[The Island] Georgie Hospitality [Br 4.4] [Ga 4.9?]

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So Brick, you're in Georgetown again. Roxy's here and treating your people. Four are laid up, bandaged and unconscious; blissed out. There are also four Georgies wrapped up and laid out with them.

Domino and Coco are obviously happy to see you walk in -- clearly uncomfortable here, even if they're glad for medical care -- they're beat up but not bleeding out or anything. Roxy's got his hands full...of Porter's insides; looks like he took some SMG spray to the belly, while Porter, strapped to the table screams and bucks like an idiot. That cop, Plug, who stayed back to help with your first aid needs, he's trying to hold Porter down. On the next table over, Oxford, lying there with his eyes closed, pale and breathing rapidly. There's a tourniquet just above his left knee and below it is a bloody mess.

Floyd's kind of a mess. It looks like she did her job, got everyone down here and into triage and then maybe went to pieces. She's silent, but has huge tear-tracks running through the grime on her face and she's slumped in a corner next to a radiator.

Gabe's shuffling from patient to patient, administering drugs and taking blood. He seems kind of out of it.


  • (Rich, you want to play Gabe here, step up? If not, that's OK too.)
  • [Gabe]

    When he sees Brick, Gabe comes out of his haze, blinking and rubbing his eyes. He heads over to Brick, seeing if he can chat with him. How is Brick doing? Is he available to chat?

    Assuming he can grab him or at least talk with him, Gabe will share, "Brick, hey Brick, looks like you got alot going on here, but I wanted to tell you. The, uh, other me, like my twin, you know we can keep in communication, right? Like a radio, you know those, right? Pre-fall things, talk in one, the other hears you, right? Well, Gabe, not me the other, he's with Pan right now. She's at the Relay and Babcock has her wired into some crazy device and we're all trying to get her out, but it isn't going well. At all. I've been here, patching folks up, while other me is trying to get some crazy helmet off her and I know this sounds crazy, but well, it's true." Then his verbal assault dies off and he waits to see if Brick sneers or believes him.
  • I look over the wounded with a neutral expression. I don't know if Porter's gonna make it. And Ox? Well I seen gangers with worse. Gonna have to mod his bike though, probably. I see Floyd, and she ain't laughin' now. Not with Popeye gone. Maybe it's because for me a huge chunk of this was over Pan, maybe I'm gettin' soft, but I actually stop and put and hand on Floyd's shoulder for a moment.

    Then Gabe talks to me.

    So I don't deal with the weird much, myself. But I know Pan does, and and I know the whole 'family' is a bunch of weirdies and Road's talked about it a little. I ain't have no reason not to believe you, Gabe, even though, yeah, it sounds a little nuts.

    Maybe the grimness in me, the smoldering anger that was not satisfied by destroying the Angels to the last man, it relaxes a fraction when he tells me that Pandora is alive. If true, it also lands Babcock on my personal shit list.

    "Does sh...They need me out there? " I rumble. I'll take what's left of my people. Hell, I'll go out there alone and take the place apart piece by piece if it will help Pan.
  • [Gabe]

    "Hell yes, she does. Babcock has some helmet on her and if I, me the other me, remove it, it could take chunks out of her! I can show you where they are. But, we should go, like now." Gabe should probably stay, he could really help Brick's wounded.
  • So where are you two going with this?
  • I was thinking Gabe was trying to get some help with dealing with Babcock since he's not aware of Rhyme and Pity handling things so well.
  • Yeah, that's good stuff. It'll be fun for Brick to show up ready for murderous murder and find the situation all defused. If, y'know, that's how it goes down. :-)

    So Brick, you grabbing Gabe and riding north?
  • Yep. Telling Domino to watch this sitch and I'll be back.
  • OK, so you speed off. Gabe can direct you perfectly and it doesn't take much time. As you pull into the Relay area, you see folks moving around strangely with weapons and eventually, the truck that (other) Gabe and friends rode up here on. There are a couple of folks trying to wave you down as you approach. They're armed with rifles.

    What's the drill?

    (I'm going to use this thread even though you've changed venue because I'm guessing you don't really need another temporary one...)
  • MC, please note that Gabe here will update Brick on what's going on with Pan and the others, from the POV of that room, I assume.
  • "You know these people?" I ask over my shoulder before we're that close.
  • Gabe, these aren't your people, they must be locals. They don't seem immediately hostile, but...

    Brick, There's an angle on all this that I've neglected. The primary source of petrol is a giant tank up here. Babcock has been careful to pay lip service to the notion that it isn't part of Relay -- it's just across the road. But for all intents and purposes, it is. They defend it, they give you (and everyone, really) gas and they limit how much you can take. But being that you must come up here pretty frequently, I'm going to say you recognize them. They're some of the tank-people that would give you gas.
  • [Gabe]

    "Don't know 'em!" Gabe calls to Brick over the sound of the motorcycle.
  • I'll slow down then. They're flagging not shooting so we'll see what's up or if I have to get nasty. I imagine I'll read the sitch, though, no way with all these guns waving that this isn't charged.
  • #DiceRoller(2d6+1)

    xp +1
  • What's my best way past these folks?
  • Killing them is. You could shoot them or maybe line it up right and just ride into them. Stopping to parlay might be a problem and riding past, they might decide to shoot you. Killing them is the best way past them. At least in the short term.
  • [Gabe]

    Gabe senses this threat and says, "Brick, hold up! We might be able to work something out! Pandora has some people with her now."
  • I'll listen to Gabe for now, saying Pan's got folks with her, and I slow and pull over to the tankers' foreman, who I've dealt with quite a bit.
  • "Yo, Brick! Something's going down just now. It's confused but we're not supposed to let folks in. Can you come back tomorrow to fill up? Or maybe just in a few hours?"
  • "Ain't here to fill up." I rumble at him. "I'm here to take back what's mine, you best get on out of my way, fore I stop askin' all nice, yeah?"
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    The guy sort of freezes and his eyes swivel in their sockets while he processes. "Uh, sure, of course."

    How about we call that a manipulate with the threat of violence as leverage? He's stepping back and acting meek, but it'll color how they respond when you ride off.
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    They're going to let you by, of course, but they're also going to call in your presence unless you want to be more assertive.

    You doing something about it or just heading on in?
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