[Ashen Snow] The Last Night with Easton [W 7.2]

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You head through the hold, then out to ShantyTown. When you come in, you see Grekkor, Alonzo and some of their guys walking out. Alonzo looks rather pissed, Grekkor looks. Well, he looks normal. Regular Grekkor.

Zip Zip is outside the yurt, chatting with an Asian girl with a pearl for an eye. She turns to regard you with a curious and interested expression, open body language, mouth slightly open. She's quite alluring, in an odd way.

Oh, you're being followed. Picked up a tail at soon as you hit ShantyTown.


  • With her head still throbbing Winter's not exactly moving quickly, and shooting a glare of tempered displeasure to loud passers-by and the odd cat-caller gives her the perfect excuse to try and ID the interested party following her around. She walks up to Zip Zip and the Pearl-eyed girl looking tired, and mildly annoyed.

    "Easton in?" She asks Zip, eyeing the asian girl — she has an oddly ominous aura about her. Winter's eyes narrow, she tilts her head back and asks, "Don't I know you?" She didn't, but feigning interest usually yielded interesting information.
  • OOC: In the interest of turning the tables, Winter's reading the sitch on her tail:
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  • Zip Zip nods the affirmative, and when the girl starts talking to you, he takes her moment of distraction as an opening to reach an arm around her and pull her into him, leaning down to kiss the side of her forehead.

    "You don't, but I know you, Winter," she says with a sly smile (roll Reputation, tell me what she's heard). Still held by Zip Zip, she reaches out to place fingertips only on your shoulder, just a touch. Her fingers buzz a little bit. She's hot for you, dangerously hot for you. You feel her desire emanating out of her like a radio signal.

    Your tail comes closer. Its Fitteen, she's been waiting around the yurt for you. She comes up, close enough to be seen now, not so close that she attracts Tse Tse's attention, which would be rather difficult right now, you imagine.
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  • Winter cocks her head and leans back ever so slightly, denying Tse Tse her touch for a moment while she considers the situation — the way you might if a drunken friend of a friend tried to grope you at a party. Tse Tse's attraction is like a giant neon sign reading "cash cow", and if she weren't so desperate to get to Easton, she'd probably launch into a sale's pitch — but from the sounds of it, she wouldn't need one. Odds are she's heard the rumors Winter's clients spreads about her being the best piece of ass 2-barter can buy in the nine cities — fetishes, attention to detail, and most famously her exclusivity. It's rare she gets female clients this interested, hence the pause, but the rumors have lead to a few stalkers in her day, and they're always a problem.

    "You got a live one there, Zip. Fortunately for you, and unfortunately for her, I've got an engagement with Easton tonight. Otherwise, I'd suggest we get to know each other over drinks."

    Winter notes Fitteen's presence, and summons her closer to have a quick word before disappearing into the yurt.
  • Zip Zip snickers and Tse Tse frowns a bit, then says huskily, "I could join you and Easton... I'd still pay."

    After you deal with that and call Fitteen over, she skulks up quickly, looking up at you attentively, "Yes ma'am?" She looks excited to get some attention after you sort of blew her off.
  • Winter shakes her head when Tse Tse asks to join her and Easton, "This is a personal call, and it's my last night in town. Even if it weren't, that wouldn't be my call to make. It'd be Easton's. If you want, I'll get you next time I'm around." She's not in the mood to argue the point, or entertain barter. If she wants Winter, she'll wait. If she can't wait, then she can take her case up with Easton.

    Winter looks down at Fitteen, almost impressed by her enthusiasm, but wondering just how strong of an impression she'd made on this poor girl. "I'm leaving town tomorrow, and there may be some rumors flying around town about me going off with Harridan's men. I noticed Grekor was a pretty big supported of Alonzo at the meeting earlier, so I imagine he might be wondering why someone who was seen with Easton is heading out with Harridan. Tell Grekor if he wants to hear it from the horse's mouth, I'll have answers for him just outside the hold at dawn — but I'm not telling anyone but him."
  • Tse Tse looks disappointed, but she doesn't press things. Zip Zip smirks a bit, not seeming disappointed with being the consolation prize tonight. When you give Fitteen marching orders, she lights up. She nods fiercely, setting it all to memory, then says clear as day, "Yes ma'am. Ah'll deliver it. An Ah'll be here when ya get back. Can ya teach me more? Ah wanna be parta yer crew, Miss Winner." She nods and sort of leaves, like she's afraid of your answer, that she's giving notice and hoping it will work out.

