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    Easton pointedly does NOT raise his hand like his father does. He stands there impassively, watching with a neutral tone. You feel his grip on you firm and he says for only you to hear, "You're the only one I can trust now, Winter. The only one."


    Wolf is standing and talking over the radio, probably with Scar and Mac. Sable is standing beside Thatch now, their body language is comfortable. Jin's watching, he thinks the whole thing is rather amusing. Jersey and Nuff are gauging the crowd. Wolf meets your eyes. He's noticed you holding hands with the brainer.
  • When I catch Wolf's eye, my first instinct is to drop Amiette's hand. But I don't. Instead tilt my chin a little defiantly. I can hold hands with whoever I want. But behind my defiant glare, I'm tryin' to gauge how he feels about it. I'm not sure what to expect from Wolf now. All I know is that last time Wolf saw me holdin' hands with someone, an older boy named Apple to be exact, he came stormin' over an' told Apple that he'd break his fingers if he ever touched me again. Course it did come up later that Apple was not a good person, but Amiette seems to have that label attached to her too. Which is fuckin' ridiculous. She's one of the best people I know.
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  • What is Wolf really feeling?
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    He sees what these people mean to you, what Amiette means to you especially. While you may have told him not to feel guilty about chasing you the past ten years, its still there. He's going to leave you here in the morning, leave you here to help these people while he and Winter go murder Harridan. He's not going to tell you. He might even lie, because he knows not everyone in the pack will make it out of this job. What Grekkor said, trading honor for jingle, it struck home. Killing Harridan, for these decent folk, that's a thing worth doing.

    edited to add: And Wolf does NOT approve of Emmy being with a fucking Brainer.
  • Winter matches Easton's grip with a worried, but reassuring look. "It'll be OK sweetie. Jack is falling in line because this is bigger than him. He can't do the things we can together, so he's turning to people stronger than him. Before long he'll see how right I was about you, and then he'll come crawling back."

    Winter's paying close attention to Easton — he's being sort of needy right now, but she understands. Catering to needy men is 90% of her job. In the back of her brain though, she wonders if Amiette actually could help her resist Harridan's mind. She notices Grekkor and Bones are talking to her, so she opts to walk over and wait for their conversation to end/lull before stepping in.
  • I see that look on Wolf's face. I see it an' I know what it means. He had that look for a moment when I was holdin' Dune's body. An' I could see him struggle, just for a second. Just for a second the rage on his face was replaced with guilt, horror, hurt, but then resolve. An' I knew then what he chose. He chose to do what he thought was right. He chose to turn me in.

    That's the look he has right now. He's gonna do what he thinks is right. He's gonna leave me. He's gonna go try to take down Harridan, like he wanted. Like that will make up for everythin. Like that will fix anythin.

    That look is quickly replaced with disapproval as he looks at me an' Amiette holdin' hands. Fuck. He's got more than disapproval on his face. His jaw is all set, eyes hard, the way he always looked right before we got in a huge fight. Dammit Wolf. I can't deal with that right now. What am I gonna do? How am I gonna stop him? The skull I saw earlier flashes through my mind. Shit. I need help. I know I need help. So I turn to Amiette even though I know I have no business askin' her to help me. I do not deserve any of her help, but this is Wolf's life we're talkin' about. My brother. I would do anythin' to save him. I turn to her fast cause I've no doubt Wolf will be over here very soon, an' I don't know when I'll get a chance to talk to her again. I lean into her, my mouth inches away from her ear, speaking low an' desperate.

    "I think Wolf an' his pack are gonna try to take out Harridan by themselves. Maybe with Winter, I don't know. Please, it's a suicide mission! An' I can't—" My voice breaks for a second. "Amiette, I can't lose my brother. I can't. Please help me!"
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    The crowd starts talking excitedly about Alonzo's proclamation, about the coming battle, how they can organize. Norvell and Corbett are trying to get things lined up. Your Pryers already know what to do, they aren't involved with this. Jackabacka is strangely silent, left out even though he offered support.

    Melody whispers in your ear, "Graykor, you thank it went alright? Seems like they're fallin in line."

    Bones and Amiette,

    Wolf comes up to you both. He actually looks down at your joined hands pointedly. Bones, do you keep holding Amiette's hand or release it? Well, whichever reaction you give him, he says, "Emmy, once this settles down, we need to talk with your hardholder about our fee."

    Also, you notice Winter is near. Amiette, you caught her eye a second ago, looked like she wanted to talk to you.


