[MH] Finding the Book [Nx 3.5]

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You spend about an hour or so walking into town to where Aubrey lives. It's a medium sized house on Eden Street. There is a very short driveway around the side of the house that at the moment is filled with a gold colored SUV.


So... what's your plan here?


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    Plan? I don't tend to plan.

    So there's a car in the driveway? Someone might be home... ok this won't be so easy.

    First thing's first, get the key from the fake rock in the garden, third rock... seriously I can ell a fake rock when I see one. Is it not obvious to human eyes? But the garden is nice, just unkempt enough not to offend, looks like i hasn't been maintained and that' nice. A few weed won't hurt anyone.

    It's a small house, as I walk along do I hear if anyone is home? Television? Someone on the phone? Sounds of a computer keyboards clacking away? I walk around trying to picture which window is hers in case that's my way in but otherwise, key tucked safely into my pocket I'm heading for the front door to have a peek through the window.

    Unless I see something dangerous or shocking, I simply knock.
  • There is the sound of something. Video games? And talking of course.

    Aubrey's window isn't too hard to spot. At least you'd guess the purple curtains belong to her.

    When you peek in the window you see a couple of boys, maybe two years younger than you, talking and playing with... it looks like an X-Box. You can't see the game itself but from the snippets of conversation it sounds like a first person shooter. Probably one of the Call of Duty games.

    It's one of the boys who answers the door. You can see the family resemblance to Aubrey, he's got the same full lips. He's skinny and his dark hair is in a crew cut. He obviously doesn't recognize you.

  • [Nyx]

    I stand, fiddling with my hair and not actually knowing what I intend to say. A boy answers, which surprises me... I had expected a parent.

    "Hi... uh..." I realize I know nothing about Aubrey's family, "look this is going to sound weird but I need to check out your sister's room for a minute. Uh... it's hard to explain but I think she would want me to... there's something there she wouldn't want anyone else to... to see."

    Yeah that's not exactly a lie is it? Actually no, that's totally true.

    I put on my most endearing and sympathetic smile and hope he can sense my urgency.
  • The boy stares at you a minute, then glances behind him and steps out through the door. He's about 14, two years younger than you, but almost your height.

    "Where is she?" He's lowered his voice, and he sounds a little angry. "She needs to come home right now. She's killing Mom and Dad."
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    His question surprises me, of course I know she's dead, they here... they don't know it and they want her to come home. Well, that's why I'm here... kind of. And seeing the two brothers... are they brothers I wonder... give me an idea.

    "Hey... about that, we need to talk, can I come in?" I put a hand on his shoulder and kind of let myself in, checking out the room and the other guy. Seems like it's just the two of them home.

    I slip inside and get my back to the wall near the door, a look on my face no doubt like I have a giant secret I'm thinking of sharing. I do.

    "You guys... I'm trying to... if you want Aubrey to come home as much as I do, you need to answer me this... do you believe in magic?"
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  • You're crazy Nyx. Like, a crazy person just let himself in their house. At least that 's what their expressions say. The other boy is blonde and doesn't look related, probably this one's friend.

    So, that sounds like some manipulation there Nyx. I mean you want them to listen to you, right? And I wouldn't be so sure that they're alone in the house.
  • Manipulate the boys.
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )
  • Because Aubrey was missing her family, she told you about something that happened between her and her brother that sort of bonded them together. What was it?

    Aubrey's much closer to her brother (Robbie, you remember) than you are to yours, right? I imagine if you tell him that Aubrey specifically asked for his help and then follow it up with what she told you, or at least hint at it, he'd listen.
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    Aubrey was in the hospital when she was in middle school, she had a really bad infection and they needed to operate... well... for some reason her blood count dropped, unexpectedly. The doctors couldn't explain it but it was like her body stopped making blood. They needed someone to provide a transfusion and Robbie was the best match for her. He gave her blood for two weeks, spending hours with her in the hospital until finally her body picked back up and produced blood for herself again. She told me that he's in her blood as much as her mom and dad... without Robbie she believes she would have died back then. I guess being dead now brought back those memories, she's worried he will be disappointed in her.

