[Ashen Snow] One Day Left [Al 7.4] [Ami 7.6]

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Five days, you've been told five days was all you'd have. This is day five.

As Norvell shared, the hold is running tight on food. People are scared and trying to hoard, but you're backing his play, right? Everyone eats, but how well has been a struggle. Someone, you don't yet know who, blabbed about the food running dry after this fight ends, so now things are getting ugly. Hoze has decided he won't leave your side, so he's tried to get all of his Snow Slave fellows to flock to you. It hasn't gone well, many of them only want the water of the spring or don't want to fight, or fear Harridan.

Give me a Leadership roll.

On a 7-9, pick 2 to be true. On a 10+, only 1 is true. On a failure, they're all true, sucker.
* Someone blabbed about the hold running low on food and now folks are fighting over their "fair share"
* The fighting has erupted into violence and a few have already been injured. Martial law has been declared
* Jeanette was found dead this morning, murdered over some food
* The gang that was Crackle's Boys and the Grays have been sniping at each other over security, who gives orders who you aren't around, petty shit; it's about to blow up
* The Snow Slaves are splintered on whether or not to fight for the hold, only a handful of them followed Hoze to your banner

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  • Leadership
    Roll + Hard
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+3 )
  • It's been a mad four days. It was only a matter of time before the food situation got worse. Now we are breaking up fights and telling bald-faced lies about food being plentiful after we defeat Harridan.
    Look, there will be food. We've scouted some lost caches, but Harridan's army is between here and there. So after we save our asses, we'll go get grub, 'right? He's probably got chuck wagons rolling along with his army, so we'll snack on them then go find the lost food. Until, just cool it. We're all hungry."

    So it goes. So far there hasn't been any major dust-ups.

    There has been some residual jealousy between The Grays and Crackles Boys, but overall I've tried to keep the Grays as my personal group only supplementing the Hold security when and where it needs it. Lala has stepped up quite well and I've made it clear that when Grays are working security, they answer to him. I can see a time, not to far down the road, assuming things go well with Harridan, that the two gangs will become one.

    Hoze and I went to see the Snowies after watching the sunrise. It was a mixed bag. Some wanted to hide, others wanted to follow Hoze. It's a work in progress, but I think we can get them all to come over.

    We were headed out to the spring to talk with them again when we decided to see if Jeanette would like to come with us. I don't know how much Hoze had put together about Jeanette and me, but he liked her. I nodded to the guard as we entered the baths.

    "Jeanette, my joy? Are you here? I smiled at Hoze as we wind our way back to her room.
    "Jeanette?" Usually she comes right out when call for her.

    Our time together has been so rare; stolen moments between pressing responsibilities. Every time I'm with her, I feel like I could run away with her and Hoze and never look back. The temptation is so strong, so very urgent, that sometimes I avoid her.

    Her door is ajar. That's not right! My gut tightens and my hands and feet are suddenly chilled. My scalp crawls and I recognize the smell. Hoze hops ahead, excited to see Jeanette.
    "No, Hoze, wait..." but it's too late.
    Now the source of the smell--blood, shit, and piss--is revealed. Jeanette lies dead, flies tickling her eyes and lips, arms and legs akimbo. Her room has obviously been ransacked. An empty bowl, the cold remnants of porridge welded to the sides, sits on her small table.
  • I should have noted that roll gave me +1 XP.
  • Hoze hitches up, shocked at the sight. Then he starts sniffing, like the old dog you used to have. What was that dog's name? Hoze says, "Sorry she's dead, Poppa." He takes a few steps forward, sniffing her, but not touching her.

    He looks up at you with a vacant expression, he's dropped into a neutral mode like a hunter, pushing away the sadness, "I know his scent, Poppa. Big, hairy man, likes hurting people. He is in your pack."

    It's Crowley. It has to be Crowley.
  • A red mist comes over my vision. What the fuck is wrong with these animals? Why can't they stop being savages for one moment. We could build something here.
    I drop to my knees and wail.
    Hoze, poor Hoze. It terrifies him, but my rage needs to be bled before I see anyone.

    It takes a few minutes. But I am finally able to get up without shaking.

    "Hoze, I am sorry I scared you. I am very angry with the man who did this. Are you absolutely sure about who did this?"

    Regardless of his answer, I go to the door, motion him out and do my very best to secure it behind me.

    As we walk out, the first Pryer I see, I say "At the request of The Prophet, no one is to disturb Jeanette's room."

    I don't even wait for an answer.

