[Ashen Snow] All for a Bath? [All 7.0]



  • Winter,

    Jackabacka relents and heads on with his son, leaving him with you.


    Wolf pauses for a moment, like he's tempted to just clock you. But instead, he stabs you with a chillstab he'd palmed. It hits you like the kick of a mule. He catches you as you fall and you hear him as you're fading out, talking on his headset, "Team, let's pull back to Point Charlie. Slip out, don't make a fuss, but don't fuck around, we've got a chan... of.... ans...." (that's you fuzzing out, Emmy, he's speaking clearly).
  • Winter liked to think that she knew Ami, at least a little bit, before the whole unpleasantness with Amiette clipping those strings from Winter's mind — to a certain extent, nothing has changed between them. Winter knew the rumors about Ami, despite not believing them, and she let Ami in before the fact... She wasn't a bad person, as far as she knew; she'd just always been a little too creepy for her tastes — creepy, but obviously well versed in the ways of weird. Winter hangs her head in contemplation, her arms crossed tightly. It takes her a long while to look back up at you. "Well," she says, uncertain of what else she could possibly do, "I guess I'd prefer it be you in there than him..."

    There's another pregnant pause between you, and Winter nods silently. "Apparently we leave tomorrow at dawn. When do you want to do it?"
  • [Bones]

    Wolf pauses, somethin' hard an' unreadable in his eyes, an' then his arm comes swingin' up. I tense, waitin' for the blow, but instead it's a sharp sting in my shoulder. He just stabbed me. I jerk away, an' I see him pull the needle back in slow motion. Chillstab. One of mine. He just stabbed me with one of my chillstabs. "Whaaat the hellll...." I try to yell, but it takes a lot of effort to get any words out at all. They roll around on my tongue like I just drank half of Holtsclaw in one go. "Nooooooo. No no no no...." I slur. This can't be happenin.

    I can't feel my legs. Or my arms. Or anythin. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I realize I'm fallin, tippin' forward towards the ground, but I can't figure out what to do about it. An' then everythin' swings around all funny an' Wolf's got me in his arms. He cradles me up against his chest like he fuckin' cares. An' I want to kick him, scream at him, but my brain is full of fuckin' thick cotton, an' my eyelids are closed cause they're so damn heavy. I hate chillstabs. I hate...I.....Point Charlie....don't....no...please...no...
  • Winter follows Amiette's gaze to Easton, and gently grips his hand. "Sure," she replies, feeling as though she's just agreed to undergo surgery in the dark ages, "Give me a few minutes alone with Easton, then we'll be right over." She emphasizes alone as if she worries that she won't be alone in her head anymore — as if every action she takes would be scrutinized by Amiette's "presence". Winter doesn't want to subject Easton to that.

    OOC: MC, we don't need to play out the moment in private with Easton. I'm happy with summary text/rolling if Easton was going to challenge her with something.
  • Winter,

    Easton lets you go with the promise that you'll come to his place to spend the night. I assume that's kosher, right?

    --END SCENE--
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