    Regardless, Zip Zip waves you through and you enter the yurt. Jackabacka is here, at the long table, as you'd expect, right?. So is Swoozie and Vulture, which is something you probably didn't count on. Swoozie gives you a nod, Vulture scowls. Jackabacka and Easton both look happy to see you. Easton comes over and sweeps you up in his powerful arms, planting a nice strong kiss, which conveniently lets Vulture know what's what.
  • Winter's face crumples when Fitteen runs off enthusiastically, swearing loyalty to her new found idol. Crap... Winter doesn't feel like an idol right now.Well, she can deal with that when it comes up again. Winter nods to Zip Zip, giving him a wink as she passes by him and into the yurt — there's something mysterious about Zip that Winter finds intriguing. He'd make the perfect customer — quiet, modest, pleasant, and horny — but she doesn't see him that way. He's one of Easton's boys, and she'd rather set him up with someone — teach him to fish, so to speak — than just offer hand-outs*.

    ... Well, anyway...

    She enters the yurt, and the first thing she spots is Jack and Easton's welcoming faces — she can't help but feel fortunate to be wanted like this after her chat with Ami, she smiles warmly. She spots Vulture and Swoozie sitting at the table by Jack, and she cocks her head curiously. She wonders what they're doing here, but it's quickly interrupted by Easton's strong embrace. She lets out a short girlish squee when Easton lifts her off the ground, and melts in his arms as he lays the kiss on her. Endorphins are an amazing thing — for a moment, her head stops throbbing, and the world disappears around her. When he finally lets her down, Winter looks up to him and smiles. "Well It's nice to see you too," she whispers sweetly, "what's up with the meeting?"

    She looks over to Vulture and Swoozie a moment, feeling a little relieved that Swoozie survived the ordeal and was walking around again... Bones sure knows her shit, that's for sure. Winter puts on a serious face for a moment, and says, "Sorry for abandoning you earlier Swoozie; but you looked like you could make it on your own once Bones treated you, and I see I was right. Bones' bill was on me," she says, catching Vulture's gaze in her peripheral, "I hope that helps you understand where my loyalties lie."

    * OOC: No pun intended.
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    Jackabacka is eased back, he's letting his son handle you. He heads over to grab a bottle of something from the ice cooler. Of course, there's no ice, that's a luxury that takes power, which means you're running gas. But it's cool, almost cold. Jack pulls out a silver guitar-shaped bottle opener and pops the cap off, puts it down on the table, at a seat for you, on the other side of Easton.

    Vulture and Swoozie, that's a mix of reactions. Swoozie, she's a little guarded, but she looks like she buys it, "No, it's cool, Winter. You could have just ran, but you did right by me. We're good." Vulture just chews on the inside of his cheek and says nothing. He looks a little pissed still.

    Easton answers you about the meeting, "We got Norvell and the Pryers over a barrel with some shit and we're putting the screws to them. For ShantyTown's sake." Then he pulls you up into his arms and kisses on you some more, like you're chocolate candy he can't get enough of it. After a bit, and after Jackabacka clears his throat, he pulls you over to sit by him at the table. East's got a boner, by the way.
  • Seems Vulture got the message a little more clearly than Winter intended. Ah well.

    She's admittedly distracted by Easton as he showers her in affection, but she puts Easton's stance with the Evanites on a back burner for the moment — letting her thoughts on the matter mature a bit before revealing them to the world. Time slips away from her for a minute while Easton works her up, only to be brought crashing back to reality when Jack clears his throat. She's a little hot and bothered by the double role she needs to play here: keeping Easton happy, while seeming like a competent resource the Towners can use. She follows Easton over to the table, and in the chaos of adjusting seats once they've sat down, she covertly reaches over and gently, but firmly, grips Easton's package — a deliberate tease, and a taste of things to come — she lets go once Easton gets the message, offering him a a last mischievous look from the corner of her eye, and dives into business mode.