    You arrive seconds after Wolf, you're close enough to hear this. Easton gives you some cover so it doesn't look like you're waiting your turn. Man, Easton is watching his father like a hawk. Of course, you can hear this conversation between Wolf and the others and yes, Bones is Emmy, you know that for sure now.
  • Alonzo,

    After giving their vocal support, most of the crowd filters up to the stage, talking to you, at you, promising service, begging for your help, calling you the hold's savior, The Prophet. Norvell and Corbett are trying to get others organized, planning. Jackabacka, he's a rock in the river, not moving with the flow, standing out as he watches you and them. He doesn't look entirely happy.
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    Jackabacka opens up his stance when you come over, gives you a nod of acknowledgment. Melody walks with you. Is she on your arm, beside you or behind you? What's fitting for a Pryer's mate, I can't recall?

    He answers, "Well hell, getting them past the oh shits tomorrow will be hard enough." He chuckles, a mean-spirited chuckle, "What's funny to me, Grekkor, is that the folks organizing the defense of the hold are the same ones who built the defenses in the first place. You think they even see the holes in their walls anymore? Nah, they'll bolster up where they're already strong and leave the backdoor wide open. Because if they knew the backdoor was open, they would have already closed it. You know, Domino and I scouted this place real damn hard before we came. She had a bunch of plans for making this place something special, you should have seen it. But you fuckers went and killed her, scattered the horde to the wind."
  • I give Wolf a glare an' hold Amiette's hand even tighter. I look over at the crowd an' Norvell, an' then look back at Amiette, ignorin' Wolf. "I'll come find you later tonight." I say boldly, partly for Wolf's benefit an' partly cause there's a lot of things I need to talk to her about. She said she'd help me, an' I believe her. We'll figure somethin' out. We have to.

    I give her hand one last squeeze, an' then I let go. I stride right past Wolf. "Well c'mon then." I say to him stiffly.

    I aim to head along the outskirts of the crowd over towards where Norvell is. Once he sees us, he'll know we need to talk to him. I don't want to barge in through the middle of everybody an' interrupt. Plus he might want to go down to his office, an' that way we'll be clear of the crowd to do so. Anyways, I've got my shoulders squared an' I'm not lookin' at Wolf. Yeah, the Amiette thing is makin' me mad, but more than that, I can't believe he's plannin' on just leaving. Abandoning me an' carryin' out his own plan. I thought I was part of the fuckin' pack. Doesn't that mean somethin? An' I'm his sister. It's suicide, this plan. Does he really think his death will fix anything? Doesn't he understand what his death would do to me?
  • Winter's really worried about Easton right now, but she'll have all night to set him straight — or at least help him work out a plan. Right now she needs to focus on getting ready for dealing with Harridan. She watches as Bones leads Wolf off into the crowd, and approaches Amiette in her wake. "Evening Ami, you look beautiful in that dress. Do you have a moment? " There's an urgency, perhaps even a trace of fear in her tone; but she's all smiles, and you can tell she's trying to push the unpleasantness of your last encounter behind her. "You mentioned earlier there may be a way to stop those — things, I guess — from getting in my head... Do you know how to do that? Can you do that?"
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    When you walk past Wolf, he mutters, "That's a brainer you're playing with, Emmy." He falls in line behind you and when you catch Norvell's eye, the hardholder breaks out of the small group of supporters, leaving Corbett with the glad-handing. Norvell guides both of you up the concrete stairs out of The Gym and to the are of empty space in front of The Offices.

    Norvell asks, "You alright, Bones? Heard ya got shot.." This, of course is a surprise for Wolf, but he barely betrays it, letting it slide until later. Assuming you give him an assurance you're ok, he looks at the two of you for a moment, then says, "Hadn't noticed how much y'all look alike till now. S'good ta have family. Ah'm sad ta see her go, Wolf, but blood's thicker than water."

    Wolf nods, like that's all the conversation about that he's going to have. You can tell he's in business mode, "We got to settle a few things, 'holder. First, I need your official answer to Harridan. Second, once we deliver it, I promised Emmy that we'd help defend the Element. Also, Winter, if you didn't know, is a very powerful weapon, and she's coming along for the ride to Harridan. Our price is high, 'holder, but I've seen what you got to defend the place. I trained two of the gangs in Harridan's army, they are no slouches. Without us, you're in for a bloodbath, Pryers or no. You want to have a hold after this, make us an offer."

