[Ashen Snow] Rude Awakening [Bo 7.1]

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When you fluttering back to consciousness, it comes in fits and starts. You drift in briefly, then fade back out. You catch snippets of a few conversations.

You're sitting in a car seat, the gentle bumping of the buggy bouncing you gently. The sound of the dune buggy's engine is roaring as you move along. You hear two voices near you.
Sable: "...along with us? ......... is going to keep her sed... ..."
Scar: "He won't... ...... let him..... dangerous for ...s all. And she's pack..."
Sable: "Good... when do we..."

Then later on, quiet outside, cool night air.
Jersey: "...even let her in the pack to just cart her around? Let's just leave her here."
Mac: "She's his sister, Jerz. They're workin through some stuff, right? He's stood by us, we stand by him, I say."
Long pause, then Wolf: "You two done gawkin at my sister?"
Jersey: "What? Wolf, back off, man. You know we wouldn't... you know what? I'm not defending myself when you're the one in the wrong here."
Wolf, in a low threat: "Are you challenging the alpha, Jersey?"
Jersey: "No, Wolf, I'm not challenging you, I'm..."
Wolf: "Then keep your opinions to yourself."

Some more time passes. Finally, you start to wake up enough to move your fingers, then lick your lips. Your muscles are sore, lethargic and not fully responsive, but you know that's the chillstabs aftermath, it will pass. You're lying on some kind of fabric, too narrow to be a bed. The air smells of dry, rotten wood. Its dark outside, you hear someone's quiet breathing not far away from you. The breaths echo enough to give you a sense that this space is at leas somewhat enclosed. You're indoors somewhere. It doesn't smell like anything in Evan Element, or anywhere you've been before.

What do you do?


  • When my eyes first crack open I can't even tell I've opened 'em. It's dark. So I close 'em again, lying still an' silent. Someone is near me. I don't know where I am. These thoughts slowly creep through the cotton in my brain. My fingers twitch on their own, my body desperate to move again. My muscles are slowly wakin' back up an' everythin' aches. My mouth is dry as sand. I lick my cracked lips. I don't know where I am. What...what happened? Brief snippets of conversation creep back into my memory. The pack talkin' over me. Wolf. Wolf drugged me. I was....I was on the buggy? Was that real? Or just a dream? It must be real. This place is real. It smells old. It doesn't smell familiar at all. They've taken me...taken me somewhere. What....what the hell is goin' on?

    Through the thick fog I'm tryin' to shake off, I can feel panic wellin' up inside me. But no. No. If I'm with the pack....I'm part of the pack. They wouldn't...wouldn't kidnap me or somethin' stupid, right? An' Wolf....Wolf. We fought, we were fighting, weren't we? The worst....the worst fight we'd ever had. I'm tryin' to remember the details. But even if we fought, that doesn't mean Wolf's done somethin' stupid or bad. We fought all the time. He...

    I'm not defending myself when you're the one in the wrong here. Someone said that. Jersey said that. To Wolf. I remember it suddenly. What...what's Wolf done?

    I open my eyes again, force 'em all the way open. I strain through the darkness, tryin' to get my eyes to adjust. But that's not enough. I can't lie still here any longer. My muscles protest, but I try to sit up. Where the hell am I?
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    You sit up slowly. As you move, you realize you're on some kind of bench with a wooden back. You end up using the top of it to pull yourself up. It hurts.

    You hear Jin's voice in the dark, quiet. Not whispering, just low, barely filling the space. The echoes make you think you're in a larger enclosed area. "Hey Emmy. Scar said you'd be out for another hour or so. Guess you're as tough as Wolf." He moves in the dark and you see his shape as he sits down beside you.

    "Can you talk? What happened? I haven't seen Wolf that make in... well, in ever. He has never been that mad at anyone before."
  • I suck in a painful breath an' carefully swing my legs over to the ground. I feel like I got hit by a truck. I'm glad when Jin speaks up. I'm glad it's him an' not, say Jersey or Nuff. I sit still for a second, my hands on the seat of the bench an' my head hangin, tryin' to think straight. He's never seen Wolf that mad? I guess I always did have a particular talent in pushin' all his buttons. Course he's the same. He can make me more mad than anyone. I thought maybe things could be different. But now we're right back where we used to be, an' there's no Dune to step in an' calm things down.