    She looks over to Jack, who is apparently chairing this meeting, and asks, "so the plan is to use ShantyTown's support as leverage for clout in the Element? How'd they take it?"
  • Easton gets the hint. He gives yoy a smile and his breathing quickens just a bit. You can tell he wouldn't mind if this meeting ended right frickin now, but he's not going to do that obviously, it would make him look like he was pussy-whipped, right? You know that's what they'd say. You catch a glance from Swoozie, she knows the game you're playing. But she's in arm candy mode right now, she just, you know, notices.

    Vulture answers you, "They're super-fucking pissed, that's how they took it. I thought we could get Alonzo to play ball, but Grekkor, he's a fucking zealot. He's stupid, too. Throwing all this away over his pride. If he went away, this whole she-bang would flow smoother."

    Jackabacka chuckles, then takes a long drink from his bottle of whiskey. He waits for Vulture to shut up, then he finishes his drink, "Not a big deal, we got some time. They'll wise up. Let 'em look around, they won't find what they won't find and they'll freak out. Then they'll threaten us, but Alonzo won't let them fight a war on two fronts and then Norvell will come in and save the day and we all end up happy in the end."

    Easton realizes you're a little out of the loop and adds, "It was less about if we help, more about how we'll help."
  • Winter listens to Vulture as he rants, but he sure has a temper on him... She hasn't spoken to Grekkor in quite some time, since before he became head of the Pryers actually. She doesn't know how to manipulate people like Alonzo and Grekkor — immovable objects — but she knows how to use them. Vulture clearly doesn't — his finger's too twitchy on the trigger. The trick is to align yourself in such a way that he's standing between you and some seemingly unstoppable force — like, say, Harridan. She doesn't respond to Vulture when he finishes talking, because Jack thankfully chimes in with a step towards reason — a small step, but a step none the less.

    Winter can't help but disagree with Jack's assessment though, especially in light of Easton's explanation, "I'd be careful with Alonzo," she says, looking at Easton, but addressing the table, "It looks like his patience has a limit, a short one, and at the end of that patience are blood-drenched fangs." She takes a sip of her drink, hiding a shudder from the bite of the "cool" drink. "Don't rely on him to talk reason into anybody," she adds with a cold touch of her own logic, "especially given his recent track record regarding compassion."

    She leans back in her chair, sipping at her drink — she looks over to Swoozie a moment, not saying anything, mulling over what Amiette told her about Raven and Chigger. She wonders if these guys know about Harridan being behind the kill... Had it occurred to them? She leans in to Easton, and quietly asks, "is it true Harridan had something to do with Domino's death?"
  • Jackabacka chuckles, "Maybe you're right, Winter. But I got history with Alonzo. I think he'll bring em around. Either that, or figure out my little trick hisself, then we gotta keep eating shit here in ShantyTown until we find another angle. But Norvy's playin ball, so there's that."

    Vulture comes in and starts chatting about some other thing, Jackabacka listens to him while you ask Easton about Harridan. He looks at you out of the corner of his eye, then answers low for you only, "It was pretty effed. Never clocked er with a pipe right in front of us, then the tent came crashin down on our heads. I heard she was drug out and killed by Chigs, but that's bullshit. Chigs'd never kill Domi. So I figured it was just, you know, legend. Never got Domi and that's that."
  • Winter nods when Jack explains his plan, but she doesn't share his optimism. None the less, she's towing the line with Easton at the moment... She has her own plans to worry about. "OK," she answers, taking another sip of her drink, "I don't know much about Alonzo, so I'll leave it at that."

    Easton's mind sounds pretty made up about who killed Domino, and it would certainly explain part of his almost standoffish attitude towards Harridan's invasion. "I don't know what Ami's word is worth around here, though I gather it's worth quite a bit. She seems to think Chigger was under Harridan's influence — like full on mind controlled. Fuck if I know why Harridan would want Domino dead. Even if it's not true, it's all pretty messed up." She sniffles as a chill passes through the air, adjusting her coat, and looks up at Easton. "Are you falling in line for the defense? However you're going to do it... You'd better be safe about it, or when I get back there'll be hell to pay!"
  • Easton looks a little unsure about that, saying, "I don't know about that, Winter. Maybe, maybe not. Best not to mess with brain witches, ya know?"

