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    On the way I'm going to collect a handful of flowers from the beds or flower shop, not buying flowers mind you, I mean... i don't think I even have any money on me or even a wallet. All i really have is my cel (battery probably out by now) and my house key.

    Last time I was here was that time Chad got the concussion. Dad was worried sick, saying it might affect his career, or his vision, or something. That a concussion prone player is less valuable. But it turned out to be really minor and Chad was fine. Got some real attention from the girls though, he spent a couple days in bed and was seldom alone all the while. But he spent that one night at the hospital and I came to visit like a good brother should, right?

    So before going to the hospital, I stop in a the restroom at the gas station to wash my face and neaten my hair a little. I can't walk in looking too much a fright. So I take my bundle of flowers in hand and head in to the hospital.

    I speak to the lady at the desk, I don't think I recognize her, is she new in town?

    "Hi... I'm here to see Jennifer Ronconi. I'm.. Alvin... uh... Alvin Foster from her class. I just wanted to say goodbye..." my voice chokes a bit, why? I didn't know Jen very well, didn't like her more than any average girl. Why should this affect me? But is it really goodbye? I need to know, for Aubrey's sake.
  • [Nyx]

    That stings a bit when she says it... I wonder if it's true, if they really wake up 'all the time' from this... i doubt it.

    I sign the list and head up the hall looking for room 113. That's no very lucky... good for a witch maybe... thirteen. I'll have to ask Aubrey if the number really means anything to her.

    Walking down the sterile hall I feel out of place, this is... too unnatural. Not a shred of nature here, how are you supposed to get better? You need the sun, the breeze, the sound of birds.

    I approach the room quietly, pushing the curtain gently open as I enter room 113. Talk to her huh?

    "Jennifer?" I ask, as if she can totally hear me as I pass into the room.

    I wonder what I'll see... I've never seen someone in a coma, but it's not been too long, she can't have changed, can she?
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    She's there. Pale and unmoving, seemingly asleep but much more still, an IV hooked to one hand, monitoring machines beeping near the bed. A woman starts, looks up from the chair beside Jen's bed. Clearly her mother, the dark hair, the eyes, and just as clearly devastated and exhausted. There's a hardback book on her lap, the fourth Harry Potter novel it looks like, with a bookmark sticking out of it. There's a pair of reading glasses in her hand on top of the book.

    She looks you over, cautiously. Isn't Amanda Ronconi, one of your mother's friends? Why is that? You know that Jen has two older sisters as well, twins. Graduated now. Didn't Chad used to talk about them?

    "Oh, um.. Hello?" she says in a raspy voice. She looks like she's trying to place you.
  • [Nyx]

    Mrs. Ronconi, I guess it makes sense that she's here...

    "Oh... oh hi Mrs. Ronconi," I begin, softening my tone. It's obvious she's wondering who I am and why I'm here, "I'm Alvin, from Jenn... from your daughter's class. I just thought I should come see her... they said talking to her... maybe it'll help."

    I walk slowly in as I speak, letting the flowers hang from my hand, it's obvious they're not store bought. I feel myself welling up with feeling here, it's hard to explain why, I don't think it's really Jen that's doing it to me, it's Aubrey... it's Nula, It's even Teddy and Holly.... Holly... why is she in my head?

    I shake my head slightly, trying to clear my thoughts and focus on Mrs. Ronconi. I set the flowers in a bunch on the little rolling table near the bed.

    " How is she doing? Will she wake up soon?"
  • Way to ask the tough questions, Nyx.

    Mrs. Ronconi says... "Oh... You're Claire's boy." She looks at her daughter, she's too wrung out to be openly emotional now. She clears her throat. "We hope she will. The doctors... they don't really know."

    She looks back at you. "Alvin... Were you there? Did you see what happened?"
  • [Nyx]

    Forgot to answer he MC's questions.

    Yes, of course mom would know the Ronconis, had them over at some party or other from time to time. Mother is always scheming and using people to better her own social standing, inviting just the right people, or not inviting just the right people in order to put up the best appearances. Amanda was one of the right people for some time, though if you checked I think shes off the latest guest lists, something to do with drugs, or the police. I wonder if this will change things.

