[MH] Back to the Pond [Te3.1][Nx 3.3]

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So Teddy, you go riding back to the pond in the woods, after stopping home to get some things from Aubrey. Not much at home, just a note from Mom telling you she took on an extra shift. She really does work too much, doesn't she.

In any case, you've got whatever you were going for and now are approaching Myrii's pond again, which at first glance, seems quiet enough.

What do you do?


  • So, there's a bike path running by the pond, I remember you saying. Now that it's day and the park's open and everything, I just bike into the park, pick up a trail map, and figure out how to get there the normal way. There's something there maybe, like an overlook or something with a bench, maybe even an actual bike rack? I chain up there, and go off trail to walk around to, uh, Aubrey. I mean dead Aubrey, not undead Aubrey.

    I have a few things in my school bag, and I also changed, dressing down. It's ratty old jeans and zombie Che Gueverra again, and a pair of work boots good for hiking. So I hike around to sort of near Aubrey, and I feel sort of stupid doing basically just like last night, crouching down and saying, like:

    "Hey, uh ... Myrii?"
  • Yeah, it's one of the old carriage trails that Rockefeller had put in way back when. Mostly used for bikes now. But sure, there's a bench nearby where you can lock the bike.

    So you're there leaning over the water near Aubrey's body, looking for signs, right?

    Well I don't know if you jump or what, but all at once there are a pair of feminine hands sliding around your waist under the shirt and a breathy voice from a warm mouth on the rim of your ear.

    "mmmm.... Hello, lover."
  • "Jesus! Stop doing that!"

    Yeah, uh, I startle. If she'd popped out of the water again, I would've been fine, but - though really, my heart's already slowing, and I'm sure she didn't mean any harm. And her attention's, um, you know, kind of nice. I guess it's like she doesn't demand anything more from me, there's no pressure for me to do anything. Or maybe it's just the fairy thing, I don't know.

    I turn my head toward her voice. Does she have any clothes on, this time?

    I'm saying, "I think I've got something for you about the, uh, about Aubrey."
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    She chuckles. "You're cute when you jump." She says, smiling, her golden eyes glinting at you with that sensual heat.

    She's wearing this white translucent dress thing. It's pretty easy to make out her body... well, Aubrey's body... through it. No underwear, obviously.

    She brightens when you tell her you have something. Her hands flex on your belly in excitement.

    "You do? Tell me." She purrs.
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    "Um, okay."

    I turn and look out over the pond, the still surface and the punctuating water plants. I kind of touch the back of her hand, it tickles.

    "So, that woman I told you about, I showed you her picture? Her name is Marsha Cross. She did it. Aubrey was doing something in the woods, something weird, like magic maybe. Deputy Cross found her, and Aubrey tried to run, and she just shot her. So, it's her who did it."

    "Or, I mean, I think so. I had a dream last night, and the, uh, the King was talking to me, and he showed me. But then he was like, there's something dangerous involved in all of this, connected to what's going on with Aubrey and Deputy Cross, and he wanted me to help find out what was going on. Is that crazy? Like, I guess it could've been just a dream ..."
  • She leans back from cuddling you.

    "The King speaks to you?" Her eyes are wide. "That is a great honor. Perhaps he wishes to choose you, like he has Nyx, to receive part of his heart... his power. I remember what it was like..." she flutters her eyes closed. "So full, and when you become a part of him..."

    She opens her eyes again. Looks at you for a moment, then snuggles up to you again, her body pressed against your back. She kisses the place right as your neck curves into your shoulder. "So... how do we catch this Marcia Cross? She hunts you, correct? I will kill her, if you bring her to me." She makes it sound so casual.
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    My shoulder twitches under her lips. And I'd been thinking about that, actually. At home, and on the bike ride over. But I mean, she shot Aubrey, right? She deserves it, and um. And I don't have to be here to see it, right?

    "Well, uh ... yeah. I can do that, I have -"

    I'm taking out her card, that she gave me.

    "- I have her number right here. I'd need to get my phone back from Aubrey, but she told me to call her if, um, if I wanted to cooperate. I can get her down here. And I don't know how to find out what else is going on, but like, you could, right? If you got her in the water, you'd know what she's doing? And you'd, you know, make sure she was really the person? She's really guilty?"
  • She kisses you again, on the neck a little above the last spot. "Yes. I would know, if she's in the water... if there isn't any interfering magic."
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    "What if, um, what if there is? And, are you sure you won't get hurt? She'll have a gun and, I don't know, she might be ready to use it."