    But Swoozie overheard, it seems, she cuts in real loud with, "You weren't there, Eastie! Wasn't any damn Harridan that choked poor Domino, it was Chigs! Chigs and Raven both, took her away, killed her AND raped her!" She stands up. Vulture does this, 'here we go again' look and stands with her. "If you fuckheads had listened to me when I told you, they'd already be dead, but you don't fucking listen to the truth. I watched it with my OWN. FUCKING. EYES! Do you want me to spell it out? Should I go into graphic detail what they did?" She looks at Jackabacka, "To your boss? The one who fixed things in Matting for you?"

    She slams her hands on the table, "I don't give two shits what some brainer says about some other fucking whacknut, this is propa-fucking--ganda. Chigs killed Domino. Raven helped. They both better die. And you assholes are letting some brain-bitch get in your head. Hell, she might have gotten in YOUR head, Winter."

    Easton bolts upright, his hand reaching for a pistol, Jackbacka stands, holding a hand in front of him, "Listen, we got white flags all up in here, so lay off. Winter is in our house. This was a nice little chat, but I think its time y'all called it a night. Here, let me walk you two out."
  • Posted By: orklordHell, she might have gotten in YOUR head, Winter."
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    Well this is a troubling development...

    Winter sits calmly in her chair as Swoozie melts down over Domino, calling out anyone in a twenty mile radius for their failures in the matter. It's clear this job is beyond personal to Swoozie, and Winter isn't a big fan of jobs with a lot of emotion surrounding them — too much attention from people like Swoozie blabbing about people getting their just desserts. Too much risk of fallout. Fuck, she almost got her head blown off cause she couldn't conceive of being wrong... Winter knows that she's gotta take things she hears from Ami with a grain of salt, but even she can't deny that Ami usually knows what she's talking about. Domino had been the cause of a lot of death in the nine cities, and it looks like she'd be the cause of at least two more if things didn't calm down soon.

    She's a little surprised when Easton jumps up to defend her about Ami being in her head; it's all very ironic when you think about it, but it's sweet he cares. He's a bit jumpy though... Winter would have to work on that. When Jack offers to take Vulture and Swoozie out, she can't help but feel like ending the conversation this way would be problematic. "Wait," she calls out as Jack tries to walk them over to the door, "there's no reason you've got to call it quits. I get why Swoozie's upset, she obviously cared about Domino. All of us had stakes in her. Nobody's saying Ami is right — she's got no proof, and I've got no intentions of playing detective." She rubs Easton's back, summoning him back down into his chair, "You'll find I can play nice with people who want things done right; and if you're serious about getting revenge, then you'd listen to the fact that I sat there and watched Ami turn two people into puppets. Fucking puppets dancing on strings for her, doing whatever she asked of them. Ask anyone who saw what went down in the courtyard outside Bones' place earlier today, and you'll hear the same damn thing. Imagine if someone did that shit to you, and made you kill Domino — that shit would fuck me up."

    She pauses a moment, hoping everyone here understands how serious she's being. "There is some freaky shit coming our way, and Chigger, and Raven, and Never will all get what's coming to them eventually — but we've got to weather the damn storm. I'm not asking you to put aside your differences with anyone, or focus your hate on Harridan — just save you a few bucks if Ami turns out to be right."
  • OOC: I'm going to try and Manipulate Swoozie into investigating this properly.
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  • Swoozie stops when you start taking about Amiette, "You saw her control people? That's... sick. And we're supposed to take her word for it that its Harridan's fault? I, well, that's pretty far-fetched. But well, maybe it's true, maybe it't not. I'll have to look into it." Vulture nods with her, giving her support. It might be his most redeeming, maybe only decent quality, he does seem to have her back.

    Then Jackabacka ushers them both out, talking about some stash of booze he heard about up in Mesovin, which breaks them off. They head out of the yurt, off to outside ShantyTown. Jack leaves you alone with Easton, saying, "Son, I won't be back tonight, take care of things." He gives you a sly wink, Winter.