    I ignore Jin's questions. "Where are we?" I croak out, my voice all ragged an' hoarse.
  • You hear Jin move a bit, his shadowy details still difficult to make out. He fumbles with something, then pushes a canteen into your hands, "Take a drink. It's good, some purified water we scrounged from a Babies R Us about fifteen miles up the highway. Evidently, folks didn't think that the place had jugs of it, they stripped out all the clothes and diapers and stuff, left the jugs. Well, I had to dig for them, but take a taste, it was worth it. We uhh, we're in an old pre-fall church, Emmy. Its our third fallback spot, Wolf didn't trust one and two. Half the pack's out on patrol and I drew the short straw, so I got to watch you sleep." He pauses, like he's considering his next words, but then he says them anyway, "You know, you're really pretty when you aren't scowling. Okay, you're beautiful, actually. But well, you're pack now. So... there's that."
  • I take a drink, my hands shakin' a little bit. The water is nice. It's amazing actually. I take another drink, more than I probably should, but it just tastes so good. Pre-fall church. Third fallback spot. What. The. Hell. Where is that? And why? Why are we here an' not at Evan?

    I'm startled out of my slightly frantic thoughts when he changes topics an' starts talkin' about how pretty I am. I lower the canteen and turn my head towards him, even though I can just barely make out his shadowy outline. I sit there, silently, feelin' him just inches away. I should be thinkin' about a million other things, but now I'm thinkin' miserably about Ambrose an' this well of loneliness is kinda overflowin' into my brain. I'd be lyin' if I said that some part of me didn't want to lean forward an' just kiss him. It's been a long time since I was last held gently an' told I was beautiful. It feels like years since that last night, that last night with Ambrose.

    An' now everythin' really does hurt. Inside an' out. Why did Jin say that? I turn my face away, lookin' into the darkness ahead of me. "Why are we here?" I ask flatly, my voice is less hoarse now, but completely devoid of emotion. I'm closin' him out, hidin' behind my mask again. I trusted Wolf's pack, at least a little bit, but I'm startin' to worry that that was a really fuckin' stupid thing to do. I can feel my limbs a little better now. It helps to move around, get the blood flowin. My brain feels clearer too. Which is good, cause I gotta think, an' think fast. "What about Harridan? An' Evan? What's goin' on, Jin?"
  • The details of this place start coming in focus. There is some moonlight, it isn't pitch black. You're on a wooden bench, a pew, in what was once a small baptist church. The main room survived due to some miracle, but most of the rest of the building cracked and fell apart.

    Jin asks softly, "You okay to stand?" Assuming you agree, he helps you up, you're just a tad wobbly, but strength is returning. "I don't know what happened between you and your brother, but things are all charlie foxtrot right now. Wolf told us a bit ago that we're dropping the Harridan contract. That we're up and leaving, going back to your village and that's that. And not everyone is on board with that. But nobody wants to challenge Wolf, so we're mostly being bitchy at each other. Its probably good you slept through it."
  • Wolf...Wolf's takin' me back to Pa. Wolf broke his word. To everyone. To Harridan. To Evan. To me. I'd been afraid that's what was happenin, but to hear Jin say it out loud is still shocking. Wolf never breaks his word. Grekkor was right. Oh shit.

    Wolf's abandoned Evan, an' in kidnappin' me, he's forced me to do the same. Harridan is gonna sweep in an' kill everyone I care about. He's gonna take Yurd's heart. An' I won't be there to help, to fight. I can't let this happen. I force myself to remain calm, at least outwardly. I'm stiff with panic, but Jin probably thinks that's just the chillstab. Fuckin' chillstab. I can't believe Wolf....I can't believe he did this. I'm not gonna let him do this.

