[MH] Holly in Darkness [Ho3.1]

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So you came home, Holly. Or at least the place you live. You haven't had a home since that room with Renna, really. And after what Teddy said...

It's only midmorning on Saturday so your foster brothers are still asleep. Mrs. Bay is out running errands, Trish might be with her, though you probably didn't check to be sure. Mr. Bay is used to being up early and you heard sounds from the workshop out back when you approached the house.

So now you're standing in the doorway to Liam's room, which smells unmistakably of teenage boy. The room is dim, with drawn shades, but you can see that it is genrally a wreck. There aren't any clear areas of floor and clothes are everywhere. Liam is sprawled on the bed, asleep. He's bare-chested but the comforter (soccer themed) is covering him up to his belly.

What do you do?


  • [Holly]

    Holly walks into the room, stepping lightly over the biggest piles of clothes until she stands over Liam's sleeping form. She watches his chest rise and fall in a soft rhythm. He'll be as handsome as his father one day, he's already got some of his rugged good looks, just softer with his younger age. After watching him for a few minutes, she reaches down to touch his chest lightly, drawing the tips of her fingers down, tracing three pretend rows, one over his right nipple. When he starts, she'll be looking down at him with her vacant eyes. She'll raise a finger to her lips, making a gentle shushing sound, then turn the that finger over and beckon him to follow her, out of the room, into the hall, to the kitchen, down the stairs, to the hovel they gave her for a room.

    Its quieter there, nobody else around. Upstairs, in their room, Liam might be afraid to take drastic action in front of his brother, where someone else could see or overhear. But here, its just little Holly. That's how she wants it to happen.
  • He starts awake.

    "Huh? Holly? What the..."

    You put your finger to your lips and then beckon him. He quiets but he stares at you, trying to figure it. He's wary. I mean...this is kind of a fantasy, or starting like one, but considering what happened last night?

    Go ahead and manipulate him.
  • ( Or turn on? )
  • (Absolutely...might even be better.)
  • [Holly]

    Turning Liam on:
    #DiceRoller( 2d6 )
  • Well that does it Holly. Your fake brother's lust overcomes his good sense, not that he had a lot to begin with and he follows you, in his blue soccer-themed boxer shorts (which, incidentally, demonstrate his arousal) thought the house and down the stairs to the little rough place they gave you as a room.

    Just now he steps off the bottom step, looking at you intently and trying to figure out how this is gonna go.
  • [Holly]

    Holly stands in the middle of the room, chin angled down, vacant eyes looking at Liam. "You are a bad person, Liam Bay. You are mean to me all the time. You are a weak little boy. You had to get help to beat me up. Ha ha ha. I hate you." Holly wills herself to show anger at him she's just desperate to be punished. She offers him a sneer and a glare in hopes that he'll lash out.

    Then she adds with spite, "It's like your daddy says when you aren't around, Liam. You are a pussy. Can't even beat a girl." She holds the glare and tries not to flinch in expectation for the pain.
  • I would say you're shutting him down, Holly, except that you want to provoke this violence from him, rather than simple emotional cowing. So I think manipulate, in this case.
  • I'll use Bought Loyalty to give him a string for a +2 to Manipulate.
    Manipulate an NPC rolling with Hot
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )

    (+1 XP)
  • So the basement is dark, lit by only a couple of single 75 watt bulbs hanging from the rafters making little cones of light. The dark wood, grey cinderblock walls, cement floor and puke green shag carpet in your area don't reflect the light much. Some weak daylight gets in the high window, but it's covered right now with those rough orange curtains.

    Liam hovers on the edge of your area, and tilts his head looking at you after the insults you hurl at him. He seems to realize that you've just handed him all the power in this situation. (taking another string) He's bigger than you and there's nobody to hear what's happening down here. And he's between you and the only way out, since there isn't a basement door to the outside. He doesn't have a lot of common sense, but he's not stupid. He narrows his eyes and gives you a nasty grin and he seems to be pondering what to do.

    He stops and folds his arms across his bare chest. His erection has gone down some, but the bulge in his boxers is still significant. His voice is rough and dangerous sounding. Do you feel what a corner you've backed yourself into?

    "Just wanted me alone, huh? Did that get you off, last night? Decided you wanted it after all?"

    He nods at you. "Okay... so, let's see what you got. Strip."

