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The pair of you walk out of ShantyTown, nobody messes with you. In fact, it seems like the rest of them aren't on the same page.

You head back into the Gym, most folks have left. Sails and Spurlock are around, waiting for you, Alonzo.

Melody and Unca Jess and Mungo perk up when you come in.

What do you do?

OOC: I'm setting up this scene to get a vibe on each of your relationships with your respective gangs. I feel like that aspect of you both has been given short shrift and I'd like to see a bit of that here.


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    A visible sense of relief comes over me when I see Spurlock and Sails. Their body language is not obviously antagonistic and I was worried about those two. I feel like I need some time with The Grays back in the Haven. Or with Jeanette. Shit, I've seen precious little of her lately.

    "Spurlock, my joy, what's the news?"
  • Alonzo,

    Spurlock smiles, "Oh, the hold's abuzz about your big stump speech, sir. Norvell an Corbett have already set out a work detail and Shazza volunteered up some grub from her larder to pay extra for workers. The merchants are working up a deal to ship out a big truck full of goods out to Nokes to trade for what we can spare. People are excited and scared, about what you'd expect. How was the meeting?" Trinkle, Takeback and Gummer are coming up to hang out, too. They look like they feel important, something that is pretty foreign to them.

    Heading to your Haven or checking on Jeanette? She's probably in the Baths.
  • [Grekkor]
    He is furious. Jakabacka, wasting his time. He should have known better.
    He grabs Granery and goes up to Mungo, Unca Jess and Melody.
    "Jakabacka says we're vulnerable. Something from Shanty Town, I'd imagine. I would guess they can't keep this a secret. We need to ask all the Shanty Town recruits what they know. Let's get to work."
  • Grekkor,

    Are you working through your gang or do you want the new recruits brought to you for questioning?

    If you're working through your gang, give me a Pack Alpha roll.

    If you're questioning them, what's your approach?
  • [Grekkor]
    He's putting the word out to anyone in the gang, but the new recruits specifically: If you have even the slightest idea of what Jakabacka is talking about, how the Element is vulnerable, Grekkor needs to hear the story. People with some connection to Jakabacka have more credibility than others. So Grekkor is probably holding court near the baths, expecting his gang to bring forth witnesses to Jakabacka's methods and history. He's doing this while also managing other preparations-- specifically he needs more weaponry for all these new recruits.
  • Grekkor,

    You get a few reports back, nothing about the security hole. Jackabacka must have kept that within his gang. Or, he just didn't tell the ones who came over. Maybe if you let some jingle go for it?

    Pretzel reports, "Sir, I know you're looking for weapons for the new Pryrers. Well, the Armory Boys are expensive, but they've got good stock and so far, they haven't come at us. It might be good to talk with them, try to buy something, get a feel for their allegiance. I would have arranged a deal already, but they're all about some kind of chain of command, they only want to talk to the up and ups."

    Rig Rat, one of the newbies, comes up. She's a wee thing, helped set up the still, likes oiling and cleaning the guns, working on the fixtures in the baths, too. She's in his thirties, probably, sunken eyes, coal black hair, cut short. She's wearing cut-off overalls with ripped black tights underneath, a backward trucker cap and some kind of worn tech shirt under the overall straps. She has some satin elbow high gloves underneath her leather workman's gloves, so she's quite a mismatched sight. She bows, or something, and says, "Bossman. I know you're looking for ways to tighten up, yeah? I bet if we go grease some palms, lips will loosen, yeah?"
  • Walking with the Grays back to the Haven.
    "The meeting was a disappointment. Demands were made of us that, while not unreasonable in and of themselves, are simply beyond the pale at this time. They really don't seem to understand that now is NOT THE FUCKING TIME!" I realize I was shouting that last bit and look around sheepishly.

    "Sorry, my joys. I was just hoping for a better outcome. Anyone here know anything about some security vulnerabilities Jackabacka might have found? Jeff, take Sails and Pace and walk a perimeter. See if anything strikes your eyes. Maybe you'd see something the rest of us wouldn't. Anyone else close with Jackabacka. Spurlock, remind me to ask Jupiter, he came to us from Jack's cullies."

    We make our way to the Gray's Haven. I make it pretty clear I'm hoping for a big-ole family dinner. And then I rememebr I have actual family now.

