[MH] Back to the Pond [Te3.1][Nx 3.3]

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So Teddy, you go riding back to the pond in the woods, after stopping home to get some things from Aubrey. Not much at home, just a note from Mom telling you she took on an extra shift. She really does work too much, doesn't she.

In any case, you've got whatever you were going for and now are approaching Myrii's pond again, which at first glance, seems quiet enough.

What do you do?


  • Yeah, it's one of the old carriage trails that Rockefeller had put in way back when. Mostly used for bikes now. But sure, there's a bench nearby where you can lock the bike.

    So you're there leaning over the water near Aubrey's body, looking for signs, right?

    Well I don't know if you jump or what, but all at once there are a pair of feminine hands sliding around your waist under the shirt and a breathy voice from a warm mouth on the rim of your ear.

    "mmmm.... Hello, lover."
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    She chuckles. "You're cute when you jump." She says, smiling, her golden eyes glinting at you with that sensual heat.

    She's wearing this white translucent dress thing. It's pretty easy to make out her body... well, Aubrey's body... through it. No underwear, obviously.

    She brightens when you tell her you have something. Her hands flex on your belly in excitement.

    "You do? Tell me." She purrs.
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  • Myrii didn't follow you up to the climb up or whatever. Maybe she didn't think there would be enough room, or maybe she didn't want to crowd the ghost with her own face. I suppose if you motion for her to come or call for her, she might, otherwise she'll most likely go back to the pond.

    As for builds. I know Ashely is taller than you, maybe 5' 7", a ridiculous amount of leg, right? I'm guessing you're what, 5' 5"? Aubrey is close to your size. Curvier, as you no doubt recall, but not by a whole lot.

    "No... I found I don't sleep much, but I tried to rest. And having Nyx here helped." She shifts how she's sitting and winces a little bit. You might or might not realize what that's about, I don't know.

    But otherwise she smiles back at you. She sniffs at the chicken and tries to eat some... but finds that she just can't bring herself to take a bite

    "I'm sorry... it smells good and I want to bite it... I just can't somehow."
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  • Sure, it's possible. And that would be a reasonable question.

    She blushes hard when you ask her if she's okay and looks away from you. "Um... I'm fine. Just a little sore." She chuckles nervously. "Doesn't seem fair to be dead and still get sore."

    She looks back at you. It's clear that, like, maybe she wants to talk about it but she's afraid... you know you had that fight with Nyx... she's afraid you won't approve. She sees you as the closest thing to a friend. I mean, she really likes Nyx (obviously) but Nyx is still a boy. And she's feeling a little mixed up about what happened between her and Nyx, too.

    So she tries to change the subject.

    "I... I remembered about how I died. I told Nyx last night. And... uh.. I think you already kind of know, right?"
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  • [Nyx]

    I don't think Aubrey has broken a promise, someone found her, she didn't go find someone and show herself. "Technically" maybe, but I don't feel it's broken.

    Yeah, Jen is on my mind, and her mom. Her whole family is going to be destroyed by all this. By her need to show how much better she is ... was than Nula. By her stupid pride. I want to help Aubrey live again, really... but how does this work? Are we saving her body, or giving her Jen's body? What will happen? Will she have to live with the Ronconi's? Or stay out of sight pretty much forever? That doesn't sound so bad, staying out in the woods forever could be a nice fate, there's certainly worse.

    I was disappointed not to see Holy at the library waiting for me, but maybe it's for the best. She hadn't promised to meet there so I can't really hold it against her. Why am I thinking of that when I have all this going on? Holly is fine. I try not to think about her.

    Yeah, as soon as I hear the voices I freeze, then slowly stalk up to the hideout, not really intending to eavesdrop so much as be careful until i figure out who it is and if Aubrey has been found. It's a relief to hear that it's Teddy up there, she knows... but also a shock, i thought nobody could find it here and there's a knot in my stomach when I consider that Aubrey might have told... wait doesn't Aubrey have Teddy's cel? Wait. I think I would know if Aubrey had broken that promise, I try to stay calm as I near, fetch a glimpse in through the cracks in the rocks. You can climb in from the bottom, which is my usual way, or climb atop the rocks and drop in kind of like a skylight. That's where I catch a glimpse of the two and to my relief it's only the two of them here. Not like Teddy brought friends.

    "Something wicked? We gotta stop Cross, you're the only ghost I want in my woods Aubrey," I say with a serious but slightly playful tone when talking about Aubrey. I drop down from the skylight, it's only eight or ten feet, "Teddy... welcome to my place. How on Earth did you find me?"

    I smile, I should be more upset but I can't be. They're both people I like a lot and who i know like each other. I'm not going to get all upset over my pride and secrecy.
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  • [Nyx]

    She must see the puzzled and ever so slightly bothered expression on my face as she texts. Is she telling someone where to find us? She tweaks me again by saying my old name, even here in my most secret of places where I've accepted gracefully that she's arrived uninvited.

    "No... no in fact it does not," I kneel near them where I can lay a hand on a flat part of the pelt near Aubrey, I place a hand gently in her back between her shoulders and give her a gently rub and then a kiss on the cheek. "Excuse me, I need to put this away, it doesn't belong to me."

    If they will move off of the pelt I begin to gently fold it back up to place back on the wooden case I found it in. I don't intend to say another word about it and that's obvious.

    I continue, keeping my eyes on the pelt as I begin to fold it up, "Teddy I'm glad you're here, you're probably in danger... sounds like you know... what happened to Aubrey. What's this about Ashley? Isn't she with Holly... or something? Are they in trouble?"
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