My Life With Master, Supers

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This is an offsite, but I'd be happy to see some of you over there ... it's My Life With Master, adapted (flavor text only - all the rules are unchanged) for the supers genre:

By All His Engines

"Nor aught availed him now to have build in Heaven high towers, nor did he 'scape by all his engines, but was headlong sent with his industrious crew, to build in Hell ..."

Dr. Elliot Heed was once held as one of the great geniuses of his time, working alongside other super-minds for justice, America, and the betterment of mankind - an ally to heroes of the highest caliber. But where his peers in science held to certain inviolable ethics (or, the unkind might suggest, were simply more mindful of public opinion), Heed wished to reach further, dabbling in the mad sciences of remolding humanity ... even the art of the creation of life itself!

It was only a matter of time before his horrifying secret experiments - often involving the forced participation of unwilling human subjects - were revealed to the public eye. His excesses were universally condemned by his fellows, and he was cast out and hunted by authorities both human and super-human. Today, he is remembered as a madman, a new Mengele blighting the names of the institutions that once honored his name.

Yet he was never captured ... only driven to places deep and dark, where he began to craft monsters and servants, swearing to the eventual transformation of humanity into super-humanity. And so, fantasizing about the day when he would prove his theories to his former peers in science, he begins to send his creations out into the world ...

* * *

My Life With Master is a simple game, largely freeform with dice rolls between various metagame stats (Fear, Reason, Love, Self-Loathing, and Weariness) made at critical junctures (when you attempt to do your master's bidding, when you attempt to resist your master, when you make an overture of love/friendship to someone else). Basically, as you form bonds with normal society, you grow more able to resist your master's overwhelming influence ... eventually defying him and throwing him down in a final climactic conflict.

(This is a system that you could easily fit onto a single sheet of paper, so don't worry about learning it or having to buy it - I'll summarize everything in a thread.)

In this game, you would be the superhuman (or possibly just inhuman) creations of Dr. Heed, released into the world to do his bidding. While you'd have superpowers, and you'll no doubt have to throw down with the odd hero or villain, the game would be focused more on the classic social issues of supers, like endangerment of secret identity, the difficulty of forming relationships when you're both more and less than human, and choosing how to use your powers (as illustrated in the evolution from minion into a sort of antihero, and maybe eventually into a true blue superhero).


  • I would be happy to give this game a try. My friend tells me master is really fun and I'd like to find out. I can post pretty regularly or at whatever speed you like.
  • A couple times a week is the likely posting rate, though that could vary depending on who the players end up being. Pipe up on the board [repeat link], or even add a character sheet to the chargen thread, if you want to jump into it. If I get at least a few players, we'll be able to kick off.
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