    "Anyone seen Hoze? Has he come back yet?"
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    The Pryers have no jingle. They are broke. Grekkor grimaces. He hates the thought of going into debt, more so with the Armory Boys.
    "Yes, they would want to speak with Tar Pit or Mungo, at least. That's what they normally would do, but here, now . . . I don't think we have time now. I wonder if they did the delay on purpose." He says to Pretzel. Grekkor shakes his head, violently for a moment; shake off that paranoia. "Have Mungo report to me, but if he asks let him know I asking him to double time back to the Armory Boys."

    Then Rig Rat shows up looking for money. More paranoia, does he trust her? She seems the type to cut and run if given anything of value. Or maybe not, she did fix the one line in the baths . . . A moot point anyhow. He has nothing to give her.
    "No, I underestimated Jakabacka. If he was disciplined enough to keep his secrets from a good portion of Shanty Town a bit of jingle will won't make the difference. Best spent on weapons."

    He stands and officially ends court.
    The time before a battle. Too long and too short.
    He moves from the baths, back out among the ranks of pryers. Working along side them as they make preparations. Coaching on improvised and ramshackle weaponry.
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    Nobody seems aware of this Jackabacka secret knowledge. Spurlock muses, "Could be bullshit leverage, smoke and mirrors, exactly WHY he was pushing now and not later. No value later."

    Sails quips, "I don't see it. The man aims true in my book. He is playing hardball. He's got people over the barrel and he'll wait it out until they cave. I just hope he doesn't up whatever price he set as Harridan gets closer." Then he heads out with Jeff and Pace to do walkabout.

    Trinkle answers about Hoze, "Aint seen him since the big stump speech, Lonzo. Want me to go out and look? I can take Trinkle somebody and be back shortly."
  • To Sails, "Don't be gone to long, we're eating family style tonight."
    Then in reply to Trinkle, "No I'm sure...you know what? Yes, thank you, my joy, thank you. Take HR Support. he said he was checking on his group. Last we saw them was out at New Spring."
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  • Grekkor,

    Melody comes by to check on you, "Graykor, what do ya need?" She's showing some genuine concern for you, you see it. But she's also too close to you in front of the others. At least, in your current capacity, as their leader.

    Mungo is on his way over, he's got five Pryers with him, two new ShantyTowners, Pretzel, Arizona and Omie.

    What do you do?
  • [Grekkor]
    He moves among his gang. Zealot eyes. Grim scowls. Creeping exhaustion. He thinks it will improve morale.
    He hears Melody. What he needs is a bath. Too much to do. Somehow, after seeing Yurd, the rituals have seemed changed. As though he needs to defeat Yurd's enemies before he can take a proper bath.

    Grekkor tells Melody basic squad assignments that need to go out, logistics of weapons and armor. He talks of needs as from a long-view. Pretending this was what she wanted to know, deflecting her concern.

    Then Mungo arrives. He tells them of the Armory Boys and the time constraint and that we have no jingle to exchange, but they we will be in their debt, should we survive Harridan's onslaught. He can take three or four of his choice to attend him.
  • Grekkor,

    Mungo pushes the issue, "Grekkor, they aren't going to give us a line of credit, I can tell you that right now. You send me out there with whoever you want, I'll be coming back tomorrow with nothing but who you sent me with. Now, if we offer baths to their leaders, then we've got something to offer. And if we offer baths to the girls at Red House, then I bet Big Daddy will sweeten the pot for the Armory Boys and we can make a deal. They don't care for the promises of a hold they consider doomed."

    This isn't great news, of course, but Melody is there listening. She shrugs as if Mungo makes a kind of sense.
  • [Grekkor]
    "If they bring the guns, once I see guns on our tables, then yes, they deserve the honor of the baths. We need everyone focused. Big Daddy and that Red House crew . . . that only invites chaos."
  • Grekkor,

    Mungo shrugs, accepting the half victory, then starts to leave. As he does, Melody comes up close and says, "Graykor, check tha door. That fella that Bones was about, the vanguard." She points, and sure enough, you see Wolf, standing at the door to the outside, moonlight behind him. He's with the one called Sable and the redheaded boy who drove the buggy.

    Wolf and his two mates come walking into The Gym. He isn't holding any guns, so the Pryers give him a hard look, but the last time he was here, it seemed like he was on your side, right? He comes straight up to you, inclines his head with respect and speaks quickly. He looks charged up, a bit upset and on edge, "Grekkor. Sorry for the late hour, but my sister is in trouble. Where is your brainer?"
  • Alonzo,

    Let's move you to a new scene here.
  • [Grekkor]
    He balks. The thought of Amiette belonging to him strikes him as peculiar.
    "Trouble that needs a Brainer?" He says with exhaustion, imagining the possibilities why a brainer is needed. "The Bondservant, we need her ready. What happened? Better yet, have your pack bring her here. We shall prepare yet another bath for her. I will seek out Amiette and request her aid. But it is not certain I will find her in time. When did you plan on returning to Harridan? The longer we have the more detailed a ritual we can attempt."