    The twins, oh yes, they've been to the house some years ago before I was really old enough to be interested, but Chad was all over them. He would talk about the twins and their big tits... totally into the just-close-enough in age older girls that he thought he might have a shot at some insane twins threesome. Chad and his talk.... thing is, I'm pretty sure he's had more than his fair share of encounters, though... never with the Ronconi twins.

    If I was them, though, it might be hard to avoid getting in that... that way I get...
  • [Nyx]

    I answer quietly, meeting her eye from time to time, but also looking at Jen. I need to see if she's still in there.

    "I was... at the party, but you know, not down on the beach but I saw her go to the beach to swim out I guess to the buoy... some kind of dare or something, that's what they say. I didn't see too much of what happened, just all the mess after..."

    I look around the room, is there water anywhere? I get up and look for somewhere to put my flowers, a vase, cup, something... and an excuse to go find a faucet, is there one in the room? That would be perfect.

    "Everyone tried to help her... really... it all happened so fast..."
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    My intention is to find the faucet, under pretense of filling up some water for my flowers, and let the water run through my hands in order to open my brain and ask about Jen... ask the fae if this is the right thing to do, to let Aubrey have this body.

    Will roll in case, disregard if I can't get away with it.
  • roll in case I get it done:
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )
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    I choose lucid and detailed visions, and I find a hidden string against Deputy Cross.
  • Oh yes, and I need to meet up with Holly later.... what time is it? I feel like it's quite early still, but dont want to forget it.
  • [Nyx]

    I turn back from the sink, wellspring of sadness inside me, tears in my eyes over the waste... this whole family. Then she shows me a face of hatred, or a thirst for revenge. Maybe that's natural for a grieving parent, but it turns my stomach seeing her like this. She should be sad for her daughter and celebrate her life. Not turn those thoughts to dark.

    I speak without thinking and my manner changes before I finish, I turn serious and not cold, but my fae ire is tweaked by her dark face and I can't help but turn it back upon her, "she didn't deserve what happened Mrs. Ronconi, but I didn't see anyone push Jen in the water. She decided on her own.... if you're going to blame anyone blame your daughter for putting her human pride ahead of her life."

    I put the vase down on the table as an exclamation mark.

    Not sure and it seem really freaking cruel but I may be shutting her down. Trying to get into her head and all.
  • Just in case: Again I'm bad at this so likely not a good idea...
    Shut down: #DiceRoller( 2d6-1 )
  • Yeah, expected as much.... but that's xp(5)
  • "How....How dare you!" Amanda Ronconi hisses, flushing red her eyes getting wide and crazy. "How dare you blame my child for this!" She jabs a finger at you. "You're on her side, aren't you? Was it a conspiracy? Did you plan to hurt my baby? Jenny was a champion swimmer, that little....foreign...MONSTER, she did something to her. And she's going to pay for it. If it's the last thing I do, she'll pay for it. Now get OUT! Get away from us!"

    She's been shouting at the end there, a couple of nurses have come to the door at a run, Mrs. Ronconi punctuates that last statement by shoving you towards the door, before bursting into tears. And, Nyx.... she sounds crazy, but that revenge talk has the ring of truth to it.
  • [Nyx]

    I stagger back to the door, her reaction is not unexpected, but the talk of vengeance, there is truth to that, and now I know it. I run into one of the nurses and dodge aside, "sorry... sorry she's crazy..." taking a look back as I head out the door. I don't have any words for her, just a disapproving shake of my head and perhaps an inappropriately sly expression.

    Down the hall I try and compose myself, wiping the disapproving look off my face and trying to get the blackness out of my heart. I stop in the waiting room for just a minute to sit on one of the uncomfortable plastic chairs, I look at the white clock on the wall ticking away and think. Officer Cross killed Aubrey... shot her in cold blood. Aubrey can come back in the body of Jennifer Ronconi and... I don't know what that means really.... will Aubrey live as Jen?I hand hy head in my hands and scratch my fingers through my hair, looking at the floor between my feet. It's all too confusing.

    I hear the clock ticking and I suddenly get up.

    I have too much to do to be sitting here. It's nearly time to meet Holly at the Library, but... but I need to find Aubrey, right? And tell her what I know.

    Yeah... I would love to see Holly but there's too much happening and I don't want to put her in danger, I don't want to get her involved in these dark things. She's too pure.

    I can't help it though, I find myself walking past the library on he way through town and back towards my woods.

    Just in case.
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