    I nod when Jin asks if I can stand, an' I let him help me up. I can faintly see around the room now. I wobble more than I need to, leanin' on him heavily. I'm tryin' desperately to think of a plan. I have to act before the others come back. This might be my only chance. I gotta be reckless. So I kinda moan a little. "I think I'm gonna be sick." I gasp, stopping an' kinda hunchin' over suddenly, pulling out of his grasp. When he stops with me, I'll suddenly ram my shoulder an' elbow into him hard, as hard as I can, tryin' to knock him backwards over the pew behind him. Then I'm gonna run like hell.
  • Acting Under Fire to escape
    #DiceRoller( 2d6 )

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  • You slam into Jin, he was completely fooled, took it hook, link and sinker. He falls back over the pew, it snaps like balsa wood under his weight and he groans in pain. But you're running for the light coming from the door, push it open hard and two steps and you're out in the midnight air. Its still muggy, but the night gives it enough of a chill. You get a glance around, just a glimpse to check surroundings. You're maybe a mile and a half up a hill, overlooking Evan Element and ShantyTown.

    "Emmy, what are you doing?" You hear Scar call out. She's behind you, a machine gun of some kind in her hands. She was right by the door you just ran out of, keeping watch. Or something.

    Then from inside, you hear Jin holler, "Damnit, I'm.. I'm hurt. Scar! She's runnin. I, ow, shit.. hhhelp."

    Scar glares at you, shifts her weight into a fighting stance, like she's figured out what you're doing, "What did you do, Emmy?!?"
  • I don't stop to talk. I don't really stop at all. I take off down the hill in the direction of Evan. I couldn't have hurt Jin that bad, right? He just fell, an' the bench broke. He'll be fine. I just needed time to get away. But I'm not gonna stop an' explain all that to Scar. I just run, adrenaline shootin' through my wobbly muscles an' lendin' them a little bit of strength. It helps that I'm goin' downhill. Course I'm not exactly runnin' super quietly, but I don't have time to think about that. My breath's comin' in frightened gasps an' I'm straining for sounds of Scar comin' after me.
  • Scar swears under her breath then says, "Emmy! I will shoot you in the leg. I will not miss! Stop right now! Please?" you can practically feel her taking a bead on you.
  • I dart to my right an' start runnin' zig zag. I last ran like this when I was fleein' Nero's men. It worked that time. Well, it worked cause Vulture came up an' shot the guard an' not me. But I keep my movements irregular an' wild, hopin' to throw her aim off. My eyes are dartin' around lookin' for cover, anythin' that I can jump behind. Maybe it's the memory of the fear an' horror of that time combined with the pain of betrayal in this one, but I'm sobbin' raggedly now. I thought these people...I thought Scar an' Jin were....were somethin' like friends. Why are they doin' this? Why didn't anybody stand up to Wolf? I can't stop. I can't. I swore to help defend Evan, an' for once in my fuckin' life, I aim to keep my word.
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    Scar doesn't fire at you. When you glance back, she's rushing inside, probably to check on Jin.

    You take a glance down in front of you when you think she's gone, the hold is less than a mile away. Your legs are screaming at you as you keep moving. You're effectively running downhill, which is terrifying in daylight, worse at night.

    Then, you hear the whine of a motorcycle engine coming closer. To your left, it's someone coming straight at you! He zips across the dirt and will be on you in seconds. You think it's probably Jersey, based on his size versus the bike.
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    Well, whoever he was, he bears down on you and does some kind of drive-by stiff arm, slamming you to the ground. Take 1-Harm from the impact.

    Harm Move:
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )
  • You lose your footing, falling to the ground. The bike stops maybe fifteen feet after the rider knocked you down.
  • [Bones][6pm]

    That bike comes outta nowhere, an' I know it's hopeless. But what can I do? I'm not just gonna give up. So I keep running. I run until he's upon me an' somethin' smashes into me hard.