    Let's find Norvell.
  • Hoze says quiet, like he doesn't want to make you angry, "Yes, Poppa. I'm sure."

    You ordered Pretzel to watch Jeanette's door, she nods and steps to it without questioning.

    Within a couple minutes you're out of The Gym and looking for Norvell. He's outside the hold checking with Mungo about a barrier that he just erected with Roark and Imam's help. Kettle's there, too. He turns when Roark sees you and mumbles something to him. He sees your look and walks towards you, away form the others, "What's wrong, Lonzo?"
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    "Murder. Over food." I spit the words out like bile.
    "Someone killed Jeanette. I think I know who."

    I want blood, now. But after all the work we've done to hold these people together, promising that we just need to get past Harridan, I am willing to defer justice. I am on a knife's edge in this matter, subconciously hoping Norvell can talk sense.
  • Alonzo,

    Shock registers on Norvell's face and it turns to anger. "Dammit. She was a good woman."

    You see Amiette and Lala come up about now, looks like Amiette came to see him without any struggle. You all overhear Norvell ask, "Know who did it?"

    Alonzo, when Norvell told you he was bringing Amiette in for questioning, what did you say?


    Alonzo is obviously upset, but not about you. His son Hoze is standing near him anxiously. He seems... shy around you.
  • [Alonzo]
    "Questioning her about what? You've got an advantage on me Norvell."

    "Crazy as it sounds, my son recognized the killer's....scent."
  • Alonzo,

    Something interrupted his explanation and he said you'd touch base later.

    Norvell quirks a brow, but shrugs. Weirder things in the world to question this. Then, "Who?"
  • I smile at Hoze. How old is he again? But now is not the time for introductions. I stand quietly, watching. It is odd to see Alonzo so riled up. Something serious must've happened. Does he think I did it?

    Then I catch the line about "the killer's scent."

    Oh dear, that explains Alonzo's condition. Am I being blamed? Asked to help? Lala's... agressive method of fetching me doesn't bode well.
  • "Crawley."
    I finally register that Amiette is here with Lala. I shake my head to try and clear it.

    "Norvell? What's going on?"
  • Norvell shakes his head, "People are afraid of her, Lonzo. They're actin stupid, what with Harridan comin. I'm pullin her in, maybe she can stay with The Pryers or in the jail." He realizes he's talking about you in front of you, Amiette.

    He inclines his head, "Miss Amiette, I'm afraid folks are scared of what ya did to Spurlock an G-String the other day, an how people are flockin around yer place now. I don't want no fightin in the hold, not over food, nor one of ours. Will ya submit to stay under my custody fer a bit?"
  • I stiffen. People have always feared me. Some have hated me. But not this much before.

    "If I refuse? What follows?"
  • Norvell looks at you, Amiette, then you, Alonzo. Finally, he says, "Trouble."

    He looks off into nothing for a bit, like this is a tough spot for him. Norvell licks his lips then says, "Miss Amiette, you never been anythin but straight with me, so I wanna ask ya this even if it aint proper. Look me in the eye an tell me ya aint got any of the folks in here, uh well, ya aint controllin none of em. Tell me right here, right now that ya aint done that ta nobody an I won't bring ya in. Things might be hard for ya if ya stay on yer own, but I'm sure Alonzo an I can work somethin out to help keep ya safe. But before we do alla that, tell me true. Are ya controllin anyone in the hold right now, ma'am?" He looks right in your dead eyes, swallows once, but keeps staring, waiting for your answer.
  • I shake my head.

    "No, I am not influencing anyone at this moment, Mr. Norvell. Miss Raven was the last string I planted, and it was limited in scope, at her request, and has now dissolved. Have I been accused of doing so?"

    Inside I'm thinking through the implications. People know that I can subject them to my will. They can now blame me for... well, anything, really and claim they were controlled. And what proof can I offer?

    "Would detaining me do any good? Should I.... should I go?"

    I'm wondering how far Norvell would go to protect the hold. I suspect it's pretty far.
  • Norvell shakes his head, "I got three complaints from folks in the hold who wanna remain anonymous, and more who are just grumblin. They're scare o' Harridan and all the trouble comin an, well, yer a target, ma'am. I mean it when I say I'll give ya protection, ya know I do. An as fer leavin, I'm not sure zactly where ya'd go."
  • I nod.

