[MH] Strolling through the park one day... [Nu3.1, 3.2][Nx3.1][Ho3.2]

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So Jarrod drove you into the Park. There's several places he wants to go before the light 'gets too flat' as he puts it. In the car he's chattering about all these great spots on the island. He seems a little nervous? Like he really wants this to go well. He brought along a bunch of books that he puts in your lap when you get into the car. Favorite photographers of his. Edward Weston, Adams, things like that. Lots of landscape, and lots of landscape with nude females in the landscape, and some nude females where the body has been sort of treated as landscape. All beautiful, but maybe you sense a theme? He has said you would be a good model, hasn't he...

Are you thinking about how to break the "I'm a magical sea being" thing to him? Are you talkative at all? Anyway, he drives to a spot and parks, fetches his camera bag and camera, a pretty nice pro digital SLR that he said he saved for an entire year to get, and even then his dad helped him. He starts leading you up the carriage path.

"There's a great pond up here, you've got to see it. There's just something... I don't know, really magical about it."

Nyx, I suppose that's where you hear them and see them moving in the direction of Myrii's pond. They haven't spotted you yet.

What do you do?


  • [Nyx]

    It's a long walk up to town, I'm high from the evening though, kind of dancing through the woods with a heart full of hope and head full of worry. I do wish Aubrey could live again.... wish... someone I care about believes in wishes, Holy pulls at the corners of my heart as I walk... and Teddy, she's angry... upset with me and I'm still not sure why. She thinks I'm being selfish, well, of course she's seeing me as a human would, but I'm no longer human and you shouldn't judge me through those eyes.

    But I guess I did what I thought I wouldn't... maybe Teddy was right...

    I shake the thought out of my head and concentrate on saving Aubrey. How could that be bad?

    But then while crossing across the park I hear the car crawling to a stop in the lot. I don't think anything of it until I see who gets out. First Jarrod.. from class. Good looking tall guy with ... nothing in common with me. And Volkov? What is she... and they're heading up to the pond?

    No... no no no.... we can't have that, and with a camera?

    But I promised. I promised Teddy that I wouldn't approach Nula. I dance back and forth from foot to foot as I find myself unable to decide... finally I decide I must. I must do something, Aubrey is at stake... and who knows what Myrii will do to them.

    "Hey!" I immediately regret just calling out like this... here I am dressed in last nights clothes, wrinkled, dirty, eye turning purple from the fight... I trot across the grass and gravel and hop up onto one of the concrete parking bumpers at the edge of the lot.

    "What'cha doing out here? Takin' pictures? You modeling now Volkov?"

    I'm unintentionally sarcastic, probably sound like an ass hole, though I don't mean it to come out that way. I'm just growing more annoyed at myself. Guys like Jarrod are just out of my league and I'm terrified that they will discover the pond.

    I smile a forced smile, though hell.. I am Fae blooded and even a forced smile is golden.
  • I page through the books as we drive, listening to Jarrod talk. He's talking a lot, kind of nervously, which makes him all the more adorable. The photos are beautiful. I do notice that many of them are nude photos, but in a sort of passive way. It doesn't shock me by any means. And if he wanted to take nude photos, I would have no qualms about it. I had another human lover once who was a painter. I posed nude for a couple of his paintings. I quite enjoyed it actually, in a vain sort of way.

    I'm a little quiet I guess. I mean Jarrod is talking a lot, so I don't really have to. Which is nice. I am trying desperately to think of what to say. Should I tell him I'm a Selkie? When he says that the pond feels "magical" that catches my attention. "Do you believe in magic, Jarrod?" I ask if I follow him up the path. My tone is completely sincere and curious, no condemnation at all. In fact it might sound slightly hopeful.

    But that's when the last person I want to see shows up. I don't really understand Nyx's tone. He doesn't really sound very nice. Which, I guess...I wasn't very nice to him, but he has my pelt. So what does he expect? I stop short, regarding him warily. Nyx is like a shark, dangerous with his hold over me. But more confusing. I don't know what he wants. He hasn't talked to me all week, why now? And he looks....rough. Like he got beat up and then spent the night in the woods.

