[MH] Leaping into action...or at least talking about it. [Te 3.2]

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So you said goodbye to Aubrey and walked back to the pond, right? Back to the side where you usually encounter Myrii, near where Aubrey's body lies. Ashley still hasn't called, and your cell phone charge is running low.

You find Myrii there in that lightweight white dress, her knees curled up to her chest, oblivous to the fact that she's not wearing undergarments, and arms around her knees as she looks out onto the water reflectively. She looks up expectantly as you approach.


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    "Um, hi. I talked to Aubrey, and Nyx is back too."

    I approach, and I guess if she doesn't get up I sit with her by the water, and pull out my cell phone to fiddle with.

    "So, uh. Let's see. They say, like, Cross is a drug dealer, and the weed she sells - the marijuana, it's a drug - it's like magic. The people who use it, it steals their, their life or whatever and feeds it to something else who Cross is working for. People've, like, commited suicide because of it, maybe. And maybe she's doing it because she wants a baby? And she might be messing with me because she wants me to work for her, to sell this stuff for her."

    "And she definitely did shoot Aubrey, too ... I guess that's it. Do you want to, uh, go through with this? I'll do it for - I mean, I'll do it. Call her down here."
  • Myrii listens to your explanation and nods.

    "Yes. I must take revenge if no one else does. If you can get her here, Teddy, near the water would be best, I can kill her." She says, looking out over the pond again. "Perhaps you can even persuade her not to bring her weapon."

    She looks over at you. "Of course that still leaves whatever she's serving. It is unlikely she is it's only servant."
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    That doesn't help at all. I really want to be told, like, just stop this woman and everything will all be over. Why can't it be that simple? At least, maybe if she's gone her dark lord or whatever will mess with someone else, not me? Maybe her boss doesn't even know about me.

    I'm hugging Myrii, like, impulsively, just for reassurance. And then I guess I get up and walk away a few steps, because sitting here next to her isn't really, it's not putting me in the right state of mind. And I open my cell phone, and I get out Deputy Cross' business card, and I, uh, I don't call, I copy her number into my phone, save it under "Marsha Cross".

    And then her name's sitting right there, and all I have to do is press the call button. But I just kind of stare at it for a little bit. Ten seconds? A minute? I dunno.

    But then I call her, and I put the phone to my ear.
  • ... and I'm holding steady. I mean, come on. She has no conditions, I don't have any Strings on her, so:

    #DiceRoller( 2d6 )

    xp (4)
  • I'll simply keep my cool. That seems most valuable right now.
  • Myrii brings up an arm, and tilts her head into you to return the hug, but it's not like she's turned the right way for the whole deal, but it's the gesture right? Then you walk away to make your phone call.

    It rings for a minute before the line opens up.

    "Deputy Cross." Her voice says, as if she's paying attention to something else, only giving her phone partial attention. She doesn't sound particularly evil, does she?
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    She's totally evil, she's been stalking me, she shot a girl, she's made like a pact with the devil! Um. But, okay, I'm not usually a great liar really, but everything's kind of on the line right now, so I've just got to keep my cool and do this. I've kind of gone over what I need to say in my head, so:

    "Um, this is Ted - uh, Theodora Ellis. You gave me your card and, I found, I was looking for some, like, things Aubrey might of left, and I found her here. She's, I think she's dead."

    It's easy to fake being scared since, you know, I'm not faking, I'm terrified. And I've been kind of avoiding looking at Aubrey, her body, when I've been coming here, but now I'm looking right at her and, uh, yeah. That's, you know, that's the corpse of a girl I know.
  • You have her full attention.

    "Where is 'here,' Miss Ellis?"
  • "In, um ... I'm in the park, there's a pond. She's out in the water, kind of floating. I went out, but she's, she's definitely not -"

    "Um, it's kind of off the trails, but there's a carriage road nearby. It's, uh, a little, I guess south, of signpost two. What do I do? I called, because I had your card ... should I call the police too? Or is it your, um, case?"
  • "You did fine, MIss Ellis. I'll take care of everything. I'll be there in fifteen minutes. Meet me at the parking lot, by the bridge. I'll need to talk to you."
  • "Um, okay. By the bridge."

    I hesitate, then hang up. And I kind of chew on a fingernail for a second, then tell Myrii, "Okay. I'm, I'll go get her."
  • Myrii stands up and comes to you, drawing you into her arms in a comforting way, hugging you again for a moment. She leans back and strokes your cheek lightly with a finger. She seems to have some genuine concern for you.

    "Be careful, Teddy. Just get her here, and I will do the rest, yes?"
  • Yeah, I hug her back, kind of hold on a little longer. Then:

    "Okay. Yeah. I'll go get her. It'll be fine, I'll be careful."

    I'm going to go.

    Uh, actually, I'll go, but not straight there. So when I do get there, well, my backpack is pretty empty. Nula's box takes up a some space, I guess, but other than that, now there's just a thing of cooling paprika chicken and, uh, a gun. It's a Glock 36. I looked it up on the internet last night, while I was waiting for Ashley to come and get me from the school.

    I've never used a gun before, but I guess it's just kind of point and ... then pull the trigger? Wikipedia said that Glocks have the safeties built into the trigger, too, so that's really all you have to do. I don't plan on using it, but you know, um. She's already killed one girl. And I didn't want to be there when Myrii does the rest, but if I'm going to have to be there, I don't want to be useless if something goes wrong? Right?
  • So you're keeping it in your bag and not like, on your body somewhere? Okay.