    "Robbie? You're Robbie right?" I get close to him again sharing secrets, "Aubrey is in trouble.. big trouble and I don't know if I can explain, but she said she needs help, people she can trust more than anyone in the world. Aubrey said you were there for her when she needed you... that time. She needs your help again... she needs you to help her come home."

    I hold him by the shoulder, an urgent touch, "please Robbie, she doesn't have much time and I don't think I can explain... you need to see her."
  • That does it. Robbie nods, "Okay, man. What, uh... what do we need to do?"
  • [Nyx]

    I can see it in his face, he believes. I nod silently at him, the tiny little nod of understanding that happens when people connect.

    "Aubrey left a book hidden in her room, we need to find it and bring it to her in the woods, I know the way... then we need to help her do some magic... it's true. You'll know when you see."

    I gesture to the other guy, "can we trust him?"
  • Robbie looks back at the blond boy, who is that same stage of gangly skinniness, then back to you.

    "John is my friend, he's cool. Um... okay... my mom's taking a nap upstairs so we have to be quiet."

    Are you going up there with him? I mean the obvious risk that is that Mrs. Benton will catch you in her daughter's room.
  • [Nyx]

    I go with, in my mind he's coming with me.

    So yes, as Aubrey described we need to find the book in the hidden false bottom of the cabinet. As we go up the stairs I whisper to Robbie, "if something happens, meet me this afternoon by the library, I can take you to her. I don't know if your friend should come..."

    Then we get the book.

    And while I'm there if a few personal things are convenient, i'll take them for her. Maybe a change of clothes.
  • Robbie nods in acknowledgment.

    Aubrey's room is decorated in a purple theme, more or less. The bedspread and curtains are purple. The floors are hardwood with a couple of area rugs. She has clean lined, shiny, black-lacquered furniture with Asian motifs. The room is relatively neat. A Macintosh laptop computer, A full bookshelf, with mostly paperback books looking a little disorderly. There are so many that there are books stacked sideways on top of the regular rows.

    There are a few pictures, including one of her when she was little. She's all dressed up as a fairy, little gossamer wings, a crown and a wand. She apparently likes to read. If you look its mostly a variety of paranormal adventure, paranormal romance and fantasy titles. (At least one well-known series where the main character is a witch.) But there are also some travel books, specifically about Japan and China.

    The antique nightstand stands out, being a rougher piece.

    What in the room really catches your eye?

    John stayed downstairs, waiting. Robbie is standing at the door, mostly listening for noise in case his mom wakes up.

    When you get into the nightstand, the false bottom is already ajar. You lift the lid and find only an empty space.

    What do you do?
  • [Nyx]

    I walk into Aubrey's room. How long has it been since she's been here? Weeks? It's purple and girlish and oddly quiet. I didn't know she was interested in Asian stuff like this. I linger over her personal photos for a minute, smiling quietly at little Aubrey and her fairy wings. Makes me feel warm inside. Maybe this was meant to be, I have to resist the urge to take it. It's what really catches my eye, the faery thing... because it connects her childhood hopes to our present, to what I am and to the world I know exists.

    When I find the nightstand has already been emptied my heart sinks... there's a moment of panic inside my head as I wonder what to do, I look around the room, scanning for where the book might have gone. Of course... someone's taken it. Someone knows about this. I nibble my lip and wonder if Aubrey had told Teddy about this? Had she? Maybe... I hope so. I hope.

    I take two seconds to take and exhale a deep breath before standing and returning to the door... on the way I run my finger along her photo, feeling closer to Aubrey and even more glad that I've come to know her. But afraid to fail her.

    I find Robbie at the door and with a quiet gesture at the nightstand ask in an urgent whisper, "it's missing... has someone been in here?"
  • "Just my mom, I think." Robbie whispers back, and glances down the hallway. "Maybe it's in her room?"
  • [Nyx]

    I don't quite laugh, but I make a little surprised sound... a loss of breath.

    "Right..." I look him in the face, and gesture with a slight tilt of the head to the nearby bedroom door, "in there?"

    Soon as he confirms my hunch I shrug and try the door.
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    The door is unlocked. You're being pretty quiet, right? Robbie's looking at you with wide, nervous eyes.