    I barely have time to cry out before I'm falling. I hit the ground hard, all the breath gettin' knocked outta me, an' then I'm rollin' down the hill towards where the bike has stopped. My bare arms an' knees scrape painfully on the rocky, ashy dirt. I finally come to a stop just a few paces away from him, an' I'm immediately tryin' to scramble to my feet, to get away from this...Jersey? But I'm still gaspin, tryin' to catch my breath. An' I'm disoriented from rollin. An' everythin' fuckin' hurts. I'm not movin' fast enough. I know that. But I'm too damn stubborn to do anything else but keep tryin.
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    He's off the bike, laying it down quickly and rushing for you. He tackles you as you scramble to your feet, then he's on top of you. Yeah, it's Jersey. He says to you, but not conversationally, "You girl. Are nothing but trouble." Then he grabs your hands and holds them together with one of his huge ones and puts a plastic zip-tie around them, closing it tight enough to limit movement without cutting circulation.

    He stands up, pulling you by the zip-tie, then picks you up under your armpits and throws you over his right shoulder and marches you back up to the church. Its a longer walk up that it was a run down. When you get close enough for normal talking, Scar calls down, "Is she okay?"

    Jersey shoots back, "Didn't you ask me not to hurt her? Plus, she's gotta fix Jin." Then in a few steps, you're on the level with Scar and he puts you down.

    Scar comes over, checking you out, "Yeah, you look alright, Emmy. What the hell is wrong with you?"
  • I fight Jersey the whole time. I fight him when he ties my hands. I fight him when he picks me up. I fight him as we walk up the hill. I don't think my strugglin' does anythin' but annoy him, he's way stronger than I am, but I keep at it. By the time we get to the top of the hill I'm exhausted an' my newly functioning muscles are all trembly. Jersey puts me down an' I almost fall over.

    "What's wrong with me?" I shoot back furiously. I'm streaked with dirt an' snow an' my knees an' elbows are bleedin. "What the hell is wrong with you?" I glare at the both of 'em. "You fuckin' drugged an' kidnapped me! You're all liars! I'm not goin' anywhere with you! Now let me go!"
  • Scar is really torn right now. You see she's worked up, not like you are, of course, but this is pretty emotional and she shows it on her face, "Emmy!" she says sharply, like a big sister more than a mother to a kid. "Calm down! Your brother made this bed, we're lying in it. Nothing has been done that can't be undone. But Jin's hurt..."

    "Because of you..." Jersey interjects.

    With a clipped voice, Scar shoots him a glare, "NOT helping, Jersey. Listen, Emmy, please come back inside."
  • I look pointedly away from her, but my anger deflates a little when she says that Jin's hurt. How hurt? I really didn't....I just shoved him...

    I shift slightly. My knees an' elbows sting. I glance over at the church. She asks like I have a choice, but I know better. So I start walkin' towards the door without answerin, my shoulders still tense an' angry, my hands still tied behind my back. Deep down I know that I would choose to heal Jin. I feel horrible about hurtin' him. I didn't want to hurt him. I just wanted to get away. An' I'm not givin' up. I will go back to Evan. Somehow. But first I'm gonna heal Jin.
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    When you walk back inside, Scar breaks a chem light and shaking it, giving you some light. Jin is lying on the floor in a sort of fetal position, groaning a bit. There's a foot long piece of wood that is blood-tipped lying beside him, looking almost purple in the green light of the chem-light. Evidently the pew shattered and part of the wood became lodged in him. Then, genius that he is, he pulled it out, which left a hole in his gut.

    Scar's talking as you come in, "I don't know what happened with Wolf, but he called us in and said we were breaking contract." She's talking quick, like someone getting something out there, full admission of guilt, in a way, "He told us its a suicide mission, which is probably true, and he wants to take you home. Sable and I wanted to hear your side of it and he agreed. I figure your side of this is rather different."
  • I stop at Jin's side an' I'm too slow to hide the anguished guilt that sweeps across my face. I wrestle myself back under control. The idiot. Why did he pull that out?

    "I need my hands." I say flatly to Scar. I don't respond to what she just said. I don't look at her. I trusted them. Against my instincts. An' look where I ended up. Of course my side is different! Did anyone even stop to wonder why I wasn't conscious?