    I'm spending one of Liam's strings. If you take off your clothes you get an xp.
  • [Holly]

    Holly takes a couple sharp breaths, trying to keep calm. This is harder than she expected. "No, Liam. No." She tries to keep the glare, but the realization of what Liam is threatening is obviously not what she'd expected. She blinks a couple times, forcing her hands to remain at her side.
  • "No?" He's stalking back and forth, his eyes not leaving you. "Why the fuck did you bring me down here then? C'mon...." He approaches to within a couple feet, looming over you, intimidating. "this is easy. You show me... I show you."

    The xp is still on the table, Holly, if you give in. But it's pretty clear he's getting ready to force the issue, and that's pretty scary isn't it?
  • [Holly]

    It is scary as all hell. But Holly thinks she can turn it. She does NOT want to break her promise to Nyx, she does NOT want to have sex with Liam, it will damage her pretty badly if it happens. So, refusing the XP, fully prepared for what may happen, but she thinks she has one ace up her sleeve. So here we go.

    Holly watches Liam pacing, his predatory glower, she understands his threats. She takes a moment to collect herself and lies, "I'm going to tell on you, Liam. For what you did. You and Tony and Drew." She pauses, hoping to let it sink in.

    Then she adds, "You're going to be in biiiig trouble." This helps her get some courage. Then she falls into a sing-song voice with, "You ca-an't stop meeee."
  • That does it. He grabs for you. He does that thing where he grabs one arm and spins you with the other hand or moves around you, pulling that arm up and painfully behind your back. I mean, it's not real damage yet, it just really hurts, and he's using that lock to force you over toward the cinderblock wall, next your dresser.

    What do you do?
  • [Holly]

    As if she's summoning Brer Rabbit, Holly says, "Ow, Liam! Don't hurt me." She follows his lead, trudging towards the cinderblock wall, putting her cheek against its cool, pock-marked surface. She tries pushing against his pressure. Not resisting, pushing the opposite direction of his pressure, increasing the pain. How long until she finds out if her arm will break? Will it break? Does that mean she's real? Not just a left-behind playtoy, not an abandoned marionette. Tears are welling up, the dead look in her eyes has been replaced with a hint of fear, a heavy dollop of pain.
  • It's probably more of a stumble, than a trudge. He's not being leisurely about this. And when you hit the wall, it's not particularly gentle.

    When he gets you up against the wall he leans into your back. You can feel him against you. He puts his mouth next to your ear. His breathing is harsh, excited. He loves the control he has over you.

    "You're not gonna tell anybody anything." He tweaks the arm. "Who would believe you? Who would care? And if you do... I'll fucking kill you. No...This is what you want isn't it? You want me to give it to you like this?"

    Do you want to break your own arm? You probably can do it if you twist the right way. You'd need to hold steady.
  • [Holly]

    Through gritted teeth, the pain is intense, Holly admits, "No..nobody. Nobody cares. I'm just a hollow nob..nobody." Holly begins to cry in earnest, the realization hits hard when she says it aloud.

    She tries to summon the nerve to really hurt herself, to take her punishment. Break free, if she can just break free from the prison.
  • [Holly]

    Embodying Hollow, which she's been doing all scene, to get a +1 to Hold Steady.
    #DiceRoller( 2d6 )

    (+1 XP)
  • [Holly]

    Taking the condition terrified, Holly is dropping the condition "Ashley is mine!"
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    So you twist, throwing your weight, muscle, whatever against the pressure on your arm. There is a wet snapping sound, like a crisp carrot being broken, and blinding pain shoots through your arm. Worse than anything you've ever felt before. The world is drowned out in the pain.

    The next minute you're on the floor, laying on your side, retching up the contents of your stomach. Liam is backing away from you with wide eyes,

    "Oh... oh shit..." He turns and practically runs up the stairs leaving you there in a world of pain.

    You can't even move it. When you try you have a wave of nausea and nearly pass out.

  • [Holly]

    Dear Diary,

    Why did you make me, Renna? Why did you bring me into this place where I don’t fit anywhere? You knew you were sick, that you were dying. You knew you’d leave me behind, didn't you? You left me here, all alone! I am lost in this world of confusion and hate and selfish people. I’m one of them now. I am trapped in this fleshy prison.

    I am tired of pretending, of being a fake person. You were wrong Diary, I cannot do this. I was raised by a lonely little girl on little girl fantasies about the world outside, and now I am outside. There’s no Cheshire Cat here, no tea parties or pills or cakes, just rapist fake brothers and friends who use me and I use them and I ruin them and they hate me.