    There is a brown-haired woman, slightly plump with age, with Aubrey's mouth, laying on the large bed, snoring lightly. Her arm flung over her eyes and a box of tissues on the bed beside her. The room is dim, as the curtains are drawn. The room is pretty big, most of the furniture antique, medium brown wood. It's done mostly in greens.

    You see the book too, homemade looking, bound in old leather. It's on her stomach, her other hand loosely curled around it.
  • [Nyx]

    I tilt my head slightly, resting my cheek on my palm as I look at her. Poor dear missing her girl....

    Well, Nyx is here to help. I smile a nervous little smile as I silently approach her bedside, casting a glance back at Robbie and a gesture of the eye towards the book. I lean over the bed resting on knee on the edge and bend over her. She resembles Aubrey for sure, she loves her too I can tell.

    "Don't worry, we'll bring her home," I whisper to her spirit, so quiet I barely make a sound, I take her hand gently in mine and uncurl it from the book as I kiss the back of her hand. Trying somehow to transfer my hope to her... "Dream of homecoming... dream happy dreams," I whisper, then set her hand gently down and slide the book into my own hands while holding my breath.
  • "Who....who are you?'

    The words slide out of her mouth, sounding small, childlike. Her arm is still over her eyes but she's not completely asleep anymore. She's hazy... somewhere in between.
  • [Nyx]

    The blessed book is in my hand, so close, I could easily just take it and run but then what would she think?

    I know dreams are hazy and confusing and she's in a hidden part of herself right now, connected to her secret self... maybe we all have a secret inside and I've just let mine out?

    "I'm a friend..." I get closer to her face so she can feel my warmth and perhaps detect the scent of Aubrey's hair, "I need to borrow this... it's important." Just a whisper really, right in her ear as if I'm suggesting to her a truth she can't possibly doubt.

    I see Aubrey in her, too, her eyes, the shape of her cheek and her ear are Aubrey's.

    "You're going to see your daughter again... I promise."

    Maybe I'm manipulating her? Maybe I'm turning her on?
  • Are you turning her on, you think? Anything more sensual than the whisper or is that enough? It might be.

    As for manipulation...what is it you want from her? Just borrowing the book? The turn on is first at any rate.
  • [Nyx]

    Yeah, turning her on, not really meaning to but crawlin in bed on top of a woman who looks an awfully lot like the girl I woke with this morning... yeah.

    Turning her on #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )
  • If manipulation is needed.
    Manipulate: #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )
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    Damn Nyx is good... yeah I should have said... I want her to let me take the book and not ask too many questions... to trust me.
  • Her breath catches, her body shifts, opening towards you instinctively, arching just a tad, then relaxing. It's a pretty good body for getting near 40. She wets her lips, Aubrey's plump lips.Her mouth stays slightly open. She's still less than half awake.

    "...Okay..." she slurs. Her voice is high, girlish, "...I... missed you.... please... please... kiss me?"
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    One hand is atop the book where it rests on her stomach, the other holds her hand. She reaches up to me and I'm swept into it, her resemblance to Aubrey and her loss and her need. She doesn't even finish the last work, I kiss her, soft at first but with a rising passion. I squeeze her hand and kiss her, all to help her feel love, to feel hope and to feel whoever she's dreaming of and feel at peace.

    I start to get a little warm myself, climbing a little higher onto the bed and my hand drops to feel her neck and the edge of her chin as we kiss. I nearly go too far and as my hand begins to feel her breast I stop.... I'm not here for this... I'm not. And Aubrey needs me... and Robbie... damn Robbie is right there isn't he.

    I slide the book off of Mrs. Benton and try to gracefully disengage, leaving her to dream of whomever she's dreaming that I am.

    Later I'll realize how little I know about Aubrey and her family life.
  • When you kiss her, she lets out possibly one of the most erotic moans you've ever heard, full of desire... longing really, and her body undulates a little.

    She sighs when you pull away, a slight moan of disappointment. But you manage to get free and she settles into sleep again, and get out into the hallway.

    Yes, Robbie was right there, and yes he saw the whole thing and now he's staring at you, disturbed. He's not sure if he should be mad or what. (And I'm going to say you turned him on too, same roll, though you only get a string from one of them. Up to you.)
  • I'll take the string on Robbie then, he's more aware of what happened.
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