    Once they're clear, Easton pulls you to him. "Nice work, Winter. You know, we make a good team, you and I." He pulls you into another kiss, starts to pick you up into his arms, to carry you, like a mother would a babe, to his bed. "This shit you're saying about Harridan, though, that... well, it scares the hell out of me. How can I convince you to stay? With me?"
  • Well that's a relief. Winter relaxes noticeably when Swoozie concedes her point — maybe not fully, but at least to the point where if Amiette is right, the right people will take the blame. She nods to Swoozie, in equal parts acknowledgement and gratitude for listening, as she walks out the door. That could have gone much worse, all things considered.

    Winter smiles sheepishly when Jack winks at her, and waves daintily as he walks out the door. "Night Jack!" She calls, turning her attention fully to Easton. She slides into him as he pulls her close, praising the team they make — she blushes, lost entirely in his blue eyes, "You know, I was thinking the same thing!" She falls into his kiss, swaying gently, and enjoying the emptiness of her thoughts — but she's caught off guard and laughs nervously as he sweeps her off her feet. Her nerves quickly subside however, and she breaks into a hearty laugh as he carries her over to his bed. Not many men she services have the strength to do that. Money and power, sure — but strength, no.

    She sees the worry on his face though, and she stops laughing... She's never really seen Easton scared of anything before; maybe nervous, but not scared. He asks her what he could do to convince her to stay, and she brushes his chin gently, locking eyes with him. "East, if I don't go, Harridan is going to come looking for me. Worse, he may use you to get to me — I can't be that kind of a liability to you."

    She pauses a moment, lost in those eyes again. She can't say no to him... What she'd do for Wolf and his crew to just disappear so she could blame it on him. She sighs, as Easton holds her above his bed — finishing the thought, "I won't hurt you. Look me in the eye and tell me nobody will ever tear us apart, that Harridan really is powerless to keep you from me, and I'll never leave your side again."
  • As you're talking, Easton stops at the big four poster bed, then gently lays you down on it, right in the middle on your back, while he props a knee up on the bed and climbs on top of you, supporting himself easily by his powerful arms. He leans down to kiss you before answering, but you see the tension in his neck, something is bothering him.

    When he pulls back to answer, you see it on his face, "It really changes the game, Winter. If I promise you that I will fight Harridan, then that kills our leverage against the Element to get what ShantyTown needs. What we will need, jingle, supplies, real food. Those fuckers up in the hold will give us scraps for as long as they can get away with it and right now, they need us. For once, we've got a chance to lift ourselves up a bit. If... if Grekkor hadn't been such an asshole earlier, I felt like Alonzo agreed with me and dad. But Grekkor..."

    Easton falls into this uncharacteristically stony face, overly done like he's mocking Grekkor, "The people of ShantyTown owe their existence to the hold, they will never repay it. They can continue to eat the corn out of my shit or talk a walk in the wastes. So let it be written, so let it be done." Then he gives a sneer at himself somehow and shakes his head.

    He sighs, unhappy with the answer he's given you, but unwillingly to give anything else, even now. "I... I need to sleep on it, talk it over with dad. I can't pull the rug out from under him, ya know what I mean?" He tries to lean down and steal another kiss, pressing himself against you, hoping that he can stoke some urges to work past his rejection of your plea for safety from the puppetnaster. He starts gently pulling at your clothing, trying to get you to sleep with him.

    What do you do?
  • As disappointed as Easton sounds, Winter expected an answer like this. It was almost an underhanded attempt at getting him to see things her way — rationally — but it seems to have backfired on her. She shakes her head, still brushing his cheek as he contemplates reneging on his plans to get standing with the Evanites. "Sweetie," she says calmly, "you hold strong on your plan. There are things I can do to help that along. I know Grekor — we go back a bit — as stubborn as he can be, he can be honorable too." She's trying to soothe him, relax him from this stress she's evidently put on him. "I'm not asking you to fight Harridan, sweetie. I'm asking you if you really want to start a war over me. You deserve to be happy East, and I'll do whatever it takes to make that happen..."

    I think a read person is in order here...
  • OOC: Roll+Sharp to Read Easton, +1XP.
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  • Easton pulls off his shirt and starts trying to ease you out of your clothes, Winter, "You make me happy, babe. You on a big ass plate, sounds like the best dessert in the world."