    "Yes, we are taking pictures, and I am modeling." I say, glancing at Jarrod a little nervously. "What are you doing?"
  • Nyx

    This doesn't feel right to me... I'm not supposed to be talking to Nula. I promised Teddy... wait, I promised Teddy? Does that mean anything any more considering what's happened since? Nula probably sees a moment of confusion on my face as the though rolls through my head.

    "Uh... wow. Modeling, I was just..." I look at her. Nula is beautiful, really amazing and different. I really thought she liked me for a moment there when she tried to kiss me in the hall... but then she just turned bad and left me out there alone. I still don't know why and I essentially promised not to ask. I want to ask, I'm burning to ask... I hate how we are, I hate how things turned out. I wish Jarrod wasn't here so I could just... ask Nula what happened back then.

    The condescension leaves my voice and I soften, this is important and I need to keep them away from Myrii, and Aubrey. Maybe the truth... or a version of it will make things happen.

    "I got beat up at the party... spent the night in the woods... should probably go to the hospital you know... but I been walking forever and... how much further is it? Hey... I know you're busy and stuff... but if you'll give me a lift, Jarrrod... I'll show you some awesome places in the woods. I know all the secret places you can take pictures like nobody's seen! Way better than here."

    I'm really trying to get Nula to agree to this... I'm sure Jarrod doesn't appreciate this but I'm sure he'll do what Nula says.

    So Nula, I'll spend a string to offer you xp to get Jarrod to take me to the hospital.
  • I'm watching Nyx through narrowed eyes, trying to understand what is going on in his head. He looked confused for a second. Maybe if he thinks I'm with Jarrod he won't manipulate me with my pelt? The only thing I've ever heard of is humans stealing Selkie's pelts to try to keep them on land. Why does Nyx want me to stay here? I step a little closer to Jarrod and slip my hand into his. I just don't want Nyx to think he can blackmail me into marrying him or something. That's all.

    Then Nyx's tone changes, and I'm even more confused. He needs to go to the hospital? I can't help the concern that sweeps across my face. I scan him, trying to tell if he's injured worse than just his face. I'm torn between not trusting him and feeling worried for his well being. I struggle for a few seconds, but in the end I give in. I almost killed a human last night. Maybe taking Nyx to the hospital will make me feel less guilty.

    I look up at Jarrod. "We can take him to the hospital, right?"

    Taking that xp!
  • [Nyx]

    Well, I'm not trying to cock block Jarrod, I mean... Nula is some girl and I thought I had a thing with her but that wasn't a thing. But I think I'm just... not thinking in those terms, i do come to the front door and wait there to get in when it unlocks. Yeah, I know Jarrod will hate my guts, at least for a bit, but I need to get them away from here. I need to protect the secret.

    "Thanks... thanks a million Nula... Jarrod, man, I don't think I could walk much more like this... cold nights out here you know... and I left my bike way back... somewhere on the road, I'll have to ask my brother to drive me out later to pick it up."

    All this as Jarrod approached the driver's door and I wait to take shotgun.
  • I'm kind of startled when Nyx immediately goes to the passenger seat. I glance up at Jarrod to see if he thinks that's weird too, and then it occurs to me that I'm still holding his hand as we walk. I'm really not off to a very good start. I let go of his hand and move to get in the seat behind the drivers seat. I look at Nyx over the top of the car as he talks. I'm trying to remember the last time I saw him at the party. He was with Teddy and Holly I think. Right when I was getting in the police car.

    "Why did you spend the night in the woods?" I ask curiously.
  • [Nyx]

    I lower myself into the seat, it feels good... I hate to admit it. This human convenience. I hesitate to answer, not wanting to lie but knowing I can't tell her the truth.

    "I... just didn't want to go home all beat up and... you know I have trouble at home. My dad... and I don't..." I stop myself. Cutting too close to the real truth here. I don't even know Jarrod and Nula, why would I tell them this. Trying to avoid talking about Aubrey's making me talk too much about myself.