    He calls for Jeanette.
    "Prepare Wolf to assist Bones with a bath. Should I not find Amiette in time. Her brother will have to take my place."
    He looks at Wolf waiting for him to agree. He offers this bath not to Wolf directly, but in service to the Bondservant. Grekkor has found a way to allow Wolf a bath despite the poor esteem Grekkor holds him in. A gift. A round about peace offering. He looks at Wolf to see if he understands.
  • Reading Wolf
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )
  • Wolf drops his voice a bit, you can tell he doesn't want anyone to overhear. He moves a step closer away from his comrades, and talks through clenched teeth, "Listen, my sister aint yer damn Bondservant or any such thing. She's already agreed to leave here with me and my pack. Right now, she's in some trouble and I am gettin help for her. Don't give me some runaround. Where is the Bride, Grekkor? I'm not threatenin you, I'm askin you. If ya don't know, tell me who does."
  • [Grekkor]
    "You are right. Bones is not my Bondservant. Forces bigger than all of us have branded her with that title. If you think she is in trouble now then you lack the imagination to grasp what will unleash upon her if she does not align to her fate. And her fate is upon her even now.

    Spend 1: How could Grekkor get Wolf to believe he also is fated to confront Harridan?
  • When you talk about forces beyond the two of you and his sister's fate, Wolf clenches his jaw. You barely finish speaking when he spits out, "Harridan. Strung. My. Sister. Where is the fucking Bride?" If you flinch or hesitate, he's going to stomp off and search the hold himself until he finds her.

    Wolf came to the meeting earlier tonight fully ready to offer to assassinate Harridan to buy his sister freedom in this hold. Now... he'd cap Harridan free of charge. He doesn't care about fate or forces bigger than anything beyond his family, that whole line of talk is a waste of breath on him. If Yurd walked up and smacked him in the face, he might believe, but even that's not a guarantee, he's seen many weird things in the Nine Cities. Its about the pack and his family and the pack IS his family.
  • [Grekkor]
    Infuriating. Each offer of peace (and if not peace a shared understanding of some sort at least) rejected and then thrown in his face. Wolf's pack now acting as his blinders. Overwhelming evidence will not phase him.

    What did Yurd see in this man?
    She must have been confused.

    Spend hold #2:How could Grekkor get Wolf to tell him where he's keeping Bones?

    Grekkor's eyes grow cold. But without flinching or hesitating, he snarls then roars to his people:"Fan out, Pryers. Find Amiette and ask her to join us at the baths."

    He leans in close.

    "Wolf, we have a shared enemy. The rituals tell me you are instrumental in the coming battle. Yet you insult the Pryers and deal in disrespect. I understand the allure of holding family first, but to the point you have taken it I see the edge of madness." He hears the voice of Alonzo: Mercy first.

    "Now sit down and trust the Pryers will bring Amiette to us. We don't have time to chase all the places she tends to haunt."
  • Wolf is restless. His sister is in untold danger and he wants to DO SOMETHING. But he sees your wisdom, that ranting and raving won't solve anything right now. He glances at his mates, "Mac, why don't you take a walk inside, just a look see. Sable, stick with me." The redhead nods and heads out of the Gym into the Element. Sable slings her rifle.

    "Grekkor, I don't know your ways and I don't mean to disrespect you," Wolf starts in that same clipped manner. But then he stops himself and tries to calm himself a little, "I have been searching for my sister for ten years. To have her back and then lose her like this. I will not abide this, Grekkor. I'll wait, your men know this place, I'll trust in you to help me." He paces a bit, like the animal he's named for.

    Then Wolf settles and sets his jaw, "And as for a common enemy. You bet your ass we do. The contract is null and void in my eyes. Fuck Harridan and his jingle. I just want to put his head on a pike."

    If Wolf thought she was in more danger hidden than you knowing, he'd say where she is. When Wolf gets Amiette, he's heading straight to her.
  • I'm going to skip time to the next day. Hold your Read question on Wolf for the next scene if you like. The Pryers found Amiette at her flat, but let's say it took some time to get her to see you. I know its a stretch, but it helps me sync up everyone. Cool?

    --END SCENE--
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