    You don't have long to wait before a dark blue late model Ford sedan pulls into the lot by the stone bridge. You can see deputy Cross driving it. She parks, stops the car, and looks around before getting out. She looks smaller without the utility belt, or rather you get a better sense that she's slender and athletic. She's in a yellow polo shirt and jeans, a brown leather jacket on top of that.

    Are you just right out there in the open, waiting?
  • Well, what am I supposed to do with it? Shove it down my pants like a gangsta? Yeah, it's in my bag.

    My bag, which is at my feet as I wait, out in the open. My arms are crossed sort of defensively across my chest, my shoulders hunched forward, and I'm looking pretty miserable. I mean, I am pretty miserable. I'm outright sick from a combination of, like, the ketamine, stress, worry over Ashley, and just the fear of dealing with this psycho.

    I'm standing at the trail head to the carriage road, and I wait for her to come to me. Does she have a gun on her? My eyes are automatically searching.
  • You don't see anything, Teddy, but it's not like you are experienced, is it? You probably know from TV that most cops walk around armed, even when off duty, so it's a good bet that she has a gun on her somewhere.

    When she moves away from the car you can see that she''s carrying one of those yellow document-sized envelopes in her hand.

    She walks around and towards you, stopping maybe five or six feet away. She's got her cop face on. Of course maybe she always has a cop face on. It's pretty much the only one you've seen.

    She gives you a nod.

    "Hello, Miss Ellis." There's a very long-seeming silence as she looks you over. "So you've discovered Aubrey Benton's body? Why don't you tell me about that."
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    I glance back down the carriage road.

    "I was looking for her stash. I figured, um, it's been a week or something, she probably wasn't coming back soon. And I heard from, from someone she sold to that she had a stash. Out here. And ... she was just in the, uh, the pond. It kind of, kind of looks like she hasn't been there very long? Look, this is fucked up, can we just - isn't anyone else coming? It's just you?"
  • You can tell that she's not certain whether she believes you, but your explanation is reasonable enough.

    "It's just me, for the moment. I'll call the others in when I see what we need." She says, her tone seemingly casual.

    She motions towards the path, clearly indicating that you should go first.

    "Lead the way."
  • I lead and, I shut up. I run my mouth when I'm scared, a lot, and I don't want to screw everything up.
  • So you're walking back towards the pond. It's a long walk. Or at least it seems longer. You can hear the sounds of the woods all around you and the steady crunch of your shoes, and Deputy Cross' hiking boots behind you, on the gravel of the carriage road.

    You're barely a quarter of the way there when she speaks behind you.

    "I think it's time we talked. Don't you, Teddy?"
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    Hiking boots. That's a little weird. What was she doing when I called her? Well, maybe she's just an outdoorsy type. I keep walking, with my back to her, making myself not hurry.

    "What? Do you have more pictures for me?"
  • Her voice stays even.

    "That all depends on what kind of understanding we can come to. If we can work together then, yes, I have some pictures for you. And money. And pretty much anything else you might want. A good life, Teddy, you could take care of your mom. You could get that Volkov girl. Whatever."

    She pauses. Crunch, crunch, crunch goes the gravel.

    "If not... then I give these to someone else... and you get to face murder and possession charges. Would you like to see?"
  • I stop, turn.

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    She stops too. The document envelope dangling from her hand. A smile on her lips but her eyes are cold. You're about the same height I guess. She's maybe an inch taller, but mature of course.

    "I want you to work for me. Sell some things for me. Weed and pills mostly. And you can have all the good things that go with that."

    She tilts her head, and glances in the direction of her hand, holding the envelope, then back. "Or not."
  • I really need to keep walking, keep this thing moving toward Myrii. But I snatch at the envelope. Does she let me take it?
  • Yes, she does.

    The envelope is heavier than you thought it would be. There are a bunch of photocopied pages in there. They look like photocopies of diary pages with what is definitely a girls handwriting. There are photographs too, but underneath. What do you look at first?
  • Photographs. I mean, you know, I can glance at photographs and get them, real fast. I'm suddenly, like, scared she's been stalking me all the way to Myrii's pond ... but that doesn't make sense? That's crazy.

    So I rummage out the photos. Also, I turn and start walking away from her, kind of quickly. I need to keep this thing moving, and this is so fucked up - I don't want to be this near her anyway.
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    Well the first photograph you come to is maybe one you recognize. It's one of you and Aubrey actually, looking all BFF, which was sort of an accident, right? Where did that get taken?

    But it might be the others that throw you. I mean, I don't know what you were expecting exactly.

    It's a series of photographs of your mom.... and Ashley's dad. Having Dinner. Having Lunch. Laughing. Kissing. Like....serious kissing. Kissing in the car. Kissing... somewhere in the park it looks like. Then....um... well they did a lot more in the park, wherever they were. The photographs are from a pretty good angle too, I mean objectively speaking. Your mom is in different outfits in some of them, so this isn't just one day. If you get any further there is some of them going into a hotel together.

    Despite the way her Mom is, you know that Ashley loves both her parents. This would... well it would be pretty bad, right?

    Do you go on to the diary pages?
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    No, I stop looking at the pictures, I uh, yeah, I get them. Real fast. I shove them back. The first one, I don't know why Cross has it, but it's from soccer, freshman year. Aubrey was on the team too, she was a forward. This is from, it looks like an after-game party. Cross probably just got it off someone's photo stream.

    Whose diary is it? I figure that much out. And then ... I don't know.
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    It looks like Aubrey's diary. One of the photocopies has a sticker of her name stuck to the page (in the copy).
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