    "Just didn't know where else to go." I turn to look at Nula over my shoulder as she gets in the car behind the driver's seat. I maybe meet her eye for a second but that's all I can take. I shouldn't be here... but here I am.
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  • [Nyx]

    Oh yeah... chief of police, I forgot... oh shit.

    "No... no nothing like that... we just don't... he just doesn't like... me..." I can't think of another way to explain without saying too much, "but come on, I don't want anyone to come to the hospital.. man. Maybe I should forget it... I'm not going to die or anything, maybe... can you just drop me off in town somewhere?"

    Man... don't call my folks, last thing I need.
  • I'm watching Nyx in the mirror...the back mirror? Back view mirror? Anyways, I'm watching him, rather bewildered. "Your dad doesn't like you?" I echo. What a strange concept. How could you not like your own offspring? He must mean they had an argument or something. "And you said you needed to go to the hospital, aren't you hurt?"
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    It comes out without thinking...

    "He doesn't give a crap about me, he's all into my brother Chad, football scholarship Chad. What am I? Nothin' if I can't run or kick or whatever. Doesn't mean a thing to my dad, it's all about the game and reliving his football dreams again..."

    I slow and stop, realizing I don't really trust these two, especially Jarrod. But Nula is... interested in me, really? I'm surprised and her earnest question seems to have got me to say maybe too much.

    "But I... uh... I spent the night in the woods, just little worried I've got... you know... uh... hypothermia or something maybe, but being in here helps... warm me up. Maybe just a ride to town and can we get the heater up high Jarrod? That would rock man."

    I find if you say words like Rock to jocks and cool kids, it helps them understand.

    "Nula I..." I glance at Jarrod, nearly asked Nula about some serious shit there but I can't with Jarrod here. I just sink down into the passenger seat and curl my legs up to my chest, chin on my knees in thought.
  • Football. Football is that game. Dominic watches it sometimes on the tv. And I guess he did tell me we have a football team too. I haven't really paid much attention to stuff like that in the human world.

    I feel a little bad for Nyx actually. Well...I do until he says my name like there's a question following it...and then looks at Jarrod and stops. I immediately grow guarded, crossing my arms across my chest, watching him warily in the mirror. What was he about to say? Was it something about my pelt? It doesn't seem like he's going to finish his sentence, and trying to figure out what he was going to say is making me feel a little crazy.

    "What?" I finally ask because I just can't stand it.
  • [Nyx]

    Those seconds before she asks are arduous, but when she finally asks I know I have to say something.

    "Nula... I'm not mad at you or anything... but I promised.. uh... that I'd leave you alone and I guess I broke that promise just now but I didn't mean to..." this is really awkward with Jarrod sitting here.

    I really don't realize the pelt is hers, how could I? Maybe if she had told me what she is I would know, I would think... of COURSE! But I haven't yet made that connection. Anyway, a ghost is wrapped up in the pelt right now. I'm using it.

    "I just wish we could start over, I have no idea what happened the first day of school."
  • He's not mad at me? Compared to what he did to me, what I did was a harmless little prank. I even stopped it before anything happened! And he promised he'd leave me alone? Promised who?

    I narrow my eyes at him in the mirror. I've all but forgotten Jarrod is even in the car. "Start over?" I repeat and my voice has a dark edge to it suddenly. "If you really want to start over, then give me back what you took from me."
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    "What...." I really can't think of anything... wait. She was going to kiss me or something, then she said we should meet up... and she never came. What happened between us... oh... I think I know... I'm actually honestly sorry, she seemed so sensual, maybe cause she's not from around here I misread her but I could swear she wanted to kiss me back then... but that must be it right? That's the only thing...

    I say it quietly, as if Jarrod won't hear, but of course he will as he's sitting right next to me.

    "What? Was that your first kiss Nula? I didn't know..."
  • I'm too astonished to respond for a few seconds. I'm staring at him in the mirror, my mouth gaping slightly. He thinks I'm talking about the kiss?? He seriously thinks I'm talking about the kiss when he has my pelt?

