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Wearing our students garb, you sneak out of the Fire Nation Embassy as well as Upper Ring. Things got pretty dicey for a bit at the gate out of Upper Ring, how did you pull off that exit when the guards were already suspicious of travelers at this late hour?

It is almost dawn when you finally find Dash and the others. Hornet used some of her share of the money to buy a couple rooms at a hostel on the sand docks for everyone, girls in one room, boys in the other. Did you slip into the bed where Mew Mew was sleeping beside Min, or did you take the spare side of the bed beside Hornet? Only two beds in the room. I assume you let yourself in, right? Or did you wake them?

You've gotten almost no sleep now and you're dragging, eyes burning, emotionally wrung out, it has been a crazy night. Everyone else, however, is pretty excited. Min and Mew Mew woke up not long after you went to sleep just so you could take an honest to goodness bath. Hornet sleeps in, so she's out of it when you hear a knock at the door to your room.

Oh, you were in a rush to leave the Embassy, did you grab your 400 koku? I assume you left Rui with her share, or had you collected that earlier before meeting Ji Fang?


  • I did grab my 400 koku and the necklace. I left Rui with her share. So we have 800 koku total now. I think that will still be ok. It'll have to be.

    I honestly wasn't sure what to do at the Upper Ring gate. I got lucky in that as I walked up, one of the guards made a wise crack about how it looked like I'd just snuck out of some poor girl's bed. So I went with it. I tried my best to mimic the slightly shameful swagger I'd seen men of all ages performing when I'd be sneaking back to Jun Da's house at this early hour. The guards thought it was pretty funny, except then they stopped me for a while, trying to get all the details. I guess I lied well enough and they took my hesitation for inexperience. They cracked a lot of jokes at my expense, but eventually they let me through.

    By the time I find the hostel, my eyes feel like they're full of sand. I let myself in, and strip down to my underclothes before crawling into the bed next to Hornet. I'm too exhausted to even cry at this point, and I pass out almost immediately. It feels like I've only just closed my eyes when Min and Mew Mew wake me up. I decline a bath, since I'd just showered not that long ago, but then I can't get back to sleep after they leave. So I climb into the middle of their empty bed, my knees drawn up to my chest, and just sit, listening to Hornet's even breathing. I try not to think about Ji or Rui, but I can't help but replay the events of last night over and over in my head.

    When someone knocks at the door, I drag myself up and go over to it. "Who is it?" I call quietly, pitching my voice a little lower than normal, just in case.
  • You immediately recognize Dash's voice, even though he answers quietly as well, "It's me." When you open the door, he's there, excited to see you, but not wanting to barge into your room.
  • I try to smile, but I'm too tired, too drained, too guilty, too confused. Take your pick.

    I motion him silently into the room and as soon as he steps in and the door closes, I step into him, well, kind of crash into him. I wrap my arms tightly around his waist and press my face into his shoulder. He smells so good, like fresh air, like freedom. It's comforting. This is right. This is Dash. I love Dash. Not Ji.


    I hate that word that pops into my head. Of course that's right. Of course I love Dash. I hate myself for even questioning it. I want to get Ji out of my head. I want to forget about last night. I want to pretend it never happened. So as suddenly as I clung to him, I pull back, looking up at him with eyes full of a desperate sort of emotion. Then I reach up before he can ask me what's wrong, wrapping my arms around his neck and kissing him. I kiss him hard. I kiss him like Ji kissed me. I have to know, I have to see if Dash can make me feel like I'm on fire. I have to see if Dash can erase Ji from my memory.
  • When you press yourself against him, you realize Dash does smell nice. Evidently he bathed last night as well and he's wearing clean clothes, they must have been washed with lavender. He's surprised by your kiss and he flinches at first, unsure about this urgency. But he quickly melts into your kiss and tries to keep up with you, his hands reaching to cup your face, his left thumb gently stroking your cheek. His kiss is altogether different from Ji Fang, but no less wonderful.

    His is a kiss of eager playfulness, the kiss of a young man relishing each delight you offer. In one night, you surpassed his infantile knowledge of passion, but he strives to keep up with you, to match you. He's nothing if he's not competitive, of course. This is Dash, after all.

    As the of you kiss and caress at the threshold of the door, before long you hear Hornet mumble with intensity that grows with each word, "You two GO... WAY. More sssleepin."

    Dash pulls back just far enough to look into your eyes, his hands still soft on your cheeks, holding you like a wonderful butterfly. He whispers, "Morning, Keela." Then he leans in to kiss you with a brief brush across your lips, and tries to pull you out of the room.
  • Halfway though kissing Dash, Ji sort of fades into the background. Dash is so different. His hands on my face are rougher, calloused, but so gentle. The passion between us has roots deep within my heart, and I melt into him, my heart lightening considerably. This is where I want to be. I want to be with Dash. I can forget about Ji. I can.

    When Hornet growls at us, I blink back to the present, smiling a little foolishly at Dash when he pulls back. "Morning, Dash." I whisper back, my heart stuttering pleasantly from the brush of his lips across mine again. I let him pull me out of the room. I'll follow Dash wherever he wants to go.
  • You don't have to follow far, he pulls you into the hallway so you can talk without making Hornet mad as a...

    "You won't believe the ship we're on, Keela. It's named Yun's Lucky Dragon. Hornet bought passage last night and even talked the captain into letting us get on the ship." He pulls you into another kiss, like you're some delicacy he can't resist to taste. After a few nibbling kisses, he pulls back and continues, "We're the only passengers. Well, I'm a guard. Hornet, too. In fact, we're the only guards, besides some crabby guy. Small ship, just a crew of five and us... is Rui still asleep?"
  • I stiffen a little. "No...Rui—" I start, and then stop. I drop my eyes to his chest. "Rui's not coming anymore. Also we only have 800 koku now. I hope that's still enough. Am I a guard too?" It's a pitifully obvious attempt to change the subject. I glance back up at his face.
  • Dash's brows knit slightly and he tilts his head while peering at you, "Is she... is she alright? What happened?" He moves his hands to place them lightly on your side. He knows Rui is important to you, he's not sure about your reaction.