    I lean my head toward the kisses and kind of hunch that shoulder, discouraging her progress. Her attention is, um, pretty engrossing, but is it really the time? This is serious. But she's also making me think:

    "... And what happens after that? When it's done, do you ... go away?"
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    She takes the hint and settles back, resting her chin on your shoulder.

    "If there is... well that's an implication in itself, isn't it? But if the King showed you that it is her, I would believe it. Perhaps we should question the spirit, if you're still uncertain. Her weapon could hurt me, but only if she has the chance to use it. I am quite fast, and adept at sneaking up on people. As for after..."

    She nuzzles your cheek a little and smiles.

    "Why... would you miss me?" She says, teasing. "No I needn't go back. although the girl's blood did call me across the veil this time, I do not need to rejoin the dream unless I wish to. But I will be different."
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    I don't know if I'd miss her. I might. I mean, I do like her, but the way she is ... it might make my already complicated love life, um, more complicated.

    But I give in to curiosity, and ask, "What are you like when you're not, you know, doing this?"

    And then: "I need to find Aubrey anyway, for my phone. Is she here? Is, uh, Nyx here?"
  • "They went to Nyx's little hiding spot. I'll take you there." She gets up from behind you and offers you her hand. If you take it or not, she begins to lead you away from the pond. You have a better view of the dress now, like I said, white and mostly translucent, ending about mid calf. Like a sundress. The cold doesn't seem to bother her and her feet are bare.

    "Now.... what did you mean. What do I look like normally on this side of the veil?" She gives you a sly glance sideways, with a slight grin. "Are you afraid I'll be a hideous monster when I don't wear pretty Aubrey's form?"
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    Yeah, I turn and see her hand, and I'll take it. As I follow her, well, I guess I feel kind of clumsy and ugly, all hoodie and jeans and boots, stomping through the woods. Like just, ugly in comparison, you know?

    "I guess, or I mean, no. But I guess that's what I mean. How will you be different?"
  • She giggles a little at your correction.

    "Oh, not so very different, really. My hair is longer and darker. I'm a bit taller and thinner. I don't quite remember my mortal form. That happens between living long and spending time in the veil, but the form I use is close... though prettier I think. I don't think you'll be disappointed."

    She flicks a glance at you, as if she's uncertain about the last. It's maybe a ten minute walk before she points to som shrubs, trees and large rocks. It's near a waterfall. It's hard to see anything.

    She points towards it. "It's over there somewhere."
  • I don't think I'll be disappointed, either. It might complicated, but I can't imagine Myrii disappointing, not like that. I kind of squeeze her hand, and my face is a little warm.

    Uh, and now I guess I'll pick my way over there and look around. I hope it's just Aubrey, but Nyx is probably there too, and I'm not gonna be caught sneaking around or something, if he is. So I guess I call out, too:

    "Au-, um, hey! It's Teddy, are you here?"

    Maybe I shouldn't be shouting Aubrey's name in the woods.
  • "Teddy!" Aubrey's voice comes from somewhere above you, she sounds happy to see you. "Hi... yeah I'm up here. Um.... just come around the side a little and climb up."

    You see what she means, there's a narrow way to climb up the big rock, pretty well hidden I guess. And if you do, you find Nyx's litte nook up there. When you poke your head up there, Aubrey's sitting on her butt, knees drawn up. She's sitting on top of a dark animal skin it looks like. The robe you saw before in your vision. The ring is sitting beside her on the stone.

    She smiles when she sees you. "Hi." She seems looser... more relaxed, more cheerful, considering the trouble, than she was last night. She looks kind of like you felt after... you realize she totally got laid last night. I guess it's a theme or something.
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    Yeah, but she got laid by a boy, which'd be way easier to wrap my head around, you know?

    Oh, and yeah, so I go up, and I look back to see if Myrii's following. I'm poking my head up, and climbing the rest of the way, and I guess I'm looking at that skin thing, maybe kind of obviously, trying to figure out what the deal is. It's pretty, all dark and silky, so I guess maybe it's some kind of keepsake of Nula's?