    First off, Norvell says, "We will not accept Harridan's offer to use The Bath for a day. We will fight to defend what's ours." Then, he considers Wolf's second statement, about hiring him and Winter. Norvell looks a little unsure about this. He looks to you, Bones, silently asking 'is this for real?'

    What do you do?
  • "Her name is Amiette an' stay out of it." I shoot back under my breath, but I know he heard me. I wave Norvell over before he can respond, an' we head outside.

    I wasn't expectin' Norvell to mention me gettin' shot. It takes me off-guard, an' for a second I'm silently flickin' my gaze between Norvell an' Wolf. "Yeah, I'm fine." I finally mumble. An' thankfully they both move on. Though I don't think I'm totally off the hook with Wolf.

    I withdraw a little, watchin' the two of 'em. Wolf in business mode. Norvell doesn't really have a business mode, least not like Wolf. He doesn't put on a different face. He stays true to himself, honest an' caring. I wonder if he can sense the tension between me an' Wolf right now. He looks at me an' I know he's surprised by the price thing, like I was. I honestly have no idea how much jingle the hold has. Can they afford Wolf? I don't think Rothschild came cheap either, but it looks like we've hired him an' his crew.

    "He's right. We need 'em, Norvell." I finally say quietly. "An' look, I can try an' work off the cost if you need me to. After I see my...my Pa. I'll come back. I'll work however long it takes." Before either of 'em can respond to that though, I shoot Wolf a fierce look. "But let's be honest here, Wolf, about exactly how you're plannin' on helping. Cause I know what you mean to do. In the morning, you're gonna take Winter an' the pack an' go try to kill Harridan yourselves aren't you?" I sound a lot more hurt than I meant it to. I just...I don't think I can handle Wolf abandoning me too.
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    Jackabacka chuckles, like that was the answer he wanted, "One man's savagery is another man's way of life. But, I won't stand here and insult you any longer, Grekkor. You're an honorable man and all that, no need for you to feel like I'm picking a fight, which I aint." His tone becomes a bit more reasonable, "Why don't you, Alonzo and Norvell come see me in my home court and we can talk turkey about how ShantyTown helps defend this place from Harridan and other threats? You and I both know he won't be the last big dog to come sniffling around here for what you got." With that, he starts to head out, making his way over to Easton.


    Jackabacka talks with Grekkor while you're chatting with Amiette, then he comes over to Easton and says, "Let's go, son." Do you let Easton go, or do something?
  • After my speech I collect Hoze from the corner and go to the floor immediately in front of the stage. As the people come forward I clasp hands, offer blessings, and accept offers of help. I tell Evaners to find Norvell and Shanty-towners to see Jackabacka for specific ways to help, but not tonight. Tonight get a good night's sleep and be ready for work tomorrow.
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    Norvell listens for a minute, then nods along, "Yea, ya can work it off when ya come back, Bones." He likes the sound of that. Wolf doesn't immediately object.

    Then you turn on Wolf and try to corner him about his plan. He glares at you for a second, then looks over at Norvell, "Norvell, can we have some privacy?" Norvell nods, then heads over closer to The Offices, respectfully out of earshot.

    Wolf says low and hot, "Yeah, Emmy, you are staying here. You're a doctor. You won't do anybody any good out there in the field, I don't even think you can keep up. So stay where you can do the most help. I didn't hunt for you for ten years to lose you to some sick, twisted fucking brainer. You could have saved that for after we got our price, dumbass. You are the shittiest negotiator I know."
  • My temper burns white hot immediately. I clench my fists tightly at my side, matchin' his glare. "Don't call her that." I hiss back at him. "For your information Amiette fuckin' saved my life today. I'd be dead right now if she hadn't been there. An' it's none of your business anyways! You can't tell me what to do! An' I can take care of myself! I spent half my life 'on the field' with Juck's gang, an' I survived. I'm not a child, dammit. An' I know what you're doin. You're tryin' to get as much money out of Norvell as you can. He's a good man, Wolf! He doesn't deserve that! So you better think about what price you're gonna name, cause I'll be workin' it off."