    As Easton tries to urge you into more lovemaking, he wants to know...
    What are you really feeling?
    Are you telling him the truth about your devotion?
    What do you wish he'd do?
  • Winter smiles, a little more relaxed now that Easton's wandering back into her comfort zone. Easton doesn't have to try and remove anything from her — she brings out her best tricks the minute he expresses interest, and clothes start flying.
    Posted By: orklordWhat are you really feeling?
    Right now? Well, Winter's rounding second base right now — so it could be said that she's feeling a lot of things, but on the inside (above all else) she's feeling insecure. People have never promised things to her — ever — so when she wants something as intensely as she wants Easton, the concept of people going out of their way to make her happy (without expecting something in return) is a completely foreign concept. She expects to work for Easton's affection — she's just never worked to secure affection from anyone who wasn't a client before, and she doesn't know how to do it.
    Posted By: orklordAre you telling him the truth about your devotion?
    Absolutely — Easton could ask just about anything of her right now, and she'd oblige if it would prove beyond a doubt just what he means to her. There's an eagerness in her demeanor even right now that she can't fake.
    Posted By: orklordWhat do you wish he'd do?
    Consciously, she wants him to tell her exactly what he wants her to do to prove her devotion — and right now, it could damn well be anything. Subconsciously, though Winter certainly isn't aware of or expecting this, she wants someone who loves her enough to help shoulder some of the weight she's carrying — she is, after all, expected to go fake infatuation with Harridan, slip through his mental defenses, kill him in the name of having a chance at a future she's afraid won't even happen, and escape with her life to roll the dice on it.
  • So yeah, you put your hard-earned talents to use and Easton tries his best to return the pleasure you so skillfully give him. Its a nice bout of pleasure between you, there are a few small moments of real intimacy, looking deep into each other's eyes with your bodies joined, long, passionate kisses, calling each other's name during the height of passion, all fleeting glimpses of something possible.

    Afterwards, both of you spent (or at least you seem spent), you're lying on his chest, which you know he carefully shaves almost daily. He kisses your head and says, "Winter. I know we've been apart for a while, each doin' our own thing. We've probably both done things we aint so proud of. But that was then..."

    He reaches a hand down to your chin and pulls you up gently to look at his eyes, "An' this... is now. I want to build something real with you. Me and you," he leans down to kiss your lips, "Just me and you. Whoever we were before we hooked back up, they were different people. Right now," kiss right above your eyes, "And tomorrow," longer kiss on the lips, "And the day after. It's me. And you... sound good?"
  • When all is said and done, she collapses onto him, and idly runs her fingers up and down his washboard abs. She listens to him talk about their past, and returns his kisses as he talks about their future. She'd actually heard clients make pretty much this exact speech to her; only they'd be begging her to become their personal sex slaves, and Winter wouldn't be even remotely interested. Easton has her full attention.

    It sounds like he's asking her to drop everything — drop her gigs, dissolve the crew, and just be with him. It's not quite so simple that she can just pull a full stop and expect to be stationary by tomorrow morning, but there are steps she can take to drop out of her gigs. Some would be more difficult to drop than others, and she'd likely have to quit doing dope — Thatch probably wouldn't take that overly well. It doesn't sit well with her to just up and leave it all behind, considering her job is how she's been navigating the world — but then again, nobody ever really means it when they claim their past selves were "different people". What it usually means is you tie off your loose ends and don't look back. Winter would be entertaining offers from old clients for a long time — she'd reject them of course, but that doesn't mean they'd stop coming.

    She looks into Easton's eyes and searches them for truth — she stares into them long and hard. Long enough that she spaces out a bit, thinking about everything she'd be leaving behind — and everything she'd be walking into. To a certain extent, the thought of starting fresh again with a new business venture excites her. It's enough that it takes her mind off of Harridan, and everything else weighing in on her. Her heart's aflutter, and her mind races with ideas for things they could do. "Together?" she asks, almost incredulously, "like we drop everything and leave? Or we pool our resources and build something new here?" Winter's a little worried Easton means she drops everything, and he stays the same — and while she doesn't mind being perceived as playing second fiddle, she wouldn't be able to sit idle and play a Stepford housewife. "If you're asking me to drop my gigs, and take up something new with you — I'll do it. For us."