    Then I realize, you know, she's in such a good mood, and why, and I'm kinda jealous, kinda irritated, but also it's just good she's feeling okay. So I smile back, the big wide smile I have, and I get in there and sling my backpack off my shoulder.

    "Hi! You look better ... did you, uh, sleep? I brought a few things."

    I did. There's like a big warm blanket and a knit afghan, and I brought some clothes. I'm trying to remember, what's Aubrey's build like, compared to me?

    And I don't know if she can eat, but I brought, like, a box of protein bars and a plastic tupperware thing with the leftover paprika chicken from last night. I zapped it in the microwave before coming, and it's still warm. I make her try to eat some.
  • Myrii didn't follow you up to the climb up or whatever. Maybe she didn't think there would be enough room, or maybe she didn't want to crowd the ghost with her own face. I suppose if you motion for her to come or call for her, she might, otherwise she'll most likely go back to the pond.

    As for builds. I know Ashely is taller than you, maybe 5' 7", a ridiculous amount of leg, right? I'm guessing you're what, 5' 5"? Aubrey is close to your size. Curvier, as you no doubt recall, but not by a whole lot.

    "No... I found I don't sleep much, but I tried to rest. And having Nyx here helped." She shifts how she's sitting and winces a little bit. You might or might not realize what that's about, I don't know.

    But otherwise she smiles back at you. She sniffs at the chicken and tries to eat some... but finds that she just can't bring herself to take a bite

    "I'm sorry... it smells good and I want to bite it... I just can't somehow."
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    It's cool if Myrii doesn't come up. It must be weird between these two. I mean, look. For the clothes, it's a couple changes of things, just sensible stuff, and I picked looser stuff to account for the, uh, differences. A pair of jeans she could re-wear, a bundle of t-shirts, a warm sweater, several pairs of socks. For the rest, I figure she can get away with going commando.

    Though now that I'm seeing Nyx's super-secret hidey-hole, I'm wondering if I should've brought an emergency blanket or something. And no, I'm oblivious, I have no idea what that thing was about, is she hurt? Should I ask? I'll ask. I'm taking the food back and waving off her apology:

    "Are you okay? Something wrong?"

    MC, unrelated question. Is it plausible that Aubrey's mom is in Jane Lange's bridge circle? Not like I know or don't know for sure, but would it be a reasonable question to ask Aubrey, later?
  • Sure, it's possible. And that would be a reasonable question.

    She blushes hard when you ask her if she's okay and looks away from you. "Um... I'm fine. Just a little sore." She chuckles nervously. "Doesn't seem fair to be dead and still get sore."

    She looks back at you. It's clear that, like, maybe she wants to talk about it but she's afraid... you know you had that fight with Nyx... she's afraid you won't approve. She sees you as the closest thing to a friend. I mean, she really likes Nyx (obviously) but Nyx is still a boy. And she's feeling a little mixed up about what happened between her and Nyx, too.

    So she tries to change the subject.

    "I... I remembered about how I died. I told Nyx last night. And... uh.. I think you already kind of know, right?"
  • It clicks in my head, and I'm mentally going ohhhhh ... and I don't approve, but you know. I stay all nonjudgmental because she doesn't really deserve for me to come down on her, and it's not like I didn't have kind of a thing for Nyx, yesterday.

    "Oh, uh, gotcha. Sorry, I'm dumb, forget it."

    Though I guess I can't help sounding pretty curious. Actually, I'm sort of surprised ... was it, like, her first time? Is that what this is? I mean, it's not like I thought she was some kind of, well, Hayden Booker, but I mean she's a drug dealer, I didn't think she'd be that, um, innocent?

    Well, if she wants to talk, she'll circle back around to it.

    And now: "Yeah ... maybe? Was it that lady cop?"

    If she agrees, I'll kind of lead the conversation for a minute and fill her in on what I know. Or, like, get her to confirm what I think I know. Then maybe she can fill me in.
  • She agrees, identifying Deputy Marcia Cross. She confirms what you know, then more or less tells you the same story she told Nyx this morning.
    "Well, um... you know I, uh, sell drugs, right?" She says it like she's afraid of what you'll think of her. But she has it out now. "Weed mostly. I actually never wanted to, like, be a drug dealer, you know? It was just... this one time I bought a bunch of weed up in Bangor for a bunch of people down here. I mean it was crazy. I just told my friend I was going to buy some when I was there, and did they want any. And they did, but they told everyone else too, and then a bunch of other people wanted some and so I,uh, agreed to buy a bunch of it and bring it back. And the guy's house where I bought it, there were like a whole bunch of people lighting up, right?"