    A tiny seed of doubt takes root in my mind. It was Nyx, right? The waves showed me Nyx. So is he lying? The waves never lie. I have no reason to doubt them. So what is this? Could he possibly not know it belongs to me? That doesn't make any sense at all. Why would he have taken it if he didn't know what it was? Is he playing with me?

    "The kiss? I finally repeat incredulously. I glance at Jarrod in the mirror and then back at Nyx, my eyes flashing. "What do you want, Nyx?" I spit out angrily, my voice rising. "I don't want to play this stupid game. Why did you take it?"
  • [Nyx]

    She doesn't mean something... esoteric or conceptual, she thinks I really have some thing which belongs to her.

    Nula is... unusual, exotic, not from around here. I haven't been able to put my finger on why she's so intriguing (and why being told to stay away was so trying) Something enters my mind.

    I turn to face her, pivoting to kneel on the seat and peer over the back, Jarrod on my right now.

    "You... don't mean that, do you? How... how could you possibly lose what I may have found? I didn't take anything from you Nula, did I? Maybe you left something laying around and lost it? Maybe"

    Could it possibly be? What in the world is she? She can probably see excitement hidden behind my eyes as I try to speak deliberately. I'm not condescending here, just asking the question the best I can with... with Jarrod in the car.
  • That look in his eyes, is he enjoying this? He's turned completely around, looking at me, daring to suggest that I simply misplaced my pelt and he just picked it up. And that's when I lose my temper.

    "Stop it! I'm yelling now, my hands clenched in fists next to me on the seat. "Stop talking in riddles! You STOLE it from me! I saw you! I saw you go down to the cove! I saw you dig up the box! I saw you take my pelt! Where did you put it? I want it back! What do—"

    I break off, catching Jarrod's gaze in the mirror, remembering too late that he's here. I'm shaking I'm so mad, and suddenly I just really need to get out of this car. I need to get out. I feel trapped. "Jarrod, stop. Stop driving. Stop the car." I'm already unbuckling my seat belt, reaching for the door handle.
  • Manipulate Jarrod
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  • I'd just taken off my seat belt, so when Jarrod turns sharply like that, I have to grab the back of his seat to keep from falling over. He just locked the door. Why did he lock the door? My eyes are wide now, watching him in the mirror. He knows. He knows what I am. So does Nyx. I'm breathing shallowly with panic, looking between the two of them in the front. Dominic warned me not to tell anyone. He said bad things could happen. But Jarrod wouldn't do anything bad, right? I mean, Nyx has already stolen my pelt, but Jarrod....Jarrod's a good person. Isn't he?

    "What are you doing?" I gasp in a strained voice. "Where are we going?" I'm trying to figure out how to unlock the door, but this car is different from Dominic's car. There's no locks to pull up on the back door. Just empty holes. We're picking up speed too. I'm trapped. I'm actually trapped now. "Let me out. Unlock the door! Jarrod, let me out!" There's no mistaking the fear in my voice now.
  • I sink back into the seat like I'm trying to disappear into it. I don't know what he's talking about. He can't believe it's me? What does that mean? I'd never been to this place before the waves told me Dominic was here. I have no idea what he wants to show me.

    I wrap my arms around myself. "What are you talking about?" I ask nervously indignant, glancing at Nyx again.
  • [Nyx]

    Jarrod suddenly interrupts and goes crazy, driving like mad and like... what does he realize about her? It is about her right?

    "Jarrod! Man, she said to stop the car, what's wrong with you?" I'm suddenly in a more serious mode, this feels dangerous doesn't it? But it does make me curious, and it makes me believe I'm right about her.

    My eyes are locked on Jarrod, I'm actually ready to grab the wheel (though I've driven boats way more than cars) and take charge of the car if I have to.

    "What are you talking about? Show us?"
  • Yeah sounds like shutting down doesn't it, especially cause I doubt I have anything he wants... I suck at that too.

    Shutting down #DiceRoller( 2d6-1 )
  • cruel cruel dice
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