    There's an anxious anticipation in her eyes as she waits for Easton's reply — she remains perfectly still, afraid that pushing too hard would have him change the terms, or back out.
  • Easton returns the stare, not in a confrontational way, his eyes are softer. You can feel him trying to pour emotion into you through his look, he is good and well smitten with you. He reaches up to trace his fingers along your cheekbone, then spreading them into your hair and answers, "Hell no, we don't leave, Winter," he chuckles. "Not when we have so much opportunity here, when the dust settles. I know we're both wrapped up in a bunch of shit. I'm not saying be a different person. I like you. I want you. So yeah, we pool resources and kick ass!" He chuckles a bit at the statement of bravado.

    Then he pauses, quirks a frown like he's gone off the rails, hasn't said what he meant to say. Then calmly, simply, "I'm saying I want what you offered. You by my side, building our legacy." He swallows, but there's no doubt when he says, "Having my... our children." He lets that hang out there, waiting for your response.
  • Winter can't help but crack a smile — the deal's too good, but she's too worked up to care right now. She quivers in excitement, her gut tied up in a knot, and can't help but laugh nervously to help relieve the tension — "Really? She asks, her eyes misting up, "Of course!" She props herself up and lunges into a long kiss with him. "Yes, yes, yes!" she cries, accentuating each word with a kiss — stopping only for sporadic giggles, and wiping away a rogue tear. She's buries her face into his neck and hugs him tightly — kissing his cheek, and sniffling uncontrollably. The past few days had been one hell of a rollercoaster ride, and right now Winter feels like she could take on the world. She's not really thinking about it, but if Ami has some kind of active link to her, she's broadcasting full on euphoria.

    When the initial excitement dies down, and Winter's mind is able to formulate a full sentence again, she hops up on top of Easton and looks down at him with resolve. "Tomorrow morning I'll go and cancel that deal with Wolf. Grekor may be there; if he is, I'll try and talk some sense into him while I'm at it — nudge him in the right direction." It's still relatively early in the night, and Winter's caught a second wind — her mind is racing with ideas. "Maybe I can start brokering deals... You know, something low key." She looks down at Easton, and she realizes that talking about her ideas while there's a naked woman on top of him probably won't yield the results she's looking for. "I mean... If there are going to be kids involved I can't be running off into gunfire, can I?" She gives him a mischievous look, and reaches down to "revive" him. "What say we get a head start on that legacy now though?"
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    Lucky for you, Easton is in great shape, so you're able to get him back in action without too much effort. He happily engages in some legacy-building activities, which you realize will probably be his new pet name for getting frisky.

    Time passes.

    Easton is sleeping soundly, worn out by your eagerness to please him and a long, emotional day. The wax on the candles over by the table have burned low and he snuffed the lanterns earlier, its quite dark. Did you sleep with him and just wake up or was your mind buzzing with too many things to do to rest?

    Either way, you're up, sitting up in bed with a nice sheet wrapped around you because it is chilly in this part of night. You catch some movement in the dim light, then you see someone by the long table, willowy in the candlelight, the silhouette of a woman. She pours herself a drink from one of the unfinished bottles left behind by Vulture or maybe Swoozie into one of the leftover mugs, a stein, really. She pulls out a chair and sits, facing you, propping up her feet on the table, taking a drink before speaking. You know who she is, even before she says a word.

    "Of all the patrons, hardholders and lovers you've had... you want to end up in ShittyTown with THIS GUY? What. The Fuck? Is this some crazy long game you're playing? Because this is NOT what we agreed to, Winter. This is not profitable for either of us. You are at the prime of your life, you name is KNOWN in the right circles, you have Harridan's cock at your beck and call and you want to pop out a few kids with a guy who can't even stand up to HIS DADDY? Damn, girl, I think the H you had earlier was spiked or something. Get dressed, we're going. Time to find Wolf and go make some real jingle." She finishes her swill, drops the mug on the ground and stands up.

    What do you do?
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