    "So I drive home with this big thing of weed in my car, and I'm just listening to the radio or whatever and I get pulled over. I mean I'm freaking out, but I hide the weed, and I'm not high or anything so I figure I'll make it. Deputy Cross pulled me over and... I don't know I guess I smelled like the stuff, from the smoke, so she puts me in her car and searches mine, and finds the big bag."

    "So she brings it over and I'm thinking, I'm like totally going to jail. And she tells me all how this is like possession with intent and how much trouble I'm in for. But then she offers me this out. If I sell for her, like stuff she supplies, then she won't arrest me right there. I'm all thinking about how my parents will freak if I go to jail for drugs, and I mean, if I'm working for a cop..." She sighs. "So I said I would, right? So that's when I really started selling."

    She turns so she's on her back and can look at you again, her side still solidly against you. "At first it was okay. I mean she took a cut, but I made some good money. And mostly it's just weed, right? Then she starts getting all crazy if I don't sell a certain amount in a week. I mean, I had a life, right? This wasn't a career or anything. So we had a big fight and I told her I was out and told her I'd take her down with me if she messed with me. Somewhere in there I touched a bunch of stuff and I realize that I felt magic in it, right? So... that night I went out to do a ritual that would tell me what was going on with the weed. I... I just finished it when she found me and she had her gun. And.. well, you know."
    So she tells you all that. Including her attempt to hide in the pond which resulted in her dying there.

    She's quiet afterwards for a minute or two, and kind of looking at you sideways to see how you're reacting to it all.
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    I nod along, sympathetic with the, you know, the first part where she's being strong-armed, and for the part after that, well:

    "Yeah, I kind of put a lot of that together, before. I've been, um, talking to Myrii, and Deputy Cross' been acting really weird. I guess, you know, now I'm not sure if she's trying to frame me or, uh, get me to sell for her."

    How's she handling going back over this stuff?

    "And I mean, I totally believe you too, don't worry. I've been ... it's been a weird couple days. Um. So did you actually find out what's up with the weed?"
  • She's subdued when she tells you the story, like she thinks if she just hadn't been so stupid she wouldn't be dead now. And talking about the part where she's killed is pretty hard for her still, because she's afraid it can't be fixed. She pauses a lot, breathes. When you say you believe the magic part she give a half-hearted smirk, like, if nothing else you're talking to a dead girl.

    "She probably wants you to sell for her. Um... I'm really sorry, but your name came up one time when she asked me about getting someone else involved. She had found my book. I told her it wasn't a good idea, that I would catch up... anything not to drag someone else into this."

    She looks up at you, looking pale. "I had a vision with the ritual and... the weed she's putting out there is enchanted like I said. It's... it's like a pipe. It's draining the life out of people and feeding it to..." She shivers, looking really scared. "Feeding it to something really bad. Remember the suicides last year? Three of them in like a month? They brought all those counselors in. Well... I sold this stuff to all three people."

    Which of those people did you know, Teddy?
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    Well, I kind of knew them all. I hang out with the stoners sometimes, it's not really my scene, but the dance scene isn't too big a thing at MDHS, so they're someone to talk to about stuff. I guess I didn't really know Denis that well, but Katie and Rick were pretty cool ... and now I'm thinking about the weed I'm holding for Ash, back home.

    "... How much of this stuff did you sell to Ashley?"

    It's not like she has a serious habit, so it's probably okay?

    You know, maybe I should talk about myself. I figure I've been sort of over here, a little in front of Aubrey, crouching over my backpack while I took things out for her. Now I don't really have anything to do with my hands, so this is a little awkward. I'll move over and sit next to her, and run my fingers over the skin, totally fascinated despite the heavy conversation. What's it like?

    Also, I guess I look kind of crappy up close. My eyes are bloodshot, and I'm a little pale, a little sick-looking after last night's kitty flipping. My voice's been kind of rough, too.
  • Nyx, you've walked back into the forest after visiting Jen and Mrs. Ronconi, and now you're approaching your hidey hole in the rocky copse near the falls. Being fey you are pretty much completely silent, unless you're being careless or something. But on the way in, you're turning this Jen thing over in your head, right? Or are you thinking of something else?