    Assumin' she cuts the zip tie off, I kneel down next to Jin. My knees burn. I lean over him an' place my hand over the hole in his gut. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, Jin.
  • Healing Touch
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+3 )

    highlighted for 1xp
  • You look upon the wound, then pull on Spector to take his pain away, like so many others. Sometimes when Spector does his work through you, you feel the pain bleed out of that connection, you experience a bit of your victim's suffering. Sometimes, the patient's fear and anxiety push through and you end up having to fight them to let you heal them. This is becoming more and more rare now, you've accepted Spector, you've even seen him now. The two of you work miracles together.

    But this time.

    This time, it's a different thing.

    You and Spector work in concert to weave the smoke into new skin, to replace what was lost, to heal the packmate Jin, to pull the pain out of him, ease his suffering and fear. But that isn't what comes out. The thing that comes out of him, you catch a glimpse of it. It moved so fast, like a blink of an eye, an inky black twisted manchild leaned out of him, right out of his head towards you, then another tar-colored boy leaped out of it into you.

    Hello Emmy, you hear in your head as Spector pulls back, shirks away in revulsion, like you've become an allergen to him. The voice you heard, you've never heard it before, but you know it to be Harridan's. In your head. You catch sight of something happening at Jin's wound. You see black strings appear across the wound and like a person closing a drawstring pouch, it puckers up and closes, the wound closes, not perfectly healed, but no longer appearing to bleed heavily.

    You think. No, you know Jin is bleeding out right now. But he's moving, sitting up, acting just fine and you're watching Scar hug him gingerly and he's talking back to her in his Jin voice, his meat-puppet Jin voice and he's making a joke and she chuckles. "He's okay" you hear Scar saying. to you, to Jersey, to anyone, she's so happy you healed him, but you didn't. Harridan just prevented you from healing him so he could leapfrog some strings into you. He's letting Jin die right now, right in front of you, moving Jin on his puppet-strings so nobody knows. Well, technically not true. You know. And he's in your head and he just said your name in greeting. He expects a response and he doesn't like to be disappointed.

    What do you do?
  • I go completely still.

    In the silence after he said my name, a roarin' steadily builds in my head, the sound of my own panic, my own voiceless scream. My eyes watch Jin move around, watch him smile, an' I know he's dyin. He's dyin. Jin is bleedin to death. An' they can't see. They can't know. Jin has precious minutes left, an' there's nothin' I can do. He's makin' me watch. For his own sick enjoyment. An' I hate him. I hate him with a burning passion unlike anythin' I've ever known.

    I sit there, silent. Lettin' him feel my hatred, but I do not give him the satisfaction of respondin. I will not speak to him. I will not be his. I will fight him. I will fight him until he is out of my head or I die.
  • Now now, Emmy. No need to sulk. Besides, there's no time for it. Your friend Jin has precious moments left. Stop fighting me and I'll let you heal him. Or stay quiet, then I'll pop a cap in your head, so to speak, and Jin dies, too.

    (In game terms, he's saying, work with him, don't fight his puppet strings and he'll let you heal Jin for real.)
  • I close my eyes. What would I do to save one life? What price is too high? What would I do to spare Wolf the pain of losin' someone he loves...again? I open my eyes an' fix 'em on Jin.

    I would do almost anythin.

    Alright. Alright. Let me heal him.
  • Good. Very good, Emmy. I will allow you to heal him. But my strings are in him as well as you, now. If you cross me, if you run to Amiette, I'll pop both of your brains. Him first, so you can watch.

    You feel your body responding to your commands now. Are you going to use Healing Touch on Jin? Your kit isn't here, but you could scrounge in their pack and make an Acting Under Fire roll to heal him normally.
  • I try to make myself numb. I use all of my strength to try an' fall behind that mask again. I don't care. I don't feel.

    I don't answer Harridan.

    I reach out and take Jin's arm, catchin' his attention. My voice is completely flat, no expression. "Don't move around a lot. Just stay still for a little bit." I put my other hand on his stomach where I know the wound still is, like I'm just examining it to be sure. But while I talk, I'm reachin' for Spector again, tryin' to coax him to work with me. "If you ever have somethin' like that in you, don't pull it out. It only makes it worse."
  • Healing Touch
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+3 )

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