    Down the hall, you hear the sounds of people rising, moving about, the smells of breakfast being cooked.
  • I picture Rui's shocked, hurt face. "She's...she's fine." I say in a low voice. "Last night..." I pause again, wondering how much I should tell him. Finally I sigh and lean into him, wrapping my arms around his waist again. "We....had a....fight. She's not coming." I say muffled into his shirt.

    I just...don't want to talk about it. I don't know how to explain any of last night without straying into dangerous territory. I was going to tell Dash about Ji, but I can't say that Ji is here to propose because then Dash would want to know how I felt about Ji, and I do NOT want to even go there now. I can't say that we were at the teahouse or that we got caught by the Earth Kingdom guards or that we went back to the Embassy without explaining about Ji. And I definitely can't say how I hurt Rui...it's a mess. So I just don't say any of it.
  • Dash kisses the top of your head and leans down to your ear, "I'm sorry, Keela. I'm sure she'll be okay. We'll see her again soon, I'm sure. It will work out. Friends mean everything to you. Do you, uhm, want to wait? We could look for another way out of Ba Sing Se. Somehow."

    "Keela!" You hear Min's high pitched voice call from down the hall. She's in probably the nicest kimono she's ever worn, a cloth robe from the bath. Mew Mew is beside her, and all cleaned up, she's striking. She's sort of smiling, too. Which, is... odd.
  • "No." I say quickly, looking up at him. "Let's stick to the plan." I'm actually slightly nervous that we're not moving fast enough. I guess it's still early, and hopefully no one will realize I'm gone for a while. I want to be on the ship sailing away by the time Ji realizes what's happened.

    I turn a little when Min calls my name, but I stay under Dash's arm. I smile at the two of them, taking in their new appearances. Min looks adorable, as always, but Mew Mew looks so beautiful. She usually tries to avoid standing out in any way, but she's definitely standing out now. And smiling? I raise an eyebrow at her, silently asking her what's going on.
  • Min zips down the hallway to throw herself onto you in a fierce hug on your hip while you have your silent conversation with Mew Mew and she says, "Keela, you have to see the ship. I've never seen anything like it! I mean, Boot and I, we came down to the docks and saw sandships before, but we've never been IN one! I can't believe you're paying for us, Keela. This is... really exciting!" Mew Mew is genuine in her excitement, in her giddiness. Its rather infectious, even Dash chuckles.

    Min pulls back from her hug to look up at you and say, "You didn't get to pick your bunk and I'm on top! Ha Ha, Keela!"

    Dash says, "We sail out pretty soon. Min and Mew Mew, go wake up Hornet... from a distance. Is Boot still outside?" Mew Mew nods and Min releases you so they can go into your room. Dash squeezes you, then pulls you along down the hall, "C'mon Dare, let's go see the Lucky Dragon."
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    Dash pulls you along, keeping you close to him as you make your way towards the outside, then down the dock. The air has picked up this morning and its still chilly with the sun peeking over the horizon just now. Across the sand, the world has never looked so wide open before.

    Dash releases you to take a step towards the sand ships with men loading freight and he points to the one with a red mark on the sail, saying, "This... is the Lucky Dragon!"

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    Things have been pretty stressful these last few days. After our first kiss, Dash and I haven't really had any time to really be together. We were so busy trying to scrounge for food, for safe places to sleep, keep watch for guards, soothe short tempers. Now that we have a plan, the underlying tension is easing back a little. So it's really nice to be able to be alone with Dash, to be close to him, holding his hand. It makes me feel warm inside that he keeps me close to him.

    I look up at the ship, our ship, and feel a grin break across my face. This ship stands for adventure, it stands for freedom. I've always wanted these things. Always. Throughout my years here, my brief excursions to be with Clay Street helped keep me from going stir crazy, but this, this makes me almost giddy with excitement. I look over at Dash, beaming. "This is really happening, isn't it?"
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    Dash nods with a grin on his face that seems like it might never wash off, "Yeah, the cabins are huge, and as a guard, I get a mask and goggles and special clothing and a pretty nice sword. I, ah, don't know how to use it, but Hornet says you can teach me? Can you fight with a sword, Keela?"

    Boot ambles over from the dock for the Lucky Dragon and gives you a nod then punches Dash in the arm, "Still don't know why you're the guards and I'm just a passenger when I can thump either one of you. But this is pretty fun."
  • I grin wider. "Yeah. I can use a sword. I'm not the best." Not like Rui. I want to say, but I don't. "But of course I'll teach you. You think I'd miss an opportunity to beat you at something?" I tease him.

    Dash taught me how to fight in hand to hand combat. Not the pretty, formal, mostly useless stuff I learned with my firebender training. He showed me how to really fight, the kind that would protect me on the streets. I wasn't very good at it. I was too impatient. I lost my temper too much. I never beat him. The thought of me teaching him something that I have some experience with, well, I'm kind of excited about it.

    When Boot comes over, my smile kind of falters. But then he just gives me a nod and I'm too startled to respond for a second. The last few days he's either completely ignored me, or made some snide comment, or just looked at me with a face made of stone. At his joke, my grin comes back, and I feel my heart lighten. "I'd like to see you try." I say flippantly, and it feels almost like old times. Maybe everything will be ok.
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    --END SCENE--

    Let's end session here, too. It seems fitting.
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