    I take an angry breath, holdin' his gaze, angry tears pricklin' in my eyes. Now that I've started, I can't stop, an' the rest just comes pourin' out. "An' I can't believe you!" I shove him in the shoulders with both hands, hard. "You were just gonna leave, weren't you? You weren't even gonna tell me! You were gonna let me wake up an' find you gone! Well fine! Just leave! Leave me here an' go off on your fuckin' suicide mission! Leave just like everybody else!"
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    Wolf sets his jaw when you bark at him. When you shove him, he takes a step back, he wasn't ready for that. His eyes light up with the same anger burning through you. He reaches up and snatches you by the hair and pulls you down a hallway away from Norvell. You don't have a chance to see Norvell's reaction, you imagine he isn't terribly pleased to see it. He'll probably follow in a second.

    Wolf growls at you, "If you weren't my blood, Emmy, I'd have hit you right square in the jaw right now. You just made me look weak in front of a hardholder before I named my price. How do you think that's gonna affect our talk now? I thought you might've learned a thing or two while running, but I guess you were busy moping around and doctoring up savages and gangers and calling yourself tough. Well, that aint shit in my book. If they were so fucking great, then where's Juck now? Where's your boy, Ambrose? Lit out, didn't he? And now you want to shack up with a brainer? Like I said, if you weren't my sister, I'd put you in your place. But that's your bed, you lie in it."

    He releases your hair and starts pacing. Its obvious he can't stand still or he'd burn up, you really got his goat, "You know what price I am willing to pay? Do you? I'm wagering my best friends' lives to buy you a chance to start fucking over. You think I give a shit about the jingle? I only need what I can carry, but there are members of the pack who have debts to settle. I have to do right by them. And did you see how Norvell jumped at the chance to have you owe him? He just wants you to stay here, Emmy. You can't even see how much you mean to these people! But you don't fucking ask questions or look around at what you've got, you just up and make me look like an asshole!"

    He finishes pacing and comes right in your face, a finger pointed between your eyes, "You want to come with us, Emmy? You want to walk into the lion's den and stick your head in his fucking mouth? You think he won't sniff out that we're coming to kill him? He knows, he probably knows now. Right fucking now. But I have two aces up my sleeve, Emmy. I know he's so fucking full of himself that he'll let me walk right up to him. Just so he can break us in half and feed us to the masses. And your girl Winter just walked up and handed me the other ace. We got an ice cube's chance in hell of surviving this and I guaran-fucking-tee we won't all make it out. You really want to come with us? If you do, you're part of the pack, you're in. But don't EVER talk down to me in front of anyone outside the pack again, or I will knock you right the hell out, sister or not."
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    I'm so outraged when he pulls me down the hall by my hair that I forget to fight him for a second. Then he stops an' gets in my face, an' I fight him, or I try. I try to pull my hair out of his grip, but all it does is bring tears of pain to my eyes. His grip is like iron, an' I'm still not as strong as I was. I'm so mad I feel like I can't breathe. How dare he...how dare he throw Juck an' Ambrose in my face like that. How dare he assume...like he knows anythin' about my life. When he lets me go I stumble back against the wall, brushin' my hair outta my face fiercely. He keeps goin, spittin' out words that stab me through the heart an' make me almost choke on the rage risin' in my throat.

    He gets in my face again, pointin' his finger at me, an' I smack it away. "What's stoppin' you? You afraid to hit me cause I'm your sister?" I taunt him, all common sense gone to shit. I'm too furious to do anythin' but rage at him. I try to shove him again, but maybe he's expectin' it this time. "You are an asshole! You're no different from any of the rest of 'em! So go ahead. Hit me! I fuckin' dare you!"
  • Bones,

    It feels like this is about to really blow up. What are you hoping to get out of this? Do you want to get Wolf to back down here by showing him how tough you are? If so, lets see you Act Under Fire here.
  • Most of it is honestly cause I'm too mad to think straight. But yeah, another part of it is wantin' to show Wolf that I am tough. That I've put up with gettin' beat, that I can handle it. But Wolf has never hit me before. Never. An' so I think I'm also tryin' to see if he will. If he will be like Juck or Madame or anybody else. If he'll stoop to their level.

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  • Winter's actually a little relieved when she discovers she has some degree of choice in the matter of obeying these commands Amiette was talking about, but her face turns sour when Ami suggests she needs some sort of "connection" or "more" to protect her from Harridan's influence... "What kind of connection?" She asks, hoping naively for something simple, like a lock of her hair or something.

    She hears Jack calling Easton, and she quickly looks over to him. "Jack, why don't you go on ahead? I have a few people I'd like Easton to meet before we head back. We won't be long!" She shoots him a smile, hoping he'll take the bait — it'd suck to make this a pissing match in such a public place.
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