    I'm sure that when you approach your little place you realize that there are voices coming from up there. Aubrey's and Teddy's and their conversation. Aubrey did promise you a couple of things, like not to show herself to anyone, right? I suppose technically she has broken that. Also, maybe you catch Aubrey's explanation of what the weed does?

    What do you do?
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    The pelt feels silky, smooth and pleasant. The hairs are actually fairly long, a little under and inch maybe, and very soft. Touching it feels surprisingly intimate. And it has a certain charge too. You've felt enough magic recently to know what it feels like.

    She responds to your question, looking worried. She knows Ashley's your best friend.

    "I don't know. She bought maybe once or twice a month, and once she bought three weeks in a row. If she's just partying, it won't hurt her that much. If she smokes when she's down though I think it's more dangerous."

    ooops. Misread. Edited.
  • [Nyx]

    I don't think Aubrey has broken a promise, someone found her, she didn't go find someone and show herself. "Technically" maybe, but I don't feel it's broken.

    Yeah, Jen is on my mind, and her mom. Her whole family is going to be destroyed by all this. By her need to show how much better she is ... was than Nula. By her stupid pride. I want to help Aubrey live again, really... but how does this work? Are we saving her body, or giving her Jen's body? What will happen? Will she have to live with the Ronconi's? Or stay out of sight pretty much forever? That doesn't sound so bad, staying out in the woods forever could be a nice fate, there's certainly worse.

    I was disappointed not to see Holy at the library waiting for me, but maybe it's for the best. She hadn't promised to meet there so I can't really hold it against her. Why am I thinking of that when I have all this going on? Holly is fine. I try not to think about her.

    Yeah, as soon as I hear the voices I freeze, then slowly stalk up to the hideout, not really intending to eavesdrop so much as be careful until i figure out who it is and if Aubrey has been found. It's a relief to hear that it's Teddy up there, she knows... but also a shock, i thought nobody could find it here and there's a knot in my stomach when I consider that Aubrey might have told... wait doesn't Aubrey have Teddy's cel? Wait. I think I would know if Aubrey had broken that promise, I try to stay calm as I near, fetch a glimpse in through the cracks in the rocks. You can climb in from the bottom, which is my usual way, or climb atop the rocks and drop in kind of like a skylight. That's where I catch a glimpse of the two and to my relief it's only the two of them here. Not like Teddy brought friends.

    "Something wicked? We gotta stop Cross, you're the only ghost I want in my woods Aubrey," I say with a serious but slightly playful tone when talking about Aubrey. I drop down from the skylight, it's only eight or ten feet, "Teddy... welcome to my place. How on Earth did you find me?"

    I smile, I should be more upset but I can't be. They're both people I like a lot and who i know like each other. I'm not going to get all upset over my pride and secrecy.
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    I'm terse: "Myrii showed me. But I wasn't looking for you. Can I get my phone, Aubrey?"

    My irritation at your arrival is obvious across my face, Nyx, but I'm thinking about Ashley now. She should be fine, Jane's always searching her room and stuff, so I think I'm holding it all? But assuming Aubry pulls out my phone, I take it and thumb out a quick text - I wish I'd been able to do it earlier - telling Ash, like:

    *i'm sorry. call me okay? i love you*

    It just take a few seconds, and even as I'm hitting send, I'm looking up and asking you a question, Nyx, my hand patting the pelt here.

    "What's this doing here, Alvin? It doesn't belong to you, does it?"
  • [Nyx]

    She must see the puzzled and ever so slightly bothered expression on my face as she texts. Is she telling someone where to find us? She tweaks me again by saying my old name, even here in my most secret of places where I've accepted gracefully that she's arrived uninvited.

    "No... no in fact it does not," I kneel near them where I can lay a hand on a flat part of the pelt near Aubrey, I place a hand gently in her back between her shoulders and give her a gently rub and then a kiss on the cheek. "Excuse me, I need to put this away, it doesn't belong to me."

    If they will move off of the pelt I begin to gently fold it back up to place back on the wooden case I found it in. I don't intend to say another word about it and that's obvious.

    I continue, keeping my eyes on the pelt as I begin to fold it up, "Teddy I'm glad you're here, you're probably in danger... sounds like you know... what happened to Aubrey. What's this about Ashley? Isn't she with Holly... or something? Are they in trouble?"
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