bones was shot by G-String today over Turk's death and that Amiette saved her life. In Bones' mind, acting with less mercy is tied directly to people dying. And though she'd never admit it, she almost always feels guilty when someone dies because usually she could have saved them. So for Bones to act with less mercy, the person in question would have to really deserve it in her mind. She let Turk die mostly because he was using kids for blood sport. So if Grekkor wanted Bones to act with less mercy, he'd have to convince her in any given situation that her mercy was not deserved.
  • "Imam," I return his nod.
    Scamper, Hoze nudges up against me and I put my arm around him. I want so much just to strike out West and find a new place. Maybe Jeanette...no. My place is here. It was my dedication and calling that brought my boy back to me.
    "Roark. You were with Amiette in the infirmary right? It's good to have someone to love. Sometimes it's all that keeps us going." I muss Hoze's hair a bit. The affection is genuine, but the timing is intentional. After all a prophet should use all the tools in his box.
    "I feel bad about what happened with her and I want to make peace with her, but I think that it needs to wait until after we deal with Harridan."
    "I have," I pause as if looking for word , then remember he knows what Amiette and Bones can do, "had a vision that you're part in this battle is paramount. Will you stand with me, against Harridan?"
  • Manipulate Roark into putting differences aside for the time being.

    #DiceRoller( 2d6 )

  • Alonzo,

    The thing with your boy seems to soften him a little, but his posture is still guarded, arms folded over each other as you talk to him. He doesn't sneer or do anything rude or challenging, he's just, not really sure about your intentions. When you ask for his help, he blinks a couple times, like this puts him on the spot. He looks around at all the people gathered here, then back at you. Finally he sighs and uncrosses his arms, "Harridan had some kinda control over me. The woman you need to make peace with saved me. She's been nothin but good to tha people o this place an like you, they all treat her like..." He pauses like he was about to curse, but then he looks at Hoze and doesn't.

    Then, To answer yer question, yes, I'll stand against Harridan. But when tha dust settles, I expect ya ta make peace with her. Ya don't hafta like her, but if yer the next sheriff, you''ll need her. Specially with Bones leavin."
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  • "Of course they've only been loyal to each other." I shoot back immediately. His hand on my shoulder makes me real uncomfortable, but I'm tryin' to ignore it. "They're wanderers. They've never had a home, a place they belonged. They didn't have anythin' to be loyal to. An' part of that is cause of me. They were lookin' for me, that's how they became wanders in the first place. How is that selfish? At least they have loyalty."

    I give him a fierce look. "An' they won't turn on us. Yeah, they are workin' for Harridan, but they didn't know any better. Now they do, an' they're gonna help us. My brother does not break his word. He's not like me, if that's what you're thinkin. That's why he's takin' our answer back to Harridan still. Cause he gave Harridan his word that he would. He's tryin' to be honorable just like you, alright? You want people to be like you, you get mad at 'em when they're not, but then you write 'em off. How the hell are they supposed to know any better if you don't teach 'em?"

    I take a breath an' calm myself down a little. "An' if you're not gonna apologize, a simple thank you would be nice. I mean they're riskin' their lives to help us. It'd be nice if they knew we were grateful."
  • Winter offers her usual girlish smile when Jin takes her hand and kisses it, it's a source of amusement to her how far men will go to seem like gentlemen. That Easton stepped forward makes her all warm and tingly inside — she takes Easton's hand in hers with her hand to calm him as Jin releases her. She nods appreciatively when Jin directs her towards Wolf, "Thank you Jin."

    Wolf isn't at all what she expected — succinct, reasonably young, hauntingly attractive in a way (not that it phases her). She follows him over to the bleachers, and keeps the conversation low. "As it just so happens I'm not so sure I do anymore — but I don't have much say in the matter, because Harridan says the path is clear and sunny. I somehow doubt that it's going to be so easy as me just not showing up." She looks around the area nervously, trying to make sure nobody's listening in to their conversation. She's kind of hoping that dropping the code word would help Wolf understand just how much shit she's in: if Harridan wants her enough to give her a code word, then showing up without Winter would probably require some significant explanation. "I don't know if you've heard my name around camp, or the cities, or whatever, but I'm in a really unique position to help these people — Harridan is exactly the kind of problem people have been hiring me to solve for years, but I've very recently discovered the kinds of things he's really capable of, and it scares the shit out of me. Starting a war with a rich man who can control minds isn't my idea of a smart business plan, and I'm not in the mood to turn into some marionette hanging on Harridan's wall to be fucked at will." Winter's pleasant demeanor is gone now — to anyone who's never seen this side of her before, it can be slightly off-putting watching a sweet trophy girl turn into a cold and calculating professional — but her reputation should precede her. She'll be disappointed if Wolf is phased.
  • OOC: Change of plans, I'm going to try for reputation now, and I'll read if things get a bit more involved.
    Roll+Cool: Reputation (+1 XP)
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  • Okay Winter, what has Wolf heard about you?
  • Winter is not some floozy to be underestimated: she's dangerous, and is the go to girl for a lot of important people in the cities for very secretive and highly political jobs.
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    Easton, for one, is taken aback when you fall into your professional demeanor. Has he ever seen this side of you? He still has your back, but he stiffens a bit, you feel it because he's so close. Its not horror, more of 'wow, uhm, this girl can be scary, not the little girl I knew before' type of thing.

    Wolf though, his reaction is different. When you drop the code phrase on him, he closes his eyes, like this was not news he wanted to hear. But when you remind him of your unique skills, he opens his eyes, gives you a clear look and nods, "Alright, you'll travel with the pack to see him. If we don't bring you, we violate our contract, which I won't do. As for how we handle Harridan, I'm waiting to see how these folk line up. Emmy wants us to defend the place, but with you aboard, I think we have a better chance cutting off the head of the serpent. Avoid the entire defense plan altogether. Being a professional like us, I'm sure you know that will be costly, so I'm curious if a hold like this can afford what we have to offer. Fair?"
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