    "I don't want to leave, this has been my home for my entire life, but I don't want to cause further strife in the hold at a critical time either. And I have no wish to tax our resources by forcing your men, or Mr. Alonzo's men to protect me." I glance at Alonzo. "I suspect Mr. Alonzo's men would not be pleased with that task in any case."
  • Norvell shakes his head. "I'm sorry, ma'am. This aint right, I know." He looks to you, Alonzo, a far as taxing resources.
  • "Miss Amiette, we had our difference the other day, and I will admit to being shocked and terrified at how easily you overmastered Spurlock and G-String. And how you assaulted me, leaving no one the wiser. But I want to put that behind us, especially now."

    I feel some great distance, like I'm watching all of this through a spyglass. Jeannete, my dear lovely Jeanette. Why?

    I need some guidance here...
  • Opening Brain
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+3 )

    +1 XP
  • You search through your mind for some answers and see flashes of things.

    First, you see Crawley, sitting in a reddish moss, porridge dripping form his mouth, there are vines twisting about his ears whispering, Tell them she made you do it, it wasn't your fault. The voice sounds like a woman's voice, like the pearl-eyed girl who was with Jackabacka, her name was Tse Tse.

    Next, you see The Gym, it feels like a Gym to be. The place is covered over with kudzu, overgrown. The bleachers, the basketball goal, the roof, all destroyed, it is just a shell of what was. You see score marks from explosions and what looks like foot wide impact parks from heavy munitions, cannon fire shot here. You know its the Armory Boys, they shot The Gym, The Baths.
  • I seem to go wool gathering for second. Then my vision snaps back into focus.
    "We need to get to the Armory Boys. They are fighting for harridan right now and if they do, I fear we may loose. Norvell, Amiette, I think a guard might be the best bet, perhaps in the baths with the Pryers?

    "I think Crawley may claim you,"
    I bow to Amiette, "got in his head. And I think someone else with teeny bit of power is pulling those strings. She may even be working for Harridan. Do you know Tse-Tse?"

    My mind is going a mile a minute and perhaps my mouth is too. Suddenly I feel like there's much to be done and not much time left to do it.
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    I bow my head in acknowledgment of putting our confrontation behind us. But I know that Alonzo will never see me the same way again.

    "I do not... though I've heard of her, I think." I glance to Norvell then back to Alonzo. "I will go where you think best, Mr. Alonzo. If that is with the Pryers, so be it. And any aid I may provide is yours. However, there is one errand I need to attend to in Shantytown. If I may."

    I turn back to Norvell.

    "There is one more piece of intelligence I can offer. Harridan is a child. He is Domino's child. And though he seems mentally developed, I believe that emotionally he is still a child. I know there are those who have reported dealing with a man, but I think he is using puppets to mask his true form."

    I look at Alonzo

    "More than that.... after the experience at the church... I believe I can reach him through the smoke. Perhaps isolate him or even assault him personally. However, I would need sensitive people... some of my friends and perhaps some of the Pryers or the Greys, to act as the antennae. And perhaps the baths themselves to boost it."

    I look down. "I do not know how tenable that is with people fearing that I am another Harridan out to control them. But it is a weapon to consider."
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    Norvell throws up his hands, "Dammit to hell! What good is running this godfersaken place if the dumbasses rule the roost? "

    He stalks a couple steps, then turns on Lala, "Lala, yer in charge of makin sure Ami don't string nobody inna hold. If she does, kick her ass. If anyone accuses her of stringin em and you didn't see it, kick THEIR ass. Fuck this, I got better things ta worry about than these assholes bein afraid of the fucken boogeyman!" He glances down at Hoze and makes an apologetic face for the language. Lala shrugs, then continues standing near you, Amiette.

    Norvell asks you, Alonzo, "Lonzo, can this antenna plan work? Advance scouts off the ridge claim Harridan's got near a thousand men with him. We're royally fucked if y'all can't whip some magic out yer ass."
  • Ghost comes running up from outside, he comes straight to Norvell, but waits to deliver the message, seeing that you're in a conversation with the hardholder.

    There's an odd moment between Hoze and Ghost, both boys about the same age, but so radically different from each other. It's like alien contact, as Hoze smiles at Ghost timidly, but Ghost gives little reaction other than narrowing his eyes in unspoken curiosity.
  • "A thousand men?"

    "I don't know if it will work, but it sounds like as good a plan as any other. And doing this in the Baths sounds perfect. He wants to attack the Baths and take them from us?"
    I grin a little wickedly "Then let us use it as an agent of it's own defense."
  • "Alright Miss Amiette, let's go see Grekkor about using the Baths for your mind bomb."
    I turn to Norvell as we begin to leave, "I haven't forgotten about Crawley, but he'll have to wait."
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