[Ashen Snow] Invited Guest [Ami 7.2]

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You rouse in the early morning, Raven lying in the crook of your arm. At some point in the night she kicked off all the sheets, but her body kept you warm in the night. Her dreams mixed with yours, dreams of snow slaves in torture devices, of chasing the dragon, of mind-numbing orgies with Domino's crew and with a rolling line of men at Red House, passionate sex with Chigger, the relentless pursuit of escape and oblivion and pleasure.

Logic is in the room, watching you wake with a Cheshire grin. He evidently pulled up a chair to watch you and Raven sleeping. He whispers softly, "Grekkor sent his Pryers to find you. You were otherwise occupied, so I hid you from them. Eventually, they left and I followed them back to the Baths and listened in. Wolf was there. He and Grekkor are waiting for you. I thought you'd want to know.


  • I go from somewhat bleary to instantly awake.

    "You what? Wolf?" Bones never showed up last night. Or Logic hid us from her too. But Wolf? Is he already calling me out for my closeness with his sister? But no... Grekkor too. This must be to do with Harridan.

    I try to shift quickly out of bed, but carefully enough not to wake Raven. "Well... what do they want then? Was it important?" I'm not panicking yet, but I have a bad feeling. Grekkor wouldn't send the Pryers looking for me if they didn't need me for something.
  • Logic hands you the shift you dropped to the floor hours ago, "I'm not sure what they wanted, Amiette. When I came in, they'd already had their conversation and were busy scowling at each other."

    As you dress, Logic asks tentatively, "If she is amenable, do you mind if I indulge in her?"
  • I pull on my shift and stop to look down at Raven's beautiful sleeping face. Oddly, I find that I do mind. I feel protective of her. However considering Raven's penchant for pleasure and oblivion and Logic's rather accomplished skills...

    I reach out and brush some hair away from her forehead, then brush her cheek, then the curve of one lovely breast with the back of my fingers.

    I look at him. "It is up to her, if she agrees... Don't hurt her, Logic, or I shall be quite cross with you."

    I prepare myself and put on the red kimono again, as quickly as possible. I bend down to kiss Raven gently before I go.
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    At the mention of hurting her, Logic remarks dryly, "I won't hurt her, Amiette. Although, I think if you were cross with me, I'd get more time with you. Ah, such is life." He slides into the warm spot on the bed you just vacated and pulls some covers over himself, the puts his hands behind his head and watches you finish dressing.
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    "Hmmm..." I'm fixing my hair quickly, "You're the one who didn't show yesterday. I've lived here my entire life, dear. It's rather unfair, I think, to hold me responsible for your poor timing. I must say, For someone who declares that he's only interested in a casual association, you seem most proprietary at times."

    I finish with my hair, then bend over Raven and kiss Logic soundly.

    "There, now look after little Raven, won't you? I will return as soon as I'm able."

    And I turn to leave.
  • Logic concedes as you leave, "Point."

    Then he snuggles up to Raven, who in her dulled senses, responds amiably.

    --END SCENE--
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