[Ashen Snow] Two Hits [Gr 7.3] [Ami 7.3]

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Its early morning when a couple things happen. First, Chack and Fuse come running in and split up. Chack is heading to the bleachers and waking up some of the old Pryers. Fuse is dashing up towards you. He bows low, follows forms just barely and waits for permission to speak. He has blood under his left eye and he's breathing hard.

Second, Amiette walks into the Gym from inside the hold. She sees you and Wolf.


You enter The Gym, it is maybe 5 AM. Grekkor and Wolf are both there, impatiently waiting. There seems to be a bit of excitement, not your fault, you think, as one young Pryer is waking up several of his fellows.

What do you do?


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  • Wolf rouses, his eyes are bloodshot, he didn't sleep, he looks worn. So does Sable, but less so.

    With a rough voice, Wolf adds, "I don't know how, but she wrote us a note that said 'Help. Tell W. Strings. Jin plus me.' She'd handed it to one of the pack. I went in to check on Emmy and she yelled at me not to touch her. That's when I knew."

    Grekkor, Chack has woken up about a dozen Pryers and they're arming up, throwing on some piecemeal armor, too.
  • Grekkor,

    Fuse follows you over when you address Chack. Chack is sliding a pair of beat-up pre-fall shoulder pads that he restrung with leather thongs by hand last year and straps on his thump-stick and bows (with correct form), "Norvell offered jingle for the Bondservant's safe return. We went to ShantyTown and asked their guard where she was. He said she just finished sucking his cock. I demanded he, uhm, shut his filthy mouth. He said I should go eat my own... he cursed back at me. So I hit him. Then Omie saw another one of them and they came in and started fighting, too. 'Zona told me to come get more Pryers, teach them a lesson!"


    Wolf relieved to see you, but not happy. He's not your buggest fan, it seems, "Come with me, ma'am, I'll drive ya to where Emmy is." He leads you out of The Gym where the redheaded Mac is waiting in their dune buggy. Evidently Sable called ahead and he just pulled round. Wolf takes the front seat and you and Sable are in the back. You get the feeling these three have been sitting vigil all night, waiting for some way to help Emmy. Sable, while tired, is sitting right next to you, her body language is not hostile, but she does seem a little guarded around you, unsure, maybe a little worried.

    What do you do?
  • Grekkor,

    Go here.
  • Wolf is evidently talking to someone on his radio, he ignores your question and then you're riding in the buggy, which is loud. Sable leans close enough to talk without being easily overheard and answers, "The plan to meet Harridan tomorrow is not going to happen. Harridan strung two of the pack, he violated the contract first. I think Winter will be safe enough now. Emmy is more important, right? I mean, you don't love Winter, do you?"
  • Sable flicks a glance to Wolf, then quirks a frown, "It's still under discussion. This development put a wrinkle in plans. But that's what he wants to do, just pull up and go." Outside, you see the dune buggy is zipping along, making a bee line for an abandoned and ruined church, the steeple appears under the headlights.

    Sable finally gives you a solid look, she's not much on eye contact with anyone, "Emmy wanted us all to stay here. I'm not much for planting roots. I hear you've been here awhile. How do they? Well, how do they treat people who are different?"
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  • Mac slows down a bit and starts easing the buggy through some rough patches of asphalt. Wolf's talking to him. Sable scootches in closer, throws an arm around you, all pals-like, but its so she can whisper in your ear, "Wolf doesn't hate Brainers. He doesn't think anyone is good enough for Emmy. So, its more like he doesn't approve of you."

    She sounds like she was trying to encourage you, maybe? Then she continues, "Me? I'm scared of you, I'm scared of anyone who can see who I really am instead of who I choose to be. And yeah, I meant different in some other way. But in my experience, my different is closer to yours than Emmy or the Pryers. At least you have magic powers, though, right?"
  • Mac is driving the dune buggy right up on that old church. Off to the left of the road, you can see the hold clearly in the light, it is nearly dawn. The earth is slowly starting to warm, it is going to be a muggy day. Sable seems to think her magic powers comment was rhetorical and starts to ease her arm from around you, sitting back up. Do you say anything to her?

    You see three people near the church's side door when you drive up. One of them, a dark-haired woman in khaki shorts, probably Emmy, slams the door shut right as you come up. You recognize one of the members of Wolf's pack and also, Rothschild, a guy from Amy's Mountain. You've got a bit of a past with Rothschild, don't you? What's he think about you?
  • When you tell Sable about being vulnerable, she says nothing in return, just staring ahead at the driver, reflecting.

    Rothschild turns to see the buggy, but the headlights blind him. Mac pulls the buggy up and you see another member of Wolf's pack there.

    Wolf say over the engine noise, "Mac, leave it runnin." He turns in his seat to look at you, Amiette, "Alright. Emmy said you could unstring folks. She's able to communicate, but she didn't want him to see. What are our threats here? What do you suggest?" Mac gives Wolf an odd look when he puts this in your hands, more or less.
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    Wolf flicks a glance at Mac beside him, then back to Sable. He turns to look over towards the elder Nuff. You can tell this is a tough decision, playing the odds in his head. Blood or pack?

    Sable breaks in, "We will all help, Amiette. We're a pack, we won't sacrifice either member if there is hope of saving both." Mac nods. Wolf frowns slightly, but agrees. In short order, he calls the rest of the pack on the radio, Jersey and Scar both. They all agree to it.

    While you're waiting for Scar and Jersey to arrive, you notice Nuff is trying to get rid of Rothschild, but he walks over to the buggy. Over to you. "Hey Amiette, its been a while. What, uh, what are you cooking up with these guys? Everything alright?"
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  • It doesn't seem much has changed, maybe he's packed on a little more muscle. Evidently he's doing well for Amy in her mountain.

    Rothschild closes his eyes when you lash out, a subtle flinch from him, you know. He nods, then opens up his eyes, "I deserved that, Ami. But we both know you aren't a monster, alright? Something's wrong with Bones, I know. Tell me how I can help."

    Jersey comes riding up on his cycle now, Scar on the back. As they're coming up, Scar pushes herself off the back while Jersey is angling it around to drop a kickstand. She jogs up, concern writ large on her face. Jersey is there moments later. The pack has been gathered for your Augury, it seems Rothschild wants to be part of it if you'll have him.

    What do you do?
  • While you're walking to the church, answer me this, Amiette.

    If you had to choose between Raven or Fleece, who would you save?
  • Amiette, please go here.
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