    Renna left me here, I don’t belong. I’m not smart enough, I’m not nice enough, or pretty enough or funny enough. I’m a terrible friend. I’m not good enough for Ashley. I crave her, I don’t love her. I ruined what she gave me, Diary. I broke it.

    Teddy knows what I am. She told me she knows. She told me I was a liar and she’s right.- I’m a filthy liar, Diary. Renna’s not my sister. I’m not real. I can’t be a person anymore.

    I made Liam break my arm. I wanted the pain to punish me, to release me from the trap, but it hurts. My whole body is white hot burning with pain, It feels like my arm has been ripped off, replaced with knives stabbing into the hole it left. My tummy, I got sick on my last clothes. I’m lying in it, the cereal Bika made me, the ice cream Ashley bought me, the cookies Ashley’s mommy made, all what someone let me have that I don’t deserve.

    When will it stop hurting? I thought I could break my arm and it would hurt and I would only have that pain, but they’re both here, both pains, my arm and my empty, sad heart, drowning me. I can’t escape. Please help me, Diary. Show me what I need to do to get out of this horrible awful me.
  • [Holly]

    Gazing into the abyss:
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )
  • [Holly]

    The visions are lucid and detailed, they show Holly what she must do.

    With metamorphosis, I will permanently switch two stats - Dark (which was 1) and Cold (which was -1)
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    In one vision, Holly, you see a hospital room where Jen Ronconi lies, eyes closed and unmoving, but somehow under the surface she's alive and looking for a way out, but she can't find a way to make her body move. You need to see her. In person.

    Another vision comes showing you Nula on a beach right in the line of the surf. Somehow she has more hands than normal and each of them has something attached to it. An old man stands on the beach, pulling, a younger man stands in the water, pulling. Jarrod stands on the beach, pulling. Even Teddy stands on the beach, pulling. The water itself, formed into some kind of tentacle is wrapped around her ankle. She would understand being a stranger in a strange place. She would understand being trapped by the desires of others. You could talk to her. She's at a house that's not far away.

    You know, despite this morning, that if you called her Ashley would come to help you, take you to the hospital. Or if you can make it upstairs and to the workshop, Mr. Bay will take you. Or I suppose, if you're really determined, you could go walk to the hospital on your own, though that's less certain.
  • [Holly]

    It feels like hours in the wallowing pain. Holly can't rock it away like she did some nights when she was lonely. Moving brings waves of pain, starting from the break and pulsing out, finally slamming into her belly, making her feel sick again. She has nothing left to throw up, but one retch left her with bile.

    But she won't die here, the pain won't go away if she just waits it out. She has to do something, to reach out to someone for help. She sees Ashley first, despite all the hateful things she said, even though Holly knows she isn't her love, Ashley is her friend. She would come get her, come save her. But Holly's shame and sadness pushes it away from her mind. She uses her good arm to push herself into a sitting position by the dresser. As she slowly begins to try and pull herself up to stand, wincing and crying out from the stabs of pain, she could ask Mr. Bay for help. The thought of the man who brought Liam inot the world makes her want to be sick again and she casts that aside, too.

    The hospital is too far away as well, but Diary told her who she needs to see is there. Jen. Didn't she save Jen? Why is she trapped? NOT FAIR! She saved Jen! She focuses on that thought to try and steel her reserve and stand on wobbly legs. But then Diary told her one person was close by. Nula. She will find Nula. Nula can help like she helped last night. They worked together to pull Jen out of the surf.

    Now for the stairs...
  • (if needed for Holly leaving the basement and the house, here's Holly Holding Steady)
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )
  • Still assuming the roll above is legit...
    Question for the MC (as a result of the roll): If Holly were to turn the Bays in for her treatment, would she end up still going to Mount Desert Island High School?
  • It's legit. You pull yourself painfully up the stairs, out of the house and off in search of Nula.

    As to the question, maybe for a little while if they have a backup or volunteer in the area, but the chances aren't good. The state system would pull you and simply look at what they had available. It's much more likely that you would end up in Portland or Bangor. Of course, you could just run away from the system. Go into hiding somewhere. Still go to school. That would solve most of it for the time being. Odds are, as long as the Bays still got the money for you, they wouldn't say much.

    And I think we'll go ahead and

    --END SCENE--
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